#6 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason, this is dadey relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. So today, I thought I would do a calm session, like a meditative type of session using some visualization. So with this session is going to include imagining, of course, imagining lying in the bath, surrounded by candles all along the bath edge the waters at a safe level. And, of course, if you don't like bath, not like don't like baths for my feet, you're scared of being clean. But if you don't, if for any reason you don't like baths, and it's you know, it's an issue, then, you know, don't watch turn this off and watch something else. Because I don't know, the whole point of this is for you to feel relaxed. So it's gonna be based upon lying in a bath with the water, covering your chest. And maybe your shoulders, but you know, so it's enough for you to feel safe your heads above the water, but your body can feel relaxed in the water at a temperature that you choose. Okay. So before we start, I just like you to get in touch with how you physically feel at this moment. You don't have to do anything. Of course, to gain the most benefit from this session, you could follow my instructions when I actually say them. But ultimately, you know, you could actually feel more relaxed. But doing nothing by just laying there and listening to me talking, I can have positive, relaxing effect anyway. You don't necessarily have to do anything. course you don't have to do anything. But if you do follow what I say it can lead you into levels of relaxation, that maybe you weren't aware, it was possible to feel so relaxed so quickly. so easily. So let's get started. So if your eyes closed, if it's safe for you to do so, I'd like you, of course, first of all, get into a comfortable chair, the kind of chair that if you do fall asleep, you'll be fine. And you know you're safe, not to fall out of it or anything. And also, maybe you will like to lay down on a bed or a flat, comfortable surface. Anywhere where it's comfortable, safe. And remembering that at all times. If you need to readjust your body then just do it. It's absolutely fine. You don't have to stay in any particular position. Do whatever you need to do. This is about your comfort, and your safety, about you feeling good. So I'd like you to start first of all just getting in touch of how you physically feel. So it was a good start actually to do that. Like a mindfulness process. Starting at the top of your head.
just noticing at the top of your head feels your forehead. just noticing how it feels, not trying to cause it to feel relaxed and calm. But just being aware of how it is. So if there's any tension or anything like that, you can just say Except that it's there, you're not trying to push it away. At the same time. If there's feelings of comfort, there, you're not trying to hold on to that feeling either. You're just being completely at ease with whatever your body presents to you, where the feelings are just naturally there. You just allow it to be there, you accept that that's how you're feeling now. Because you know that those feelings will change. Because when we do the relaxation in the bath, your whole body will relax deeply. But it's a case of just getting in touch how you feel. And just by doing that, you naturally feel more relaxed anyway. Because it's a mindfulness process, which does result in relaxation. Even though we're not specifically aiming at it, we're just allowing your body to be however it is and acknowledging it by focusing on those different parts.
So as you focus on your eyes now, medicine, how your eyes fill your eyelids, or the tiny muscles around your eyes. Maybe the muscles just above your eyelids, where your eyebrows are, maybe you could raise your eyebrows and feel it stretch
through that stretching. Notice in your mouth, maybe your lips, you could lick your lips and just notice how your lips feel. With your tongue, you can touch the top of your mouth. Maybe move around your teeth, just notice how your mouth feels with your tongue.
Maybe the bottom of your mouth and your lower teeth. Notice how your tongue feels itself as it just lays there in the bottom of your mouth.
Now as you focus on your jaw, notice how your jaw fills the jaw is a part that we often can hold tension. So without trying to cause your jaw to feel relaxed and loose, you can just notice how it feels right this second. And just accept that that's how it is. And if you choose you can just move your jaw around from side to side. If it's comfortable for you to do that, focusing on your throat, just being aware of how your throat feels. Maybe move your head around it, it will be if it's comfortable to do so just to feel the stretch of your neck, front of your neck and sides. And then you can be aware of the back of your neck and the muscles in the back of your neck that lead down into your shoulders, the top of your back.
Just notice that feeling like a wave moving down from the top of your back all the way down to your lower back. Just being aware of those feelings all the way down that area. If you choose you can just turn your body slightly maybe move you know lean forward or lean back a little bit if it's comfortable for you to do so, just to stretch some of those muscles in your back to become a more mindful of them. You focus on your shoulders and the muscles in your shoulders. lever down your arms or elbows, your forearms, your wrists. If you choose you could just move your hands around moving your arms around as well. Just Getting more in touch of how your arms feel. And as you do that, you can also become focused on your hands, the backs of your hands, the palms of your hands.
Each individual finger. If you move them around, you can feel the the air can even feel the coolness of the air in between your fingers. She now focus on your chest, moving all the way down to your stomach.
Just being aware of how your chest feels and how your stomach feels. Maybe there's some tension in your stomach. This is another place where we sometimes have a tendency of holding stress. And if there is any stress there, just allow it to be there.
Maybe you'd like to stretch those muscles in your stomach to see you can get a clearer
feeling of those sensations in your stomach as you move down to your hips. If it's comfortable for you to do so you can move your upper body from left to right, just turn in gently.
So you can feel your hips and your lower back. Just notice how it feels. She now focus on your thighs, the tops of your thighs, the sides of your thighs, the back of your thighs. Maybe if it's comfortable for you to do so you can tense the muscles in your thighs for a few seconds and then just let go.
That is how that feels. As you notice your knees. Notice in any sensations you may have in your knees right now.
Being aware of your calf muscles and your shins just allowing them to be however they are. Maybe you'd like to just tense the muscles in your calf muscles, just gently for a few seconds. And then just let go.
Notice the sensations when you do let go. focused on your ankles. Maybe moving your feet around. If it's comfortable for you to do so, just turn in and gently
you feel a sensation leg joins the feet by the ankle. It goes also move your toes if it's comfortable to do so. giving you more sense of how your feet feel as they connect together. the tops of your feet, the bottoms of your feet, your heel and your toes. Just being aware of how they feel. Not trying to cause them to feel more relaxed, just accepting. However they feel just being aware of those physical sensations as they arise. So now that you've gone through the different parts of your body, just being aware of them, a calmness genuinely comes over you spreads over your body like a wave of pleasure a wave of acceptance. Unless that happens your mind. Just be however it is. You can notice how your mind feels, how you feel emotionally, what emotions are there, not trying to push them away, not trying to reduce or increase any specific emotion. But just being aware of it and accepting it.
acknowledging it just being here, now, in this moment, now, I'd like you to imagine you're walking in to the bathroom. And you see the bar full of warm water, just the right temperature for you to relax in. Maybe there's bubble bath, maybe there's bubbles everywhere. Just imagine you take a dressing gown off or your towel, whatever is covering you. Or maybe you're just naked, and you just get into the bath
gently and safely sitting down in the bath and allowing that water to cover your body. Maybe with the bubbles, maybe there's some spare special sea salts or something like that in there.
Which actually starts to phase and starts to relax your body naturally anyway. And then she lay down your head above the water at all times. But the water is covering the whole of your body.
All the way up your chest. Shoulders, into your neck. And of course your legs. Toes, feet, stomach back. Oh, under the water relaxing. When you notice the lights in a bathroom starts to them of its own accord.
And only small candles appear. One by one. A light and shining all around the rim of the bar. The top of the bar fall around and there can be 10 of them. numbered one to 10 You can just notice those candles maybe there's a smell a nice pleasant smell connected to the candles. Maybe it is a lovely aroma connected to the bath, maybe some kind of oil cinnabar for the bubble bath. This smells lovely, smells nice, and you feel calm and relaxed. And although you were feeling relaxed before he got into the bar you can know really, really start to increase that relaxation. What we're gonna do now is we're gonna blow out the candles. Starting with number 10 down to one of each time we blow out a candle, you become twice as relaxed. Remember, remembering that you're safe at all times, and your head stays above the water at all times. And your entire body will complete completely relax twice as relaxed, every time you blow out a candle when you get to number one and blow that candle out, the last one you can feel the most relaxed that you've ever felt in your life. A pleasure that you maybe didn't even know was there didn't even know it was available for you to experience. That feeling from now on be connected to my voice. But connected to the videos do you watch with me on to the mp3 is that you listen to you can feel this relaxed every time you hear my voice or see my videos. So you instantly gain the most benefit. maximum benefit from every session that you watch or listen to. And then this feeling can start to spread through your future traveling ahead of you so that you can feel wonderful throughout the day and throughout the night. And this can change and transform your life in a way that allows a softening of those hard edges of life. A softening of the sharp edges, making things safer, making things easier to deal with in a more relaxed way. Transforming those issues that were problematic into situations that are manageable. The way you think and the way you feel and the way you see life
can be transformed by this deep relaxation because this feeling can stay with you. So starting with number 10 and every time you blow out
one of the little candles you become twice as relaxed. Starting now, I will just count the number and you blow out the candle and feel twice as relaxed 10 why's is relaxed nine, twice as relaxed? Eight, twice as relaxed. Seven. Why says relaxed six twice as relaxed. Five, twice as relaxed for twice as relaxed. re twice is relaxed why says relaxed
why as relaxed and notice how you feel physically and emotionally calm and relaxed. You can enjoy these feelings of physical and emotional pleasure
spreading through your body and your mind knowing that you can have these feelings anytime that you choose.
And every time you hear my voice or see my videos, you instantly re experienced this feeling of relaxation and pleasure and that pleasure and relaxation. That energy travels forward in front of you
the whole time transforming your life and your future so that you can feel more pleasure. You can feel more happiness. You can feel more self acceptance
he can enjoy each day. From now on. He can enjoy being you because you are amazing. You're wonderful person and you are loved. Remember that. Now I'm going to count from one to three I'd like you, when I get to three to open your eyes
feeling wonderfully relaxed, wide awake, full of energy, completely calm and feeling wonderful. One becoming more aware of outside sounds to remember in these feelings can stay with you and transform your life in a positive and healthy way, so that you can feel happy. more often. Three wide awake, eyes open. Notice how you feel. Notice how relaxed you feel, how loose, how calm and remember you can have these feelings whenever you want them. This is your feelings. These is your body, your mind. And if you choose you can have more relaxation and calmness
every day, more happiness. So that's me for today. Thank you for listening. I'll see you again tomorrow for tomorrow's daily relaxation, hypnosis. Thank you for your support. And if you want to download this as an mp3, you can it's completely free. Just go to if you're on YouTube, go to the description box. Click on the link and you can download it on my website. Take care. See you tomorrow. Bye

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