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(OCD) (1) Acceptance (2) Anger (1) Binge Eating (3) Changes (1) Confidence (2) Emotional Pain (1) Forgiveness (2) Future (1) Gratitude (4) Guilt (2) Healing (1) Internal dialogue (3) Lose weight (1) Love (1) Nail Biting (2) Over Eating (1) Peace (1) Phobias (1) Pleasure (2) Relationships (1) Safety (7) Self-Esteem (2) Self-Harm (1) Sexuality (1) Smoking (9) Tinnitus (1) Vomiting (1) Worrying (1)

These FREE mp3s can be streamed & downloaded. Please only listen when you can safely close your eyes. All FREE hypnosis / Self-development audios were recorded by Hypnotist & Counsellor Jason Newland. All sessions are organised in categories. Show your appreciation of this FREE hypnosis service by writing a testimonial & sending a gift. If you wish, you can gift me some money. As I’m currently unable to work, every little helps. Here is the link: https://www.paypal.me/jasonnewland IMPORTANT: I am NOT a charity or a Business. This service is completely FREE and any gifts you give me, will not be payment for this service, just a personal gift.


Jason Newland


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