#88 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "BATH FLOATER" - (Jason Newland) (3rd February 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. Please subscribe to this podcast so you can be updated when new ones are released. If you'd like to leave a review, please go to my website, you can actually leave a video review if you're if you'd like to. And also, if you'd like to support the running costs of this free service, please go to paypal.me forward slash Jason Newland, and the links on the website as well. It just as I started recording this, Andre, my little boy ferret runs out of his bag, and he gets into a carry bag. And he's got this new thing where it goes from one carrier bag to another. And he's got four carrier bags spread around the room, different corners. It does on purpose he does he waits, he waits till I start recording, and then he comes out. Anyway. That's just a belief, and probably wrong. So I wanted to talk about beliefs in this recording. And what beliefs do we have? Do you have the why have that are getting in the way of whether it be recovery or belief that's getting in the way of you feeling more relaxed. So I'm just gonna discuss it. juggle a few few ideas around. And that's it really, that's what I'm gonna do in this recording.
So ask the question. It's got your mind working now thinking, Oh, I wonder
what beliefs get in the way. And I think the finger beliefs is they can be
a little bit we can be blindsided by them. You know, they're in a we have blind spots where the beliefs are.
And the thing about blind spots is we can't see them. So there's, there's no way I'm ever going to blame myself for having a blind spot because it's blind spot for a reason. You can't see it. However, sometimes having a mirror, you know, looking at things from a different point of view from a different angle, you get to see some of those blind spots. And thinking in a different way allows you to see those blind spots.
So what's getting in the way of you relaxing? What do you believe about yourself? The, in some ways May, there may be lots of evidence that it's true. There may be lots of evidence to be used to be true, but maybe it's not anymore. But you've not re evaluated it lately.
You know, add a little clear out you know there's been no updates because I remember years ago and US News New Years ago I helped out someone and they were in a really really terrible place like the worst place
mentally, emotionally. And about three years after the event, sent him a message on Facebook. And I didn't I didn't mean it to come across his. I don't know I said something that didn't
how to word this but I was talking to her like she was still the same person as she was three years ago. Basically that was it
and she said often moved on from that I don't have those issues anymore. thing is I hadn't seen her for three years. I didn't really know other than kind of a Facebook pages and posts. I didn't know anything about her life really.
So I had to update my my belief about her instead of being someone that was vulnerable, that she was at a certain point, and we're all have been
to who she is now very independent person that is moved on with her life. And doesn't, he's no longer have those issues. Or they're no longer
You know, there's no longer a spotlight on them. It's a good thing of spotlight is you can move,
you can move. Just like you know, if you get a telescope, and you point it at the moon, which is a random sentence with a bet you didn't think I was going to say, by you. So telescope, when I was about 1312, something like that. And I used to point it at the moon. And it was fairly good telescope, I could see the craters and stuff, you know. But what surprised me What surprised me was how quickly the moon moved around the Earth. Because in the time it took me to put my pajamas on. And admittedly, I don't really, really move too quickly, apart from one doctor who was on an album really quickly, because I wanted to watch it. Or Wonder Woman and the moon, the moon moves, is changing, things are always changing even something as big as the moon seems as if we know it moves. You know, it moves. And we move around the sun, wherever, you know, we know that the moon's gonna move.
But we're not aware of how quickly it actually moves. On spinning around, just like all of the planets are spinning around.
So although I had the spotlight on this thing, huge thing in the sky bright. It changed, always changing. I mean, anyone that thinks so some people will have that pride that they are never going to change. No Man's gonna make me change, no woman's gonna make me change. I'm gonna stay the same forever. Like it's some kind of like it's an option. You don't have that option, you have to change. Some, this is never going to change. So in that case, there's a banana. So on the table, come back in nine weeks time, and eat that banana. They're not going to want to because it's going to be disgusting. You won't get to eat normally it's time. everything's changing all the time. So why would we expect everything else outside of us to change and not? us not to change? It doesn't doesn't even logically scientifically doesn't make sense, does it? You don't have to be a scientist. It's like everything's changing. That's why we have to redecorate the walls in our house. For we have to change the carpet every few years. Maybe we'll change the mattress on the bed. Every few weeks. Not every however often. Things change or cook things wear out. You know, elsewheres out beliefs. thoughts, limiting beliefs can wear out because somewhere you know it's not true. If something is incongruent and inconsistent with what you really know to be true. If you believe that it's it's not going to be stable. It's not going to be a stable belief. So for example, if you believe that yeah Can't get to sleep. For example, like I say, I can't I never sleep. can never get to sleep. I never sleep at night. Got insomnia. I haven't slept for 10 years. First of all, that's a lie. This is yes, you, you'd be dead. Probably, you know, we all you'd be completely. You'd be in psychiatric unit. Like on heavy drugs, which will make you go to sleep. Because we can't stay awake for huge amounts of time. The body in the mind, it just doesn't work. can't allow it just won't happen.
trouble getting to sleep fair enough. Even people have trouble getting sleep do fall asleep. Even if it is only for short periods of time.
It's like I've got a favorite. He sleeps for a good 2021 hours a day. Now, right now you might think, well, if he sleeps calm, he's not sleep now. How come he's running around and making noise. That's because I'm doing this recording, he seems to whenever I make a recording, he seems to pop up. When I run around to be part of the recording, I don't know why I'm standing up. So I think he wants my attention. He thinks I'm gonna chase him or something. Which I'm not. Because that's not one standing up Andre. So that belief that we don't sleep aka salad, I don't sleep ever. Oh, I had a sleep test. for sleep apnea, which I have. And the sleep test. I said to the person. I do apologize for the background sounds but I didn't know who's gonna be doing this. It's not usually quite this bad. I'll take you into another room. It will follow me. So this sleep test I had, I went to the place it in the morning, took it inside to take it in first thing in the morning. And I said I didn't sleep at all. He said I was asleep didn't sleep or didn't get a wink. It turned out I got six hours sleep. So the thing is, we can only be aware when we're awake. We can't be aware of sleep. I mean, if there are times you could be dreaming kind of be alert. But generally, we don't know when we're asleep. That's why it's called sleeping. followed me into the hallway. So with the belief system
I can't sleep, I never get to sleep. I can't sleep all ever. It's not true. That's an example of something that you kind of known in your diet, you know, on a level that is not true. But you might stick to it. Because she just got used to say in it. Maybe it's a little bit of attention. Maybe it gives you an opportunity to feel sorry for yourself. And I'm not condemning that because I love feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes I absolutely love it.
But it's not always necessarily useful. Surely rarely useful, but sometimes from an emotional outlet. Perhaps it can be a little bit useful just to get in touch with one thinking and one feeling, you know, but the belief what belief do you have that you feel is getting in the way of feeling more relaxed? What beliefs Do you have that's perhaps getting away of recovery, whatever that is. So you know, recovery could be no longer having those anxiety attacks. No longer maybe re re renaming it. Because ultimately panic attack and anxiety attack attack is a horrible term, isn't it? Because we're basically saying that we're attacking ourselves. We're at war with ourselves. And we're not your unconscious mind loves you. your unconscious mind wants the best for you. And it's waiting for you to tell your unconscious mind what you want. So it listens to your conscious mind. It listens all the time to what you're thinking, to the things you're saying out loud, to the things you're thinking about, to the things you're watching on television, even listening on a radio, music you're listening to. It's Listen, it's always taken all that in thinking that that's what you want more of. So for example, watching violent films, constantly watching lots of lots might not be the best thing for a peaceful mind. thinking to yourself that you're no good at something, or that you're useless or you don't deserve this and keep thinking like that. You know, if someone was to think like that, over and over and over again, the unconscious mind absorbs it and takes as a command because the way hypnosis works is the hypnotist gets you relax, you know, you kind of go into like a trance II kind of state of mind where you very suggestible, very receptive to what the, the hypnotist is saying to you. And the traditional style of hypnosis would be, you're now going to feel relaxed. And when you you know, you feel relaxed in your feet, you feel relaxed in your hands. And, you know, when you go to work on the way to work, you've noticed that you feel relaxed, just sitting on the train, seeing that seat and you sit down in a train the feeling sitting on that see, actually relax your body in your mind, as you visualize getting to work. And in sitting down in your chair at work or maybe taking your coat off having a cup of coffee, and a sense of comfort, you feel connected with that. It is a lot of positive suggest suggestions over and over. In a hypnotic induction or hypnotic session. So that your unconscious mind, here's your conscious mind is always also hearing it. But it's boring to the conscious mind. It's monotonous repetition is monotony. feeling relaxed in your little finger on your left hand, feeling relaxed in your little finger on your right hand. Notice in the feeling in your left eyebrow, maybe you can raise the eyebrow. And notice the relaxed feeling that you experience. And going on and on and on that is boring. And then moving into you're going to feel this way. At this time, you'd have more of those experiences and talking directly to your unconscious mind and saying please,
can we have more relaxation, more of a sense of purpose and a sense of feeling calm and realizing the you're great person and you deserve to be happy. You deserve to be relaxed. Again in touch with that feeling and asking your unconscious mind now to give you more of those feelings of comfort. Not just in all the parts of your body but also in your mind. giving you that feeling that you have that you would experience in your safe space. Wherever that might be. might be in your bedroom. It could be safe on a beach, it could be in the garden. It could be, it could be on holiday, could be in your greenhouse, your shed, it could be in your mind, of safe space where everything is calm. We all have that. in us, we all have that space, whether it's external or internal, a safe space. And to be able to experience that more and more naturally without, without wanting it or needing it, but just experiencing it and appreciating it. And the more you experience it, the more you expect to experience it. The more calmness and relaxation you experience, the more likely you're going to experience those feelings of calmness and relaxation in your mind and your body. Because you start to expect it's the natural order of things, we expect what's already come before. And the more we expect something, the more likely will come. Because you're sending that message through your unconscious mind. That's why one, I like that. I'd like more of that place. So almost like going to a takeaway, your drive thru, and just ordering what you want. You order it, you're not going to stray away. You know, you might pay your money, and you dry foods next window. There might be a few minutes to wait. But eventually your order comes through. Sometimes I might say what would you like to, you know, we're busy Jonah going Park up and we'll bring it over to you, Paul can't maybe wait 567 minutes. And then sort of comes over and brings your takeaway over to you to your car.
It's kind of like that you
ask for what you want. But you're not asking another person. So there's no way you're ever going to get turned down. No rejection is possible. In this scenario, you're asking yourself, you're asking your unconscious mind, what you want, what you need, what you require, what you would like more of, you can do it directly. We can do indirectly. An indirect way is by thinking more about what you'd like thinking more about how you would like to feel more relaxed, focusing on those feelings of comfort that you experience. expecting to experience more of those feelings of looseness and calmness in your body and in your mind.
When you expect it. It's more likely to happen. And of course, unconsciously, you can just ask yourself directly.
You can just say, Please, I'd like to have more comfort. I'd like to feel more relaxed, sit down in a chair, lay down on your bed and just say, I'd like my body. Now to feel more relaxed and my mind to slow down. Doesn't mean it's going to happen instantly. If that's what we focus on, you ask your unconscious mind, please relax your body. And you have 100% belief that your body will relax. That's what's going to happen. What else could happen? That's what you're focusing on. And you're not trying to force it because you can't force it. It's impossible. He can't. He can't force go into sleep. He can't force relaxation. He can't force yourself to be in love with someone. He can't force yourself to like a Marmite sandwich. If you don't like Marmite, you know you can't. There are ways to manipulate your taste buds and stuff but generally
These things cannot be forced. Because it's the opposite to what you need. Relaxation requires relaxation. It requires openness to have and to receive that sense of calmness, spreading throughout your body.
And that belief changes other beliefs, you start to think. Right, so I used to believe that perhaps I was a stressy person, that's why I used to believe me go around my life telling people want to stress the person, uptight learner, all that stuff.
And now you realize that it's not true. Maybe you've always known that is not true, it's just been.
You've been busy. And it's been one of the little blind spots that we all have. The naysayer, once you see it, you can't ignore it.
Once you see it, you can't ignore it when you may, but you may save your child in the bath. And you might think, Well, my mom's will use the war as well. Not just standard to kind of save the environment, issues of war, as is my little child, you know, it came from my body. So yeah, that's fine. But while you're washing the baby, or the little child, you see little poo, flow up to the surface. And you see your child smiling. So you get you get your child out. And you know, get him dressed, or her put them to bed, this time for your bath. What you're gonna do, you can get a little, a little fishing net or something and a little cup and get a little bit poo out and put down a toilet, flush it away, and then just get into the bath.
The thing is, you're not going to be able to forget, you're not going to be able to forget that that pool was in that water.
And you know, you're going to have to empty the tub, put some more water in or you know, wash the bath out and maybe have a shower.
And that's what it's like when once you see a blind spot. It can't unsee it can't unsee it. Once it's there. Once you see it, it's available to you. So you can allow it to still be there. Or you can remove it, remove that blind spot. And that would be the big beer poo, or the little bit of poo floating around happily in the bathtub, looking at you saying Hey, why don't you call him barf at me. And you're going to think like he was a friend. But no, you're going to get rid of it. So once you know that actually you've got that, that old belief system that you're still you know you as a stressy person, or that you weren't able to relax or, you know, it's all these other things that are limiting. And we're focusing on stuff to relate it to relaxation, in this recording, so there's loads of other stuff that we've all got, that we can all work on. You know, it's a life The life's work, isn't it? Let's face it. None of us are perfect and none of us will ever be perfect. I'm happy about that because I never want to be perfect. So I always do. What would you do is self measure be imperfect? What would you do yourself all day. So what other belief systems are like that bit of poo floating in the water in the tub. There's no use to you There's no use that that pool is of no use. In poo, you know in this this
in the bath water is of no use to you. So you have to empty the barf water, get rid of the poo,
get that buffer better clean and say, and just wait into your memory fades a little bit.
By experience, possibly. Then you got a clean bath and you've got clean water.
Because the difference between you just empty or getting rid of the bow, but getting into that water where the poo was, and you lie in in a nice, fresh, clean water,
your state of mind and relaxation, I would imagine would be very different. And that's would be clinging on to something that's not true.
You could be in there thinking is clean water is clean waters, all the time, your minds will be thinking like that little little poo floating around. So it's incongruent. And that's where the unconscious mind gets stuck. Because we're giving it different messages. I want this but I want that. I want it but I don't want it. I want to be relaxed. But at the same time while thinking about his times when I haven't been relaxed and time is when I think I'm not going to be relaxed and all those things. As your mind, your conscious mind is going to focus on the majority on the more powerful emotions. Which means the energy we put into wanting and expecting and needing to be relaxed more often in our body in our minds, the energy surrounding those emotions, those thoughts require more strength, more focus more often. So for example, if someone's thinking about going to work, besides the weekend to thinking about Monday, going to work Monday, and they're thinking if they're thinking 300 times during the weekend, but how they're dreading going to work, or how to expect it to be rubbish and crap and stressful than they need to be thinking at least five, six times that how it's going to be relaxing, and how it's going to be fine. And it has been fine loads of times before and how they're going to get through it easily. And naturally.
The balance needs to change on those scales, between negativity and positivity, positive thinking and negative thinking. For you. It's not about having positive thinking for anybody else. It's not about false positive thinking. You know, you can be positive as you like, about some things and it won't make a blind bit of difference. You know, use aka so I'm, I'm positive I could win the Golden 100 meters in the next Olympics. I can be positive as long as much as I want. I could meditate on it, hypnotize myself for eight hours a day. Until the Olympics. I could train every day. It wouldn't matter what I did. I am not going to win the gold 100 meters in the Olympics. Unless I tie everyone else's shoe laces together as the only way I could do it. Were for hepatitis for this speak to be stuck to the floor or something like that. It's not gonna happen. But I think sick. I think it's six sigma. He said we'll leave you on this form. It's not my same day. He said positive thinking won't let you do anything you want. But it will let you do Everything you want better than negative thinking. I like that positive thinking of one that you do anything you want. But it will let you do everything you want better than negative thinking. Which means I'm gonna run a lot faster and 100 meters than I would do, you know, feeling positive than I would do if I was feeling negative.
I still might only get runs. But as important stuff is is really important. And I do go on about it. And I'm going to continue to go on about it. Because even if consciously you're thinking,
why is he going on about, he's just just saying the same thing. Different ways is just going on and on and on. your unconscious mind is taking this in. Because all positive and you start to learn differently, you start to think about it, guaranteed, regardless of what you think about this recording, and you might think, well, none of it's making any, any difference. Listen to me, what if you, you might think that way. Unlikely if you're listening, but you know, someone might do? Well, my question is this.
I guarantee you that tomorrow. Or, as you listen to this in the morning, then today, if you're listening to this at night, and tomorrow, at some point during the day, you think about that poo in the bath, bobbing up and down, it might make you laugh. Because it's kind of not something that you normally think about. And it reminds you of the blind spot, the blind spot, which has been that part of you that saying to yourself, or can't relax, I'm always going to be like this almost stressful person, I don't have any choice and why do all the stuff that we say to ourselves and all the blind spots are kind of connected to each other. See, take one hour, we could say the whole lot, or you could at least diminish them slightly.
Just like you know, with a fuse, if you blow a fuse in the toaster, it can knock out all of the lights and electricity in the whole building. Of course you can turn it back on again in the fuse box. But it can have that effect. And that affects a nice effect. That's not nice if it's a night and all the lights go off. Like me definitely be nice if it's a stressful feeling that goes off that just turns itself off.
So just remember that positivity can not get you anything that you want. But it can get you a copy i can't i can't i can't make you can't help you do anything. But it can help you do everything better than negative thinking.
works better if you remember the words doesn't. So I'm going to leave you on there. And I wish you
a lovely relaxing day. And this stuff is absorbed. It gets hidden it gets in there. And in some ways, the more boring it is the more it gets in there. And the repetitiveness of it helps us slide in a little bit easier. You know when you're talking to someone and stuff gonna go on still talking. You're talking to someone and when someone's talking to you and they're going on and on. But you know because you're listening to me, beside might be just really talkative. Eventually you turn off then you stop listening. Then that stuff still going in. So be careful who you do that with because if they're negative person, they may be chucking what negativity at ya. And because they're boring you so much or because you just switched off because it's an overload, which often it can be with that stuff was too much is boring. It's just too much. And I summon not that they're not a boring person, but they overload me with information, or stuff that I've got no interest in, and it's bombardment. And I feel I'm starting to switch off, you know, so it's best to keep away perhaps, or sometimes step back if you need it. And that should be another recording I make about people, other people and what effect they have.
Yeah, maybe they'll do that tomorrow. Or maybe if maybe the effect we have on them. So thank you for listening. I really will go this time. I feel a bit like you know, when you hear people on TV, you know, cute kids and stuff saying maybe loves you hang up. No, you hang up, you hang up first. I feel like I'm doing that but I'm definitely going to go. Remember to be kind to yourself. Because you do deserve to be happy. And over the next day between now and the next recording, do something nice for yourself. Doesn't matter what it is, by self an ice cream. If you can afford a guy you have a massage, go and, you know, go for a swim, watch a movie, phone, have someone that you enjoy talking to have a bath, make sure it's a nice clean, clean one. Whatever it is, go and visit grandmother give her a big card or whatever. Just do something that's gonna give you pleasure. So I'll speak to you next time. Lots of love bye

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