#78 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - (Jason Newland) (24th January 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes.
Thank you for listening to this podcast because it's really growing in. I don't know if the word popularity is correct, but more and more people are listening. So that's, you know, just like to say thank you.
In fact, it's moving towards been one of the most popular podcasts that I do. So I'm kind of excited about that. Because I've got a few I do the let me bore you to sleep podcast.
I've got the deep sleep whisper hypnosis podcast. And I've got the sleep hypnosis weekly podcast. I've got two podcasts to have all of my sleep sessions on.
So every time I do a new recording I put on there. And I've also got this podcast as well. So those are the Emmys. Everybody sleep Deep Sleep, sleep. Really, this, so is six podcasts that are kind of at the most popular scale out of 30. I'm glad you got the five I think all together. So I've also got like self development, one, self help, chronic pain, smoking, all those kind of stuff. Excuse me. So this is growing. So I thought before I start the actual session, let me just let you know how things are going with this podcast. So I don't normally do this on this, you know, before recording here. But I just wanted to sort of let you know that. Have I got 74,585 downloads so far on this podcast, and yesterday had 648 downloads the day before 644. And today's so far 107 downloads, it's 546 in the morning, and I've not even have not made a recording since the 19th of January and it's now the 24th on the 19th of January. Okay, so yeah, so that's just want to say thank you because without you listening, there'd be no point me recording. So, thanks. And that's it. So I look forward to reaching 100,000 downloads for this for this podcast. And just to give you an idea. The other podcast hypnosis is sleeping deeply, hadn't 46,800 downloads. That's like the top one. But deep sleep whisper hypnosis 124,972 Let me boy to sleep is 93,560. So I want this. I kind of want this podcast. I just interested in seeing how it goes because I'm getting more downloads here than I am on some of the other ones daily. So yeah. Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick thank you
before I start the actual recording. And it kind of fits in with what just did just then
gratitude, gratitude. I find Now I'm not saying that everyone's going to find this in you know, old or the unspecial or anything like that, but I find mind that when I feel grateful, I mean properly feel grateful, sort of inside, naturally, feeling grateful towards something that I have or Yes, whatever it could be, I feel relaxed, I feel calm. And that, that feeling that emotion of gratitude seemed to trigger some kind of chemical in my brain. which sends, you know, that feeling of calmness and relaxation throughout my body. And in my mind, a mind feels karma. And I guess if you think about it, logically, we react that way to what we're thinking about what we think about affects our body. In the same ways how our body feels, can affect what we think about someone with chronic pain, or some would say, so as a broken ankle, then initially, that's probably the, that's going to be the focus of that person's attention. Like when I broke my wrist, fell out the barf, don't laugh. So a few years ago, when I first moved into this place that I'm living in, slipped out of the bath, and I broke my wrist, also hurt my shoulder. And, you know, luckily, I didn't hit my head on anything. So I didn't cause I don't know, if it would have made much difference to my head, but it's, I broke my wrist, I went to the hospital and had you know, just my focus was the wrist. But you know, what, what was weird about that is a kind of felt grateful. And this is going to be a weird thing that you may not kind of relate to. And I want to delve into it too deeply. But with or you might completely understand this, but from the other side, you know, it's it could is potentially damaging thing as well. So when I was sitting in the hospital with my broken wrist waiting to be seen, I knew is broken. I've had a few broken bones, I know the difference between a sprain or break. Just this basically, is as simple as the initial pain with a break stays off forever, but it stays with you doesn't subside that pain, maybe not the right initial pain, but basically, the pain stays
with a bruise. With a sprain, it does reduce you know within within a short enough time it does reduce maybe not
to do to the extreme where you feel fine. Because you still may need medical attention but it reduces a break in my experience stays that initial kind of pain level seems to stay for whatever reason. So I'm in the hospital. And part of me is I'm actually I'm in a really good mode. First of all I fall is funny the circuit the circumstances of falling out of bath and use me for some reason, I didn't find it funny at the time when it happened. And I really didn't because I couldn't get off the floor because the wireless position I had to pull my way on to the left wrist which is broken, so gone if you know it's a slight slipping slipping around everywhere. And I was naked as well. So that wasn't good. And I started feeling grateful and finally funny. At the same Time, because what if I had needed an emergency, you know, like an ambulance to come and get me, I'd have been there naked. And that would have been. Well, I could see the humor in there. As well as the the trauma to them seeing me naked, probably
the paramedics both I feel grateful that that didn't happen, which seemed to reduce my stress levels. I felt grateful that actually, first of all, it was only my wrist
it was just a break wasn't an open fracture wasn't you know, wasn't my shoulder, which would have been a lot more painful. I'm guessing. I've injured my shoulder before. And it's a lot more restricting because of, you know, the size of it and everything. But just my little wrist. I could deal with that as fine as my left hand. So I could always grateful that my left hand but my right hand because I'm right handed. So it meant I could still do all the other things that I normally do without having to go six weeks without being able to sort of do that stuff. Because I broke in my right hand twice in the past. And that's that's very restricted. left wrist, or not so bad. As far as restrictiveness so I felt grateful. And I kind of fought well, why am I feeling grateful? I should be feeling sorry for myself. Because that's my natural go to place. I love feeling sorry for myself a little bit of self pity. You know? Yeah, I've always kind of seem to have enjoyed that over the years. It's never helpful, really. It can feel competent at times. But ultimately not useful. It's a beer. Yeah, it's not particularly good. You know, being the victim. Even if you've been a victim, doesn't mean you have to be a victim. You know, it's it's not a 24 hour career, I don't think I think needs to be something that we do all the time. Because the only person that hurts is us. As to the horrible thing about it isn't it is because the anxiety, stress panic, it could be caused by trauma that's happened in the past that may have been caused by another person. And very likely, they don't care about it, they're not thinking about it. They might not even have meant it to happen. They might not know those caused trauma. You know, depending on what it was. So in a sense, the only way that a person is hurting
is us by you know, focusing on it which increases anxiety, stress and all that stuff. All that good stuff. The gratitude. And I don't mean false gratitude. Or the internet. You know, all so grateful I've got a carpet on the floor.
Well, yeah, I know some people can't afford to have a carpet. But you know, when I first got the carpet in air, I was very grateful. It was lovely. But then Andre, the ferret moved in, and he destroyed the carpet within about a week. So the carpet basically is going to go into details but he's his it's not line. I walk on it. He owns it on his ledger in his flat. But I feel grateful that I got him. So this is weird things. What are you grateful for? And what can you focus on the changes how you feel? Kind of instantly. What are you looking forward to? What's going to happen in the future. It could be something holiday you're coming up, pick my beer, a family event, I don't know could be a birthday could be, maybe you're getting yourself a new car maybe you're having, who knows, maybe you haven't liposuction or perhaps you're having you get married or put those two together liposuction and getting married. But you know, something is happening in the future, you're starting an educational course. Perhaps you're gonna, who knows, maybe you saving up to get your hair done a specific way. Or there's a dress or you know, a coat or a pair of shoes that you've been looking forward to get in, or wearing, or buy in. Or maybe you're looking forward to having a clean now and get rid of stuff. Maybe you're looking forward to your grandchildren visiting, or maybe you've got a baby inside, you're looking forward to give given birth, who knows what it is, you don't get to see your baby for the first time.
What's that feeling or that thought? The you can think of the changes how you feel, in a positive way. We've always something there's always something. And it might be looking at a photograph of a loved one. See, I lit a picture of what I pictured my mother, or grandmother, who's no longer here, but she's, there's a picture of me with her. As she's looking happy. And I look happy. You know, next is a lovely picture. You have to me, it's a lovely picture. But there are no horrible pictures of
the horse. They're lovely. But it's that feeling. It's a feeling that I had of really close really, for me like close relationship with either connection, good connection with my name. So I look at that, and I feel always sad at the same time. So it's probably not a good
example actually. Or something that makes you feel really good. But it might do in the future is still you know, not quite there yet with that. But if I see look at a picture of Andre, according on my phone, so when I'm out sometimes I look at a picture of him and he's just so cute. And I think of him and I feel good. You know, I feel this degree of gratitude there feel grateful that he's in my life. He annoys the hell out of me sometimes. Right now he's in a bedroom. I just said I just had a look is in the bedroom. He's got his girlfriend who's my old slipper in his mouth. And he's humping one of my T shirts. So that's a little bit gross. Based on Q is ever you know, not right now he's not but outside of that situation. He's lovely. And I haven't had a job since I've had him. But I can see that if I was in a you know, not having a great day at work. I could look at a picture of him and it could relax me maybe feel a little bit karma. Just even if it's just taking the edge off, you know, the difference between feeling stressed and feeling okay. Maybe I won't be completely floppy and all you know completely relaxed and melt in on the floor in blissful relaxation. But least I won't be stressed. You can at least my relaxation level will be a better level than it was So you got the gratitude, you got something you can look forward to, there's a couple of things that may be, could be a trigger to you feeling better, feeling more relaxed, feeling karma, instantly. And I'm talking about something that has an instant reaction for you. Because it's natural. Because it's something that's already there, it's already implanted in your mind, it's already connected to your nervous system. by many, maybe many years of repeating the process.
It's already there, it's there, don't need to create it, you just need to remember it
needs to find something that has the effect, happy memory or a future you know, an image of the future that you looking forward to
something that when you think about it, you feel good. It doesn't have to be orgasmic. Just you feel good, you feel good.
Which is the flip coin. It turns the other feeling on its head on its tail, you know, turns it upside down, changes, that feeling
adds cold water into a bath that was too hot, was getting a bit too hot. Sometimes turning the hot tap off isn't enough heat to add some cold water as well. And sometimes, as you know, if you add too much cold water, you can't get the water hot again, no matter how much hot water you put in, it just won't get hot again. Which is a good thing because their stress levels call raise to where they were. Because you've added that relaxation, that calmness, that pleasure. That really nice feeling. changes, changes how you are feeling instantly. Now, there are ways that I can or not just me but as with anybody that knows how to could show you how to create your own version of this link in certain things to feel in and then thinking about that thing. But I was wondering, maybe have a little search for something that's already available to you. That's already doing that.
We've all got things that we think about that stimulate our emotions, for good or bad, you know, negative emotions and positive emotions. There's different things that we can think about. So when you focus on those things that increase your positive emotions instantly. Feelings change instantly, the way you feel physically and emotionally. your stress levels reduce your relaxation levels increase your general feeling of well being improves. I know this is obvious is so obvious. But at the same time, it's how we think. And if someone's natural way of thinking, seems this shines spotlight on the negative stuff, then it's time to change the direction of that spotlight and start shining it on the thoughts, the memories, the ideas, the things you're grateful for the things you're looking forward to those thoughts that create and stimulate those nice feelings, those positive feelings, stimulate those positive feelings naturally, instantly. So you're in control of the spotlight. And that's all you have to do. This really is really, really simple in a sense, is, there's nothing else for us to do other than just aim the spotlight at something, and your mind and your body does the rest. You don't actually have to physically do anything. You know, you don't have to do the process of well now thinking of this. And now I'm going to create this feeling to spread from you know, my brain is going to activate, and this chemical is going to spread throughout my body, so that I feel more relaxed and calmer and more positive. And at the same time, the stress levels can't live with that, like they can't be together, stress levels automatically reduce in the same ways when you pour cold water into a hot bath. It starts to reduce the temperature, the barf is just how it works. And the more cold water that goes in, gets to the point where that stress level that could be represented by the hot water almost disappears to the point where you can't even get it back anymore, because the cold water has a limited eliminated it is gone. But that happens naturally, you don't need to, to do anything other than just aim the spotlight at a thought. And if for his crappy, change the spotlight and aim is something else.
So you don't have to keep the spotlight on anything. You can change it anytime you want. So if you aim the spotlight at a happy event in the past,
and you feel really good. And you know that that feeling of calmness spreads for your body. And you decide, oh, this feels too nice. I feel too calm and relaxed, you can change it to a different one. You know, maybe if you might feel too relaxed, I mean, there are times when maybe you want to feel relaxed, but you know, also very learn to be able to do what you need to do. So it's about managing it and choose for yourself what you shine the spotlight on where you aim it. And there are 1000s hundreds of 1000s of things to choose from. Especially if you're as old as me, the millions of things I could choose to aim the spotlight on. This happened over the years.
See just choosing to shine that spotlight on something and maybe make a little photograph of it in your mind. When you think about that photograph, you look at it. It automatically stimulates that feeling of relaxation. Just in the same ways. If you're a regular listener to this podcast or you know to any of my other podcasts really even before you press the play button you already Gonna start feeling relaxed. The second you hear my voice go, Hello, welcome to Jason Newland, or calm, blah, blah, blah. And he listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. It stimulates and triggers that sense of comfort in your body and in your mind. So even before you press the play button, you know that that thing at the beginning is going to happen. I'm going to say welcome to Jason newland.com. And I've been saying that for 14 years on pretty much every recording I've ever done it, you know, I don't know if I could say anything else. Sometimes I do just say hello, welcome to wherever the podcast is. A generally, and my name is Jason new land. And, you know, but it's that feeling that comes with that. And not only do you feel a sense of comfort, relaxation. At that moment, I also do, because when I say those words, I automatically start to feel relaxed. Or even more relaxed. But at the same time, our brain is only able to, to function in a way where I can verbalize and hopefully communicate some ideas. And I don't even know where they come from half the time. I just have to have trust in
the words to come after good and have a little bit of a break. Oh, yeah, the words, I'd have trust in there. The correct things to come out of my mouth. have trust, Why say will be useful and relaxing, and help to reduce the stress levels, not just now. But also tomorrow. Also the day after, and the day after. As your relaxation levels increase naturally, each day forward, feeling more comfort. Sock will leave you on that idea is to just stop us just start shining that spotlight on something maybe that you're grateful for. Maybe that you're looking forward to maybe the weather you can look back to that feels really nice, really happy memory.
Or it could be as simple as remembering something that you've seen on a film, like a funny moment in a comedy.
I mean, is this something that I remember a comedy moment for me years ago, there's a French movie. And I'm talking years back in 1994. I watched this or 93. And this man was in a caravan. He kind of walked into the caravan and the caravan had holes in the ceiling and the bucket and the holes like that and water in. It was raining outside. And the bucket was full of water said all these buckets to catch the water so I didn't go onto the floor. So one of the buckets was full. So we needed to empty the empty on the floor and then put the bucket back on for years to catch the rest of the water. Now in my mind that it's just you got to see it for it to really have the effect, but it's absolutely ridiculous. It's on a level of cities really, really silly. That was just hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing because it's the whole idea is like you're collecting the water so it doesn't go on the floor and then just tipping on the floor and he gets full Admittedly, they probably have to watch the film yet to get the full benefits. But when I think about it, I'll feel good. Even now, even after all these years, because it's just so silly. And I like to tell people about it every now and then. Because I had no idea what the film was. And it's, you know, most of the people that I know, probably haven't seen it, because it was a French film, French language. It wasn't like a famous English speaking film. So I like to tell people about it now and then. And I feel good telling them sometimes look at me love what you're talking about. We talked about Jason, it's okay. I might. So maybe there's something in a movie that you've watched, or something that maybe you've got a child niece, nephew, grandson, grandchild, whatever, daughter that said something that was just hilarious. That was just so you know, just so funny. And even now, it might happen 30 years ago, but even now, you think about it, and it just was funny. There was something that happened with my nan years ago, we were watching a movie. Shirley Valentine, I think the film was, and it was it was it was this is totally true. But anyway, the there's a point in it, where someone's the woman with the whole family is watching this movie. And there's a point where one of the characters in the film Mrs. Always mentions the word clearness. Yeah, that was mine and shout out what's a clear us. And we will start laughing, but like, they kept it kind of a little bit inside. But I had to leave the room and could not stop laughing. Now, I don't know if my name was just having a laugh. But it wasn't like her to say something like that, you know, she's very, she wasn't, she wouldn't come out with something rude, not on purpose. Not that that's a rude word, it is a part of the body, isn't it? It's no more rude than saying your ear or your knee, you know, it's just a part of body. But it was just so funny. The way she just came out with it. And even to this day, I just, it just makes me internally giggle.
Because it was funny. And it's never not going to be funny. It's not as funny as what it was at the time, the moment. And but
that's just a couple of examples that I can kind of get in touch with. And it doesn't have to be funny, you know, it could just be nice and nice memory, a nice feeling. You know, getting your first job, getting your first paycheck. You know, passing your driving test. You know, it could be anything that the first case your first partner exams, getting the results, getting into the college you wanted, again, to just, you know, be shining on those positive things, shining the light on the positive things as opposed to the other stuff. And there's plenty of that to choose from as well. But why would you choose that? What would be the point? You know, if I was gonna make a session on how to feel stressed and crappy and all that stuff, that'd be easy. I could make that session, I could make 100 recordings a day on there. The easiest thing in the world to focus you need to be focused on that stuff. But that's the opposite of what is useful for us. And besides that, no one needs help with that. No one needs help on how to you know get in touch with the other stuff.
But maybe Give yourself held by the lash in that light, shining
brightly. And finding some of those things that maybe you forgotten about the good stuff, only the good stuff, only the happy stuff, only the funny stuff, only the positive stuff. shining the light only on the those things, memories, things you're grateful for things you're looking forward to, that actually have that natural reaction within you. Where you feel good. Which causes relaxation within your body and your mind. A why you shining that light around. Because you come across something you don't like, move along to the next thing. Because that's not relevant. It's not part of what we're doing here. You know, sometimes, like the other day, I clean the toilet. And it's part of our brain saying, well, the sink needs to be cleaned as well. You know, I said to my mind, no, I said, I said, I don't care about a sink, and clean toilet. That's all I'm doing today. I'm just gonna clean but what I'm doing the whole day, but that's the only thing I was gonna clean was a toilet. The sink, I can do a different day. And that's why I focused on. And I felt good afterwards because it was done. Rather than feeling all bog could have done more knows other stuff to do. No, I'm gonna I'm gonna take the victory. I'm going to be the hero, the toilet cleaning hero. And now every time we're looking at boiler solid been a couple of days, I think Yeah. It's nice and clean. And I feel a little bit of, I don't know, little bit of pleasure. It's not, you know, it's not. It's not life changing. But it's a little bit like, yeah, I
feel better. Now that is clean. Still little things. Sometimes. I don't really want to end on talking about cleaning toilets. But you know, that's not what this recording is about. It's about you. It's about what you can focus on
what you choose to focus on. Because all the choice I talked about, you know, in the past, you choose what you do next, where you choose what you focus on next.
So if you've got something you think about and you don't like it don't like the result, I'd like the response to you physically have or emotionally have to that for treat you the same way you would if you put something in your mouth, a bit of food that you didn't like. You just spit it out. You know, if you're at home and you're trying to food for the first time, maybe it's a takeaway, Chinese Indian, Mexican pizza, whatever it is, and it's you trying something new. And you taste it or maybe you know, you've got someone that's with you. And so don't try this. a try. New don't like Well, you're going to chew up and eat or eat going to spit it out maybe into a napkin, not necessarily on the floor because that could be classed as rude. Especially if you're in a restaurant.
We're not going to eat it because it tastes horrible. Or you know fi t doesn't taste nice. In the same way, if there's a thought that doesn't feel nice when you think about it, and if you don't have to think about it. Then move on to a different thought that you feel nice about them, you know helps you to feel relaxed. In the same way they eat something and you think it's a big another You don't Chuck away the entire take away you know if I don't like that, but I'll eat the rest of this stuff because that's nice. I like that but not that you eat the other stuff that you do like that's what you focus on the things that you do like. So I'm going to leave you on that thought. So thank you for listening. Remember to be kind to yourself because it is to be happy. Lots of love bye

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