#68 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (14th December 2019)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. hope you're well. And before we start, just to let you know that there are no adverts at all, on any of my podcasts from now with I stopped them about a week ago or something, I had them on there to try and cover the costs of providing this free service. But the adverts were causing problems for people. They were much louder volume and they came on. They were only the beginning. That's why I thought at the recording only the beginning the recording. But for people listening on Spotify or for another place, podcasts, they might listen to the next recording and then that get
jolted out of however they were feeling by adverts that beginning of the next recording. So I've got rid of all the adverts. So
hopefully that will be make the listening experience more enjoyable. For everyone saw ago very simple message today a very simple message that things are going to be okay. Things will be okay. That's the message. That's the end of the recording. Now and you may think bold you may things are going to be okay. You don't know what I'm going through. You don't know what, you know, I know it's true. I don't. But I know what I've been through. And I know the amount of times that I really catastrophize about my life.
And I still do sometimes yet, everything always works out, okay. It doesn't mean everything's perfect. You know, doesn't mean that I'm never ill doesn't mean that people
don't die, you know, it doesn't mean that there's not bereavement doesn't mean that I haven't lost jobs, there's lots of things have happened. But everything always works out. Okay. That's why this figure and what is okay to you. And maybe drop in expectations a little bit about what is okay. moving it from perfection, which is very hard. Very hard thing to live up to, for anyone. So maybe having enough food in the fridge, in the cupboards in the kitchen, having somewhere to live. Feeling physically Okay, having enough money to do the things you want to do. Or just spend, I'll just have enough money to get by being warm enough in the winter, having a comfortable bed to sleep in. Maybe having friends that you enjoy spending time with or perhaps family members that you can tolerate. So it's about
remembering the things will be okay. And I didn't know this when I was younger. And I had this discussion with a friend of mine recently.
Thinking back to times in our lives, when we really thought that there was no hope. times of homelessness and hopelessness. You know, being evicted and thinking I've got three weeks to get out of this property. Where am I going to live? We're not going to live. I got no money or losing a job Why? Why am I going to work? How am I going to pay the
rent or being a University and struggling to, you know, do that essay. Or maybe again, a mark that wasn't good, you know, having to redo a bit of coursework or relationship ending. I am not going to get by without this person.
But we do. And that's the the thing that we don't give ourselves enough credit for as humans,
that actually we are able to adjust and to eventually be okay. Doesn't mean that we're okay with what happened. Does it mean that it's fine that it doesn't bother us, necessarily.
But it means that we've come out the other end just like going into have an operation. Very few people want to go ahead and have an operation. Some people welcome if it's to reduce their pain. Or if it's a hip replacement, you know, if it's going to mean they'll be able to have mobility or to have something removed that is causing problems. But the process isn't something that anyone I don't think
would really look forward to. But at the end, you're going to be okay. And you kind of know it. We all kind of know that. Generally.
You get put under anaesthetic and then you literally Wait a second later you'll be conscious again, even though it might have been 12 hours, completely unaware of what's happened. And you're now on the mend. Whatever physical pain you had, will go it will reduce. And I think a broken a broken bones really good example of that. It's awful, awfully painful. If I've ever said that before, awfully painful. So a portion. That was awfully painful.
But it is absolutely horrible. But it subsides. Day after day it subsides. And you can actually feel it subsiding. You can feel it.
And it can be like that with emotional pain as well. It subsides. Eventually it has to because no emotion, no physical feeling, or emotional feeling can stay. We're always changing always. We may not be aware, that will always change in how we feel.
We may not purposely be changing how we feel. But we are and even people that are deeply depressed have times when they're laughing. I'm not saying everybody does, but I've seen it in action. And I've had it happen to me as well have when I was counseling, I've had people in stitches laughing just because of the conversation we were having. Yet, they were clinically depressed. And they in their mind and the dialogue that they were having. And some would use the term storyline was there. I always feel this way. Which is untrue. Because none of us always feel any way. Always changing even the feeling of a broken wrist. When I broke my wrist a couple of years ago, I spent a lot of time focusing on it. I know how to reduce pain and how to control manage chronic pain or whether that's that's acute pain, broken bones. I know how to manage it just from years of age. experience
from using hypnosis and mindfulness and things like that. And when what by observing it I could feel it changing. I could experience the feeling changing you know, second by second. So I suppose almost like if you've got a puppy, you don't notice it growing. But if you've got a friend, it's got a puppy. And you don't see your friend for maybe three weeks.
Wow Bobby's really grown. Really? And then you see this you see your puppy thing? Oh, oh, yeah. Like, I've had that with pain in the past with chronic pain. Didn't realize that the pain would gone. Maybe was acute pain archive member. But there's been times when I've had an injury. I want him going. I've been so clumsy in the past, the amount of physical injuries I've had. I've literally forgotten about it. And I'm walking around thinking, Oh, wait a minute. Money doesn't hurt anymore. completely forgot about it. everything's changing. Just like when you go to the dentist. I've been to the dentist with a to fake got there. Which tooth is it? I couldn't tell the dentist which tooth it was, because there was no pain at all.
And it wasn't because I didn't want the pain. I wanted the pain to be there. Because I want the dentist to sort it out. I wanted him to take out the right tooth. But if I hadn't gone to the dentist, good chances are would not have noticed
that the pain was not there. At that moment. I would have just said to myself, Oh, it's always there. When actually it's not just like stress is not always there. Anxiety is not always there.
Two things will be okay. And I do realize how easy it is for me just to say that sentence. When this is your life, and What right have I got to tell you there is going to be okay when I don't know what you're going through. And
who am I to say that to you? Well, if something I believe it's something that I've experienced. You know, there was once when I was at Butlins working there.
I left couldn't take it, I was so anxious. This was back in 1995. And I was literally sleeping on the street just for one night. But I genuinely believed that was the end of my life. Like, as I knew it. I genuinely believed that I was going to be living on the streets for the rest of my life. That's what I believed at that time. It was untrue. Because I only spent one night on the streets, and I found somewhere to live. I came back to London, and my cousin hooked me up. So I was fortunate. If my cousin hadn't put me up, I would have found somewhere else. Something would have come together eventually. And then 25 years later is a distant memory. times in the past when I had no job nowhere to live on the standard on appear, looking out and thinking how am I gonna do what am I gonna wear? You know, what am I gonna do? And I remember thinking to myself, it was a very first time ever thought is picture myself in a year's time. And this is when I was 18. And I'd never read any books about this stuff didn't know anything about any kind of didn't mention about anxiety, stress, self help hypnosis counseling. I didn't know anything about this stuff. I'd read a book on Freud. I think at that point, as a buyer I pictured in the future are four, where am I going to be in a year's time? And the one thing
that came into our mind is, what the question, Will I still be able to breathe? And then another question came? Can you breathe now? Also, why am I thinking that? And then my brain kind of, it's almost like a conversations going on. And it came.
I started to realize that actually, yeah, I'd lost my job. I was actually a common what happened, I probably left the job and just didn't turn up. But anyway, I was jobless. And I was homeless.
At that moment. And I breathed, breathe in. And I fought, yeah, I can breathe. My heart's beating on breathing. I had enough money to buy food. You know, I could go and get a burger or something like that. It's not like I was, I didn't have enough to put deposit on our broom or flat or had you know, a little bit of cash in my pocket.
I had family that I could go to and get up, go to my Nan's and get a dinner. I was I wasn't going to go hungry.
I just realized I can breathe. That's the most important thing. You Yeah, I don't have any belongings. Apart from one, nothing two black bags, filled with clothing and stuff. That's about it.
I was breathing. And at that time, I was healthy. I mean, I don't mean I'm not unhappy. I'm not. Not unhealthy now, but I was physically very fit. I was 18 I was I was young and healthy. You know, just like most people are at that age.
I could breathe, not breathing in the air, the sea air as I was standing on the pier,
and I fought well, in a year's time. Whatever happens I still be able to breathe when I I'll still be breathing. And I kind of pictured myself in the future was very vague. It wasn't a big like a descriptive, wonderful picture. It was just a vague image of me being alive and well and able to breathe. And that catastrophizing that I was doing started to crumble a bit and I fought Okay, I started to think back to previous times. When I fought it was the end in our for
genuinely for the you know, it was kind of the end of my life when I was a kid and our fault but it wasn't
always uninformed. I was incorrect. I catastrophize I had a lot of stress when I was a child I was extremely stressful child
and and for good reason to be fair, so but I was able to remember that and think bond here now. I'm standing on this Yeah, I'm breathing, I'm healthy, I'm alive. So I'm going to be okay in a year's time, still gonna be standing, possibly standing on this was stay the whole year standard on the paper, but I still be able to look out of the sea in a year's time. And probably maybe laugh at this experience. And think back. Because I've had so many of those experiences, where I really thought like, this is the end, how am I going to get out of this, this sticky jam, you know, mountains have been homeless, lost jobs, and have always come out of it have always come out the other end. It's not always been easy. But a year or two later, on 25 years later,
I'm okay. So if I'm okay, now for what happened previously, it kind of makes sense to I'm going to be okay, in the future.
The things are going to be okay. For you. No matter what happens. I want to say that I know there's extreme situations that could happen to everybody. And it does happen to everybody in some, you know, in certain ways. Everybody goes through difficult really difficult times. That's just part of being human. I think in I'm going to be okay, doesn't mean that that stuff's Okay, let's admit, it's okay that this happened. But it means that you will come out the other end. So in the sense of stressful situations, anxiety, panic, whether might be going on, and things like job losses, bereavement, you know, being evicted from your home, relationships and, and things like that. It can sometimes feel that it's almost like the end of the world, you know, but isn't. And I'll say that without any, any essence of platitude at all. Or no interest in platitude, which is why don't just say it and then move on and do something different. Or try and explain where I'm coming from. I'm not just regurgitating something that I've heard someone else say, although I have heard other people say it's going to be okay. It's not my invention. I didn't create those words, or that sentence. But this is my understanding of that idea. And I've seen it with other people. I had a friend, he lost his business he got in, he got arrested for whatever to do with the business. He ended up on with a bracelet thing, you know, the on tag, and he really fought it was the end of his life. But it wasn't I kept telling him, it's gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay. In the end, he wouldn't listen. And I don't blame him in a way. Because at the time it was so difficult for him. And I was sending him money every now and then when I could just to buy food, you know, it was and he'd helped me out a lot in the past when I was younger. I kept saying to him, you know, it's gonna be okay. Eventually, you've got, you've got a tag on for six months, that will be gone. You still got your home. He got friends. And those things that sometimes we can lose focus on. Things we do have. When we focus on the things that we don't have all the things that we wish we had. were things that we used to have, that we want to have back.
Things will be okay. And that's without changing the realities of life. As I said, death, illness, disease, poverty, whatever, all those things, that stuff is happening. That's the reality.
I'm not kind of trying to sugarcoat life, as in, nothing Bad's ever gonna happen, because that's ridiculous. But you will, and I will, we all will get through it
by remembering that it will be okay. And by remembering that reduces stress levels. Reduces worry. Reduces panic reduces illness, possibly physical as well as mental.
Everything will be okay. Eventually, all things will be okay. Not everything. That's probably a silly statement everything relationship ends, the relationship won't be okay, that's gone. You might end up being friends with a person, you might end up getting back with them. But you will be okay. Things will be okay. Things that you used to worry about will no longer seem particularly important.
Just a lot of things I used to be concerned about. I sometimes wonder why I was concerned about it. So that's the that's the message I have today. It's a very simple message. As I said, it's not my word. It's not my not my sentence
as not a platitude because I can't be asked for platitudes. So platitude is something that someone says when they kind of done perhaps care so much, or they don't know what to say. Well, I do care and I do know what well. I do have something to say. I can explain why I'm saying it. In fact, I'd probably over explain there's no term called mansplain. So we're like explaining like, like gardener but anyway I possibly over explained. But that's part of what these recordings are about. Because as I talk other ideas come into my mind and other thoughts or mingle together.
Before God is one thing just a little suggestion that might be useful to you
is if you have any issues on in public lobbies sound background sound on a train or bus or you know I'm in town or wherever it's really worth I suggest if you can get some decent noise cancelling headphones because I got some recently I couldn't believe how good they are. Even when there's no music playing. it cancels out the what feels to me. Extreme bombardment of I will I'll use the word noise because it does is an emotional aspect to it for me. Sound is a better word because there's no emotions connected through words sound. noise is like a small kind of an anger isn't it? Or a dissatisfaction connected to the word. Like it's an unpleasant thing. You wouldn't go to an orchestra and say or what a lovely noise What you see a young dog is sung a song on stage. Yeah. How did you like it, daddy? Yeah, was a wonderful noise that came out of your mouth there was lovely. So I found that the noise cancelling headphones have really helped me with the background conversations that go on on a bus, the loudness they can sometimes be. And also, if the noise reduce in the music that you listen to, if you're listening to music, doesn't have to be that loud, because you've already canceled out the outside sounds, not all of them, but it's muffled. So yeah, I'll soon about doing a whole recording just on that, but I might do in the future. But wait, so I've only had them a few days. So I'll wait and see how I get on with them. To see if there's any useful tips that I might be able to give that I found useful.
So I'm going to go and I will be making another recording for you soon. So please remember to be kind to yourself. Because you do deserve to be happy. You really do. And again, that can sound like a platitude. So I'll tell you why you deserve to be happy. I'll give you a couple of examples.
You know, throughout your life, the amount of people that you've helped, you'll never know. You'll never know how many people that you've actually helped. You'll be able to remember some people that maybe you lent money to them, you gave them food, maybe you've given some homeless people spare change, or help someone to move house, you know, you've helped people. But there's so many more people that you've helped in a way that you'll never know about could just be a passing comment that you say to someone on a train, it could be the way that you've treated your child in front of somebody else, or the way that you've treated your partner, or spoken kindly to your partner in front of someone else. And that part that person might have thought realized that actually, the way that they were treating their partner wasn't acceptable. So they go to change, make changes. If they hadn't done that the relationship may have ended. But now that they've made those changes, the relationship becomes strong. They have a child, that child goes on to create a cure for some disease, which may save millions of lives. You could say what's offensive all that's very imaginative. But it's true. We don't know how much positive effects we have on the world. How many people that you've helped through your life with a smile, just by being kind, or maybe sometimes by not saying anything, by just giving someone a space. You know, it could be any kinds of thing. We've helped people without even realizing it. So that's one of the reasons that you deserve to be happy. Which means that it's important that you're kind to yourself. And by being conscious self that could mean so many different things to different people. It could be as simple as just giving yourself some space to have a long bath or maybe book a weekend away on holiday or Go for
going to the cinema or have in your head car. You know, it could be anything. It could be something like starting to say nice things to yourself, reminding yourself that you deserve to be happy. And get in touch with that feeling, the feeling that you feel when you hear those words inside your mind. That physical feeling you experience, the emotional
energy that you get from remembering the reality, the fact and it is a fact that you've helped numerous people in your life without even knowing about it. You may well have transformed other people's lives in a positive way. There can be people out there that are alive and well because of you.
And you don't even know it. You don't even realize it. That's one mean. When I say be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy. So Take care and I'll speak to you very soon. Lots of love bye

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