#80 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "SMILEY MIRROR" - (Jason Newland) (26th January 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. I hope you're well. And listen to this, when you can safely Close your eyes. Now, this is going to be in, you're probably going to be grateful possibly, this is going to be a short recording. So I won't be going on and on and on and on and on. Like, sometimes
I may do. But this is going to be a short recording, asking you to do something. It's a five minute exercise. There's no physical exercise, that way, I'm gonna do sit ups or press ups,
I wouldn't ask you to do anything that I would not do myself. So I'm not going to ask you to do setups. Although, actually, if you have got a bit of a belly, or if you look at someone who's got a big belly, just remember, the stomach is one of the strongest muscles in the body, if not the strongest muscle in the body. So even people with big bellies have got strong abdominal muscles. So don't you know, just because I've got a bit of a little bit of fluff on top.
Don't be don't be mistaken. They are muscular. It's just well hidden. So everybody got very, very strong muscular stomachs. Today there. So this exercise has nothing to do with stomachs. it's to do with
your face. And this is something that I'm gonna ask you to do
every morning or whenever you wake up, doesn't have to be first thing in the morning. But it can be you know, for me, it doesn't matter what you asked me to do first thing in the morning. The first thing I'm going to do is going
to throw away as the first thing I'm going to do so nothing else and have a drink of water. Because you know my my my been eight hours since I last had a drink of water. So I'd like to have a drink of water.
So you can do this anytime you want. You can do before having a shower you can do after having a shower, bath, whatever, go into the toilet, have new breakfast, whatever, but ideally in the morning before you go and do what you're going to do for the day. Of course if you work night shift or if you're asleep during the day, like I am on my wake up during the day. I'm awake during the night asleep during the day through choice so if you if you like that I'm a night owl I suppose you would call me
you do it in the afternoon when you wake up. Right You with me so far. This is what I'm gonna ask you to do. That's gonna seem silly. But it's going to also be it's going to feel silly, but it's going to be humorous at the same time.
So I'm gonna do is ask you to just if I'm gonna do it myself, I'm gonna take you into the hallway, and I do it myself. So here I am. So it might be a little bit echoey here. So don't have soundproofing on the walls in the hallway, which I do in the living room.
So I'm standing in front of the mirror. I want you and maybe you don't need to do it right now because you might,
you know might be lying down with your eyes closed. But you can maybe pause and going sit in front of a mirror stand in front of a mirror or just decide to do a late stage but every morning or The time that you wake up in the morning or afternoon whenever it is,
look in the mirror. And it may not be a favorite thing is not really my favorite thing actually. I'm looking old mind, I am doesn't matter. at all I'm not gonna ask you to do is smile misses regardless of how you feel. This year, I'm asking you to fake smile, a fake smile. So even if you're feeling in a good mood, and you feel like smiling, I'm still gonna ask you to do a fake smile.
Like a real exaggerated. So I'll make myself laugh now just an exaggerated smile. Just hold just for a few seconds, just look at yourself. When you can relax your mouth, if you haven't got a valid speak to hold that fake smile for five minutes, because it's gonna feel uncomfortable, you know, is, you know, hold in your face in any particular position
for that allow amount of time may not feel very comfortable. And as you probably aware, I'm all about comfort, if at all possible. So looking in the mirror, to a fake smile. It could almost be a sarcastic smile. You know, you're meeting someone and you don't like them. Or they don't like you.
Maybe you've just given a fake smile. Hello. kind of silly smile. False, but silly. I just keep doing it. Maybe turn your head to the left. Maybe turn your head to the right.
Maybe if we got a hat, put on smile. And just keep doing it for five minutes, over and over again. The biggest smile that you can,
you can put, they might make you laugh. It's making me laugh a little bit doing it. Because I've naturally got a funny face anyway, but we need to it doesn't make you look funny. And but I don't want to laugh while I'm doing this because trying to keep the volume low. And you know, for those that are faultlessly to avoid suddenly waking you up. And you can extend this even further, you can make funny faces with the smile, you can contort your body, a little bit of moving your eyes shoulder down, lifting your hands up, like you're being held up by strings, or pretend to play an invisible violin, it could be anything, you do this stuff for five minutes. And my suggestion is to actually set a timer. So if you've got an alarm clock, or if you got a phone, most people these days have phones. And you if you got a timer on your phone, set it for five minutes Exactly. And just do this for five minutes. Smiling fakely to yourself in the mirror for five minutes. You haven't got to stand up doing it, you can sit down doing it. So this is available for anybody. Pretty much of any physical ability can do this, all you need is a mirror and to be able to move your face. So someone even in a wheelchair that maybe hasn't is not able to move past part of their body, providing they've got a mirror,
they can still do this. Also, you don't need a mirror to do it. You can just do it anyway. But it adds to the fun. doing it for the mirror makes it funnier.
It gives I don't know more of a context. You know, bunch of thinking if you've you know, you might be looking out the window and you're practicing your facial expressions and someone might walk past and see you and think you're making fun of them. But who was that person making funny faces of me for probably won't happen but just saying this, if you do it yourself, it's it's just more enjoyable. So just pretend to smile. Put a big E, smile on your face. I'd said doesn't have to be genuine. Don't stand in a mirror waiting to have the feeling of smile Enos, I'm going to wait until I have a genuine smile appear on my face automatically, naturally, organically. Just put a silly smile on your face. That's my, my voice I make on a mega silly smile. Just smile, big smile. As long as you know you got no issues with your jaw your face, you know, I try and cover all angles. But I hope that will just be an automatic thing.
You saw that, you know, if you've got broken jaw or something, then don't do this because it's going to probably cause problems. But then you can imagine yourself having a
really really silly smile in the most inappropriate situations. So I took that job at all about job interviews way too often. I don't know why. But maybe meeting someone important. important to you, perhaps you've got a new boyfriend or girlfriend.
Or you know, you mean their family for the first time or his family for the first time. Just imagine in your mind saying hello and put them on the biggest goofiest fakest smile
that looks fake. And how ridiculous that would look. Of course, you can do that in your mind. You don't have to need a mirror for that.
And in some, in some ways, it's even funnier. This The idea was smiling at the wrong time. Because not a real smile. But it's it's almost like you feel you should try and to give a good a good impression. Again, like a job interview sitting down, put the big fake smile on and then shaking your hand and saying so Jason, what is it that makes you feel you be good as a as a funeral director. And you've got another big money of fake smile.
I'm happy for that. Yeah. It's ridiculous. It's silly. It's supposed to be silly. It's supposed to be absurd.
Let's put on that big fake smile. for five minutes, set the alarm, do for five minutes. And as I said, Don't hold in one facial expression for
the whole five minutes. Play around with it, do not do a big smile. Maybe hold it for a few seconds and let it go. You find you face relaxes. And also when I do I noticed back my neck sort of tingles for tired as well but I kept really relaxed and the reason I feel tired is because it's nearly my bedtime. Seven o'clock in the morning. So give a big smile. That's That's the sound of me smiling. And then just let it go. Let it relax. The worst case scenario is it relaxes your body and your face. So relax your face to start with. Because you stretched your face a bit. You stretched your jaw a little bit and relaxes and that relaxation spreads for your body. Because your face is an important part of your body, you know, because I was not my body is my head is my face is connected. You know it's it's connected by the skin by all the other stuff and it it spreads. I can feel it in my chest, moving down my stomach, down my shoulders, my arms down my back into my legs. And if I'm standing up or feeling relaxation in my legs, there's not relaxation to the point of needing to lay down on the floor. It's just a nice relaxation. She can feel relaxed without being all floppy. You can feel relaxed without being unconscious or asleep, you know, there's different levels of relaxation. That's, that's the worst that can happen. Doing this. The best thing that can happen is worth just find out for yourself. Notice how you feel when you do it. Notice how different you feel before you do during doing it. And then afterwards, just notice that difference. And then during the day, maybe your work maybe you're on a bus, maybe you're you can show my limited lifestyle con, you're talking about going beat on the bus or whatever your situation is.
Wherever you are during the day. Remember that five minutes, were you looking in the mirror, making silly faces to yourself? Doing false grins pretend smiles, big exaggerated smiles, the type that you'd never really do in reality
just knows how you feel as well. When you think about that. Maybe every now and then you can add that little Daydream scenario when you know the smile and nod that would be the most absurd thing you could do.
Notice how that feels. Notice how your level of comfort, calmness relaxation feels. And that's it. I walked back into the living room now. skews any sounds you get and hear the difference in a car. I've got soundproofing on the walls, soundproof tile. So not quiet. So that's the exercise. Still took me 18 minutes to explain it. Although she couldn't didn't need more than about 20 seconds really did. I like to do stuff with you. Rather than just try this out. I want to say yeah, I've tried it or not. So when I go for a relaxation technique, I'm doing it at the same time as I'm talking about as wide tell you how I'm feeling. So that's the end of this recording. Really. Please let me know how you're getting on. I don't get a lot of feedback from people listen to this podcast. So please subscribe, maybe leave a comment. Go to my website, leave a review, video review or written review. Because this this particular podcast is now become kind of my most popular podcast on a daily basis are one of them. So it's really it'd be interesting to have to hear what you think. I've had a few people comment and let me know but you know, please subscribe wherever you're watching or listening rather. And Spotify, Apple podcast, Stitcher. castbox wherever it is, please subscribe. And I will speak to you very very soon. And I'd love to hear how you get on with this. Do for a few days I'd say do every day at least do it for the next week, every day for a week or five minutes never the birds in the in the loft, scratching around which is weird. So I'm going to go so thank you for listening. Remember to be kind to yourself because you do deserve to be happy. Try and get in touch with the simple fact that you've helped many people over the years in ways that we never ever going to know about people that don't want having remember because maybe that interaction was completely just random unimportant to you. But to then it may be really important might have been a smile you know might have been perhaps they dropped their wallet and you picked out and said oh you wait look, you handed them what the water back. If they hadn't, if you hadn't done that their whole life may be different. And that might sound dramatic, but it's true. Mr. Gone Home, didn't have the money and broke down didn't have the money to pay for this. Blah, blah. So you've affected we all affect our people's lives.
So you do deserve to be happy. It's not just a sound bite about it's quite groovy sound bites, but it's not just actually reality. You do deserve to be happy. So you do deserve therefore, to do something to be kind to yourself today.
And that kind of thing may actually be spending five minutes looking in the mirror and putting on a fake smile and playing around with that for five minutes every day. Lots of love bye

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