#61 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (14th October 2019)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety,
and panic attacks. Please, and listen, when you can safely Close your eyes, I am intending to make more of these recordings more regularly. It seems to be I seem to be a bit sporadic at times. Some weeks I do, I don't maybe three or four or three at least like and then another week, I don't do anything. So
I'm going to try and do a bit more regular. As this is one of my most popular podcasts based on the daily stats, so thank you for listening. And this recording, I was thinking what I'm going to do is when I asked you to imagine something. So a way to, I don't want to think about it by going to how to word this, this something that what let's say, if there's something in your life, that when you think about doing it is anxiety arises. Or the sense of panic arises, it could be something you would class as a phobia could be something that you glasses, anxiety provoking. And it could be literally anything you know, it's not something that I can predict because it's your life and it's your, your experiences. But I can give an example. So let's say I'm trying to think of something other than standing up and talking in a
work meeting or going to an interview of some kind. Maybe for a job maybe full benefits interview, it could be sitting on a bus sitting on the train. So when I said phobias I'm not necessarily wanting to focus on spiders or you know things like that because although when it comes to anxiety, anxiety provoking someone with pretty much a phobia of anything is extremely painful for them. But most being generalization II here but most phobias wouldn't.
I hope wouldn't get in the way of a person living their life.
Hopefully. So I'm not focusing on that, necessarily focused on something that you actually do in your life or you wish you could do in your life, but you've felt that you've been held back or prevented from doing such thing. Due to your emotional response in the past so that's what this recording is for. is going to be kind of, I suppose a technique, what we're going to do is only to think about doing that activity. Whatever it is just what that situation would be. But what you're going to do is you're going to stand or you're going to sit on this side of the glass. And it's a bulletproof glass the thickest, most indestructible glass ever. Which is going to divide you from the other room.
But in the other room is you the other year there's going to be doing this thing. So you can in no way be affected emotionally, physically, mentally or anyway, because this thick, protective glass, even a missile wouldn't get through it. So is protecting you. So you're going to sit there in this room with me
watching yourself doing this activity. So whatever it might be, but that you is going to be doing it easily that you that you're watching is going to be doing it confidently that you that you're going to watch doing this thing this wherever it is probably doing it just naturally. No big deal is just the most net true thing in the world. To that you behind the glass, the other side of the glass, and you'll see in here with me completely protected everything and you can just observe knowing that you're safe. So even if it was a phobia and involved a spider or something, you could watch a spider and it wouldn't affect you at all because you know that you're safe. even safer than you would be if he was at a zoo with a tiger or a lie on the other side of the glass. Can't get to Karna factor at all. In fact, it's almost like watching a big screen television. He may as well not even be there. Part from with xuzhou got the extra smell. Which is nice ending expensive ice creams.
And before you do anything, I just want to what just notice yourself notes how you look.
Or you look when you feel confident how you look when you feel relaxed how you look when you look like you literally don't have a care in the world. You look really comfortable at ease and ready to do with whatever life presents to you. That's how you look that you on the other side of the glass.
And as you watch on this side, you know that that you on the other side could do literally anything and it wouldn't affect you on this side The glass wouldn't affect you or, or emotionally. Or Anyway, you could even see an event that happened in the past, that was quite awful maybe. Or that was, you know, difficult to deal with
maybe left, potentially PTSD or something like that really left a traumatic result. But you could watch that from behind the glass, and you feel removed from it in such a way
that doesn't have the effect, the you would think it would have. And then you change how you feel about it, almost like the things happening, what happened. But the emotion connect to that traumatic emotion, which may have been holding you back, since that event is almost just gone. It's almost like that glass partition, that window, that glass that you're sitting behind, has just come down and severed that emotional connection to that event. So that you can no longer be affected by it.
So that you can no longer be limited by it doesn't change the past. But it shows well can change your future. And it can change how you feel right now? Because that feeling almost just disappeared. And it doesn't. It doesn't feel real. Why would it just disappear? Why would it just disappear so easily. The logic brain the logical part of that brain? Because you're intelligent and you There's your brain can think well, it's illogical. For something that's been troubling you for a long time, maybe affecting your life negatively. And your decisions and you know your choices in life have been affected by this
too, suddenly almost instantly. transform that feed and from being painful to just not being anything slow, you know, cardboard, wet cardboard, or wet paper. Dry and bright on wet paper is it's impossible. Yeah, when it's dry, you can do so much with paper. origami, if you're that way inclined. You can do artwork, you can paint pictures, you can paint on it, write on it,
make paper airplanes, whatever you want, would pay As soon as it's wet, it's just mush. Can't do nothing with it. The only thing you can do with wet paper really
is maybe chuck it up at the ceiling and watch it stick. That's the main, it's fun the first couple of times, especially if you're about eight years old.
It's kind of similar what happens with those feelings. And the strange thing about it is, you don't necessarily have to go through the process of watching those old memories, reenacting themselves through the glass. It's like that you that's in the other room behind the glass that you're watching, that you holds all of those troubled memories, all of those issues that may have been causing anxiety and stress in the past, in even in the present, from stuff that's happened in the past, whether it's PTSD, whether it's whatever the issue is, and it could be multiple, that you there. And that connection between you on this side of the glass, and that you on the other side of the glass, the only thing connecting you was those emotions, those connected feelings towards the old trauma, the things that induced anxiety and stress, panic, all that stuff. But as soon as the blast came down, it severed those connections. Cut them, destroyed them. Literally just like an electric wire. If you cut a wire on a plug, nothing you do is could make it work. Put a new plug on, put a new wire on.
But that's it. You know in to do that is not going to work. If you've got a hose pipe and you want to water the garden,
you have to attach the hose pipe to the tap. Just holding one end of the hose pipe and just turning the tap on isn't enough has to be attached. And as soon as it gets unattached, which, in my memory with hose pipes, I used to do that the water stops coming because it's disconnected. It changes how you feel. changes how you feel. changes how you experience yourself changes how you think about the future. changes how you think about the prison because those connections have bled broken. So the past is happened. And the thing about spin spending time. Looking at the past is equivalent to walking backwards. You're going to keep banging into things You need to look into the future need to look where you go in, basically, is that one of the first things we get taught when we're young. Watch where you're going. Especially when you're little and you're banging into people are still banging into people, but it's partly on purpose. And that you are walking down the street, of course, you need to see where you are now. Where you were not really that interested, you know, that's behind you. Where you are now as you know, it's good to be aware of where you are now.
where you want to go, where you're planning to go. That's kind of where you're focusing. If you're traveling, if you're driving in a car, you know, focused on where you've been focused on where you go in.
You're aware of where you are now. But that's not your focus. Because where you are now, continuously changes.
Where you end up depends on where you want to go, what you focus on which direction you're focused in. So basically, which, wherever you're pointing, and you travel in that direction, that's where you're going to end up was the most obvious sentence that anyone's ever said ever.
is true. If you just stand outside, in a big massive Park, or golf course, or something huge like that, which ever direction you face, and you keep walking. That's where you're going to end up
unless you walk all the way around the world. And perhaps you'd end up in exactly the same spot.
But have you found a way to walk on water? And that would be a bit extreme anyway. You know, for the sake of what we're doing here. You don't have to travel the world to do it. Unless you want to read should you drive it? Yes, another drive an analogy. If you drive in How far would you get if you spent the whole time looking in your rear view mirror?
How far would you get before you crashed? You got to look there. You know just to see what's behind you. If I saw you did is just look in the rearview mirror. You wouldn't see what was in front
and inevitably would crash. So you need to look ahead. That's why the windscreen is made of glass. And it's so big. So you could see what's ahead because that's the important thing. And it's disconnected from the rearview mirror. The rearview mirror is a tiny, little tiny little mirror. The windscreen is big
rearview mirror, tiny, tiny little thing when screen to the future is big. So as you look through that glass, seeing yourself sitting there or standing there, whatever. Do you realize that he looked different. He looked relaxed. He didn't realize what Why before you look relaxed, it's because of that
severed connection caused by the glass moving down from the sky onto the floor, severing their connection to those difficult issues in the past. So they no longer and they no longer have the ability to affect you the way they used to. What else has happened is that you behind the glass, you know, the other side of the glass
is full of positivity. And at the moment, he might have a little bit of that feeling, especially the relief of not no longer needing to deal with those, some of those emotions that were connected in the past, as you look at yourself through that glass, that confident you that you look happy. There's a positivity, there's a look in your eye, an expression on your face
that says, say something to something, some kind of knowing that things are going to be really good in the future.
So almost like you want to talk to this person, if it wasn't you, that you're looking at. If that was someone that you'd never met before, you probably want to talk to them. If someone asks you what kind of person is that? You you'd say with as a positive person, that's a happy person. That's someone that's relaxed and calm, and can deal with anything that life presents. That's, that's a person that's got a future that can enjoy their future and plan it and have a great time that somebody worth knowing that person is somebody worth loving. As you get down in your mind, really wrap your mind around that idea. That person behind that glass is someone really special. really wonderful, kind, loving, positive, relaxed and calm, able to deal with whatever life presents. Unless you keep hold of that idea in your mind, the idea becomes larger and stronger. The feeling of positivity becomes stronger and less those feelings. There's really nice feelings grow. You see the glass starting to raise up into the sky and that you that was behind the glass just turns into energy. Okay, a ball of energy. A color that's really attractive to you. Maybe you can hear a sound but that energy of positivity and healing and as a countdown to one Count five to one. Die healing energy positivity is going to shoot right into your chest,
filling your body up all those new learnings, trends transforming how you think and feel 54321 Now let it fill you up. Fill your whole body and mind with those feelings of positivity and love and healing.
That's right. Keep it going. Just relax into that feeling and allow it to do its work. Over the next few hours the next few days, notice the changes that have
occurred. Please let me know how you get on. And you can sit with this feeling or lay down with this feeling for as long as you choose. When you're ready, you can open your eyes and move on with the rest of your day. Or you can just fall asleep. Whatever you choose to do and I shall speak to you next time. Remember, to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy. Lots of love bye

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