#73 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - SOUNDS - (Jason Newland) (14th January 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes if you'd like, Why do leave review. Now I don't know if you can hear it. This background sounds to you very windy outside. So you might be able to hear that. And the fridge has just come on in the kitchen. So you may think why am I mentioning this? Well, there's something about some people find background sounds. Or maybe they use the word noise to be stress inducing. Let's say traveling on a bus or something standing in the supermarket queue waiting to pay or being our wedding or you know, being in a public space where maybe it's not just the the people, the amount of people but the amount of sound possibly a bit of too much can become too much for some people, and I class myself in that group
of people that sometimes can be affected by that. It's a bit of whatever the word is, you know, it's just it just over
over. overstimulation possibly, of my eardrums. Now I've mentioned in the past is different things we can do. One of the things I do is I wear headphones, but a sound canceling headphones, which I think it's really good, really helps helps me to yawn when I think about them. But we're not always able to use headphones in all situations. For example, when I was working in a call center, I realized technically I was wearing headphones because I was talking to customers on the phone. But they weren't noise cancelling headphones when I was sitting in the canteen at work, but didn't have headphones on they're waiting for a job interview, offer some kind of interview situation calls or wear headphones in that situation necessarily. Wedding can't wear headphones weddin or in a church says lots of places and times where wearing headphones is not really possible or perhaps socially acceptable. So what else can we do, what other things can be done to reduce the stress levels or the anxiety levels in those situations.
And this way, we ways we can prepare for it as far as rehearse in in our mind the events that are going to unfold and rehearse feeling relaxed
during that process so I used to do this When I was working in a club and the first part of the club was very, quite intense, quite intense couple of hours. The rest of the night was a lot easier. But the first couple of hours was intense subs, not always but quite often. So on the train I had about 20 minutes, maybe 15 minutes on the train. I sit down, close my eyes, and I'd rehearse the process, getting off the train, feeling relaxed, walking, to work, feeling relax, walk in, doing the job, the first couple of hours feeling relaxed during the rest of the evening, feeling relaxed. And then going home and a taxi, Get home safely go to bed feeling relaxed. And then I'd reverse it all the way back for the whole process, but backwards, feeling relaxed all the way there feeling relaxed all the way back to the club from my house, feeling relaxed from the end of the event all the way to the beginning of the event, feed and relax through those two hours at the beginning, feeling relaxed as I walk, you know going back to the train station basically is the doors open, feeling relaxed as I moved back into my seat that I'm actually sitting in in that moment. Sometimes I do a couple of times sometimes I just sit there with that feeling of comfort and confidence
that's gained from that then the train would get to where I was going the doors would open or get off.
And the journey felt familiar anyway because I was already making that journey regularly. But took on a different feeling to call a feeling of confidence in my ability to feel relaxed and to process correctly you know, because there was times before was for learning to relax that I find I'd get overwhelmed by the onslaught of customers say on slot there's just a lot of people coming in kind of at the same time and there was a lot to do a lot to focus on and I used to find that my stress levels would get a bit high so this is something that I did in order to relax those stress levels too feel confident that I could do all that stuff without without really too much effort reminding myself that I'd done it many times before and everything was going to be okay it's almost like watching back when I was sitting there watching back a little movie of what's already happened.
So I've already got the script in front of me already know what to do. So when I do get off the train I just get
off always slightly hurts in a play in your mind. And I felt confident and it made the evening a lot easier. And I did and did feel relaxed. Oh calm. So if you can find a way to rehearse before going into a situation Shouldn't may be a little bit overwhelming, or maybe a lot overwhelming. And that might not just be because of the excessive sound, you know might be because of the people, it might be because of the situation. For example, a job interview is not a normal situation, it's very different to sort of most other things, or going to a funeral, or go into a wedding. They're very specific types of things, which perhaps, may require a bit of a 10th bit of attention from you towards yourself, a bit of kindness, bit of gentleness. A little bit of preparation, beforehand, preparing to feel confident within yourself, to feel relaxed, feel confident within yourself to get through that particular situation. And I guess it's a different kind of confidence. As opposed to I think sometimes, when I think of confidence, almost think of cockiness or arrogance. In the sense of our now feel I can do this jumping up and down and a bit kind of false, perhaps, or excitable. But of course, confidence you know, can be far from there can be a beautiful thing and really help you to accomplish your goals and to improve your life in so many different ways. And this type of confidence is quite specific. Because it's about having confidence in your ability to feel relaxed to keep those stress levels at a minimum. Because you've done it before, we've all managed to deal with difficult situations in a relaxed manner. Probably not all the time. I know I haven't. But there have been times when we have maybe even surprised ourselves by how calm we were
supposed to rehearse in the event that's about to happen. They can be useful. This is going to be known as the windy recording. It's probably got gale force winds outside. And that was another thing I was going to mention is
you can actually use the sounds around you to increase your comfort to increase your relaxation. Especially like with the wind, because its nature. Nature is beautiful. Wouldn't particularly want to be out in the wind right now. Luckily on heavy enough, the no amount of winds gonna make much difference. To me, I'll still be on the ground. But rather listen to it. Be in it. Be like rain, a lot of sound of rain. But I don't want to be in the rain really. Although one day in the future, I have this little I'd like to have a private garden. No, no neighbors and not that. And then summer when it really really rains hard. I just want to run around and lay down naked in the garden have all arrangers hit me It's just a beautiful almost like a waterfall you know like in a natural shower instead of being in a bathroom and that's got nothing to do with the recording I just want share that with you just remembered just had this little fantasy of because that would be so relaxing because you know sometimes you'd only get in under a shower especially if it's a high pressure shower and when it hits your scalp you know top your head and the scalp it just to me it's a feeling not like no other it's just stimulates relaxes the same time all the different parts of your body it's just even just thinking about it. I get a little bit tingly on my scalp what might be nets no knives is definitely the thinking about it in Tingley. See got sounds around you with all unless you even if you're the top of a mountain, you still gonna hear birds farting. So you know, still gonna have some kind of sound, you still have the wind, the rain, the weather. If you're on a bus, you're going to have people talking. If you're in a church, you're going to have people perhaps singing or you can sometimes just hear and so on breathe is a lot of people breathing and it's good that they are breathing. You know, it's better to be on a bus sitting next to someone who's breathing heavily than someone is not breathing all you know, you definitely get to where you're going a lot quicker. Because you're gonna have to stop that bus, get an ambulance, you're never going to get to where you're going. Sometimes sounds that are annoying. Perhaps don't need to be annoying. That shrill, though maybe you hear if you're on the bus and school kids are getting on the bus in their high pitched almost you kind of have to check your ears to see if they're bleeding that that sound
it can be uncomfortable but the is reality isn't it that's just what's happened. Off expect the window to blow in in a minute.
But I can sit here I can listen to the wind and almost Breathe in. Live it relax my body and my mind. Because when you focus on just one thing the less things you focus on, the more relaxed you'll get.
So if you're in a public place, and there's lots of sounds or if you're on a bus, and there's lots of people talking,
maybe just focus on one person. Just focus on their voice. Perhaps don't take any notice what they're saying. But is focusing on the sound the voice like you are with me. Maybe they've got a live voice maybe it's gravelly, maybe it's they've got an accent that you recognize or don't recognize.
You can close your eyes and just just notice The sound of when you got your eyes closed in that situation, the sounds can take on a different meaning. First of all, I would change the word noise to sound, because that, that eliminates the emotion. When someone says, No one's ever said that it's so noisy. I'd say it's so soundy. It's so noisy, which is never a compliment. Can you hear that sound? Or can you hear that noise? Can you hear that noise? Doesn't sound positive, can you hear that sound? Doesn't sound negative. So when you actually focus in on that one person, maybe you can spread out. And notice that the sounds on the bus, or the sounds on the train, or the plane, or in the church, or you know, maybe at the wedding, maybe you're sitting there, you can close your eyes for a couple of minutes, maybe, maybe you don't have to close your eyes, you can just D focus your eyes a bit. Focusing on the sounds and noticing so much like the weather
very much like the wind because little peaks, little changes. So if you're on a bus, you hear someone may be
close to you talk in many of you will laugh at the back of the bus. Maybe you hear someone coughing at the top of the bus on the upper deck. Maybe his small child crying near the front of the bus is different sounds coming from different spatial parts of the bus.
When you do that, when you focus like that, it changes the way you feel and so that is no longer an emotional thing. Because once the emotion is taken out, the stress levels reduce.
Once emotion is excluded, anxiety is also excluded. In the same ways someone might have been given a pink money box shape like a pig. Though given it by someone that they cared about, in their family, maybe their grandmother, the grandmother was given it to them to her by her grandmother.
And it's passed through the years it's cracked, it's old, doesn't hold any money anymore, but it's just it's got so much emotion connected to it. But that person gives me that big that big, cracked, dirty, old money box that doesn't hold money anymore. It's just that's all it is, has no emotion connected. It means nothing to me. Because perhaps I've just bought it my Why would I buy it but I've seen it in a jumble sale, or flea store or something, or, you know, what I've just found it
has no meaning to me at all. That's the difference between when the emotion goes out was what I meant by that, when you just be in there,
hearing what's going on, but not adding the internal dialogue of this is annoying. This is upsetting me, this is too much. This is overwhelming, then on all the other things that maybe we say to ourselves
that may not be useful. Thank you all those people like that pink, that old pink pig shaped money box that's old and cracked. As far as the sound that they're making, irrelevant to unimportant. They're just live in their lives. What they're saying may be important to them, but not to you. Because you're just traveling to your destination. When you don't, when you don't have to worry about stuff like that.
You feel more relaxed. just naturally feel calmer. Not just in your mind but in your body and
just in your demeanor just generally relaxed. I want to say relax, I don't mean to store floppy on the floor. But I kind of just
blissed out and you know, kind of just not want to move because it feels so pleasurable. That is one way to be relaxed. But this is a different kind of relaxation, just a chilled out calmness where you can function and do things. Yes, still feel calm, still feel healthy, physically and emotionally. So those are just a few ideas or a couple of ideas that I had today. So have you got something coming up, maybe rehearse feeling relaxed at that event, that situation. And then when you are there. Instead of getting frustrated by the sounds, sort of calling it noise call it sounds instead of expecting a negative physical reaction. Maybe just accept that the sounds are there. And just start to notice the overall sense those sounds, the little peaks, the little changes in volume, and how the sound moves. Maybe from The left side of the room, maybe you can hear the right side of the room. If you're in a big, you know, big hole, maybe you can hear things outside the window. Perhaps if you're in a bus, you can hear the weather, the rain hitting the sides of the windows outside, perhaps you can hear the engine of the bus.
Or if you're at work, sitting in an office computer, maybe you can notice the sound of the keyboard. Or you can notice the sound of the water machine. You know, as people are getting some water or the coffee machine is people are getting coffee,
perhaps you can hear the sound of the printer. Perhaps you can hear the sound of the weather outside the sound of the air conditioning, just a few sounds to us just there. The EEG maybe become aware of and something about that breadth of awareness that relaxes you as well. As well as focus as well. When you focus on just one thing that also can be relaxing.
See when I was younger, the wind would have kept me awake. Now I find the wind to just be beautiful. such a wonderful sound. It's almost like in some ways you could serve added emotion or change the emotion towards the sounds of the weather to actually enjoy them, to appreciate them. After all, it's just a feeling it's just a sound. That just sounds so I'm going to leave you with those couple of ideas. And I'll speak to you next time. Remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel relaxed and calm and confident. Lots of love bye

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