#63 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (3rd November 2019)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can
safely Close your eyes in may be the odd background sound. But that's because I'm in my living room kind of walking around Bob and just sit in the chair. And there's a helicopter outside, it's not actually outside, there's a helicopter in the air.
Don't over the head for some reason, Andres in the bedroom up to something, I can hear him moving around. So he might make an appearance. Check out the website, I did have a timetable when I've kind of got rid of it because I just not good at timetables, there'll be too much luck being school. So I'm just going to be producing new recordings when I can. And rather than on a specific days, this is the second one within a week. So that's pretty good, I think. Now this record is going to be based on something that I read.
I'll be reading this book on anxiety and stress and within two books I've been reading actually, once been on sleep because I do, I've got a few podcasts based on sleep. And
I've got a couple of I've been beating on anxiety and stress. And this is a book that has an approach called debt is the debt approach da r e. And I can't remember what it stands for because it's so bad kiddo. But kid does be charged up right now. So kind of to open up and look. However, it's interesting because or the reason being is a mentioned something that I used to get annoyed with when I was reading books on anxiety back in the early days of experience in
2003 time and I read quite a few books. And I also went online and did a bit of research. At the same time I was learning to meditate which was really, really useful. So some mindfulness walking meditation and she's one mentioned in the last recording
and it's something that you they used to say in some of these books
with an anxiety attack. And that is to say as I know it's reassuring not realize that's what those saying. And but it was very much repeated that an anxiety attack or panic attack won't. won't kill you. Stop Korea chances are you might feel you're going to find probably not going to find And on some level, it's brilliant to hear, you know, it's good to hear that I'm not gonna die from this thing. So you know, as a big positive for now. However, on the other side, it seemed a little bit dismissive or a lot dismissive maybe, to me at the time. Because I had been to the hospital, thinking that I was dying. And I wasn't, but that's how I felt. And so there's a fine lines now think when you dismiss somebody's feelings, even if you not mean it, in that way. Yeah, it's not meant in a dismissive way. It's meant in a caring, compassionate, empathic way, reassuring way, we can still almost feel dismissive. And I don't think anyone likes to be dismissed. So eyes struggled a little bit with that I struggled a little bit with the idea that, you know, just, it's almost like being told, don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. When actually, that kind of is exactly what's happening. Don't worry about worrying. It's an almost paradoxical thing, isn't it? Stop worrying about why don't like don't think about feeling hungry. Just carry on preparing the food for other people don't think about your own tummy. But no, I'm hungry. So that idea used to annoy me. But on another level, I understood that I understood it, but I didn't like it. I didn't like what they were saying, which is basically it's about acceptance. And acceptance is really important. And it's not like I was really young evos my 30s was 32 when this all started happening, so you know, I wasn't completely oblivious to psychology or therapy or anything like that, because I had been studying.
But just this was out of my very much out of my comfort zone. So I realized I need to get to the point really, but
I was reading this book recently, this Few days ago. And again, about acceptance. And you know, I agree with that, and I've probably talked about it myself.
Except in how things are doesn't mean that it's okay. You know, you acceptance is the first step maybe the second step is to do something about it to make changes and this book was saying going a step further than just is going to be alright. And no one ever dies of anxiety. No one dies of stress.
no one dies from the stress feelings necessarily. But stress can cause physical illness, if it's not addressed. And if someone's unhealthy, stress could lead to a very difficult physical situation. So it's not completely honest to say that stress and anxiety has never killed anyone. The results of it probably have many times, but not in a panic attack. Kind of a way may maybe in an unhealthy in an unhealthy body, someone that's very, very unhealthy. For whatever reason, whether it's through illness, disease, whatever. Having huge amounts of stress added on can cause heart disease, it can cause all kinds of problems. But in itself, it doesn't, you know, on its own, and it takes time for that stuff to happen. You don't just have a panic attack, and then suddenly, you've got a heart disease. And that's probably years of ongoing stress.
Which is why our body warns us so that we don't go beyond a certain level. And the body's warning is anxiety, stress, panic, anxiety attacks. So this book, keep going back to this book, the idea and I've been testing this out, by the way,
with other things as well. The idea really is to go beyond acceptance to actually welcome it which is the complete opposite to what anybody would want to do.
So I'm not aware of that. But the theory is this welcome in. Say Do your worst. Do your worst Come on. It's almost like taking our bully and the anxiety and panic is not bullying you It seems like it but it's actually there to help you
everything that happens in your body all the feelings you have is there as a warning or there to help you to get somewhere maybe a warning to let you know that you need to see a doctor or the you need to stop doing whatever it is you're doing.
Being aware of they're not always aware why but there's always messages continuously physical messages. Thoughts in our mind saying oh perhaps person don't feel like I won't do that thing. And then it's judging with a nice you know, how much of that is something to be listened to whatever it is is sabotaging those is the big nest of complications when it comes to thoughts and thinking and stuff sometimes.
This is a very simple thing. Welcome in even when it's not knocking on our door, leave an open invitation for the stress for the anxiety
an open invitation come see we got challenges. Now this can be done with pain, physical pain and you know what happens is the body The mind gets confused. Because when you're no longer pushing against that door, trying to stop those feelings from getting through that door, when you're no longer barricade in that door,
you've literally took everything away, took the locks off, even open the door, maybe even took the door off. So those feelings can come and go as they place like a fall in the wind. Something changes. Not science doing this is not a new idea. So very old idea don't know who first thought of her. It's not new. It's been repackaged various times. But the idea of just allowing something in is something that meditation, Buddhists mindfulness, it's been done for 1000s of years. To actually accept the feeling. Whether it's physical, whether it's emotional, just accepted. But further than that, inviting invited, which is the opposite. To the way we think. Because it sounds like the most prosperous I can't say the word. Sad. nil is prosperous. prosperous, prosperous. Silly. acid. prosperous, preposterous. You know the word. Can't believe I can't say a word. The first word I was ever able not to say. prosperous, prosperous, prosperous. Anyway. ridiculous thing. The idea saying Yeah, come on. Come on. Mr. Panic. Mrs. stress. Come on. Welcome to the PI. Meet Mr. Anger. and Mrs. jealousy. Come on, you're all invited. Mr. Chronic pain. Come on. You'd all come in. Welcome. Do what you want. And you know what happens is they don't know what to do. They don't know what to do. I like to use the analogy of farting quite a lot in my recordings. No one uses this analogy. A fart in the lift can be awful. or thought in an elevator can be awful. You know, not a pleasant experience. For most people in there, especially if you're on a way to a job interview. And you don't realize that the person interviewing you was actually sitting standing next to you
on the way up to the office. But if you go to the middle of a football field,
and you let off the biggest fight you've ever had in your life. No one's even gonna notice it won't cause a ripple nothing.
So this stress, this anxiety when we barricade that door, lock that door, don't anything in worry about what's the other side, all that stuff. That is like farting in a lift or an elevator or a small enclosed room. A greenhouse maybe when you open that door and barricade it, unlock it. take the door off the hinges just leave it leave the gap. The doorway just leave it open. is like going into the middle of a football field and letting it rip. The biggest smelliest far ever has no effect. And you can have 3040 people standing in that field thought in nothing
because of the area because of the spine. You've given yourself space giving yourself room and you've invited it in. You said open invitation. Come on, in you come. What you're going to do now? And that's right ain't gonna do nothing. Because they can't do nothing. Because they can't do nothing is because
it's you. This is all you you're the person you know, this is an outside of you this issue. Whether it's jealousy, anger, stress, anxiety, love. laughter, Joy fhsu is just feelings a part of you. Just let them in. Allow them to come and go as they please.
Whatever feelings you feel prove them in. Ram be there. Invite them to get stronger. Come on, then. Is that all you got? Give me more. Gay mocha more. And I made a reference to a bully. And it's not really a good reference because not really bullying ourselves because we don't mean to. If you do the analogy of a bully, you say to a bully, come on. Can you bully me bit more? Come on. Well, she got what else she got. Come on. Gabi more Come on, come on bully boy. Well, she got Give me your best. And the stress almost seems to just evaporate. The fear seems to just disappear. And it's free and safe, free and and read in that book reminded me of something that
I kind of already knew. But I think what it is with why I like reading books is because you can make the same subject. You can read 20 different versions of the same topic. And learn something new for each one. Just the way it is maybe described differently from a different angle, for a different perspective, from a new pair of eyes.
Which is why I make so many recordings because I like to go from different perspectives, different angles, and hope that something will be useful. Whether it's mindfulness, walk in minutes, you know, walking meditation or whether it's relaxation exercises. Wherever whether it's just changing the way that you think about yourself changing the way that you react Just saying Yeah, come on, bring it on, make you stronger, make you stronger. If you want come and see what's see where you go.
And that goes against anxiety it goes against, it is practically impossible for the two to mix together, because nobody wants an anxiety attack. Nobody wants it. So when you say Come on, bring it your mind and your body doesn't know what to do. Because that is not the right response. It's not the response Your mind is used to. It's illogical does not make sense. It confuses the feelings. This is almost like a pattern interrupt, which you would find in like a psychology kind of situation. We break you interrupt someone's pattern
when they're trying to say tell you their telephone number. Or, yeah, maybe tell you or they can read you a paragraph of a book they had learned. So you know, they'd learn to off by heart, they're going to read you this paragraph.
And they get through two sentences, three sentences, and you interrupt him by saying sorry about that might need to open a window carry on. good chances that you have to start right at the beginning again. Because you interrupted This is an even bigger pattern interrupt than that. This is on a level that was just a different level. Just the idea of going from barricade in that door. I know this isn't physically buried cave in the door. But with that fear of those feelings, that just feelings
without fear. Turn into an barricade unlock. take the door off the hinges. Come on in come in all of your come in. Let's see what you got. Welcome then. I want you to welcome in Canada with us stay because there's no point to them anymore. There's a reason we stopped eating. When we're when we're you know, we're full up, we stopped eating because there's no point eating anymore.
The job is done. And that's kind of how things are. And it's something that you can test yourself as I have. And you can test it with different things. Because it's not just feelings of stress or anxiety because there's so many of Things may be connected to that.
feelings of anger, feelings of resentment, feelings of jealousy, feelings of whatever, it's just so many different feelings isn't there? Regret, rejection, whatever. So the more things we push away because they are painful, they can be very painful. But they're more painful, the longer you leave it, the more painful if you don't allow yourself to experience it See, it's just the equivalent really logically, of the difference between a dripping tap on the top of your head to tiny little bit of water every 30 seconds, or a bar full of water poured over the top of your head once every five hours or once a day, you know, wherever it is, I'd rather just have the drip in tap, although that would be a little bit annoying.
To have a whole bath of water poured over here is a lot more to contend with than just a drip. So what I'll say is give it a go. If you want to
invite those feelings wherever they are. Invite them say come on. Just feel it. Realizing that it's just feelings. And the more you experience, whatever's happening now, the healthier you'll be physically and emotionally because it doesn't build up. Why cause damage to your body or to your mind long term which untreated anxiety and stress can have, as we all know, have a big effect. And part of reason why people have anxiety and panic attacks is because they have ignored the stress levels that they were at. I know I did. So maybe it's now time to invite those stress levels or the stress levels or just a stress because the levels will actually reduce because all you have is the drip not the big bath poured over your head. baffle of it just to drip a small amount which is almost eventually is almost non like it's not even there. Where you can notice is the feeling of relaxation. You can feel the notice the sensation of feeling karma within yourself as a person mentally physically, emotionally, karma more at ease, more relaxed. So I'm gonna leave you with that. And I shall speak to you next time. Remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy lot's of luck love bye

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