#72 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (13th January 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. I hope you're well. And if you like what I do, leave a review
just go to my website, all of my recordings are on my website, Jason Newland, calm. And then if you can hear, but it's a lot of rain outside. This was always gonna be a lot of rain when it's raining. It's not gonna be like five raindrops. But you know, I mean, it's quiet,
particularly rainy right now. But windy as well. And none of that is relevant to the recording. But if we took out all the irrelevant stuff, my half hour recordings of that TV about two minutes long. So you know, need a little bit of a filler to span the belt.
I thought I would just do another column have a similar thing to what I did in my last recording.
Another way to always get your audio whatever recorded and the reason for that is, I start to relax. My mind kind of gets into the zone, you know what I mean? Just
start to just let go of everything and just feel karma. And you may find that happens to you, as well. Maybe it's just hearing my own voice. Just that might be it might be a trigger. I mean, I've been doing these recording things for over 14 years. So I guess my my ears just become accustomed to feeling relaxed. When I talk. However, this is recording will require a little bit of focus. So what I'm going to ask you to do, it's nothing big, it's not going to be a big,
complicated thing, because I don't do complications. Want to think when you think about something, something that happened today. Or in the last, you know, couple of days. Something that you think about it. When you think about it, it increases it causes your anxiety or your stress levels to increase somewhat.
Something that just bugged you, when I wouldn't mention these things or not talking about something huge.
So I'm not talking about you know, if you've been to a funeral or something like that, I'm not talking about that kind of stuff. I'm talking about maybe an interaction you had with a work colleague, or a family member. That kind of situation where perhaps they said something and you left the conversation feeling a bit crappy. You know, or maybe you said something to them, that you regret can go both ways. And when you think about it, now, it causes levels of stress to increase. But naturally, that's just what naturally happens. At the moment, before, you know we do anything with that memory and only to kind of give it a judgement, you know, sort of if he was going to say your stress levels between one and 10, you know, one being nothing. And 10 being the most, the highest level of stress that you could experience as a way to gauge what the stress level is on this memory of this recent event. So, for example, maybe you give a full, maybe you give it to, maybe it's five, but hopefully it's a bit below that. But it might not be, I don't know, it's all this all down to our own personal experiences, our own personal feelings. So now I'd like you to focus on that feeling. So where do you feel it in your body? So you've got the emotion? You've got the memory? Where do you feel it in your body?
Is there a place where you feel it the most? By being a chest, maybe your hands, maybe in your face? Maybe your back, his stomach, your jaw, your neck, your head? shoulders. Or maybe I'm just giving you a few body parts, but you don't know that you can't tell me where you feel it because this is a recording. So I need you to focus on that body part that you physically experience that stress. And you may feel in different parts. But where do you feel the most? Where's the strongest feeling in your body? I'd like to focus on that. And I realized that focusing on it is uncomfortable. Yet pushing away is even more uncomfortable. So we're allowing it to be there. You're allowing it to be there. You're acknowledging it in a way you're welcome in it, you allowing it to be there. So you're not trying to distract yourself, you're not trying to push it away, not trying to deny it. It's just there, the feeling is there.
So what I'd like you to do is to focus on that feeling. And as you said, notice what number is and have that feeling with the the gauge of what number is two, one and 10. So if it's for example four, you can see that it's a four on that gauge. That measurement of your stress or anxiety levels surrounding dad vent that happened recently.
And just notice how it feels in your body. What I'd like you to do is something that is the complete opposite to what you would want to do that just go along with me. And it will all make sense. I'd like you to increase that level. So if it's a four, put it up to four and a half
if it's a three but after three and a half Just add a half a level, into that feeling sort of increases. Just notice how your, that part of your body feels.
As a stress and anxiety increases, put it back down to what it was before the original feeling, so maybe a four or three, whatever it was before, just put it back down to that level, notice a difference. Notice how just by putting it back down by a half on measurement, that there's a degree of relief there.
You weren't experiencing that relief before. I'd like you to raise it up again, a half point half measure, like you did before. And notice a difference in that stress level as it rises, slightly.
noticing a feeling and now lowered down. But this time lowered down not just to the point you have it before.
So it's safe, it's three and a half now lowered down to three, and then go down to two and a half.
Notice just how relaxed knives, noticing the relief you can get from that decrease. And technically, you've only decreased it by half a half a measurement. But actually,
it feels like a lot more than that. So what seems to happen here, though, is your mind has been comparing the difference in feelings, a difference in sensations. And your mind
decides which one it prefers. Your body decides which one he prefers
to experience. So you could try to raise it from for example two and a half back to the highest level it was three and a half.
Or your equivalent if it's four and a half back to five and a half. But he won't go that high anymore. Even by willingness been willing, the anxiety and stress to rise. Your body just won't allow it your mind just won't allow it because it doesn't want that anymore. Because with that event that happened that you were thinking about before which had that stress level anxiety level connected to it. You'd never experienced the lower threshold before you'd never experienced thinking about that and the level of stress being lower. And now that your mind and body has experienced that it prefers that lower feeling So now as you focus on that body part that represents that stress and anxiety levels for that memory, you allow it to just fall down another number. So if it's three, drop it down to two. If it's two and a half, drop it down to one and a half. So whatever number is that now drop it down to the next whole number below. Notice how that feels. Just sitting in the moment, sitting and experiencing the feeling
that level of comfort, relief relaxation that comes from just lowering that sensation. And again, what you can do is try to raise it.
But your body in mind doesn't want it to be raised your body in mind actually prefer the level that it's at now. does want to go higher anymore. If anything, is happy to stay where it is, or become even more relaxed. It's not even allowing you to raise it any higher. Because your body feels more comfortable, your mind feels more comfortable. Why would it allow you to raise it higher?
When it's experienced the feelings the comfort of that lower level stress and anxiety an increased level of comfort and relaxation
Why would they do that? I won't do that that's the thing. That was okay before because you didn't know and allowed you to increase it not really paying much attention other than just accepting that that's the level it was that accepting the pain, emotionally pain and stress
and that discomfort that was there was just naturally there. Your mind didn't question that your body didn't question. It accepted it. But now that you've shown yourself that you can indeed feel way more relaxed in your body and mind when you think about that situation occurred recently. That memory is no longer a trigger to cause anything because as you now think at that event that level whatever level it's at now just just starts to sink down.
sinking down water down a plug hole doesn't really make sense. So how can how can you think about something now has no effect emotionally on you? Yet before or clearly before it did? But now it doesn't. And I said interest in an interesting thing is that I suppose it's kind of like the you know when you go to the dentist or to fake and then he gets he gets to the dentist and You know, you can't remember which tooth was aching? I've had that happen in the past. It's, it's a little bit also, you know, when you, you hurt yourself, you hurt my finger or something. And it's Akin and then and then one day you realize it stopped her in butanna when it stopped hurting? Was it today was it yesterday was at three o'clock, you don't know because it's just stopped. Just not bothered about it anymore doesn't have an emotional impact at all, on your life on your mind or on your body. Because it's, it's almost insignificant. Just like you know, when you empty the remains of your food off your plate of your dinner plate you put into the bin. You're not thinking around six months later, or wonder what happened to those vegetables and those potatoes that I've that I put into the bins six months ago.
way, if you are thinking about stuff like that, you need to get yourself a hobby. And it just changes naturally. I think it's quite fascinating really how easily, easily our minds change the way that we perceive something that perhaps used to be an issue but now is insignificant so that you now feel relaxed when you think about that issue or that situation. Because feeling relaxed and calm is a natural way to be very natural. Just like sleeping. We're born with the ability to sleep. We are born with the ability to relax. Now that brings us to the end of this recording. Let me know how you get on. Perhaps leave a comment on the website or on the podcast. And I will speak to you very soon. Remember to be kind to yourself because you do deserve to be happy. Lots of love bye

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