#74 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - (Jason Newland) (15th January 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. If you like what I do, please leave a review on the website, maybe written one or a video review, if you fancy it. And if you'd like to help towards the running costs of this free service, then please go to my website as well. Plus, all of my recordings are on there available to stream for free and to download. So, you know, I was thinking, you know, we're always thinking today was thinking is, was a question? Do we give yourself enough credit for our successes? Now, of course, I can't talk for you. I can't sort of answer that question. But what's your what's your answer to that? Do you give yourself enough credit for your successes? And some people may answer, well, what successes are not successful? I haven't got a job, I haven't got any money or whatever. But doesn't it depend on how you perceive success? Now if you've overcome a very difficult period in your life, if you've got through it got through the upper end, then isn't that a success? If you've had an anxiety attack, enter, managed to get through it. Which you clearly have because you're listening to this. That's a success. So that's really, that's the point of this recording. And I don't know, your personal stories. I don't know. You know, everybody's life and what they've been through. But I do sometimes wonder. Well, question, I suppose myself in some ways. The focus, what do I actually focus on? Do I focus on the successes have had? Or do I focus on the illnesses, the problems? So far, I think it's necessarily a case of just focusing on the success, but flipping it on its own is flipping on its back or its belly, whichever way you want to do it, turn it upside down. or start looking at what do classes failures. Now, I used to class myself as a failure, because I lost my job due to anxiety and stress, and depression and stuff like that. I used to classify myself as a failure. And sometimes I do still, because I've got no money 49 I got, I don't know 40 pound in the bank. 49 years to get 40 is less than a pound a year. I've saved during my life.
That doesn't make me a failure. It just means I've got 40 pound in the bank doesn't have to have an emotional connection. We could take a positive view say Well, I've got 40 pound that's 40 pound more than I'd have if I had nothing in the bank. Or, I could look at it and say, Well, I might have 40 pounds in a bank in 2002. I was earning quite good money. But I was ill having panic attacks constantly, for quite a long period of time. And I would have given any money in the world to get rid of them.
So what is success? What is failure. And some people can be quite harsh, not only to others, but to themselves as well. classes. So one is a failure because they don't own their own home, then they're going to be classed themselves as a failure, if they don't own your own home. Or if they don't have the correct kind of job. Or if they don't have the right a number of children, or the, you know, the kind of car they think they should be driving.
Work on moving away from the material aspects of this idea of success and failure. And I'm not going to focus on failure, I'm going to focus on success, our successes, the fact that we're alive, is a success story in itself. And lots of people that aren't billions of people that aren't alive anymore, but we are. I can walk. And you simply say, well, how's that a success, it's not something you've done, or something you've created yourself, it's not something that you've set your mind out to do?
on our car, get into the mindset of that. But guaranteed, everybody that's walking today, put a hell of a lot of effort into learning to walk as a toddler, as a young child, or someone when you've only got to look at someone that's had gone through an injury, or physical or brain injury, where they have to learn to walk again. It's really, really hard. But we went through that as a child. And some people might say, Yeah, but you don't have to go through the the emotional trauma that an adult would learn in. What are toddlers other than one big bundle of emotions, continuously churning around moving from one, like intense anger, hatred to laughter, love kindness. I only got to see a toddler, the frustration on their face, when they're trying to walk and they keep falling on their bum.
But they don't give up. So we are all success stories. And a lot of it is due to our own
attempts, our own work that we've done. Just because we don't remember it. Because we were only two or whatever age children start walking. We can talk and you might start thinking I'm not going to go through every single bodily function is going to start up torn down far
and in a minute. We can follow their formula of success. No one
might come too far in later if I choose but the fact that we can talk is an amazing thing. Because you think if you'd have been born anywhere in the world, you'd be speaking that language. And so as a successful brain as a successful mind, we all have the ability to speak any language. Because if you'd have been born in China, you were born in America, if you had been born in China, you'd speak Chinese or whatever local language that was different languages. Or if you're born in France, you speak French. And I'm not going to go through every country. But that's an amazing feat, really. And it's something we learn. Writing, been able to write, it's something we've learned, it's not something that comes naturally. It's not something that you have to learn to be taught. And it's, it's hard work. But it's fun when you're a kid,
you know, when you're little is see if it's enjoyable. So we're our success stories, all of us. And I don't want to sort of come all over Pollyanna.
But actually, there is something to be said on, not just looking on the brighter side, or to be positive about yourself. But look at the reality, it's not like just make belief. I'll just wave my hands in the air, by the way, just you know, a little marking that word out in the air. It's not make belief it's reality. You are a success. Your success story. You have skills that other people don't have. You know how to do some things that millions and millions of people are unable to do naturally. Some of those skills and talents you may not be aware of you.
We all have abilities. We all have special abilities that kind of shine. With whether it's art drawing, painting, dancing, languages, driving a car, some people are just brilliant at driving it just some people are great at making
movies, some people are great at conversation that just shine in different ways. We all have a talent. So we all have talents. We all have at least one thing that's just phenomenal that we're really, really good at to really, really shine and we find almost comes naturally, although hard work may also be required
in order to tune into to get the best result and to be the best that you can be in that particular field. Whatever it is, you might be the best drawer naturally. We still may need to learn you know how to draw may still need to practice to become the best that you can be or to enjoy the process.
So from suppose from a stress anxiety panicky perspective perhaps it's more of a self esteem issue. So instead of feeling or unjust this set up putting ourselves in a category of, I'm just an anxious person. That's reframing it to, I'm a person. I'm a successful person, I can do some pretty amazing things. I'm talented. This is something for you to say about yourself. I'm not just bragging about me to say something for you to say about yourself, you're talented person. And you have had anxiety issues in the past. But you're not the anxiety is more to you than that.
And you know that anyway. You don't need some stranger like me talking to you on a podcast telling you that because you already know it. Do you remember it? Do you remember how amazing you are? Do you remember? All the times you've helped other people?
Do you remember all the things that you've learned to do throughout your life, which proves that you are a success. And I think there's there's a degree of trust, that may be useful in this situation, to trust that you have made a difference. You've been successful in making a difference in other people's lives. Even though you may never, ever know about it, he may never ever hear or see any sign of that. But nevertheless, have trust that you really have made a difference. As well as those times that you remember. Bob talking about also those times that you don't remember times that you couldn't know about. Because it might have just been a kind word. a client's smile, maybe you let someone cross the road you stopped, let them cross the road. And actually, that made a big difference to their day, and to their life.
We affect other people, just like other people affect us. Of course, there's ways to, you know, limit. There is damage limitation available when dealing with people so that their negativity doesn't affect us too much. Or if it does affect us, we can reduce
that effect that they had, and just move on with their lives. Remembering that that's just what's going on with them. That had nothing to do with us. So how would your life be different? How will you be different as you think about the fact that you are a success and to maybe celebrate those successes, and I realized that it might be weird to say well, I'm going to celebrate being able to walk It wouldn't be weird if someone had been in a car crash, and had to relearn to walk. That would be a celebration worthy of a party. That's, you know, that is a celebration. Because for most of us, it was such a long time ago. And we were, you know, little children, learning to walk with just take it for granted and don't really give it any thought.
So that might not be something that you'd want to kind of celebrate. But there may be something worth acknowledging that actually, you have been successful, many, many, many times in the past.
Again, in touch with that success, that feeling of success that may be celebrating the times that you've been successful, perhaps in the recent past, kind of allow your confidence to grow, can allow your self esteem to improve. Or as I would probably put it, allow you to get in touch with reality a bit more. Because the reality is, you're an amazing person. That's the reality is all this negativity in the press, or TV and all this stuff, trying to make out that humans are mainly horrible, blah, blah, blah stuff, which is untrue. Most people are nice. If they get the opportunity to be nice.
Most people don't want hassle, they don't want drama. Also, probably most people would like to have acceptance, maybe some kind of acknowledgement, to be seen, to be heard, to feel important to feel needed. Not everybody feels that way. Not everybody feels that they are. So maybe we can start aiming, those things that we'd like to have from other people perhaps start giving it to ourselves. So I can sit here my flat all week long, waiting for someone to bring me food. And they won't. Until I get off my bomb, go into the kitchen and prepare myself and food from food, some food will go to the shops and get the shopping in the same way instead of waiting for someone to tell you that actually, you're pretty amazing person. Perhaps remind yourself perhaps think of times in the past when you've helped other people. And instead of thinking, Oh, well, they didn't appreciate you. I didn't do anything back. They don't help me when I need them. Because that's just basically being a child isn't it would be an adult. Realize that helping other people doesn't need anything back. Because ultimately, you're the one that gains the most from doing it. might seem a bit weird, but I really feel that when you help someone else There's something changes with inside you. Something changes, almost like a healing, a peacefulness for that kindness that's directed outside towards someone else. almost kind of rebounds. But with a much stronger feeling
the gives you something that maybe you're not aware of gives you strength that maybe you didn't realize you had resilience, the ability to keep going, the ability to deal with whatever life presents to you, the ability to keep bouncing back. The ability to laugh at and to enjoy being you. And to appreciate being you the ability to acknowledge your own successes. Instead of focusing on failures, focusing on the successes, focusing on how well you're doing, focusing on the fact that you're doing something to help yourself. I mean, the one benefit was really quite a few benefits. And it's a weird sentence to put together. But there's benefits to anxiety and stress. In a sense, gets you, you get to know yourself better. You almost get crave, it almost forces you to stand back, and maybe stand still for a bit too. Calm down and look around. And notice how you're feeling and realize that perhaps changes are necessary in your life, in order for you to move forward, to have the type of life that you want for yourself. The type of life where you feel more relaxed. You feel calmer, more at ease within yourself more confident in your own ability to deal with life in a way that feels almost your pleasurable even even those difficult times can engage a sense of accomplishment and a sense of success because you've got through a difficult conversation he got through a hard day at work you got through it. Even as much as anxiety and anxiety attack, he got through it. He came out the other end and if you came out the other end that time you come out the other end next time. And maybe you start to see where the other end is. And you might think to yourself, we might even come unconsciously might come that you think
wonder where the end is. For you know where the door is. See miles will discover Well, if you think about it.
I feel like an anxiety attack critical all this new technology now. So you can get get smart lightbulbs. So you think of an anxiety attack like The light, someone switches the light off. But it's in a room and you don't know where the light switches see kind of looking around you touching things and is just not particularly pleasant experience. That's an understatement, isn't it and then maybe eventually find the light, the light switch, which then you can see where the door is, and you open the door and go out and you're out of the other end, then maybe your unconscious mind can start to fit a small light bulb in each room, in your mind, so that when that fogginess when that darkness just happens, instead of searching around each wall, and, you know, try not to trip up over things and all the you know, the tension that arises because of that. You just say, lightbulb one light comes on, then you just see where the door is. Open it and go out of the other end a lot quicker. So it's just a bunch of ideas. And sometimes, you know, sometimes I see stuff, or read something or hear or listen to audios. Quite like audible. And sometimes I'll I'll read or read something in a book. And it just keeps playing over and over in my mind. Not in a kind of a horrible way. But just ah and as a feeling I could feel it now actually, there's the feeling on my shoulders among the top of my back, my shoulders, the back of my neck. But my arms, cross my face, it's just a lightness. Almost tuning into something that I perhaps don't understand. But at the same time feels really nice and familiar. Feels pleasant.
Almost like a freedom. So maybe, I suppose it is, I think, you know, when you were a kid.
And I used to be if I used to visit places when I was a kid, and I'll be living I'll be sleeping in a room that I didn't recognize. Like I didn't know, I knew it was a room. But I didn't know the outlay of the room. And there'd be a wardrobe and you know, things like they'd be dark and I couldn't really make out what things were because it wasn't my regular bedroom.
So let's switch the light on, have a look around. And then I'll switch the light off again. And every now and then I'd switch the light on
and look around again. And I just get my kind of get a memory like a little map of the room.
Then let's switch light off. But knowing that I could switch that light off on any time gave me that sense of security and safety which is what I needed.
I was a very young child and at the time, just being somewhere unfamiliar. Being it's just like being in a situation some familiar. It's nice to know that you can turn that light on
so that you can see away clear through any kind of stress or anxiety that's always available. light bulb on Or relaxation on so most like a superpower is it a Fantastic Four or a fantastic five or Fantastic Four?
What is the one that turns into the use of Human Torch and he says his flame on and he turns into the Human Torch and flies around. He's like the temperature of the sun or something, flame on
relaxation on calm on lightbulb on safety on now I will leave you with that those ideas and I shall speak to you very soon. So thank you for listening.
Just remember I've got other websites ever saw other podcasts for insomnia sleep. Let me boy the sleep podcast deep sleep whisper hypnosis podcast and also the other one sleep hypnosis weekly. And a few of them like chronic pain and all kinds of things. So plus this one of course, which is groovy Thank you for listening, remember. Remember actually remember this remember, to start thinking, start noticing the things that you are actually successful. And you can celebrate that success. Look around your home, maybe things that you've done things you've created. It might be you know, for example, it's a little thing, but I put a bracket on the wall for my television. Now I'm not a mister DIY, home maintenance kind of person is is well out of my comfort zone. And I had the bracket for about four months, sitting in a box before I actually attached it to the wall. And I'm ever so please have it really, you know, please for myself because I did it because it goes. The idea of doing it did cause I felt stressed about it. I'll be honest. But then I did it. And it's this is kind of a success. I put it way too high up at the beginning. And now I've moved it down a bit
because I was hurting my neck. I was literally looking up at the clouds. There's lots of those versions or successes in your life. But lots of small things can add up to a big thing as we know.
So give yourself some time to maybe think about those successes in your life. Again, touch with the the confidence that comes with that. The self belief that comes with that and grows. Remember to be kind to yourself because you do deserve to be happy. Lots of love bye

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