#8 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, welcome to Jason new land.com. My name is Jason, this is your daily relaxation, hypnosis session for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. So each day is different to different session. And within each session Some are very much technique based others is me just talking. And then others still is like a mixture of the two. So, with this session, I'm just going to get straight into the actual relaxation, I'm going to ask you to close your eyes if it's safe for you to do so. And if you're lying down on a bed or sofa, make sure you're safe and you're not going to fall off or anything, make sure that's fine. Also, make sure if you're sitting in a chair, a comfortable chair that if you do fall asleep, that it's got, you know, it's safe and it can hold your way in, you know, it's no chance you've fallen off the chair, these important things that you're safe
at all times. And because that's simple. So, with your eyes closed, I just like you to focus on your eyelids. And notice as you do focus on your eyelids, your eyelids
actually start to feel heavier. It's just a natural thing to happen. And no matter how relaxed you get, or how deeply sleepy you may feel, you can still hear my voice. You don't necessarily have to listen to each and every word that I say, even though you hear each and every word that I say be unconscious mind will absorb the words and parts of your brain will actually integrate certain ideas that are useful to you and your well being now in for the future, helping you and allowing you to feel more relaxed in the future as well. From this moment forward. Everything that I say is aimed at helping you to feel more relaxed. Now, every second onwards for the rest of your life. You can find ways to feel karma feel more relaxed, more able to deal with life's challenges. So as you focus on your eyelids, just notice the small muscles around your eyes, maybe in the corners of your eyes,
maybe just underneath your eyes. My eyes are focused on my eyes, I can also I can notice the feeling in my ears as well. It's not
any kind of a weird feeling. It's just feeling the sensation of inside my ears, the opening may be inside my ears and the skull or whatever, wherever it leads. And now I'm focusing on my throat. The inside the throat is just you know where I breathe and where I swallow just that part of the throat. Now focusing on my tongue, and if you'd like to join me on this journey of just focusing on a different parts of the body, I can tell you the parts that aren't focusing on my view just like to join me. So we can just have a you know, a session of connection where we can both experienced the same feelings. So as a focus on the tongue kind of has a broadened sensation including my mouth. And I realize I'm talking to therefore I am moving my tongue in my mouth, and perhaps I have more access to feeling it. So maybe you'd like to move your mouth around a little bit if it's comfortable and safe for you to do so. Maybe move your tongue around just so you can maybe have the same or similar relaxing sensation that I currently experience as I speak right now. And for some reason, I've now come back to my eyes are now focused on my eyes. And at the same time focusing on my forehead, noticing, as I move my eyebrows up and down the effect that has both on my eyeballs and feel my eyeballs and sort of a relief, some kind of a slight gentle relief. Even like, a gentle kind of pleasure, nice sensation in my eyeballs. As I move my eyebrows up and down. I can also feel in my forehead, because by moving my eyebrows, it also stretches the muscles and the forehead stretches that skin.
And now, I kind of noticed in my cheeks on my face, like either side just below just above module.
Sort of parallel to where my mouth is. So my lips. As I mentioned, my lips are now focused on my lips.
But at the same time, probably 5050 on my lips, and also on my cheeks, not just the outsides, also the insides of my mouth, the cheeks and the inside. Kind of moving between the inside to the outside. And it's weird because I started thinking that the analogy between a mouth and a cave because inside your mouth is such a such a precious place. such an important place for your life, you know, for breathing oxygen and eating, life given food is such an important part of you your mouth, or sofa talking, communicating. So it really is like a treasure, a cave of treasure. But more important than any amount of treasure in the world. And just the idea of actually, it's such a precious place, as well as being a very personal place as well. A place where you know your teeth, your tongue and the opening leading to your throat, which is the opening to your body. One of the few openings that can actually reach inside your body is for your mouth. course you got your nose as well. The mouth is a much bigger area. And I was thinking that I suddenly had this feeling I think because think about the the tubes going down the mouth, you know from the mouth into the maybe the stomach also got the tubes going into your lungs. I started having the feeling down my chest, just a feeling of noticing wasn't any great sensation necessarily just an awareness that the feeling from the neck, down the middle of my chest to the middle section maybe to where the diaphragm is. So really that that part between the collar so the collarbone in the diaphragm, that section there, which is kind of the middle of the chest. I'm now beginning to be aware of The outside of my chest on either side, sort of the fat the side of my body underneath my arms, that area near my chest, but underneath my arms, the sides of my body lead into the chest. So that skin there, I thought it was going to move my tension to my chest, but it's actually gone to my back. starting to really notice the middle of my back, maybe it's because my back is against the chair, the back of the chair. So I could feel that I could feel the chair supporting my back. So maybe you can feel your chair supporting your back also, maybe if you're in a bed, you can feel the bed or whatever flat surface should lie on supporting your back safely and comfortably.
That feeling has moved back again, to the sides of my back.
Because where the back ends and a chest starts, is very vague. So a vague kind of maneuver vague kind of vague sensation because the chest is connected to the back.
So sometimes what you feel is the back is in fact, the chest. And especially if you're female, you can actually have your chest feel like it's in your back. So your breasts can be there in the breast tissue, and she does reach into the back.
It's more obvious than with men with men got the pictorials there. And the I forget not deltoids whatever the back muscle is. bolts in it, it's all connected by skin. Which means you can actually touch one part of your body and feel the sensation in another part of your body.
Because it is all connected. every part of your body is connected. Your lips are connected to your toes, by skin.
And of course there's a nerve endings as well. And talking about lips, I can now feel my lips again, noticing
I was licking my lips, I didn't even realize I was doing it. And the sensation of just licking my lips. It's kind of a weird one, in his sense of there's nothing quite like it.
There's not much of my body that I can actually lick maybe my hand, my arm. But the rest of my body is kind of out of reach. I used to be able to lick my toes when I was a little kid but I don't have that flexibility. Don't want to anyway, to be fair. But it's that sensation of the lips. Just being touched and I'll just touch my little my finger. Again, it's a different sensation and it's it's pleasant. Relaxation can feel pleasant. It doesn't have to be pleasure though. It's not about giving yourself pleasure. It's about you giving yourself what you need. Which is relaxation. Relaxation is something it's not just there is something to do to distract you from other things maybe that you don't want to do with don't want to think about relaxation is a necessity.
This is important as eating necessity. I just said that, as I said the word necessity,
I immediately became aware of my breath, both through my mouth and through my nose. On alternating. throughout this whole process, I'm not trying to feel relaxed, I'm not trying to force myself to have any specific physical, or emotional or mental sensations, really is just about being with my body. And noticing whatever it is, I notice, telling you what it is that I'm noticing, and then allowing you if you all you allowing yourself to just follow me on the journey, just to accompany me
side by side. And maybe focus in on those parts that I focus on.
So that we can just share this time together. Notice in the back of my neck, and also as a smaller than a notice that but
I focus really is back on the neck at the moment. And I didn't realize but there's tension there. I'm just going to observe it. Notice what happens to that feeling what what changes as I just observed it not trying to cause anything particular to happen, but just allowing whatever happens to happen. And just
being aware of it. Just being accepting to however I feel. And just as I say those words, I can feel
back of my neck really feel lighter. A smite sound like a strange thing to say but it feels almost almost like how I would the feeling old give to a cloud
a cloud just floating by just just a normal white fluffy cloud just floating away I feel the top my head now. In fact, I could feel the whole of my scalp really mainly the top of my head but also the bottom of my head.
This is if that sensation from the back of my neck moved up through the back of my head into the top of my head. Again, feeling the top of my forehead plus my eyelids again.
And my ears also. And it's as if they're all doing the same thing as what the back of my neck just did. Just flat floated away. It's the real serene feeling their real calmness. The same things then happening to my jaw. My tongue is just resting on the bottom as well now
it's just there. Notice in the middle of my back again, vision down to my lower back and the feedings moving quite quickly, because I feel the sensation of my lower back, relaxing really deeply right into the muscles.
I'm not trying to cause this to happen, it's just happening naturally. It's my lower back. In fact, the old one back now, I can feel my upper back and the back where, which leads to my shoulders,
I can feel that part or lay down. Just all calm and relaxed. Feels nice. Feels nice to be able to share this with you. I do believe there's a power that can be had. By sharing energy. positive energy.
Let's definitely power can be had by sharing negative energies. So obviously makes sense to sharing healthy positive energy is also
possible. And beneficial. are now feeling my shoulders just starting to sink and really relax. My arms, tops and my arms. Something else it's just become one with the rest of my body, my hands as well when I can also feel my calf muscles
and knees or thighs back of my thighs and saw how happening at the same time. They're all relaxing at the same time.
front of my fives my hips, my groin, my buttocks. I can feel that sense of relaxation actually move inside my body
and my feet or ankles, my toes. I'm just kind of surprised at how quickly that relaxation spread through my body. And they'll feel it inside my head. Since the connection between my eyelids and inside my mind as if my mind is somehow mimicking or copying my eyelids somehow coordinating with my eyelids to have the same level of relaxation and calmness. This feels really nice. It's as if the tension that was in my head is moving out of my eyes
but gently and softly it's Slowly as well. on my end is taken a bit longer to relax. I feel my scalp more relaxed. That feels like the inside of my scalp is also relaxed. And not just my mind but also my physical brain kind of picture my brain is just relaxing my eyes completely relaxed in the face as well my entire body loose. If I wasn't recording this I'd probably find it quite easily to drift off to sleep
feels so nice need to bring this to an end. Of course, you're welcome to drift off into sleep if you choose.
He will say if you want to just keep your eyes closed and continue to feel relaxed, you can also do that of course I'm going to count to three when I get to three, if you choose so you can open your eyes feeling fully awake, alert. And at the same time you can still experience all these feelings of physical, mental and emotional deep relaxation. Now one becoming more aware of your surroundings noticing like an outline is your entire body. Being aware of where you are and how you're sitting online to knowing that every time you hear my voice or see my face on a video, you will naturally an instantly feel completely relaxed. You can feel relaxed throughout the day and throughout the night. Did you find sleeping so much easier. From now on. You will also find yourself able to deal with challenges as they arise and a much easier and simpler way than you ever imagined. allowing yourself to keep composed and relaxed both physically and in your mind. Getting ready to open your eyes want to get to One. One. Open your eyes if you choose to do so. Remember that you can feel relaxed whenever you choose. You can enjoy being you because you are amazing. And you are loved. So take care yourself. And I'll see you tomorrow. Bye

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