#64 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (11th November 2019)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. If you like what I do, please visit my website. And you can if you want to leave a testimonial. And just to tell others how listening to me has been
useful to you. Right? I'm constantly looking for different ideas and ways. You know, read books and look at different kind of techniques for calming down, you know, calming down. In a stressful situation. There's a lot of breathing techniques that are offered. And this, a few issues with some of the breathing techniques. Especially when it comes to having, you know, in the midst of an anxiety attack, because I found
when I was really going through it. The last thing I wanted to focus on was my breath. Because I was I'd become too conscious, too self conscious of my breathing, and almost felt like I was
over breathing. Maybe I was hyperventilating. At times felt like I was struggling to breathe. So it was you know, the idea of actually focusing on my breath,
didn't really feel like the right thing to do at certain times. I found it useful. Outside of those times when I was stressed. For example, doing mindfulness meditation, counting the breaths.
But again, when you count the breaths during mindfulness meditation, or
you know those kinds of things, you're not controlling the breath. You're just counting the breathing, how it is. So it's not like one, two, it's it's just breathe in, in whatever way that you are at that time.
So that's one thing I've been thinking about when it comes to counting, because the old thing isn't there if you if you get an angry count to 10 before you respond, or react or say something or wherever,
or act upon how you're feeling. And I've been playing around with this. But it's sort of counting to 10 counting down from 10 down to one. Just in a stressful feeling. You know, when I'm feeling a little bit maybe a lot tense, stressed, anxious. And I've only ever done this. We're not being at home perhaps on a bus But I've never, never done it in a workplace or anything like that.
So, but I have done it when I've been here. And what I do, when I first started trying to do
this, I was almost trying to force the counting, you know, like 10 987654321. And then I was trying to like, do it slowly 10.
Nine, I seven, like that, and it felt wrong. Because I was trying to force it. But if I kind of felt I shouldn't be doing it quickly,
should be counting down quickly. That's, that's wrong. In my mind, I was thinking it's from counting down quickly, then. how's that gonna relax me. However, what I discovered is, if you count down, me, it doesn't have to be 10 to one, it could be 20 down to one.
But I just go for 10 to one, and they just repeat it. If you count down from 10 to one, what I do is I sit in a chair, close my eyes.
And I just count down, count out the speed that's comfortable for you right now. They're not trying to force it. Try not even trying to change the speed at all. Just counting down from 10 to one at the speed that feels right for you in the moment. So it might be 2987 654-321-1098 76543 to 10 987654321. And one noticed is it slowed down on its own.
This may be due to the focusing on accounting, rather than focusing
on how you were feeling before. So me or you could put it down to a distraction technique is almost like you're building rapport with yourself by counting by starting counting at the speed that your mind is currently traveling, say traveling but you know, moving around the thoughts may be very quick.
So you count in 10 987654321. Because if you minds very quick and you start going 10
nine, eight, it can calm you down. That's that's one way of doing it. If you go with the speed that it is already,
and then your mind calms and slows down naturally on its own. And then you just naturally you're tuned in and you start we continue to count from 10 down to one. And you notice how the counting slows down. But you're not forcing anything. You know there's no manipulation at all. It is literally just counting 10 down to one, you can do it out loud if you choose. If there's no one else around, ideally, you can do it in your head, you can just count in your head if you choose is completely up to you. But as you count from 10, down to one, whatever speed feels correct for you, in the moment that you're counting, you can also notice that sense of relaxation is almost like a release, like arcus, like a bike tire being released the valve and the air being let out of the tire, or a call call tie or whatever, you know, a wheel tire with air in it. And it's just gently release in the air. And you're not pushing on the tire to try and get more air out of it. Just allowing the air to leave in its own time. So the whole process really is fairly relaxing. Perhaps first few seconds, you know when you're counting, if you're especially if, if you know, if the stress level is a little bit high, and you are counting 10 98765432 110 987 654-321-1098 7654321 the first few times might not be hugely relaxing. It's fairly boring in some ways. And counting down from 10 to one isn't the most exciting thing to do. Which is why why we do it to relax. You wouldn't do if it was exciting. But it has, it's almost like we've got this inbuilt thing in our brain that recognizes counting down from 10 to one is a signal, a trigger for your body and mind to slow down and relax. 10 987 654-321-1097 654321 and with the breathing, not focusing on the breathing. We're not breathing in between each number. Don't breathe in after each number. We're not saying free numbers and in breathing in and in
free numbers and breathe now. There is no rule. But just breathe in however you breathe. So when I was counting down then 10 to one, I noticed that my breathing changed. When I was just doing it quickly. It was almost like I was trying to get from 10 to one without breathing. I wasn't purposely trying to do that. But my breathing was quicker. And the ironic thing was done FST right word but when you actually say if you count down from 10 to one really quickly, it automatically decreases your relaxation. You kind of eat creases tension a little bit 10 987654321. So if something is speeding up sainik quickly increases tension. Then when it slows down, it would reduce the tension and increase relaxation. Of course, you can go straight to the slow, the slow counting booth for this exercise, which is going to go with what comes naturally. It's almost like we're accepting and recognizing that this is how we're feeling at the moment. We're not dismissing it, we're not saying I don't want this feeling, I want to feel different. They're there. And this is what I'm going to do is I'm going to do something to make myself feel different. It can be a bit more gentler than it can be. This is how I'm feeling. It's not pleasant.
But let's acknowledge that that's how I'm feeling at the moment. And let's see how the feelings change, as I count down from 10 to one at the speed that feels correct with how you're actually feeling in the moment.
Which means you're not focusing on your breathing. You may notice the breathing, changing being not focusing on the breathing. You may notice your body relaxing, but you're not focusing on your body relaxing. You just accept whatever happens, you accept the relaxation of your body, just like you accepted the tension that was there before you began counting down from 10 to one at the speed that feels right with how you're feeling in that moment.
And then as you continue to count down from 10 to one, the speed of the counting naturally slows down. And there's no effort involved. From your part. You don't have there's nothing to do, you don't have to do anything.
You don't purposely slow it down. For this exercise, we just count down from 10 to one there is a chance you could fall asleep during this
because the relaxation that occurs could lead to falling asleep. So of course I only ever do it if it's safe to close
your eyes. And you know it's safe to fall asleep. But chances are you won't fall asleep. If you're doing it during the day and you've been doing it for a specific set of time. So maybe set your alarm. So you might say I would only do this for 10 minutes. set my alarm for 10 minutes time
and make sure the alarm is soft. Not some big loud alarm is going to start just gentle. That's the process that is he noticed you need to relax that your feelings that you've been having. were uncomfortable. Sit down in the comfortable chair. Make sure it's safe to close your eyes and then Just start counting down from 10 to one at the speed that feels
exactly how you feel. Whatever speed is right, don't try and control the speed. Don't try and make it slower. Don't try and make it faster, just count down at the speed that your mind is moving. And you acknowledge how you're feeling. You accept how you're feeling.
And you do something to change. And just continue to count down from 10 to one, observe. So observe how you fell differently. Notice how the counting slows down. But without really giving it too much attention. Just going with how you feel. Counting the speed that your mind is moving. could notice your breathing, we're not focusing on there. The only thing we're focusing on is the counting from 10 down to one at the speed that feels
correct. In that moment, the speed that your mind is moving in in that moment. And then just just continue, repeat 10 down to 110 down to one and then keep doing it until you're feeling how you want to feel. And that level of comfort and relaxation. The feels right for you can only be charged by you. Only you know when you feel comfortable enough, relaxed enough, calm enough Your mind is slowed down enough for you to just move on with the rest of your day. So that's the end of this recording. Let me know how you get on. And I wish you lots of luck with this. And please remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy lot's of luck bye

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