#70 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks SAFE SPACE (Jason Newland) (9th January 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. Just want to say thank you for those of you that listen, or just all of you that listen, actually. And if you'd like why do leave a review and vote please myself with that little rhyme. I've started saying it on all my podcasts, on my website, all of my stuff. Apart from the color 100 recordings, I'm still in the process of uploading, or on my website. So you can stream for free. Or you can download for free all of my recordings. All of the recordings of this podcast are on the website. And as well as being on all the different podcast hosts as well. And if for any reason you're you know, you want to find out where the podcast is, like on Spotify or anything like that. There's a link as well. So my podcasts, my recordings have a link to where they are online. So for example, you know, for cheap iTunes, podcast, pod, I don't know wherever stitcher castbox, things like that. I'm not sure what that actually made sense. But it made sense in my head. As I was saying it, or before I started saying it and I want to say it out loud. I'm not sure if it really came across as since. So any Listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. What I thought we'd do today is something a little bit different from normal. Everything's a little bit different from normal really isn't it I suppose but I thought would be quite nice to get in touch with that part inside of our mind. That is calm. So I'm purposely making this recorded during the day where there is likely to be background sounds. I'm not expected anything like loud or anything but no helicopters taken off in the garden or stuff like that. There won't be any elephants running through the through my home. I hope or I'd be interested wouldn't definitely be an interesting story to tell
after quite a small elephant because the doorways aren't that big. So there's something about being able to get in touch with more beneficial, getting in touch with that part of your mind that we all have. We all have a place. Some people you call it a safe place where you just, you know you close your eyes. And regardless of what's happening, you know I'm sitting here in my living room on a chair.
The windows are open, not like wide open but they're open. So when anyone goes in now the garden gate, there's a sound. This sound of traffic on the other side, outside the kitchen window. Someone might knock on the door. Andre might decide to run around or climb up on me and you know, so it's the birds in the trees. There's also the physical feelings staff got my lower back is a just a little bit achy a little bit. My neck back my necks very achy. slept on it a bit weird couple of days ago, and it's still not really recovered yet. But it's a lot better than what it was. But I can notice it. And it's more noticeable when I focus on it, which makes sense doesn't ask, I guess. And the back of my head is a little bit thrombi, which is sort of, I would put down to the lower neck, the lower part, you know, the back of the neck. my right shoulder is a little bit achy, on base basically falling apart, because I need to be I need to be replaced with a new body, I think. But I'm noticing these things, but I'm not moaning about them. Or not feeling sorry for myself. And it's okay to feel sorry for yourself. I'm not judging. Sometimes my I love to feel sorry for myself. But it is of no use. Really, it can, I think it can have a little bit of a therapeutic benefit, sometimes, I think, a little bit of self indulgence, a little bit of woe is me.
Every now and then, perhaps been on a regular basis. And I think if we saw keep track of the reality that
this not useful. necessarily bias still, you know, I still go there sometimes. So, you know, none of us are perfect. And you know what, I don't want to be perfect or happy, having flaws, and trying to change things, maybe improve some things, except other things. So as I'm mentioning how I'm feeling because you might be thinking, why are you telling me how you're feeling? Or say God do me? How are you feeling? This is an invitation for me, to you to get in touch with how you're feeling? That's kind of the point of why I was telling you how I'm feeling. How do you feel right now? How does your body feel? Because, you know, people that have got chronic pain, I've got I've got better chronic pain, but it's not anything serious. But I know that people that got chronic pain, it can affect them emotionally. Why? Of course it does. I mean, it's standard, isn't it? It's emotional pain and physical pain, causes emotional pain, just However, sometimes, when you actually just sit with it, acknowledge it, but don't try and push it away. Which is the natural thing that we do is most natural thing in the world to want to push the pain away, and to keep it as far away as possible. Also, with emotional pain as well, it's just natural. And it makes sense to do that. I mean, you can't argue with her really well, who wants to feel pain? Nobody does really do they, apart from you know, when you're feeling sorry for yourself and it's almost like you invite the pain in when you do that. When you want it to be a victim for a little bit. That's when I sort of spent a couple of hours feeling like the whole world's against me and it's a kind of almost invite the suffering. Invited stuffing in it is funny. The idea of is funny but it's true. It's ridiculous buys true. What I sometimes do, and part of that might be because I do want to feel it, because maybe I've spent so much time trying to push it away. Maybe sometimes I want to just feel it. However, if you just allow the feelings to be there, you never push away, or really feel it either. Because once you start pushing you, once you stop pushing something away, it no longer has the pressure
that pat hats might felt really tense, really, like he was trying to break through the door, you know, this uncomfortable feeling? Once you take the door off the hinges, and leave that doorway open, what can it really do? It just flows just turns into a flow. And sometimes, for example, my lower back ache, other times, not even think about it.
Or not even notice in this recording isn't about chronic pain is kind of I suppose using it as an example, because
first of all chronic pain, a lot of people with stress, depression, wash, dispose turn him any other way. A lot of people who have chronic pain have got extreme stress and depression,
due to the pain and anxiety perhaps about what they're capable of doing, worrying about what their body will do in certain circumstances. So you know, if I was asked to help to move, you know, if I had a family member said, Can you help me move on moving house on Friday? Can you help me
and I'd want to help. But I would, perhaps while I definitely start thinking about my bag, with my back, doesn't hold up to it. So I'm strong enough to do stuff, but it hurts, it really hurts afterwards. So I can lift the washing machine with help from someone else can't do on my own. But I can lift a washing machine, which is really heavy.
But then I end up maybe I'm to sort of lay down for an hour afterwards because of the pain on the back. So knowing that there's a possibility that I might start getting anxious and worrying. And
the likelihood is that's gonna get my brain focusing on my lower back to an extent where I'm probably going to be suffering long before I even get to the
house to help my family member move. Which brings you back to this. But back to this safe place. Which we all have a belief that everybody's got a place in their mind. It doesn't have to be like a lovely decorated room with, you know, doesn't have to be a visual place. Doesn't have to have a doorway that you open and you go in and you see things it can be it doesn't have to For me, it's more about the feeling. Because that's what ultimately ends up as anyway. You see something that leads to feeling, you smell something that leads to feeling, you hear something that leads to a feeling. You touch something that results in a feeling like an emotional feeling. So this is kind of going straight to the
feeling where all the other stuff. So no bodily functions required for this. No senses required for this. It's a case of just going inside. And instead of searching for a doorway, or searching for something that made you think how big our brains are, and how big our minds are, all those billions of connections
stuff, where am I supposed to find this little room It's not like that. It's just a feeling. The feeling leads you there. That feeling is I guess it's gonna be different for everybody. But I can explain feeling my feeling to you that I have when I'm in that space inside my mind.
And I'm still aware of what's going on outside. It's, I suppose it's in some ways it's kind of trancey kind of hypnotic in a sense of focus. But the fact that I can still talk to you and explain what's going on and which, if I got more involved and more assertive more connected, I got to that feeling, the less I would want to talk but then that'd be no good for now for an audio recording with it. So I will continue to talk.
So I suppose it's kind of a meditative situation as well. So at the moment, I'm noticing I've got the breeze coming in for the window. The window is open just a crack, you know it's just open a little bit. There's little bit of breeze coming in the sunshine on my face, which is pretty amazing considering it's January. It doesn't normally happen at two o'clock in January. So it's quite nice. I like that. Feeling fairly comfortable. sitting in a chair. Maybe you'd like to join me. I'd be see you know, if you haven't got yourself comfortable yet maybe press the pause button. Okay, self comfortable in a chair. Or if you want to lay down on a bed or lay up in a bed, whatever, just get yourself comfortable. Maybe you want to sit outside if it's a nice day because you know you may be listening to this in another part of the world where it's really sunny and warm and lovely. Or you might be somewhere where it's cold and snowy and lovely. Just do what you want to do. So I can hear the helicopter going over. Soldier helicopters in a garden didn't i didn't believe me.
That's your thing. That's a plane. Boo do have helicopters going over and I'm a very auditory person in a sense of Find sounds or notice sounds and are just more affected by working harder on here if in it's going around around me to sit at distance, not paying too much attention. Although, when I mentioned it, I can't become more focused on it. Just like when I talk about how my body feels in the chair being supported by the chair, focus on my body. My arms are resting on the armrests of the chair, figure on the floor, my hands feel very relaxed, very loose, so just limp. And we're not focused on my hands and how loose and I suppose floppy, you could call them or not moving them. But that sense of relaxation that my hands have automatically embraced is spreading through my body. I can just feel a calmness in my body. Maybe you could notice that two men notice in my stomach. And if you could see me probably say, how could you not notice your big Tubby stomach? That's not the point. The point is I can just notice it feels relaxed. And even though I can, the more my body relaxes, I can feel my lower back a little bit more because Stein to stand out a little bit compared to the rest of my body and my right shoulder a little bit, just a tiny little bit
in the back of my neck. The reality is that the back one neck is way more relaxed than it was before.
my lower back. It's almost Scott, that feeling of not itchiness. But that sense of you know, when the part of your body's healing. Maybe there's a little bit of extra blood flow go in there to clean out that area and send those healing particles or whatever's required the healing to that part of the body.
Actually, my low back feels fairly comfortable. And my back my neck is very relaxed now.
So she'd go inside, go inside your mind. And you realize that actually, you're already there. You're almost kind of already in that safe space. The place where you can
take a break from everything. The place where you can actually enjoy Be new without any effort, or thinking it's almost like a neutral place. We don't need to think about anything. Don't need to plan.
There is no future, there is no past. There isn't even a present. It's just a space that you're in. So almost like you you're just energy. And you can hear the sounds of the earth, which is the sounds around, maybe the cars, maybe planes, maybe people walking past the house becomes the sounds of the planet. Almost like the earth Breathe in. Is that sound Do you hear? This planet this supports you and supports everybody else. Right now. It's almost like you're not on this planet. You're inside your own planet. Just sit in that safe space. When nothing matters. Where every part of your body feels absolutely fine and relaxed. Now when you're in that space, that safe space Do you really do feel safe? real sense of so much like that space is breathing for you. Like your brain is the universe and you've you've reached the center of that universe. With that safe space where you don't need to do anything. There's nothing required for you to say, Do think or feel
it's almost almost blissful. In a sense, the nobody wants anything from you. including yourself. You're not demanding yourself to do anything or to think anything. When you're in this safe space, you're not trying to fit in with other people's expectations. Not trying to please anybody. In this safe space, there are no regrets. There are no plans. No past no future. No now. Time doesn't exist in this space. This safe space is yours to visit whenever you choose to get away from everything. Because time doesn't exist inside that same space, you can choose to sit down in the future and just go to that safe space for a minute. And I can feel like you've been there for a whole day a whole day of relaxation. Release in worries and stresses from your body and from your mind.
So that your body feels so refreshed and relaxed. Every time you go to this so space, your body knows that it's time to heal. It's time to relax. It's time for you to let go. So if you choose, you can stay in that safe
space for as long as you want to, because you're in control of what you do next.
You're the boss of you. And I'm going to leave you I'm going to see you again speak to you again very soon. Whenever you're ready to leave that safe space inside your mind. You can just open your eyes now knowing that the feelings that you had the feelings that you have when you they're in a safe space can stay with you and to actually have very positive effect on the rest of your day. So thank you for listening. Remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy. You really do. Lots of love bye

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