#79 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - (Jason Newland) (25th January 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. All of my recordings are on my website. If you like, Why do please leave a review. And if you'd like to support this free service cover the running costs will help to cover those. You can go to paypal.me forward slash Jason Newland, and the links on my website. Now I've got an email with a Facebook message from Carrie. And I want to read it to you. And then I'm going to, that's what I'm going to talk about. So it says, Hi, Jason, I'll be listening to your podcast for about a year due to stress and anxiety. They've helped a lot helped me a lot. Quick question I've been following the law of attraction in. And so by I owe a fear that my negative thoughts will become reality. Why fear? You know, the negative thoughts become reality. From a medical
perspective, that isn't possible, right? So just read that last bit. I've been following the law of attraction. And I fear when negative thoughts become a reality? And from a medical perspective, that isn't possible, right?
Well, first, the first thing I need to do, I fought if you Kerry's listening to this, which I'm sure she is. I'm not a doctor. So the reason I'm saying that is I can't offer
like medical advice or diagnosis or anything like that. I can tell you what I know, or what I believe probably is more to the point. And so I'll do that. But as far as if you have any, any kind of mental health issues, and you're worried about it, get in touch with a mental health specialist, go see your GP doctor, if you're under the mental health team. See the psychiatrist, psychologist, whoever. Or if you've got counselor, speak to your counselor. And that's not just a carrier, that's to anyone who's concerned about stuff, you know, this, this podcast is a support, like an additional support for people that also already are also getting the help in other places. And I did a recording recently about ask, you know, ask for help. So this is an additional thing. Maybe while you're waiting for help, maybe maybe you've had the help that's available. Perhaps you've had all the counseling that you can get that you allowed to have on the you know, the NHS or with your health service provider. So my understanding that's what I'm not sure I understand the question correctly, the first part, even following the law of attraction, so I understand that part and I can talk about my understanding of it. The fear of negative thoughts becoming reality. So it depends, I don't have enough information on this particular situation to give my opinion because that's all it's gonna be would be an opinion. But not from as I'm not a doctor, I don't have a PhD and have a medical, you know, license or anything like that practices. As a medical person. I am a qualified counselor. I've got a degree in that. And I'm a hypnotist. Also, you could say I've kind of got a degree in Have a degree in anxiety in the sense of the amount that I experienced over the years, depression, anxiety, panic, stress, all that kind of stuff, which I've also talked about in previous recordings. But that was through life experience of having gone through it. And also being bipolar. And having also been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder, which I didn't even find out until two years after the bipolar manic diagnosis. So all I can do I want I like, I just need to be careful in these situations, because Carrie, and anyone else that's listening, go always get professional advice, professional help, is lots of stuff on the internet, you can find out about, it's not always going to be positive. I mean, you could literally if you've got, if you've got a sore throat, you go online, you can end up thinking you've got the worst disease in the world, when actually, it might just be a sore throat. In fact, it probably more than likely is just a sore throat. But if you concerned go to the doctors, is you know, get it checked out. So I'm going to I'm going to do this backwards. So I'm going to start from the last question about whether thinking about something. Woods, thinking about a negative thing would cause that negative thing to happen? Now I understand the reason for that question, I think, because the idea of the law of attraction is what you think about what you focus on. For example, you focus on positive things, you focus on what you do want in order to get what you do want.
So the logical thing is when you flip it on its side is if you focus on what you don't want, then you're going to get what you don't want. That's the logical that would be for me, that would be the logical kind of conclusion to that idea of what you focus on, you get. However, the law of attraction, my understanding and I have studied it, and to quite some depth. I'm not quite sure why. But I got really into it recently, the last put the last three or four months of last year, I was listening to a lot of audios of watching everything on YouTube, I could find reading books. And it wasn't just the case of watching the secret, you know, the video the secret the movie. And as I watched that, probably 10 years ago. And you can watch that and it gives you no information at all, pretty much. It's just a bunch of famous people telling you that how brilliant The secret is, but doesn't really give the US I watched it for about an hour and a half okay, but what what do I have to do? And then it became all this it was almost very mystical, you know, like dialing, dialing a telephone number and directly to the universe and asking the universe for something and it will just give it to you.
some some books will say that. But if you if you go to the breadth, and you look at the different things that people are saying, and the people that teach this for a living. The conclusion I come with from this is it's not about just thinking about something and just, you know, it comes through
actions needs to be taken as well. So I can think all I want about being rich
inaka think about having 10 million pounds in my bank account. I can focus on it. I can visualize it. I can think about it. Every waking day I can meditate Be on it before don't get out of bed, don't actually do something. And if I don't leave my house, how's that 10 million pounds going to arrive in my bank account? Well, it isn't, you know, it's not going to happen. So it isn't a case of just what you think about happening is going to happen. There's, there's more to it, there's more, it's kind of like, there's more chance of what you want to happen. happening. If you think positively. If you walk up to someone that you don't know, and you say hello to them. If you expect them in your mind, you're thinking that they're going to be friendly to you, or you're going to a job interview and you're expecting that they can like you. And you should assume that they can, unlike you, and you've rehearsed in your mind, for the last couple of days, that when you get into the interview, you're going to come across really well, you're going to feel confident, and they're going to like you and they're going to want to employ you,
there's more chance that that's going to go really well than if you did nothing. So if you made no preparations just turned up and just went to the interview and just went through the motions, I would say that there's a much higher probability that you will come across way better, you will feel a lot more confident. And you're probably going to like them better, and they're probably gonna enjoy your company more than they perhaps would have done. And they're more likely to want to offer you the job. But then if you go a little bit further back, and you imagine it going terrible. In you met and you rehearse or the worst case scenarios, are they gonna hate me, I'm gonna come across crap. And then you know, and the negativity which can happen, as we're humans, that when you go into that room, the energy, your energy, the way you're holding yourself, your confidence level, I'm guessing wouldn't be particularly high in that moment. And you might not actually come across very well. You may not like them. And they might not, they might not like you because of your energy, your attitude or you know, whatever it is saying you but you're not being genuine, whoever it was. So those things make a difference. And it's kind of basic psychology really from that aspect. So what we think about does affect how we behave, it affects our experience of life. Our attitude. This is Zig Ziglar is a speaker. He was a speaker very famous. He always used to be talking about get rid of your stinking thinking. I was like, yeah, if you think if you're thinking crappy faults all day, then you can have a crappy day. But the reality is, we're not thinking anything all the time. Our thoughts are always changing because we're fluid. So without having sort of more information from carries message. Fear and the negative thoughts becoming reality that seems to fit into the anxiety, pa you know, expecting the worst and it's Beckton the worst doesn't mean the worst is going to happen.
So you know, you'd going back to the job interview analogy, or my go for job interview. And I might go in feeling positive, confident, expecting them to like me, doesn't mean they're gonna love me, but they might, they might like me. But the chances more, more you know, it's very more likely that they will like me if I go in with that attitude surgeon, and are friendly and all that stuff. If I go in thinking, the absolute worst luck and when going to sit down and they're going to shower me, and they're gonna kick me out, as you know, escort me out or buy security out of the building. Because I was such a bad interviewee that's not going to happen. Be probably not going to have the greatest interview experience just emotionally. So having negative thoughts doesn't mean exactly what you're thinking is going to happen. But it definitely can affect your experience of what happens. Just like if you're on a bus, and you're thinking the whole time that the bus is going to crash. You're not going to enjoy that bus ride. Or you while is the complete opposite, you're going to have a horrible time. Regardless of whether the bus crashes or not, you're going to have a horrible time. And the chances are that buffs question is more chance probably of winning the lottery than a bus question probably is probably even less, less chance to win the lottery. So you think you know, Sony, you're thinking the worst thinking of some really bad's gonna happen. You're gonna have a horrible time of it. It doesn't mean that the bad things going to happen. But you just have a crappy crappy time. And you feel shitty. Plus, last, the truth isn't it? If every time you leave the house, you think a car's gonna drive onto the pavement or something horrible like that. You're never gonna want to leave the house. And I've known people like that have helped people like that actually. Those someone years ago that witnessed a terrible accident where car did gone to the pavement and killed her friend. And she wouldn't leave the house. And I helped her get to the point where she could walk on the pavement again. Because that kind of situation his chances of her ever witnessing or even seeing another car on the pavement is practically non existent.
So it's getting the brain to change this kind of get into brain, the brain to start thinking the way it did before. That temporary fear, which is obvious is going to be there at temporary, temporary fear of the pavements, a dangerous place. Because in that moment, it was that spot where the car went onto the pavement was the most dangerous place in the world to be by then. But since that happened, guaranteed hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of people have walked past and stood on that spot on their pavement and nothing's happened to them. And it was absolute tragedy that it happened that day. I remember God has walked around the corner from And it was horrible. But the pavement is no longer dangerous. It was dangerous for that 10 minutes or 20 minutes, however long, you know the car was on the pavement. But after that the pavements not dangerous anymore. And the pavement ever was dangerous. It was the car, not the pavement. And it was an accident as a freak accident. So I think if I was going to walk to town every day, and I'm not because way too far to walk. But if I'm thinking the whole time, and I do this journey every day for the next three months, and I'll repeat, I'm not going to do it. But if I did, there's a lot of traffic lorries, the traffic is very close to the pavement, and I'm thinking the whole time cars gonna hit me was gonna come close the pavement, hit my arm, I'm getting you know, wherever if I, if I'm thinking that the whole time I'll still be here in three months. I'm 40 probably would have lost a bit of weight to be fair for what a crappy tire would have had. can imagine. And it's a good two hour walk. That's four hours a day, times by 90 days. All that time focusing on a negative thing that's never going to happen. Or the chances is really, as more chance of me marrying a supermodel Not gonna happen. By the way, if the only supermodels out there that have very low standards. Give me a call. She got the feeling you got the feeling of Do you need to have that feeling? You know Acquaviva have 89 days of walking, feeling completely wrecked, relaxed and calm. And one day maybe feeling stressed and worried or maybe deal with it if it happens. Because we are quite good at dealing with stuff. In fact, in some ways it's the idea of something happening. Can some can sometimes feel worse in the event itself. I'm not talking about getting run over I'm not talking about something extreme. But just about witnessing something or you know, it's actually like driving having a crash. But being okay, but the experience is not nice. But if you're driving and that's the way you think about you might as well get out of that car
and get yourself a bus pass because this is going to be a horrible experience. So I think my answer kind of to the question fear negative thoughts becoming reality? No. And that's that's how the mind trick she was anxiety and stress and panic attacks. Is that what 99 point 9.9 point 9.9 whatever percentage of what we worry about doesn't happen. The things that we fear don't happen. Most people's fears do not happen doesn't mean that crappy things don't happen course I do. Would. I mean everyone listening to this is old enough to have had quite a few rubbishy experiences, it's just part of being alive, isn't it? Some are worse than others, we've also had wonderful experiences.
So thinking about something positively, can have a huge effect on how you feel. It can help you help to drive you. So if you if you really are driven by this so money, you say you do want to have, you know, $10 million dollars in the bank. It drives you see, if you if you're negative your income, you're not going to have 10 million a bank. Unless you've already got it. You know, you're not going to negativity does not create wealth. In you know, within a person that has negativity, unless, as you write books, I suppose Stephen King, some of his books are not the most positive, as horror books are very negative, and I suppose but, but forgetting that style, is what you do with that energy with that positive energy with those positive thoughts. Because that's what drives people. So someone's feeling positive. And they're saying, they might literally be saying to the universe, you know, give me that money. But at the same time, that doing something to create that wealth, or someone is wanting a healthier body, laying in bed saying, I want to have a slimmer waist, no matter how positive you are,
you know, we all know that. It needs action. But what the positive thoughts, the whatever you want to call it, you know, maybe asking the universe or
what was it called, let's have a look. The law of attraction is we attract, we attract things they're attracted to us. So we become attractive to those things. on the same side, if you're, if you aren't attract things, that kind of maybe you don't want, you don't really want it. Maybe you think you want a job, but actually, you don't want that particular job. And you might come across a bit negative, maybe a bit cocky, maybe whatever, and you don't get off of the job and you might be pissed off.
And then you might get offered another job next week that you really want.
So you know, sometimes we we let off that energy we give it out. And we're not always may be aware of what we do want. So that's part of the law of attraction is finding out what you actually want and focusing on what you do want not on what you don't want and taking action to get those things. When your focus in most of your time on what you do want it means you'll be in a positive mode you've been you'll have a lot more energy to do the things necessary to get the things you want it's a for me, it's a practical thing. It's not spiritual thing is not a universe thing for me. It's it's about you know, you get what you focus on. You get what Think about. So, but that doesn't mean in a negative way, doesn't mean if you think, you know, an extreme situation, if you think there's gonna be a volcano doesn't mean a volcano is gonna erupt.
If you think there's going to be a good day, if you really believe that, you know, what you do is going to be successful. And somebody is going to enjoy it. whatever it is you're doing, maybe you've made a painting, you've painted something. Or you've created something new. Because creativity comes out positivity. Generally, and even, you could say all about vaccines for pox and polio and stuff like that. That wasn't a, that wasn't a positive thing. Or be the person that created the vaccine for that stuff was a very positive person. Especially after they, you know, it was successful. So positivity is not a Fermi's I used to think it was like walking around with a big smile on your face and being pretend, you know, pretending to be happy. But it's not. Why don't think it is. Some people might think that, but my understanding is not, it's about First of all, noticing when you've been negative. Getting in touch with how you feel, you know, realizing that that your your head and your body is connected with a little thing called a neck, it's not a separate thing. You know, your, your brain and your body are very much connected, you try disconnecting, you see, you know, what happens, then it's all connected. So what you think about affects your body. So if you're focusing the whole time, someone's got chronic pain, and all they're doing is focusing on the pain the whole time, which some people do. And understandably so To be fair, if someone's in a lot of pain, I can understand
why they would be focused on him. They can be miserable. Because that's all they're focusing on. And it's very hard to get someone who's going through chronic pain to get them to focus on something different.
Because almost almost feels like you know, you're dismissing what they're going through and you're not
can focus in on chronic pain make it worse. Yes. 100% can focus in on failing driving exam? focusing on failing it, visualize in failing it before you get there. Can that affect the results of the driving exam? Yes, 100%
can expect him to pass the driving exam. Affected Yes. can imagine in passing it and doing everything correctly and feeling positive. Can canete affected? Yes. But doesn't mean it's going to happen. They can affect so if you imagine failing a driving lesson or driving test robber doesn't mean you're going to fail the driving test was a hell of a lot more chance you're gonna pass it if you trust and believe that you're gonna pass it. But even believe you're gonna pass it doesn't mean mean you're necessarily gonna pass. You also need the knowledge you need to know what you're doing. You need core competency as well as self belief.
So there's different variables at play. So imagining something happening, you know, the the anxiety, the panic, the dread of something terrible happening isn't going to make it happen.
But folks focusing on it and imagining it, I guarantee you're gonna feel crappy. That's, that's the one guarantee, you're not gonna feel good or you're not going to feel happy, not gonna feel positive if you're focusing on negative stuff. And he could say was a con con controller, that's how I feel on this board was always got an option to change how we feel, to do something different, to think differently, which is part of why I'll make these recordings. Because I also need to be reminded of that myself as well.
We're always changing. We're all different now. Before I started talking in this recording, before you press the play button, all different with in the last 38 minutes, we've changed our blood spawn for our body, our digestive system has moved further, you know, if we'd eaten something is for digested. We've got new new parts of our bodies growing, you know, like the cells and stuff. And I mean new fingers and stuff. But you know, we've got cells that have regrown. hairs, the fats falling out, new hairs that have started to grow. Who knows is constantly changing. How many times have the world's been in the last 38 minutes? How many times have you breathe in and out? How many times have you blinked changed your body, you know, maybe moved the hand or move to shoulder or maybe moved away your head is from one side to the other. Maybe you scratch yourself. Maybe wiggled your toes, whatever is always change. We're not statues are not made of stone.
So we do actually have an effect, we can have an effect and we do have an effect on what happens. And there are those instances that are just so random, that you could not prepare for it. We can't be prepared for everything. The simple fact nobody can ever be prepared for everything. Because we don't know what's going to happen in life. But we can have a good idea. Because generally, things are quite often very similar on day. If you got a job you go to regularly, the job will change there'll be different things happening but there'll be a familiarity when you go home you know your house will very much look the same as it did when you left for work and you got home unless you've got a ferret running around knocking stuff off the shelves. Like me.
You know whatever I think about our work if I was at work on a bus, on the train, walking home, wherever I think about in my mind the Andre on little boy for whatever you if I mentioned that he's trashed the place. I say trashed but sometimes he does make a mess or find mess. That he's asleep, or fire imagined he's died. Yeah, extreme or that he's escaped for the window. It doesn't matter what I imagined. It makes no difference to the reality. The reality what's happening in here has got no connection to why I'm thinking as I'm walking down a road a different reality, that's his reality. What's happening here? I'm not controlling it. I can't control it just by thinking. Otherwise I would be the richest person on the planet probably get burned at the stake as well for being a witch or something that that journey if I'm thinking the worst always escaped is got for the window or something bad's happened. I'm going to feel crappy. I'm perhaps going to run or walk quickly and maybe tripped over because I'm running too quickly, or slip on the ice. Because whatever, something that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had that negativity in my mind.
But at the very least, I'm gonna feel crappy. And then I get home. I see everything's fine. And he's there. He's, he's asleep happies anything, just so I'll put myself through that for nothing. And you know what? If I'm thinking to myself as I'm walking back, maybe I'm walking from town two hours or two hour journey, thinking the Andre is fine. And he's happy in his sleep. And I get back and he has go out the window and he's escaped. I can feel crappy then. Lisa has two hours Why didn't feel crappy. Instead of feeling crappy, and then getting back and feeling okay. Mad Robin feel rather that To be fair, because I wanted to be here. But why put yourself through something you don't need to until you until it's time.
In the same way, I flushed by wash my hands after I've been to a toilet. Not before, not during, after I eat the food after it's cooked. I take it out of the oven once half cooked, I start eating it or trying to eat it raw or do fi and do things in the order that they're kind of supposed to be because worrying? How many songs about it, there's poems about it in his famous songs, what's the use and worrying? It never was worthwhile is it doesn't get you anywhere at all. Unless it's a real thing that's happening. You know if someone's got, so if you got debts, and you got credit card debts and the only way to actually get yourself out of bed and to open the letters and face it and make the phone calls that need to be made. If the only way that gets you to do that is by worrying then that's the way some people function. And if not worrying about it means you let all the debts build up and you end up with bailiff's and losing your home then it'd be better to worry short term but about real things. If I was selling someone like my my, my niece was in hospital last year. I was very very ill. A sunny little like no way in a world would I ever tell my brother. Don't worry. So is my stupid thing to say to him. Don't worry, you know worst things could happen. Well, no, there's only one worst thing that could happen. And that's the thing he was worrying about. And luckily, she's she, she's recovering. So there's situations where it's natural to worry. But worry about something that is happening. You know, save it for the big stuff. That's kind of what I would say is what I'm coming to save you for the big stuff because when a big stuff happens, is going to be it's naturally a crappy time. If your loved ones your or your real, whatever is a crate is not supposed to be nice. is you know, is a member friend, my nan died and she went up to the I was going up there for the funeral. And she took me out for lunch and she said, I'm just trying to cheer you up. I sat down one cheering up, that's not applicable in this situation. You don't cheer someone up that's bereaved. You don't cheer someone up that's worried about a loved one. It's not about that. Maybe distraction it can be. But it's natural to feel worried and to feel upset. It's okay. This podcast isn't for people with going through stress because of a really traumatic situation happening in their life. Maybe to reduce their stress and to cope with their boss also to realize it's natural to have that stress levels and the anxiety in really extreme situations. But my experience of things like panic attacks, anxiety, stress, is a lot of it happens when seemingly nothing is really triggering it. That's obvious nothing, that would be classed as maybe huge. Maybe something in the past, if we post traumatic stress, worrying about something in the future, that hasn't happened.
That may never happen. I suppose the question would be, how much? Are any of us willing to put up with that? How long you willing to worry about something that may not happen? Moreover, what would you say to a child, someone you really cared about. Maybe not a child, maybe a mother, grandparent, whoever some of the you really, really love. And they were worried about something that you knew. Well, you figured realistically is not going to happen. Or if it does happen, there's nothing you can do about it. At this point, and if it happens in the future, he kind of need to do it then boasts a good chance it won't happen.
You'd want to find a way to tell them or to reassure them, that things are going to be okay. Because that is actually the reality. In most cases, in most cases, in most scenarios, things are okay.
If you watch the news, then you read newspapers. Unfortunately, it's full of negativity. Or maybe too much reality, or maybe too much of the negative reality.
And I can't even remember the last time I saw a nice story on the news because no one wants to watch that stuff. Apparently. I would. But maybe it would be boring. All grey another cat that can do somersaults. You know? That's nice. It was great the first 700 times to all want to watch another Another animal saving their, their owner in emergency. So those stories, even the even the happy stories, the press there was like to talk about a horrible experience like a dog finds, like wakes up you know, someone had stopped breathing or manages to call press the alarm button because their owners had a had a seizure or something like that, as always, like an underlying fear connected to the stories.
So it's kind of, for me the asking the universe or positive thinking, or what's he called the law of attraction. That's about taking control. But the steering Well, you know, not letting someone else drive your car, being the driver of your own car, which means you can stop whenever you want. You can go wherever you want, you can drive or whatever speed you want. have, obviously, is laws for you know, different speed levels, but I'm just talking metaphorically. You can listen to whatever music you want to listen to. And if you want to sing, you can sing. And you know, you haven't got someone else dictating what you do. And sometimes it feels, I think it can feel like someone else is telling us how we should feel. Even though it might not be another person, it might just be us, or almost like on some kind of automatic drive. But the automatic driver is the negative parvus.
Because there's so much negativity around if we just leave on automatic, we're going to be affected by that. And Andres decided to come and walk around on the newspaper to make lots of noise. Thank you, Andre. That's why positivity requires conscious effort. Honestly, Andre, you walk over to the other side now
what you want, so I don't normally get this interrupted by him. It was just staring at me. So conscious attention on positivity is required. is needed. It's it because basically, if you don't put effort into positivity, the negativity. Wood is automatically just sinking. And that's partly a probably a lot to do with our society depends on what society you live in.
If you live in a very, very positive society. And maybe you live in a household where everyone's really positive and optimistic and expects good things to happen and expects to be physically well and you know, has a very optimistic attitude, then you might naturally have more of that. Because that's what you've experienced maybe throughout your life for the first few years of your life. But I think for probably the majority people, perhaps listening to this, maybe you including myself, need to focus and give some energy, to the positivity to cultivate it to get in touch with it. To remind yourself of what you're grateful for, remind yourself of what you do have, instead of focusing on what you don't have, but then you can focus on what you don't have in a sense of what you'd like to have
with an optimism that you will have that take takes some energy to be positive. negativity is easy. It's just a case of not doing anything. And that stuff just seeps in. Just watch
the news, watch television, listen to other people's problems, and it just sinks in. Unless you say no, actually, no, I don't want that stuff in there. And you start to focus on positive stuff, you start to focus on what you can do.
Maybe you read positive books, listen to positive audios. Start to plan, feeling good. Start to plan, feeling happy. Start to focus on what you do have. I'll be focusing on happy memories. focusing on what you do want for the future and actually doing something to get those things. Which then increases the positivity increases the likelihood of you getting those things because you're actually doing something towards it. on the same side, you could lay in your bed. And you could feel positive, because you could imagine it and you could feel positive. You're not going to have that money in the bank, you're not going to it's not going to necessarily improve your physical health as much as if you are physically active. You feel better. And it may well improve your physical health. But when I'm thinking I was thinking more like exercise, losing weight slimming down, laying in bed, and generally doesn't do that. You know, I'm not a nutritional expert. So thinking positively, that's what I learned about the law of attraction is actually you get what you think about in a sense of, you get the feelings. If you think about good stuff, you can feel good. If you think positively, you're going to feel positive, you're going to feel physically better. You're going to feel physically healthier. You're going to have a brighter outlook towards your future, you're going to perhaps look around at your present and notice things and see perceive things in a much different way to how you would if you were looking through the goggles of negativity. I said this in a recent or previous recording. No matter how crappy you feel, if you suddenly won the lottery. The way you felt would change instantly. Even if he was physically ill, your mental state would change instantly. So how we think it changes how we feel and how we feel changes. You know how we emotionally feel changes how we physically feel and then after Next, what we do affects how we think. So it's like a continuous rolling machine of positivity. But without the fakeness of, you know, always feeling you have to look on the bright side of everything. Because you don't have to do anything. You can choose to do it, you can choose to actually look at things in a way that's more useful. Because you can think of any really like negative generalization. And if you break it down, it isn't what you think is, it doesn't hold as much truth. In fact, it may not hold any reality or truth at all. It's just a thought, it's just a belief that you used to have, maybe it's been passed on to you,
by family, or by society. Yeah, might be prejudiced, might be self limiting belief. Because you know, the most physically attractive person. You know, how physically attractive they are, and everyone that they meet as an adult, you know, they
meet everyone 18, they go out into the world, and every single man or woman tells them to the most beautiful person that any have ever seen physically. If they spent 18 years in a house being told they were ugly, they were no good. And they were horrible and disgusting. With some people are unfortunately raised like that. They're not going to believe that they're beautiful. Eventually, they might, eventually I hope they will. But they're not seeing the world, they're not seeing themselves, the way other people are seeing them. They're not perceiving themselves, the way our people perceive them. And that's quite an extreme situation. But the same side, you know, it's someone might have a mole on their chin, or the cheek, or a scar, you know, in the bridge of their nose, or maybe on their forehead, that nobody will ever even notice. But that person knows it's there. And they think everyone notices when, in reality, probably no one hardly notices it. And those who do don't care. And that person may hold themselves back, not apply for jobs they want to apply for not go to university not even just limit the whole life because of that one thing that they feel
is almost disabling them, that I realized that they're disabling themselves. And that's just such a waste. It's a calling back to the original question. I do eventually come back to something got started. is
Ken thinking about something make it happen? No, I don't think so. But thinking about something horrible happening. Feels crappy. That's pretty much a guarantee. expecting something nice to happen. Feels nice. Or at the very least, feels neutral. Definitely doesn't feel crappy. But more likely going to feel nice. It might not give you an all over body orgasm. You know, might not be exploding with pleasure. But you're going to feel nice. It's going to be long. I'm going to go out today and it's a nice weather. It's gonna be okay. We'll have a nice day. Go or it might just be go to the shops get some food be good to get out get a bit of air, beer fresh air and just go and yeah, everything's gonna be fine. Just Just a little bit just expecting things to be okay. Not even to be all dramatic, you know, got overly you know that kind of dramatically positive or I'm going to get out and all that or you know, only get then I'm going to go to the bus but suddenly all the neighbors are gonna run towards me and say Don't worry about the bus will carry on our shoulders will carry all the way to town and we will buy you food and we'll give you money for the rest of the years. You never have to buy food again and and we'll cook it we'll take turns cooking your food for
you and yeah, that's it's pretty so pretty lovely scenario possibly is pretty quite comical as well. But it's unrealistic. So it can be funny to think about stuff like that.
I mean, you might get to the position if he was a superstar, you know, suppose if he was if George Clooney moved in next door to me, I imagine it'd be a lot of people wanting to buy him dinner up. You wanted them up for you. Hi, Georgie. I do and meet your pain. Yeah, let's go for dinner then long as you pay. God nice McDonald's out the road.
So thinking the things are going to work out okay. Definitely can't harm. That's the bottom line. It can't do no harm. can only do good. The worst case scenario is it's neutral.
Yeah, on the other side flip over. If you think in that something's gonna be rubbish. And it's gonna be something bad's gonna happen. You can feel crappy. So it's a choice. Do you want to feel relaxed and calm? Or do you want to feel crappy? It really is that simple. That's the choice. It doesn't feel that simple sometimes. But actually, when you break it down, it is that simple. Because how we feel changes constantly. And you choose what you do next. Always, every second of the day, you choose what you do next. My right now I can choose a cover and raise my right arm. I can turn my body to the left. You know I can breathe in. Hold the breath recall the seconds breathe out. I can you
didn't have to own that was a natural human, but I could have held in. I could press the mute button and yawn. So you didn't hear it.
I could do a little tap dance. like Chuck something Andre to stop him from scratching the carpet by not going to
get one of these little teddy bears. chuck it in. So we choose what we do next. So how we feel we can feel positive. Because we choose to instead of waiting for it to happen naturally. And I think that's one of those things that let's face it, we all want it to happen naturally.
I think there's part of this and I know I definitely I feel it should happen naturally. I should naturally feel good. I should naturally feel positive and good things should happen. Kind of I don't, I don't really want to do any work. That's not work, but I don't have to do anything.
By actually involves doing something because there's washing up in the sink that needs to be washed up.
It's not going to get washed up unless I actually go and do it. But no matter positive thinking is going to make a damn bit of difference. Apart from maybe giving me the energy to get up and wash up And then I will feel better afterwards. But also I'll have cleaner hands good because I use fairy washing up liquid. And now Andres followed me into the bedroom. So I'm gonna
that was following me into the living room again. I don't normally talk about Andre on his podcast, but he's literally followed me around and trying to escape in these following me. So I finished recording to an end, I thought I'd actually give a talk about something that was asked, you know, that message that was sent to me pretty couple of hours ago on Facebook from Carrie. So I hope I've answered that question. Firstly, I'll send when I've uploaded this or send a link or just send a message saying that I've talked about it on my latest recording there has got me thinking as be the subject I'm interested in you know, the how we think affects how we feel. And it does and I don't think anyone can really deny that I think it's a factual it's a factual thing
Ryan's gonna walk out here and get away from me he's following me into the bedroom again. I'm gonna go cuz he's just otherwise locker got this string attached to his to him and he just being dragged along by but he's not
visible be a strength. So thank you for listening. I hope that this is resonated a bit. And I've tried to talk about it in the context of anxiety, stress and panic and from that kind of angle. And I'll speak to you next time. Remember to be kind to yourself, as you deserve to be happy. What's up bye

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