#7 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, welcome to off think it's day seven, this daily relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Before we start, I would just like to give a shout out and thank you really, to those of you that have been posting comments over the last week. First of all, say thank you to Ken Gibson, Leslie batch, Daniel Smith, Boston chicky. And I say Chesterfields, James Andrews, Lynn boisvert, Terry tanktop, Derek folds, and Jeff jolly. And again, Boston cheeky. So I just wanted to say thank you to those of you. There's more people, but those of you that have regularly commented, I really do appreciate it. And out of those people, Boston chicky is one of the people that it's actually been following me for a long, long, long, long time. And we both used to make vlogs, like regular. In fact, Boston chicky, used to make a daily vlog, when I first met her online, I think she was near the end of the year, or an interview, middle of doing a year vlog, like a daily vlog every day for a year. It's quite a few years back, anyway. And I'm going to do this session. So that's what I'm here for. each session is different, yet, each session is going to have a crossover, because relaxation is relaxation, ultimately, and you can find different ways to get to the same place. But then, if you're used to hearing my voice, and you used to falling into a degree of relaxation, both physically, mentally, emotionally, then that happens naturally, when you hear my voice, so even if I'm about to do a session about helping you with tinnitus, or chronic pain, or whatever it might be, when you hear my voice, you just naturally feel more relaxed.
It's just a natural thing that happens. Because it's just it's a trigger, isn't it, I guess. And in previous videos, I've talked about triggers and how to set
up a trigger. And there's lots of different ways where you can do there lots of different ways that you can get to a feeling of complete relaxation. And that's why I decided to do this series of daily relaxation sessions, because the amount of techniques and the amount of ways of getting there are just so numerous, that it can't really, I can't express it in one session.
So I just do different one every day. And it's nice sometimes I think, to have variety, to have choice, you know, to listen to something that's a bit different, even though it's
highly the same, but not the same. It's you know, has a different content, but maybe the same result, or maybe an even more profound than deeper sense of relaxation for you. Every time you hear my voice see my face on a video, you're going to become more relaxed anyway. And then every session you hear more information may be more ideas are then offered to your unconscious mind to absorb those suggestions of comfort, relaxation, calmness into your life and into your mind and into your body. So you really do have a choice. It's said this in the past So it's very much like a buffet, where you can just choose to try on something, maybe you see something on a table, a buffet, you know, food buffet you've never tasted before, and you think you know what that tastes like. But because it's like tiny little bit of food, stock, not big meal, you can just test it and say, Well, that's all right, quite like that. Mister choice, it's a choice. So you can test it. And that's all I'm going to say about everything that I do is just test it and see how it works for you how beneficial what I do is for you, and even when I'm talking like this, there's still method in what I'm doing, this still gives your mind an opportunity to relax, to calm down, to slow down, and your body naturally will feel more relaxed, when I've been talking. So you may notice that actually, you feel physically karma now than you did, when you first started listening to this session, and that's natural, it's just absolutely natural thing to happen. And kind of a climatized and get used to my voice. And as you would with anybody's voice. Not special for me, it's for anybody anybody's voice that you listen to, you get used to it, and you get used to having that feeling. And with me, it's a relaxation, calmness or whatever feelings you have. In the same way as when you to someone you care about, you see them coming towards you see them walk in, they see their face, and you have a feeling ever, whatever the feeling is you have, that's the feeling and response you have. And quite often it will be the same response, as you would have had last time you saw them. That sense of familiarity, that sense of trust, that sense of calmness, and, you know, like the opposite to be an on guard. You know, I suppose I said it the sense of safety, there is a sense of trust, that being able to just let down your guard, drop those, you know, things that you use to protect yourself with, whether it's a shield of armor or wherever, you know, that invisible thing that you use quite often it's just the attitude, maybe that we have the mindset maybe of protection of self protection, self regard, keeping ourselves protected and safe.
you are safe. At all times, you are safe when you watch these videos, or listen to the the audios, you're safe. And the good thing is you can always listen back to what I said, listen back to the words I've used. And you can know that every single session I do is going to be with your self interest at heart with your your potential healing in mind, to new view, not just to feel relaxed, but to actually help you transform your life towards the kind of life that you wish to have. which involves feeling calm and relaxed, and moving away from stress and anxiety. And you know, things like panic attacks, which I used to have myself a lot in the past. And I had a lot of illness with stress and anxiety. When it first happened, I didn't know what it was I didn't know really about stress and anxiety 20 years ago, I didn't understand really my 25 years ago didn't understand about it until I got ill and then realized, oh, when I was 25 I was told I was stressed. And that's why we know for a year couldn't understand it. It didn't really understand how stress or how the effects of stress can really you know have such a negative impact on our bodies and our minds and our lives. And so finding ways to relax and to calm down is actually is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life
finds a way to just reduce any anxieties or stresses, and it's normal for stress to be presented to you.
All of us have stress presented to us, maybe stressful situations, or situations that may have caused a rise in certain uncomfortable feelings within our body in the past. But now we're presented with it. Just like everybody else is just part of being alive and some situations are challenging, day to day situations can be challenging. But when we use the challenging that word challenging, instead of stressful, it transforms our attitude, it also transforms a situation because the situation doesn't have any power, it's our own response to the situation. That is the important thing. Therefore, if our response is to actually be able to just take a step, backwards or side woods, or just cause a gap between the situation and your response, so that you choose to respond, instead of just reacting, because we don't choose to react
reaction is something that just happens naturally. But when you decide to convert, reacting to responding, you cause a gap. And anything you do, anything you respond, any action you take, when you're responding
is a choice. So when you respond in a certain way, whatever way that is, you don't have the excuse of saying, I have no choice. So that's just how I naturally responded. Because you choose how you respond. Reacting is a different thing. And I'm not saying that there's not going to be times when reaction is a natural thing. Of course it is. But the idea is to reduce the amount of time we spend being reactive.
And transforming that some more times of being responsive, or non responsive dependent, you don't have to respond to every single thing that happens.
You know, we can look out the window and see it's raining. We don't have to respond in a negative way saying Oh, it's raining and moving or whatever. We can just say it's raining and be unresponsive to it. Because it's just weather and you cannot control the weather. Unless you've got some kind of superhuman powers. Please contact me because I'd be very interested in seeing in action. So I'd like a little bit snow today. Be nice to service. So basically, these sessions or the sessions you listen to in the past, or the sessions that you will listen to in the future, including this session is about that gap. The more you listen to me, regardless of what I say, regardless of what words I use, regardless of how long the session is, even if it seems like I'm just rambling on
deepens that gap makes that gap more profound, more visible. So that you you know, you're always aware of that gap. without effort, no effort involved in this. It really is a case of instead of reacting you respond and responding takes thinking takes thought reactions is based on emotion. Responding is based on awareness it on Logic maybe, but not necessarily on logic just on taking a step back, on taking responsibility for what we do next, and for how we feel, it's not always about,
necessarily about how we physically or verbally respond to a situation in the sense of feelings of relaxation, stress, anxiety, all that stuff. Those instant reactions are used to have now transformed to responses. So there's a gap between someone saying something to you, maybe that was, in the past be classed as hurtful, or annoying, or whatever word you want to give it. And they say that before you just actually react with maybe you put down or, or maybe you wouldn't say anything, you just carry on with what you're doing the inside. You know, that's the
still thinking about it hours later. angry and you know, emotional and stuff. So that's reaction responding, okay. You can still walk away. You choose whether or not to allow that situation that incident
to take up your energy you choose? Are you willing to allow that person or that situation to affect you negatively? either physically or emotionally, because what goes on in your, in your mind affects how you physically feel as well? Are you willing to allow that situation to still be annoying to us to still be causing stress, and physical discomfort or motion disk discomfort as well, five, six hours later, some people hold on to stuff for months and years. And all it does is hurt themselves. And I know, it's easy to say the words, so easy for me to sit here and just say these words, but they are true. Not just some random things is not something I just read in a book, although you can read stuff like this in a book. But it's true. It's based on truth. And you know, it's true. So that's why I try and base things on not on a belief system, whether outdated or even, like really positive belief system is something that I agree with, or it's not about that, for me, it's just about what is true. What is a universal truth, and that what has been saying is a universal truth for all of us human beings.
so relaxing, isn't just something to do isn't just a global pastime thing. relaxing and learning to be calm, the you know, sort of in the moment, being able to
change from reacting to responding. Those things. A massive being able to relax and be able to do these things and change your life in this way will change your life. This is huge stuff. Learning to relax your body and your mind is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It's not just a little hobby. Or you know, some people say oh, I do a little hobby. I go to yoga. It's a hobby of mine. Yoga is far from a hobby yoga, transform your life. Meditation. Again. It's not a hobby. It's Is transformational, as is listening to relaxation sessions or just listening to me talking, it can transform your life and change the part of your brain, the chemicals in your brain can change. And sometimes it can be quite as simple as an idea just clicks something in your brain, and your mind just clicks and changes forever, positively, forever, just like oh. So the gap, just need the gap need to keep myself space. So when I feel a reaction coming on, have the gaps returns into a response. So that you take full control full responsibility, about what you say on what you do next, because every second of every day you choose what you do next, you choose what you say next, we can lie to ourselves and say that we have no control over what we do, or what we say. And it's a lie. We do have control over what we say what we doing, say, mean control over, as in forcing ourselves to do things. What I mean is we do have the ability to not be hurtful to another person, whether physically or emotionally or verbally. Therefore, we can have control over whether we do that to ourselves. Because ultimately, if you're going through life, saying nice things to yourself, I don't mean in egotistical on the most amazing person on the whole world. And I'm better than everybody else. And I don't mean it in that way. But
just be nice to yourself, you know, instead of the negative words, actually say nice things. Notice in the things that you like, instead of the things that you dislike, commenting on things that you appreciate, rather than the things that maybe you don't appreciate. And doing that about yourself. So in your own mind. Notice the things that you like about yourself. So that you can do more with that. Because if you do something that you enjoy, and it feels good for you feels physically, you feel it, it just feels really nice. You've maybe
it's setting up something nice to somebody or helped somebody in some way, it could be anything. You had that feeling, and it feels good. which lets you know, to do more with or let you know at least that if you want to have this feeling again, do that action again. And it works the other way around as well. So there's a feeling, you get a feeling from some situation which feels unpleasant, then you know that you can have that unpleasant feeling by doing the same thing again. Why would you do that? Although many people do, maybe out of comfort of you know, just doing the same thing. But having that unpleasant feeling, why would you put yourself through that.
So, relaxation is one of the most important things you will ever do. You will ever have in your life. Learn to relax is one of the most powerful things. Powerful skills that you will ever learn. And you never finished learning. There's always more ways to learn. There's always new life changing. is coming your way
for all of us. Certain maybe there's new ways to deal with those challenges that you can learn as time goes by. But the more ways you can learn to relax, the easier it is to deal with life's challenges in a way that you can think clearer and more clearer thought about maybe the solutions to the issue that may be presenting itself.
Which is why relaxation is so important. And even while talking about this stuff, and not necessarily focusing on the different parts, your body and your mind and not talking about any specific technique in particular, you can still feel relaxed just by my voice, you can still feel calm, just by the words that I say. You can still enjoy letting go. And allowing your body and mind to relax deeply. Because that's what happens. Every time you hear my voice. See a video of my face on the video. You can just instantly and naturally relax. That's nothing for you to do. Of course, always make sure that you're sitting safely or lying down safely. Make sure that if you are sitting down, you're, you know, if you do fall asleep, you're okay and
you're safely supported in the chair. And the rest of it is just having an open mind.
Having an open mind to the ideas that I offered to you, those ideas may be useful. Some ideas might really trigger positivity within you that maybe surprises you. Other ideas will just sink deep into unconscious mind. bypassing any conscious thought and Transforming Your Life in a positive way. So the daily challenges in the future will become easier to deal with. And instead of reacting to challenges. Now find yourself responding more often. With that gap in the middle knowing that you have that space and then deciding Do you still want to be thinking about this issue in five hours time or six hours time. Or you're just gonna let it go. And because you've got that gap there, maybe you can just let it drop down that gap disappear. never to be seen again, never to be heard again, never to be felt again. Just let it go. Because some things really aren't worth holding on to. Some things really do need to be let go.
I mean, you know if he was in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean, and you knew you had 10 hours before a rescue ship came but you had all your luggage in there, see you within the lifeboat on your own. But you had you know 20 suitcases. You could feel the lifeboat sinking. The new there if you checked chucked one of those suitcases overboard, maybe two, maybe three, maybe five maybe 10 you know the If you chucked the suitcases overboard, the amount that was needed that the life bolted to a dinghy would stay afloat, and you would be safe until the rescue boat arrived. What would you do? Would you hold on to those bags? Those suitcases? Or would you let them go overboard? Would you hold on to useless stuff. And I'm talking about suitcases because there might be stuff in there that actually, you classed is important. thoughts, memories, ideas, belief systems, even maybe out dated belief systems, outdated ideas about how things should be, or how you used to think that things should be realized and why one of those true facts of life, you can't be right and happy.
You can't have both. You can't be happy and always be right. Because to buy don't come together. Sometimes you have to accept that. If you want to be happy.
You just need to let go of needing to be right. And that's you know, sometimes really difficult for people. So maybe one of those suitcases in lifeboat could have the words on it. The need to be right, written on it. Measuring chucking it overboard into the ocean, when it's sink, gone forever. And in doing so, you kind of saved your life. But literally saved your life because the lifeboats come in. And now you're floating on top of the ocean. Because that suitcase with you know, the needs to be right has now left. Because that's going to be one heavy suitcase. Let's face it.
When you let go the need to be right. It's much easier to float makes everything lighter, makes you feel more alive, more aware.
No longer tied down to previous held beliefs that may be passed down from a different generation. That I'm no longer necessary for you or your life. not valid. By letting that go, allows you to live your life allows you to be happy, relaxed and calm. Under the same time, you can just look at some more suitcases done maybe they're in that raft, one labeled stress, be less letters, maybe written ins in red, maybe have like a picture of a skull on it. Possibly. You could pick that bag up. Maybe it's got some horrible sounds connected to as well. You can pick the bag up and you feel the stress actually enter in your hand from the handle of the suitcase. But then you let it go into the ocean
and your hand feels more relaxed again. Your whole body feels so Such relief, you just let stress go forever. The next one, you see maybe this suitcase labeled anxiety. Then you pick this one up, but you can feel
the tension actually in the back of your neck from the anxiety straight away as you touch the handle. So you have to move that and let it go very quickly into the ocean. As the back of your neck feels such a relief instantly your body can appreciate and let go of anxiety and the last suitcase that you can perhaps get rid of labeled panic attacks. Maybe just panic. You can pick that up. Just push it over the side. Instantly push it, let it go. Just watch it sink, you can watch the bubbles coming up to the surface as that sinks down to the bottom of the earth. Something that's no longer necessary. Something that you can do without allowing you to move on to enjoy your life to enjoy each day as it is a blessing. Each day is an opportunity for you to really experience feeling wonderful and relaxed and finding new ways to enjoy being you. So this is the end of this session. I will see you again tomorrow. Thank you Take care of yourselves. Bye

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