#82 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "WEB PAGE" - (Jason Newland) (28th January 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. If you'd like, Why do please leave a review on our websites. And if you'd like to support this free service, please go to paypal.me forward slash Jason Newland, or the link is on the website under gift me. So I have been inspired to do this recording by watching a documentary on BBC Four, and it was about genetics and forget the name of it. But basically the genetic code and how they can manipulate it. Or how by changing the code changes the result. So a, for example, someone that may be born with an illness is because that genetic code is somewhat faulty. And they can correct that code. Therefore, cure the illness. By it's just not I don't know, I'm not doctor or scientist or anything, but I find it really interesting. And I started to think about, because I mentioned websites and the internet and stuff, because he was trying to explain it for people like me, without any kind of scientific background, to understand how something could be completely change with just a little bit of code. Different, you know, a little bit of a different code, because it's I forget what it's called. But basically, the codes are the same. And they're repeated over and over again. But they're connected by things that are different. And depending on what those is in that code, decides whether or not it works, whether the kind of electrical current kind of thing. Again, no one talking about I don't know anything about electricity, or dad's an electrician. So I should know a little bit but I know that it needs to be connected. I know that a light doesn't work, if it's not plugged in to the electricity socket, plug, or if it's not turned on, it's not going to work, it has to be connected. So that's a completely different conversation. Because that also can lead to changing and anxiety provoking memory, or thought, or image or something that may be coming up in the future. When you think about it. How you feel now can change depending on making these tiny little adjustments. I'll give you an example. Something I do know about is websites. And I used to build websites not not as a living but for fun, and I did it since 2000. I haven't really done it for a long time I build websites but not from code anymore. But I still know parts of the code. That makes sense, I can still go into the code source. And I can see parts of where things are or know more wait a little bit around it. So I know that if I go into the source code of this page website page, you can go into the code the code if you make one tiny change depending on what changes you make that entire page changes.
Just believe in a semi colon L by D in there or by D Leaving deleting something in a bracket, the whole page could change. And maybe not even work. If you change the hyperlink, which is the, you know, the thing you click on within the website, that takes you to another page, it's called a hyperlink. And if you change the code there, click on it, it doesn't take you anywhere. Or maybe if you change, you change the link to take you somewhere else, it takes you to a different place. Again, it's like you think of something, you click that picture. And instead of taking you to the emotions of feeling stressed and anxious, it takes you to the feelings that you would have lain in your garden on our beautiful summer's day, maybe with people that you love surrounded with you, and you're just enjoying the sun. So you know, it can like instantly transfer you somewhere else, by making a tiny change. cut and paste, cut and paste, that's the secret with building websites, in the old days, copy, cut, paste, where you want it to be. So you think in a sense, if our brains, bear in mind, websites, the internet computers, were all based on kind of how scientists believed the brain worked. They were trying to be tried to create something that operated like the brain in an almost an organized version of the brain. Because it didn't know really how the brain worked. And we still kind of don't, we're learning but we don't, you know, there's
still so much to learn. So if you think of something, we got an image in your mind,
have something that troubles you something, then you think about this image, maybe it's something that just keeps coming up, it might not be hugely serious. And, as always, I will say, when you practice with me, maybe choose something that isn't hugely serious, you know, maybe pick something that's annoying enough to want to change. So don't pick something that you don't care about, because it's kind of just pointless for me to pick something that bothers you, but does bother you to the extent of needing therapy for it. That's kind of what I'm aiming at. Because then, as I said, in previous recordings, sometimes you get rid of enough of those things that just bother you enough to just really annoy you, but not a high high level of anxiety, but annoy you enough to cause some anxiety. If you get enough of those. They're the legs under the table, big table holding that the really big stuff. And eventually the legs go, the weight of the table falls over. And those big things fall on the floor and just crash. And I just pretty much obliterated sometimes without even having to look at them, or go near them. Or focus on them. So you know. So that's, that's one way around it. That's one way into that. So I like to think of something right now. And whatever it could be could be something that happened yesterday or today. Something that's just caused anxiety, and you think about it. You feel crappy. Basically, you feel anxious, stressed, but not like hugely but enough to bother you. So maybe we're looking from a one to 10 on a scale, one being nothing. 10 being the most ever maybe we're looking at Kind of like a five of for whatever is like, okay with you to focus on without actually having someone there to support you in person, because I can't be there in person by him here in person, if that makes sense. And you know, was thinking. So I'm not really, really kind of spiritual or anything really. But that does seem to be like an energy which connects us, those of us that are listening to this recording me who talk in making the recording, but then the other know, six, seven 100 people, maybe they're listening to it today when it's done. So it's kind of there's a connection. And that number is growing all the time. So it's kind of fitness interesting just to feel like, okay, we connected in some way, there's that energy that is being shared. So when someone else listens, and they feel more relaxed, they feel calmer, they find that the chatter in their mind is slowed down. It almost feels like that energy is shared through other don't know who whatever, through the internet, through the air through shared like, towards other people. And that sounds very esoteric and spiritual. But
I don't really know what I mean by it just is a feeling just the feeling that I have the there's something shared by the people that listen to the recordings. And it's, it's just a positivity, which can only be a good thing. So as you think about that thing, the whatever it was, it might be something that you need to do tomorrow that you don't want to do. And or maybe you do want to do. But you've got a sense of stress or anxiety at a level that doesn't feel comfortable. But it's not like horrific or anything but it's uncomfortable. Like you just focus on that picture, a picture that represents that just a picture. And that picture is going to be a web page, a picture on a web page, on a laptop or on your tablet, or on your phone or computer, you know, whatever, whatever your your Chromebook, whatever it is that you use to look at the Internet or maybe your television, you can use the internet and television nowadays. So whatever it is, whatever screen the you would look at a web page, in your mind. Imagine that picture on that screen. That's the web page.
So now, now I go through this actually on the computer to show you what you can do. So you've got the page, and at the top of the page, you can click on the menu. So maybe there's three dots at the right hand top of the page. Wherever it is, let's just imagine is a menu there and click on the menu.
And it goes down and you can click on Edit. Click on Edit, and under edit. It says quit as this. So, okay. And it says Edit code sync click on that. click on the Edit code. And basically a big stream of code that makes absolutely no sense to you is on the screen.
Doesn't have to make any sense at all. So you can see the code So you can click back, just click on the Edit code again. And it clicks back to the picture. See the picture again, and click back to edit code. So as literally Click on a picture, it takes you to the Edit code, and then click back click on the Edit code and takes you back to the picture. It's as simple as that. Or just imagine it changing. It's your mind, it's up to you. So go backwards and forwards a couple of times. So you've got the picture, you've got the emotions connected to the picture, which is, whatever number it's maybe four or five, maybe higher, maybe lower, maybe it's moving around a little bit a little bit wobbly at the moment, maybe it's changed a lot. However, just focus on that and go back and forward this a little bit between the picture and the code. And the code is just a bunch of numbers, letters, as some writing here and there. Some semi colons brackets, it's just a bunch of gobbledygook really. And you don't need to know what it was says. Because it doesn't really say anything important. It's just the picture. And as you focus on that picture, I mentioned a fair bit running around making as much noise as you can, because I'm on making a recording. And what we're going to do go to the code. And I want you to highlight a bit of the code, it doesn't matter what part just highlight a bit of code from maybe maybe four lines, and delete, delete those four lines. And then click on the page again, go back to the picture. And notice the pictures change. He can't be the same anymore. Because you change the code, the picture has changed. Maybe it's changed slightly. Maybe it's a different color. Maybe it's upside down now. Maybe it's sideways. Maybe only half of the page shows. Maybe it's smaller. Maybe it's larger Seuss a bit more is distorted. Maybe it's now got a weird tune playing the old Lauren hardy doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo. Not a great impression. But you know, maybe there's something going on with the page, which wasn't there before. Just a bit random. Maybe there's a little fly one light flying around on the screen? Like, how did that get inside the screen? I mean, that generally is a bug, isn't it? a bug in your computer?
Notice how you feel. Notice what level is between one and 10.
Notice how it's changed. As you look at that picture. What emotional response Do you get now? So now what you do is click on the picture again, which takes you to the code this time. Why don't you go and delete another maybe 10 lines and then click on it. Which takes you back to the picture. Look how the pictures changed. may not even be a picture anymore. It may be nothing might be a blank screen. Because the website page does not work anymore. I mean, that's that's a very likely scenario. Even by making the slightest change. You could just blank out the whole website, the whole page would be gone into you put stuff back to how it was. So as you look at the page now, after those, you know, the second changes you made, how do you feel on that scale of one to 10? Where with that thing that you were, that used to cause a response before you did this exercise. So I'm going to assume that is weakened, it's maybe it's not weakened completely, maybe it's not gone down all the way to one. What we're going to do now is go back onto the code. And just, I want you to go to the top of the screen. Right? Just type it's in your mind right down, that's the words, poo poo. So P o, p O, with a gap. So I want you to do is to copy that. And then paste it over and over again, about 2020 times. So you got the Poopoo 20 times written at the top of the page, I want you to copy that 20 pupose. Highlight the rest of the code on the page and replace it with those peoples. So there's no more code, but just the purpose. And then click on the page and see the picture that isn't there anymore. What do you say? What's there? And more importantly, what level are you from one to 10? Now? Often 10 to one? Off 10? to zero? Really To be fair, what? What are you on that scale? Now?
Are you surprised at how easy that was? be fun as well. So we'll do it again, we'll play around with this. Think of something. So we can test this, as you before we test this, come out of that, just you know, maybe you could shake yourself off, shake yourself off, you know, shake your hands, just you know, stop thinking about the the website picture or anything like that. And now think about that thing that the picture represented. And notice how you feel differently.
Notice how it doesn't bother you anymore. Right, it changes how it changes. It's almost lo sign about with the electricity, that connection is broken.
You can have the most expensive electrical equipment in the whole wide world. If it's not connected to electricity, it's not going to work. You could build a $200 billion train, why would you do that but you could or computer system. It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work on batteries. It's gonna need electricity. I don't think little wind farm outside is going to be able to keep it going. So now we're going to try again, and do it again. This time I want you to think of and do it quickly. Now when you think of something that you're anxious about doing. B maybe it's something that you're anxious about and you just don't do it. Because the anxiety has stopping you. You're allowing the feedings you have to stop me from doing that thing. So I want you to think of think of one of those things and see an image on that screen again, like we did before, see the image that represents that it might be a picture of that thing. That's up to you. All you need to do just that before, just click on the screen on picture takes you to the code, I want you to do something that really to do is delete tiny part of the code. Just a tiny part, and then click back to the picture, see how it changes.
See how you feel changes? I didn't get you to focus on what level it was before we changed the picture. But you know what it was? So how is it now? How has it changed? Now? How do you feel differently now, just by changing that tiny little bit of code, which means that picture can never be the same.
And that picture represents that feeling, which means a feeling can never be the same. Go back, click on the picture, go back to the code. And you can highlight the whole of the code and just put in
paste that poopoo 20 times just click on it and the whole lot will just be replaced by to poopoo. And click back on there and go back to the picture that isn't really there anymore.
And knows how that level that scale of feelings changed. So quickly. So now we think about another thing. something from the past that you don't think about generally, because it's unpleasant. Which is fair enough Why think about unpleasant things, it's not, not the most enjoyable thing in the world is
just think about something, it's going to ask you to do it now. Nothing huge, as I said before, but something that it's kind of like a bit of a it's like a turd in a toilet, you'd like to flush it away. And it's been hanging around a bit a bit too long. You know, is it I think some thoughts and some emotions in the past can be a bit like that. You know, it just hasn't flushed away? And don't you want to be hoping it's gonna flush? You know, without you having to kind of manually get involved, which is a bit gross as I okay, I hope it's gonna flash. And then you go there you go to do away and it's looking up at you. So yeah, I Jason UI Yeah. We don't watch intelli, like, when you go away, you're going to flash already.
So think of something from the past. have that picture that represents that memory. That is troubling. of a stressful anxiety perspective. I see that picture on that screen. No, notice the level that you are on the discomfort level, you know, anxiety, stress level zero to 10. Notice what it is, we're not going to hang around, we're going to go straight click
on the picture. Delete that code. Paste in the Poopoo. straightaway, no messing around, click on it and see the screen that was there. Now changed, or disappeared, or no save.
Nothing is something else. something you're going to do in the future. Something maybe tomorrow, something you're really not looking forward to. And it's okay not to look forward to things. It's okay not to want to do things is a choice and sometimes your life is better by doing something that you don't want to do. Because it may improve your life or it might actually end up being good or you know, we don't always do things we want to do, do we, but it's a choice. But it might be something coming up. Maybe a wedding that you kind of feel you have to attend. Even though the anxieties there when you think about It was there before. So think about that thing. Now, something is gonna be coming up soon, something you've been anxious and worried about, think about it, stick that image on the screen, the image that represents that emotion
knows what it is what level it is from one to 10. Click on the screen, go to the code. What we're going to do this time, is delete the code.
And we're going to type in the words. This is no longer an issue. I sit typing that, you can see it on the screen,
click on the screen again and go back to the picture. And notice what's on the screen now. And notice what level you're at zero to 10. What is it knows how it's changed. So I invite you to excuse me, I'm doing burps, now, I'm full of gas,
I invite you to ignore that I just did a burp. I invite you to play around with this, experiment with it. And the ball is already rolling. In a sense of it's already started. Or when you do something a few times, especially something that helps you. And sometimes it's your unconscious mind says Well, that's a good idea.
Because you've educated your mind, you're educated your conscious mind, and shown your unconscious mind what you would like more of. So you've in this recording in this period of time, you've explained and shown your unconscious mind that you'd actually like those things that you previously felt anxious about things that you have been anxious about in the future.
You'd like those pictures to change. And you've given that suggestion, you've actually almost given that command to your unconscious mind. And you've done that yourself.
Because your unconscious mind listens to you all the time. So that's why it's important to be aware of what we're thinking about. Because your unconscious mind as shims, that's what you want more of. Which is why it's so important to get in touch with positive thinking. Not because it's not to be false, or to be Mr. cheerful all the time or to go against what's really happening. Because your mind your unconscious mind, listens and takes notice of what you're thinking about. And tries to give you more of it. Because it assumes and it wants to please you and keep you safe and keep you happy. And thinks that that's what you want. Once it realizes that actually what you really want is to feel relaxed. What you really want is to feel calm. What you really want is to be happy. What you really want is to be able to choose what you do. You want to be able to choose to do those things that maybe in the past used to be uncomfortable, but you're choosing to do them and you don't need to have those feelings that you used to have before because no longer useful. Well, that never was useful, really. But your unconscious mind thought that that's how you wanted to feel because we train our unconscious mind by what we can't See, Think about. So now your unconscious mind is absorbing these new messages. That actually, when you think about those things in the future, that may be used to be problematic, you know, feel confident, feel relaxed, feel loose, that changes, everything changes. That's quite a nice, quite nice place to be really.
And you start to notice that the way you think changes, tomorrow, you might be walking around, just doing what you normally do. And you start to notice that you feel good. You feel relaxed you feel and relaxation can be really pleasurable. It's, it's not just about not feeling stressed, it can actually be pleasurable. You can feel really nice inside. Like your muscles can feel nice, the pleasure within your core, and then your mind and it changes you might notice that notice that things are changing, and you starting to feel more positive towards the future
towards yourself. So on that note, I'm going to go and leave you and I shall speak to you very soon, possibly tomorrow.
Thank you for listening. And remember to be kind to yourself. Because you deserve to be happy. Lots of love. Bye

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