#62 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (30th October 2019)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. I do have a new timetable for all of my recordings
and these will try to try and remember off the top of my head.
Monday is sleep hypnosis weekly. Tuesday is deep sleep whisper hypnosis. Wednesday is relaxation, hypnosis for stress anxiety, panic attacks. So this one is Wednesday, which is today thursday is let me bore you to sleep. Friday is deep sleep whisper hypnosis. Saturday is this one again? And Sunday is often lose track. Let me boy to sleep I suppose. So these recordings, this podcast is every Wednesday and Saturday. Yeah, it makes sense, doesn't it? Yeah. So you can check my website and that will have the timetable on there, as well. I'll try and stick to the pot to the timetable. But due to illness and other things that can't always stick to it, I will do my very, very best to stick to the days. Rather than leaving it for two weeks between the sessions. Which I have done this time, I think being a little bit poorly, I had a cough. So it's quite difficult to make sessions when I'm coughing. Now, thank you for listening, thank you for return and again for this new recording. And what thought and I do today, instead of talking going on and on and on, like sometimes can try to fit in perhaps as much information or ideas into one recording. For I'd have a very well hopefully they're all relaxing, but a much more mindful
session today. Particularly something that I'm a big fan of I have been for many years actually. And that is walking meditation. Now I'll describe what I mean by walking meditation. So I'm not gonna teach anything spiritual, I'm not going to teach anything religious.
I'm just going to teach I'm going to pass on my understanding of it in practical use and how I use it because I use it regularly. But not in a meditation practice as such. So, how I learnt it years ago, a long time ago back to 2003 properly.
And I was in a Buddhist center. And it was I was used to learn in the the we had two types of meditation that would involve sitting down, always tried to sit on a cushion, but my legs my hips do know, they don't play along with the sitting down on the cushion, even back then knows 30 or 32 now 49 and even then I just didn't and I've done martial arts and stretching and everything over the years but i can't i don't know have the right body for it. So eventually, after about two years, and yeah, probably fit, I think it was no 2005. So between to the end of 2000 to 2005, I tried to sit on a cushion. And eventually, I decided I was going to sit in a chair after being on a retreat. So what I take from that and why would pass on from that is it's no reason to put yourself through discomfort and pain in order to help you know, yourself, I think if anything that would hinder it. Because when I was sitting down on a cushion, quite often I was focused on my knees, or my hips. So why the thing I liked about walking meditation, because at this point, I hadn't give I hadn't attempted to meditate on the chair. Because I had in my mind, the only people who sat in chairs were the elderly, or someone who perhaps had disabilities. And there wasn't that many Jews to go around. So I felt kind of almost obligated to sit on a cushion. But no one made me do it.
I just felt that was while supposed to do. But it isn't was supposed to do. not supposed to do anything. But I think it's important that we take care of ourselves.
So when I got the opportunity, with the introduction of walking meditation, I literally jumped at the chance, walked at the chance, however you want to call it because I was able to move. And it felt so good, especially when I first learned to I was on a day meditation day where it was from 10 o'clock in the morning to probably seven at night. And it was meditation the whole time. Mainly sitting down with intersperses of walking meditation. And I kind of fell in love with the walking meditation. So here it is, it's very, very simple. And it's just walking, basically, it but focusing at the same time. So I'm standing in my bedroom, Andre is in the other room, because I'm just standing here with my socks on. And Andre would be biting my toes right now if he was in it. So I'm just gonna walk from one side of the room to the other. And that's all I'm going to do. Now, I don't expect you to do it with me unless you want to. And if you are going to do this, then I suggest you open your eyes while you do it. But it sounds like sounds like an obvious thing to say. But you know, you'd only be banging into things. And I never walked my eyes closed. I kind of do focus my eyes in a meditation situation. But if I'm out in the street, my eyes aren't D focused. I don't think you know, I'm still aware of what's around still aware of the traffic on the road from walking on the pavement or the sidewalk wherever you call it. I'm aware that there's people about I'm aware that you know, the weather, the temperature, but that's all part of it. It's not about being unconscious. It's not about focusing on just one thing. It's about reducing your focus on other things so that maybe the larger proportion of your focus is on your body. Particularly your feet. the bottoms of your feet. The movement of Your feet. And I understand that there may be people listening to this, that perhaps are unable to walk maybe through in wheelchairs or something, a situation like that. Well, if you are in a wheelchair, and you're manually pushing it yourself, I mean behind, I mean, with the wheels, if you're pushing the wheels, then you can focus on your hands. The way that someone is walking focuses on their feet. Because I know it's not the same thing. But from mindfulness perspective, it can be the same thing.
Because your hands, your arms, and your shoulders. You know, you've got that focus on the palms, your hands, or the nerve endings. There in the palms, your hands, and all the nerve endings during the soles of your feet.
It stimulates the rest of the body. It's very sensitive, not too sensitive, but sensitive enough for you to notice the movement when you focus on that part of your body. So if you're in a wheelchair, or you're in a position, maybe you're got crutches, or you've got a walking stick, maybe focusing a little bit on the walking stick, but at the same time being aware of everything else around you. Because I'm very conscious that if I was needing to use a walking stick, I'd have to have more awareness of the ground in front of me, perhaps need to be more aware of making sure that the payments call is straight. And you know, because you put in a lot of trust in that walking stick and to make sure that you're physically safe as you're walking. So it's going to be different for everybody. But I'm going to focus just on the walking meditation.
And you can adapt it for yourself because we're all different. And everybody's gonna experience it differently. It's personal, very, very personal. So what I do, I'll go through why I do and really a case of I'm gonna walk I'm just gonna tell you, so I'm just
I've got my eyes closed, there's a stand up. Again, that's just something that I like to do because
I find that I can get in touch with how I physically feel when I've got my eyes closed. Get rid of the the visual aspects of things. But that's that's just how I find it.
That's a focus on my body. I feel a little bit bloated because I just had me dinner about 40 minutes ago, half an hour ago so
I feel
I feel full of food.
I feel a bit tired as well. The rest of my body feels quite relaxed. my lower back that I have had quite a few problems with is feeling very calm as well. So there's no no pain there. My shoulders got no pain either which is good.
feel quite heavy, which is a bit strange is actually last to be away but Now 96 kilos I think, weighed myself yesterday off when I just put all the weight and focus on body all the way down and notice my ankles and my feet, that are actually supporting
the whole of my body. I can feel it doesn't feel unpleasant. It doesn't feel pleasant. It's just, it just is. It's not about feeling pleasure. It's just about experiencing the moment. And that's one of the good things I find with meditation. Whether it's walking meditation, whether it's sitting meditation, is if you're comfortable
and get yourself into a mindset of just not holding on to anything, not holding on to pleasurable feelings, not holding on to uncomfortable feelings.
No not craving the pleasure just accepting it if it comes, knowing that it will just subside and drift away just like every other feeling that we ever have in our life. In the moment the feeling comes and then it goes it's just a feeling so it's it's quite nice to take a break from being attached to those feelings. And I'm not talking just about physical feelings the emotional side of things thoughts, ideas, thinking about the past worrying about the future all that stuff that gets in the way of feeling relaxed feeling calm feeling centered. And I like the idea for me centered feeling centered is almost have this image of a little room literally in my center the center of my being I mean in a sense physically I would say it would be
kind of maybe in my chest you know this is space so wound I can sit in comfortably without anything it's literally almost like a go into that room of no longer God body
that you know, nothing there's nothing there. I don't you know any physical issues or might have had before I've gone into that room, that center
it's just left at the door. And I go into there and it's almost like it's my essence it's just like who I really am. That goes into that
room. The real me not the me that's craving attention or wants to do things or people or wants to do this or once be you know, belongings or not the maid it's moaning about stuff and feel sorry for myself. Not the meter wants to blame other people. But the maid you know gets attached to physical comfort or discomfort but that borderless me almost that mindless me, sitting nation being mindful to kind of mind less, or just as much as there's nothing there. Just the essence, just the real, you know, prejudices, and hatred, no. None of that stuff, you know, those strong views, no strong beliefs. No anger. And jealousy, no anxiety, no stress, no pain, none of that stuff. And what's what I find interesting is, when you take all that stuff away, or when you leave it at the door, it's not allowed in basically, on it's just your essence, you realize that the only thing that can really arise is pleasure. Because pleasure, doesn't need anything. All those other things need stuff. To make your happen. Anger needs stuff, hatred, pain, all it needs something needs that energy.
Pleasure doesn't need anything just arises with the absence of all that other stuff, feeling relaxed. And you can give it whatever word you wish. You can give it the word contentment or happiness, pleasure, whatever the word you want to give, it just rises on its own, because that is the essence
of us. So when you do walk in meditation, it's almost like you're in there. That's the navigation, you know, you're in there.
He can still you're in touch with that part of you, your essence goes in to that room.
And the rest of you just carries on. And you focus in on your feet. There's not just your feet. Because as you walk in, I'm going to walk now,
as I'm walking, I can feel my feet on the floor. I feel my my toes cracking a bit as well. But I'm not worried. I've been doing that for about 30 years. So I think it's okay. As I move, I can feel my feet. And what's interesting is, it's something you might not get if you're
we don't know if nobody fought about it. But if you're in the street and you got to choose on,
it'll feel different to if you're got your socks or got no socks on walking across your carpet. But what I'm noticing straight away is the difference in temperature of each step. Because the carpet is very cool. But after a few seconds, the carpet underneath my toes and my feet change temperature caused obviously by my my own body here. And then I take another step forward. And it's cool again
that taking a step forward. And it's cool. It's almost like a surprise, like a surprise. And it shouldn't be because I know it's going to happen.
But I'm all surprised almost surprised at how cold it is. And then the coldness just dissipates. I'm moving forward again. Yes, it's a nice sensation, feeling the change of the temperature. take another step I'll say one more step on a turn around, don't live in a mansion. So all that part of the mentioned I live in has been closed. So I'm going to use just the bedroom. So I'm gonna take another step forward this time,
focus on what else die fill. Now, step four to my left foot. And the first one is, is it feels wrong of Elijah to step forward in my rifle.
There is no right or wrong way, this is just stepping forward. But for some reason, I had the urge to step forward in my right foot. So I did it with my left foot, purposely because of that. And it felt a bit strange. But now, it's almost like it doesn't matter. So now let's step forward my right foot. Okay, I'm noticing the temperature of the carpet changing. And you can join me with this if you like, while I do it. If you want to replay the recording, you can join me maybe on the second player, if you want to, rather than Listen, you can listen to it now and replay it and maybe fast forward to you know, 20 minutes in or something when I first start doing the walking.
While I'm noticing now as I'm standing one leg, the right leg is in front of the left leg. It's not a big gap. You know, I'm not, I'm not in a hurry. They're not everybody. I'm saying this because just from experience, I've noticed anybody that's ever walked anywhere with me seems to comment on how slowly I walk. And I walk slowly. Because I like to do walking meditation. And I like and because I'm so used to walk in slowly. When I'm with somebody, I still tend to walk slowly.
And I like to just be relaxed, I don't you know, I like to try and keep a sense of relaxation within me as much as possible.
So just why I like to just take it slow. So there's not much of a gap between the front and left, you know, the back foot
as a stand to feel in my hips, feel the it's not distorted back and fill, that is not a way that I would normally stand. Normally, most people probably stand both feet together, apart, but you know, kind of kind of lined up. And if I was going to stand with my feet apart, I would have a left foot in front of me, my right foot behind that would be kind of the stance that I would stand in. If I was waiting for something.
And we've all got our own personal way of doing it. I'm noticing my body and I'm noticed one noticed I'm gonna take another step forward.
I've noticed and I've not purposely done this, but my back is fairly straight. So I can feel my bum, feel the buttocks. And I'm not tensing them but I can feel them just standard, you know, being tensed as I as I sort of stepped forward, still relaxed. My back is Yeah, my posture is pretty good. And I wasn't even really paying attention to that and to right now, if you if your posture isn't as good as you'd like it to be, or your back maybe isn't as straight as you'd like it to be, there's an old technique of imagining a piece of string above your head, you know, kind of hooked to the top of your head, just putting your neck up on your head up a little bit, keeping it straight,
which then straightens out your whole body. take another step forward. So I can feel that my coughs and money. So I wasn't even notice money until right now. I don't think my cars really give me any attention either.
So this isn't something that I focused on it just it's almost like money and my car focused on itself. focused on me what you're doing dead, why you why we just randomly taken steps. So, step again on my left foot. And again, as we've talked about in the past, attention, we give attention to kind of get attention back. So now, my left knee, my left cough is what the right word would be, but is given off in energy is given off. It's not discomfort, it's not comfort, it's just there. If I take another step forward, my right for it's almost like my knees are not bothered anymore. They got the attention they needed. Now the power knees really feel my arm. Best possibly, because I'm moving around a little bit, which I don't really know why to be fair. And it feels nice. So I'm moving my right arm around. And I can really feel the air on my arm. So I've got a T shirt on. So my forearm is uncovered my hand and everything. So don't wear gloves inside. And just by moving my arm gently from side to side, you're lucky as far as marching or something when I was in the sea cadets. And it feels nice. And there's no logical reason. There's no logical reason for it to feel nice. I'm not doing anything for it to feel nice, but it does feel nice.
So these are things that I notice when I'm walking, doing walking meditation. So I'm not chanting anything. Some people chant some people count. Perhaps when I do in walking meditation, I will do a mantra something like that. All I do is just focus on my body and my body feels not just my feet, my ankles, my knees. I want to first start I do focus on the fee.
And then I just let whatever body part that wants my attention to present itself to me. So at the moment, I could feel the back of my head, but my scalp
by the top of my scalp and the back of my scalp. I could feel they're just a feeling. I don't really know what the feeling was. But
feel the tightness. Cobra
wasn't pleasure wasn't unpleasant it was just a feeling like so many feelings that I would have missed. This may be an exaggeration, but I would say probably 99% of our feelings are neither pleasurable nor unpleasurable. They're just feelings. It's just stuff that just comes and goes. They might be an over exaggeration, it might be 97% might be less i don't i don't care. The fact is, well, I think the lot the feelings we have physically, don't really mean anything.
Well, they don't seem to. So then I just see my back. walking forward. Noticing my tiredness is increasing. There's, for me, there's correlation between relaxing and are always relaxed when I make recordings. So that correlation between relaxing and feeling tired just often comes together. Even going back to 2006 when I was doing first
idun group relaxation sessions always yawned. Before before I even started recording while recording the the session with people sort of an in bill. I feel tired thing with me. But that's often passed because I do these at night.
Conscious walking forward. Just walk in the right foot forward. And you know, something left foot forward. I've been talking for 38 minutes so far. Right for
left, right. Just turn around. Right, left. Right. See if I was in a meditation room. Doing walking meditation, the walking would be fairly slow. If I am I in the street, walking somewhere, although I walked slowly. I don't move that slowly. Because it's almost slow. It's almost slow motion. It but yeah, people moving their legs are really putting their
feet down really slowly on the floor. I'm not going to do that in public. But I do walk very slowly. During this time that I've been making this recording, not once so I thought about the future. Not once but for about well, I felt relaxed the whole time. If that makes any sense to you and felt focused
felt good. Or we're talking about that essence, you know, inside that little room. In our center. Yeah, the core of us little room can be big room if you want. And when we're in there, it's just that essence. And pleasure just happens naturally, because when you take away all the other stuff, feeling good is actually an unnatural state. Feeling at peace, at ease. Because I think as we grow up, we've been in with children, a lot of us will get taught that feeling good, is all about this big emotional rush. Opening presence. Doing something big, doing happiness big. Like an exciting thing. When in my experience, I like pleasure when it's just natural, organic, not connected to anything.
Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the other Eva because it's lovely to have fun courses. And have as much fun as you can. This essence though, that room that you know, in the center of us, the core of us,
when when they're just the essence of us, you could say the essence of this is always in regardless of what we're focusing on, or what we're doing. That is us, to real us. Not all these learned behaviors, these learn prejudices, beliefs and all that stuff. Just the real we could call it love if that isn't to soppy a word essence is love. I'm not talking about romantic love. I'm not talking about any particular kind of love more love as an essence like the two purists call into guess the kind of love The doesn't ask anything from anybody including yourself. doesn't expect anything from anybody doesn't need anything from anybody.
Mind me as you have to play along with this one analogy a call woken up by Andre ferit Andre my little boy who is in the garden shed I've got a garden shed in the bedroom which is my recording studio eventually when it's sorted out but I've got this big sea of polythene it's in the shed as well. Andre has been taking his toys in bit by bit is turning into his own little den I think next one no come in and it will be in the tree biz annual tree house anyway woke me up. I don't know what time the morning it was. And he was in the shed
playing with the polythene and although he woke me up and is making a bit bit too much noise really for that time of night.
That was a happy, fair. He was happy. He was having a lot of fun. He was playing. And he was happy, I could just spend so much time with him. I know when he's happy, and he was happy. I couldn't tell him off. I couldn't say stop doing now I'm trying to sleep. It's almost like that. That was his essence, is to be playful. And to have fun. And he's happy.
He doesn't need mean, that is just packaging. That policy was part of the packaging of a bookshelf that I got is happy, doesn't want the bookshelf, he wants to packaging is happy with that.
There's been times in my life. And maybe you can relate to this. When there's one particular time, you know, things were a bit difficult in life at the time, and I had lots of stuff going on and had to move house and all this stuff. And I remember this is when I was a counselor, I remember sitting down in a chair. And it was this recliner chair. And they were moving out of their, their building as well. of the counseling place, everything was a bit up in the air. And I remember laying down and everything ripped away. It was almost like a just go out a swimming pool. And I sat down in the sun. And my body was just being dried naturally. And I could feel the water just ripping off my arms, and my shoulders, and my back and my legs. That sense of release, which can happen naturally. And it did in that occasion, they didn't do anything other than just sit in the chair was in preparing to relax, just sitting there waiting for something. And suddenly, I just felt myself completely let go everything. And it felt absolutely wonderful. And that's the similar kind of experience to what may be the essence you know, spending time in that room, at the core of yourself. When you focus on that essence of yourself
how that feels. How relaxing that feels. Whether you're doing walking meditation, whether you're just sitting watching television,
you focus on that essence, inside you. And right now I'm actually touching just below my breastbone. I don't have breasts but I have a breast bone. Once you know I do manboobs now, but it's just below. I don't know why I'm touching there. So it doesn't matter where you feel it in your body. It doesn't even matter if it's in your ankle To be fair, who cares? It doesn't matter. It's about where you fit it. I don't mean physically really. So talking about the essence the core of you. The part of you that cannot be tainted. It cannot be affected by anything. It's you through real you not learned behavior. But the real hue the real love the real relaxed you the real content, you contented, calm, relaxed. So that's something you can, if you choose focus on what can happen. It might happen, it's happening to me, for some reason now that I think about it is that feeling, it's inside the core feeling the essence is always there. But for some reason, the more you focus on it, just like I guess anything, it becomes stronger. You can feel it more. And I'm starting to feel it in my buttocks, my legs or feet, my shoulders, I feel it physically spreading through me. I found out from inside out, I can feel it in my forehead, my eyes. Mature Oh, my throat.
I could feel it. Bye, you
feels really nice. It's a real realness to it, it's just, it's for no reason. I was going to continue walking, just generally. And you can walk at any pace that you want. I mean, if you
if you're in the street, and you're walking somewhere, instead of walking at a normal pace that you walk out. When you focus on Will you let your body let you know what you're focusing on. So most likely don't have to do anything to start focusing on your feet.
And the rest kind of happens, you know. And if I hadn't been talking about briefly about the past, you know, learning meditation and sitting down in a cushion and sitting down in a chair
for the last hour, nearly an hour. I've not even thought about the past. Or given the future, no mind at all. Really nothing. And my sound even strange. I'm not even really thinking about now. Like the present, like in this moment, but not the present as in the day. Because when I think about the present, I think what's the you know, what's happening in your life right now? I don't think about like this, right this second. I think about the day. You know what happened when I woke up what happens between now and when I go to bed. That's the present. So if not thought about that. One of the think about is just this moment as the moments change. Yawn I think I normally yawn this much when I make these recordings. And that's another thing is it lets you get in touch with how you're feeling as far as if you're tired. If you Tired,
maybe it's time to go to sleep. By type suit, just walking up and down the room feels nice. I almost don't want to stop doing it. This could be the longest recording I've ever made. I just start talking for next five hours or so.
That way I will be bringing this to the end very soon. Now 5056 minutes in what I've been talking about, you know, it's weird. I watch videos on YouTube sometimes. And two videos only three minutes long. And they seem to last ages. I wonder how, what it feels like from mine. That last let you do laughs for ages,
the filler hours. I feel so much more relaxed. And I did. I'm just continually continuing to walk gently. Maybe if you haven't joined me in the walk in wash, you've been listening.
Perhaps you'd like to listen again. Or you could just give it a go yourself. You could do it in your own bedroom or living room. As long as this you'll have your eyes closed anyway. So ideally, make a little bit of space, you don't bang into things. Just walk from one side of the room to the other. just slowly was slow, or as fast as you wish. There are no rules.
Just don't run. That will even then if you wanted to run you can.
Because you could mindfully run. You could mindfully jog. He can mindfully do pretty much anything. Main thing is that you take care of yourself. And you're gentle. That's my rule. For everyone listening. Be gentle. So this is bringing us to the end of this recording.
I'll be making a new one. At some point, I forget what day is. You have to remember, I did say at the beginning of the session. It's on my website. It's twice a week. So it's Wednesday. So I guess
I think Saturday probably be the next one. Yeah, Wednesday and Saturday. But check the website anyway, timetables on there and I'm going to go now. So thank you very much for listening. Remember, to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy. You really do. Be gentle. Be gentle. Lots of love bye

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