#56 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (17th September 2019)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. There will be background sounds of birds tweeting outside in the garden. Because it's 625 in the morning.
If you don't know the sounds of birds, then I suggest you just maybe turn it off. But they're not going to be loud, but they are
potentially in the background a bit. I love the sounds of birds. And also got a little fairy running around as well. And he was asleep when I first started this recording,
and just laying on the floor looking at me or queue. So but none of this is really relevant to the thing that I'm doing. But just letting you know, there might be a little bit of background
sounds. But that's okay, because I'm just going to talk to you. Just at the beginning, I mentioned my website, Jason newlands.com. Every single recording pretty much that I've made since 2006 are on there for you to listen, you can stream or download for free.
There's also some other stuff on he can go and check it out if you if you wanted to send me a gift or
if you want to put a testimonial. You know write down what you think of why do yeah, so everything's on there. So I include in all of these recordings.
So I was just thinking, before I started doing this for press the record button, I do like to think beforehand. Because this subject is so yet so deep. There's a never ending supply of things that I could discuss. And yesterday, I talked about a lot about acceptance. I'd like to add to that might add that helped to word it really the not giving yourself a hard time for suffering with these conditions, whether it be general anxiety disorder, Gad, wherever it's you know, major stress, stress, panic attacks,
whatever. And even if you're not diagnosed is that need to be diagnosed with panic attack to know it's a panic attack. Although is very important to get to the doctor to check yourself out to make sure that it is a panic attack. That makes sense. Make sure that you will physically okay. I did that myself. Unfortunately, I also did at the emergency ward twice in hospital thinking I was having a heart attack but I wasn't it was a panic attack.
So and that guilt the guilt that I had was awful. Because if you go into hospital, especially if you have a little bit older,
I'd say probably over 40 the hospital take it more seriously if you got a pain in your chest. And they take you seriously I think at any age but much more if you're middle aged. So I went into the image emergency ward after 1011 o'clock, 12 o'clock in the evening. And I've got seen within about five minutes and the place. It wasn't full but there was Pretty good 25 3025 people waiting.
And I got seen really quickly, it was pretty much me and the child that God saw, because children get the sin quicker as well.
Straight away, I felt guilty, which worsened how I was feeling. And tell you what's really weird. Part of me hoped that it was a heart condition, rather than a panic attack. Because then I could have medication, and I could get help with it. And I could get it fixed. Instead of feeling like I was being controlled by this outside force, which is what it almost felt like a cause a puppet. Evil puppeteer, thinking all this we do now. Right is in a bookshop, looking at books, no reason to feel stressful anxiety. You know, bookshops, my favorite place. love books. Let's give him a panic attack. Now while he's looking at books, which happened to me. And
it felt I don't know about you and your situation almost feels or felt like I was being manipulated by a puppeteer. I was horrible. Now, when I say I actually felt guilty afterwards as well thinking or hope it's a heart condition, part of me thinking
rather than a panic attack, then I feel guilty for that. Because for those people that have heart conditions, what a horrible thing to be thinking. These people that are going through this. And here's me, almost minimizing it. So I was thinking in my head it's a weird, weird situation. I just didn't want to be in a hospital for no reason.
I didn't want to code already done it before. The first time I did it, it was horrible. But the second time I was thinking, and again, did the ECG blood test, heart monitor when or whatever it is they do?
I was fine. Just a panic attack. And admittedly, the panic attack kind of ended when I knew that it was a panic attack. Which is weird because previously other times when I knew as a panic attack, that didn't seem to be the solution.
But when I was in the holodeck, it changed. how I was feeling when I got told that I wasn't having heart attack. And I was fine.
So maybe there was something about having a professional doctor telling me that I was okay. Because I don't know about you or where you live. where I live. I've been raised to pretty much look up to doctors like this. All Powerful. know everything, kind of person. Someone that you can trust your life with someone that you trust your child's life with.
And, you know, like the they're one of the most important people in society doctors. They're the top of the list, you know that? So I've always had that trust. So maybe hearing the doctor say to me, you're fine.
You okay? You're going to be okay. helped me to relax. And I believed what he said. And I start to feel okay. tinge to with you know, the guilt, huge amount of guilt. It made it worse on the second time because I was sitting in a
lucky a bed where they examine you. Opposite me. So this is late at night, opposite me there was a man we're actually mopping a woman sitting in the bed, very elderly,
with the husband holding their hand which increased my guilt. Why was I taken up the doctors time when that lady required it much more urgently. And of course, everybody else that was waiting in emergency ward
in my mind needed it more than I did. And I remember walking out and walking through the emergency waiting room, seeing people that Connie glimpsed before when I was waiting there for five minutes, still waiting there. possibly been waiting for a couple of hours. And I was embarrassed. almost felt like walking through without me trousers on. I just put my head down and I just couldn't look at anyone. I felt like a fraud. Part. The reason I'm telling you this is first of all, you may relate to this. You may
have had similar experiences. Secondly, if you have or if you ever do in the future.
The fact is you're not a fraud. I wasn't a fraud. You have no reason to feel guilty. And I had no reason to feel guilty. You deserve medical attention as much as anybody else. So did I looking at it from a different angle as well. That experience could have kind of had the calls in my mind to avoid ever going back to the hospital. So happens you know in the future if I do have pains in my chest
and it isn't anxiety and I don't go to the hospital because I don't want to be wasting resources and waste in the doctor's time. I don't want to feel guilty or feel embarrassed. Which means I could end up well in a bad way. And I say no. no to that. No to that for me. No to that for you.
The hospital doctors, they're there for all of us. Just because anxiety can't be seen. Just because stress and panic can't be seen is an illness because you know a lot of people out there The guides hospital have a medical treatment. And their medical condition has been brought on by stress.
They don't know as being caught on by stress, the doctors don't know as being brought
on by stress. They've been treated and they're not feeling guilty. Hopefully, they're not feeling guilty and embarrassed because they've got physical condition that can be seen by the doctors through x rays or you know, for whatever however,
we can be saying someone working 100 hours a week, for 10 years solid might drop down and have major physical problems because of the stress
of doing that. But then may not you know, connect the two might have mentioned before the 1995 between October or when was October 94. To pre September 95, I was physically ill with stomach problems bleed in trouble eating all kinds of really awful and I've got tested or creamed on me in me medication. And in the end I got tested got organs or tested x rays blood tests.
And I was told to the end by two specialists sitting in a big office in hospital stress. Now for me, I knew a big guy for a really big depression in that in
that summer of 95. But part of the Depression was feeling ill
because I felt so physically sick most of the time. That match I lost quite a bit of weight as well.
And that's what I attributed to my depression and I said what can be done I've got this stress, you know, I fought on my seven also or something in there, you know, nothing, I had an ectopic thing where you know, down the throat and x rays camera right stuff. Nothing Nothing all me at all. I think I was annoying them but other than that, nothing.
Put me on antidepressants. Symptoms cleared up. And I put weight on as well. So very acutely aware that stress can cause physical illness. Not just physical illness that can be diagnosed but illness that doctors don't even know what's wrong. So as far as feeling guilty get rid of that feeling place not useful. It's not helpful. I think guilt just leads to more guilt. why should anybody be you anybody ever, ever feel guilty for being ill?
We're all allowed to be ill as your human right? We're allowed to sleep, go to the toilet, eat, be Ill feel well. Breathe, you know basic things. Everybody gets at some point. at different levels of course. We're allowed to be you without feeling guilty or feeling ashamed or feeling the Taking the
time, you know the doctor's time away from somebody else, more deserving. How is that gonna help your stress is going to be the opposite. I imagine the opposite reaction.
I'm using my own experiences, because what's real is, you know, that's what's happened to me. But even when it comes to work in, I had a job in a call center, which is when the real panic attacks in 2002, November, when it really started. So that panic attacks, panic, stress, anxiety, depression, and ever since I was a kid, but this was really not the worst thing. didn't know what was how awful I was, my head was gonna explode,
literally, and it didn't, thankfully. And I was actually, I was on the phone to a customer at the time. And I just just had to put the phone down and run out. And I had a couple of weeks off work. After I tried to stay for a couple of weeks, and it just got worse. And basically, I went up to my boss, and I said,
up to them to one side, I said, Look, I'm really feeling hell. I don't know what's going on. And I hadn't seen a doctor at this point. I was just hoping it was a one off, then it happened again. And you know, a couple of days later, and then just when they got more often. And I said to him that I don't know what's going on. I'm having you know, I couldn't even explain it. I said, I feel really weird.
I don't feel well. Any Steve just smiled at me. I think he said, well, we'll get back onto the phones then.
And I said now I do go back in and I sit and I'll
go No. And I went home. And I didn't go back for two weeks. And my boss found him he actually said no one mentioned this.
He said, Oh, if you if you don't come back to work soon, you're going to have a disciplinary for having so much time off. that some people would take that. And I probably would have done when I was younger. I'll be honest with your followers, probably 1819, maybe 20 I would have took that on the chin and for all bigger back to work because I'm in case I get sacked. But because I was 32 I was put a little bit more
been working for a long time at that point. And I thought no, I'm not going to be pushed around by him. So called the human resources and I told them exactly what he said to me. And I said to them, I will no longer deal with him. I will deal with the higher human resources. And
I think he ended up getting a disciplinary or at least got told off. So that was more because somebody else not understanding or not even attempting to understand about anxiety or panic. And I've met a lot of people over the years that have never been ill or within maybe a cold you know, maybe a broken bone but that's not an illness is is just painful. So some people would never actually been ill They are unable to empathize. But I find those strange because even as a child I was around people that will
most children generally get to see grandparents or you know great great grandparents or wherever pass away, or maybe be ill. We see stuff on telly, you watch soap operas, and
can there be a bit of a bit of empathy there a bit of a little bit of understanding that people are well
and get Oh, sometimes that can be frustrating. But not it's not fair for you to put that on yourself.
It's not fair for you to have guilt to feel guilty for for for being human stress, anxiety, panic is an illness. It is a mental illness. And know that term mental illness is quite a horrible term really isn't it? Is life size is like packaging everyone together. But someone that's
locked up you know, with extreme extreme like condition, comparing their condition to someone that's struggling to go on a bus because of the anxiety. Miss is a different thing, but it's categorized within the same category. Now didn't used to be their thing so much, but now, nowadays, people call it mental health. Why they say oh, he's got mental health doesn't even make sense. Mental health? Well, mental health issues, mental health problems, mental health, disabilities, mental health.
illness, you know? So the term mental illness is sounds horrible. sinusoids mentally ill. doesn't sound right when you put it together with anxiety.
But it is a mental health issue is to do with the brain. Is that word mental isn't is it's just that word. Mental. It's got such a negative connotation. is so is it's almost a swear word. Isn't it Really? In a call someone or your mental you are. That's
in some cases. So the worst thing you can say to somebody say to to use as an insult, while you're mentally ill
is a pretty awful insult, isn't it? Yeah, there's nothing wrong with being mentally ill. Because this is horrible for the person and for the family. But technically, I'm mentally ill. I've got bipolar, emotionally unstable personality traits, whatever. So that's a mental wellness. But I'm not locked up. I can function some of the time, all the time, probably most of the time. A degree of the time on function perfectly. Sometimes I can't functional but and that's when I don't make recordings. So I'm never going to be making a recording when I'm in the right space, because it doesn't really fit
you know stress, anxiety, panic is nothing to feel guilty about. And I do wonder whether or not those that have feel guilty in the past, whether that's held back where it's held them back from recovery, or maybe it's made their condition worse.
Having that feeling of guilt. It's almost like this might sound like a weird statement, but it's almost like you don't deserve to be ill. And you could say, well, no one deserves to be. On the other side, we all deserve the same things as everyone else. Everyone gets ill at times,
everybody, and everyone gets well at times. Pretty much everyone gets angry, everyone falls in love. Everyone feels hungry, everyone needs to go to the toilet. Everyone needs to go to sleep. It's just part of being alive part of this great tapestry of life. It doesn't last not forever, and even long term conditions. You know, apparently, bipolar is a lifelong condition. But the feeling the, you know, say the feeling of hopelessness that I get, sometimes it doesn't last. As long as I can hold on to that remembering that it's not going to last, I'll be okay. And to not not take action in those low moments, or high moments, even. to not have to kind of be able to step back.
Step back from that to step back. Take a breath, have some distance. Flight is much easier to talk to someone who's got really bad breath. If you're a little bit away from them.
They might have the most lovely person in the world. Love them to bits, but don't want to be too close needs a little bit distance. And conversation can flow nicely. And might seem flippant. But we're flipping comments. I do like flipping, flipping, flipping this.
Get rid of that guilt. We could feel guilty for feeling guilty. Which would be a weird one. Get rid of the guilt. There is nothing to feel guilty for. When it comes to being having an illness. A temporary illness, stress anxiety, panic is temporary. Temporary, not just temporary, long term, but temporary short term.
All panic attacks end always. They always do every feeling ends. Everything doesn't matter if it's the most beautiful feeling in the world. Or the worst feeling every feeling ends.
Admittedly doesn't seem that way at the time. But every feeling does end. So try and get rid of that guilt. Let it go. If anything, what would be the opposite to guilt? When it be
I suppose pride would be the opposite. So I'm not a big fan of pride as such.
But the idea of feeling good about something you've done. that appeals to me. appreciating yourself that seems like a good idea. So what's stopping you from What's stopping me or any of us from after the event, whether it's panic, whether it's
depression, anxiety, whatever the issue is, after the event, congratulate yourself for getting through it. But coming out the other end maybe feeling good because the panic didn't last as long as the previous one the previous time. So it's kind of flipping it on its head a little bit from guilt to gratitude, I suppose. And it seems weird, like the idea, to me gratitude and feel grateful for stress and anxiety and panic was not about feeling grateful for that. It's about feeling grateful that you overcame that he got through to the other side. Because if you've done it once, you can do it every time. And the fact is, if you're listening to this, you have done it every time. Every single stress occasion, or panic, any part any, any anxiety you've had, you've come out the other end. Because you're listening to this, you must come out the other end. So maybe having some gratitude, but the gratitude is towards yourself towards you, personally, you know, patting yourself on the back, why not? Unlikely anyone else is going to pay you on the back for getting through anxiety episode. So why not do it yourself? Get in touch with some nice feelings. I mean, what's the point in experiencing crappy feelings if you're not going to experience some nice feelings as well as sunny fair, because we have the ability to feel pretty much any feeling that's available, so there for us to feel.
So why why give favor to the crappy feelings lead to let the nice feelings as well let them in.
Experienced those. And as you know, the more nice feelings you have the more relaxing feelings you have. it dilutes future stresses and anxiety it dilutes gives your brain the message because your body the message that actually this is what you want. feeling grateful towards yourself. feeling relaxed, feeling calm. That's what you want. That's what you want more of. Because that's what you're experiencing. And that's what you're thinking about. It given that message to yourself that you want more of that, because that's what you're thinking about. And the more time you spend thinking about feeling relaxed, feeling calm, the more time you think about feeling relaxed in the future. feel more relaxed and calm in situations that maybe in the past you didn't give your mind and your body. That suggestion of what you want. Not what you don't want
which allows you to almost prepare for feeling comfortable and relaxed. Prepare to feel happier and to recover because this is all just Temporary So, sup to you, but I think it's time to let the guilt go. Drop it on the floor, kick it in the sea, or if you want to do, I'll let it go. I'm going to, I'm going to go now. So I wish you well and remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy lots of love bye

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