#52 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (6th September 2019)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen to this when you can safely Close your eyes. I haven't made one of these for a little while. And I do intend to make them a bit more regularly. In the future, if you wish to contact me, just go to my website, there's a contact form, contact details on there. And if you would like to help me in any way support me, gift me wherever. There's also information on the website there as well, as well as all of my recordings. Saying that they're not all on there yet, I'm in the process of doing that. But they will be very shortly.
Now I'm actually going to give this recording and title or kind of a title, basically breaking the pattern, breaking the pattern, wherever the pattern is, whether it's a pattern of anxiety, the pattern of stress,
the pattern of panic, breaking that pattern, in the same way that you would, you know, if you break a circuit, electrical circuit, you know, if you make a little gap, the whole thing stops working, because it needs the common needs to go through.
Now, electrician, so I know the very basics of that. But the flow needs to go through. Just like if you got a tap, and you got a hose pipe and you're at the bottom of the garden. Nothing can happen if the tap, if the hose falls off the tap, you're not going to be able to
water your garden not with the hose pipe anyway. Or if the hose pipe is tangled up. And in some ways, if you think about it, there's the old theory of breaking bigger things into smaller chunks, which makes it easier to digest
are easier to deal with. So you could have biggest sausage in the world. Or just a really big sausage. And you know, or big burger or big veggie burger or whatever, a big cookie, big massive cookie. He can't eat it as it is. You have to break bits off in order to eat it bit by bit.
Because it's impossible to swallow whole. And as we're not built like snakes, who can swallow things hope we have to break things down. So when it comes to things like stress and anxiety, and something that's coming up that's causing worry and concern which is anxiety provoking. It could be anything that's going to happen. Something it could be something that's not even if you told someone else that think or what you want about. That's not a big deal. But it doesn't matter what they think. It's about how you feel. It was regardless, it doesn't matter if it's if it's traveling on a bus for most people. That's a trivial thing that is meaningless.
But for some people is really not. And that's okay. To deal with that, in a way, in the same way, as someone might do with
having a major operation, and dealing with the anxiety, coming up with that situation, because I've seen people in different, you know, having the same theory, same reaction to completely opposite things. And I'll give you an example. I saw a lady who needed lung transplants, as she had to go into hospital one, I think it was the Tuesday. And I saw her on Saturday. And she was told she didn't go into the hospital to have the tests, then she wouldn't be allowed to be on the transplant list. because she'd attempted to go into hospital about three times. That might not be exact, but on a few occasions, they booked her in to have to tests to see whether or not she was compatible. Whether or not she'd be able to handle the operation physically in West stuff. And she couldn't Anglian the anxiety was stopping her from even putting her foot inside the hospital. She couldn't even walk through the front door. Because of her anxiety, and the stress.
I've seen that same reaction with somebody couldn't get onto a bus. I've seen that same reaction with somebody, when it comes to a balloon.
phobia of a balloon, the anxiety in case they might see a balloon. So it's really easy as humans to mock that, you know, especially if it's, if there's something that's not affecting us. I'm not an angel up, probably made fun of lots of things over the years. I like to make fun of myself more than anything else. The reality is this, like, Wow, it doesn't make sense doesn't logically make sense. But it doesn't have to. If we rely on everything to make logical sense, then we're going to be waiting a long, long time. Because emotions, always win over logic, and facts. facts and logic cannot compete
with emotion. So that's where we have to change, you have to sort of find a way into that emotion.
And of course, facts are in here. It's useful, because it can change the way that you think about something which then changes the way you feel. But ultimately, it's about changing the way you feel. That's the task. It's always the task. Whether it's a phobia, whether it's trauma, wherever it's pretty much anything, any kind of issue in someone's life, even a physical thing like chronic pain. And I'm not talking about the physical feeling, but the emotion behind it.
Because one person could have damaged ankle. And for them, it could seem at the end of the world
emotionally and there might not even be in huge pain, you know, their level of pain, maybe, maybe a four out of a 10 but emotionally, the pain is way higher, which means the physical pain feels way higher.
Someone else might be lying in Bad broken back. I have a different attitude. So you know, worse physical condition. And it's not about thinking that someone's also on worse off the New button, we shouldn't feel this way. Because
we're allowed to feel however we feel. The point is the, we have the opportunity to feel differently, emotionally, about things. Because if one person can do it, it means it's possible.
That's how I see if one person can do it, it means it's possible to do. Now, I'm not talking about a physical activity. Not everybody can swim the channel. Something that I would never attempt. Swimming isn't my thing. And I'd have to take swimming lessons just to swim. Now really, I'm not Swimming. Swimming the channel, I would never attempt it never want to never would. I'm not anxious about it, I just not going to do it. Because I want to. But I know it's possible for a lot of people to do it. I know it's a possibility to be done. Because 1000s of people have done it. 1000s of people have run marathons. That's another thing that I kind of, have crossed off a list of things that I'm never gonna
do. Because I don't want to. But these things emotionally, that perhaps we all can do this not based on a physical ability, not based on physical strength, or physical stamina,
or having a, you know, a really good heart. That means you can do lots of like, cardiovascular, running and swimming and you know, all that stuff. So even if someone's in a, in a wheelchair, or it's got asthma or is physically unable to do those kinds of things, emotionally I think he's kind of an equal. All right, equal field for all of us, are most of us more so than physically, physically. It's only you knows, there's a small percentage of the population are ever going to be a professional boxer is a small population of the human race that are ever gonna win a marathon or ever gonna be you know, a tennis Grand Slam champion, you know, apparently has been about 2000 World Champions, boxers in the world in history. 2000. That's what I heard recently, out of how many billions of people are like boxing, so I'm an armchair boxer, as me. But emotionally most of us have got the ability. We cannot imagine running a marathon. In our minds. We can imagine swimming across the ocean, or reaching the next land wherever it might be. In my case, it would be from here to France and your case, it might be from
there who knows wherever you live in. But in our minds and that's the thing in your mind. The The only limitations are what you allow there to be.
Physically we have physical limitations. course we do. I can't I struggle Why can't I can't touch the ceiling. I'm not tall enough to touch the ceiling without standing on something. And nothing in the world. And so jump up and down, of course, or wear high heeled shoes, which really don't suit me.
I'm not going to be able to touch the ceiling, unless I grow my fingernails really long, or even tiptoes. So it's just a physical thing. I can't get into 2022 inch jeans, waist jeans, we can probably get them up to my knees. So we've got physical limitations, which is fine, it's just part of being alive. And it's good that we're different. We're all got different bodies and different looks and everything. Emotionally,
we will have the ability to make changes, we can make changes to our bodies, of course you can,
people can lose weight they can put weight on put muscle on might never be, you know, might not ever be able to swim the channel pocket become a better swimmer than I am. That's guaranteed you can always become better than you are physically. If you choose to do that. depending on circumstances, of course, if someone's in bed and they can't get out of bed, course, they're not going to be able to do some of the things that maybe they used to do what they'd like to do.
You can think we can all think we can all have that emotion. We can all connect to the emotions and play with the emotions and change them. And also, I think part of it for me is to respect the emotions. So not to mock someone for
being scared of getting on a bus, for example. You wouldn't say to someone What? Why are you worried about getting on a bus? or Why are you worried about going into the supermarket to get you so many people who had Why are you worried about that? I know somebody that had to, you know, had anxiety because they needed to that stomach cancer and they needed to have you know, which happened to me. I had to go and see someone I had stomach cancer in the cancer ward. so anxious about what was about to go on with the process. And the procedure. And I went in I can't in down in a relaxed him. There's no point comparing those two situations because he could say one's logical and one's illogical. It makes sense. It's all be nervous. In a physical situation where we're about to be prodded and whatever. But doesn't matter. That's not the point. It matters to the person but I'm saying doesn't. It doesn't. It doesn't come into it. What comes into it is how you feel. not comparing how you feel to how someone else feels in a different situation. Or even a similar situation. Because if you're going to the supermarket, guaranteed you'll see lots of people that are not in the slightest bothered, named bothered
at all about being around all those people. You'll see that what you want see is all the people that are above all those people that are in there, perhaps feeling anxious and just want to get their shopping paid for and want to get out. Maybe they haven't left the house for three weeks but they had to go to the supermarket because they've run out all and literally had
got no food. They had to go out. They didn't want to go out. Maybe the phone credit ran out so they couldn't you know phone for delivery. But you're not going to know that even people who smiles in their faces doesn't mean the happy. We will know that anyway, deep inside, we know that we get self absorbed on a wider. So it's another thing to remember, you're not the only one. She's sitting on a train that has hundreds of people on there. Regardless of what's going on in your life, there's probably someone else on that train that sadness, similar, similar experience, who split up with someone with your partner. Very likely, there's someone else on that train. That's also just blob with
their partner. If you're visiting someone who's in hospital, very likely someone else there that's also doing he got anxiety, being on that train, there's gonna be other people also might even be the train
conductor. That's coming around checking the tickets might be the person bringing the food round, you know, picking the sandwiches round. And they just push themselves through it. Because they don't know what else to do. And the world doesn't stop. Because of feelings because of emotions. Life carries on. And the world carries on regardless, and it can seem quite cruel.
dislike if you ever been to a funeral? And you come back, you're walking home and people are walking through the street laughing? smiling, had a great old time? And is that a logical thing in the mind? Why don't you know what's happened? They may have just buried my grandmother. Why are you happy? Why are you smiling?
It's not logic in there. And we know that just emotion isn't an emotion. You see when you see emotion in that sense. And that's what this is just feelings. With stress, anxiety, panic, some motion. So emotional feeling as well as a physical feeling. Of course, I'm not denying that. Because emotions can affect how we physically feel. How we physically feel can affect how we emotionally feel.
Because it's all connected. It's not separate. So how do we in interrupt that pattern, or break that pattern, or crack it? Or splice it? The same way you would if you had a big cookie
or your favorite food but it was a big a big thing. I'm trying to think of something that
I quite closed off in there called Chelsea buns with icing and a cherry on top. I just want to stuff the whole thing on mouth because I love it. But they're too
big. I can't get them inside my mouth. So you know I have to eat a bit at a time.
Which is generally how we eat isn't it? We don't like just pick the plate up and pour into our mouth.
So why should we take on the full extent of an emotional impact? the full extent of the emotions all in one go. Do you think about stress and anxiety the same way as you feel?
Think about food. We eat we take a bite. We chew. We don't just stuffed it in our mouth. A dog might do that. I've seen dogs that can literally swallow a whole plate of food. They even chew in
between Humans don't do that. Unless it's soup, or porridge you could probably get away with
or ice cream. But generally, you know, food, you take bites you chew. You basically, you take your time you work your way through it. So if you start to look at the anxiety and the stress, sort of look at it in that way,
just a different way to look at it. start to realize that actually, you don't have to consume this. You don't have to experience it all at the same time. There isn't a rulebook for this. Find me a book, a rulebook where it says that you must experience all of the stress, all in one big go. So it's overwhelming. Show me the rulebook for that. And I'll take back what I said, if you could find a rulebook that says that's how it's supposed to be. Or going back to boxing, you know how you might not be a fan of boxing, I don't care. I'm just gonna use it as an analogy. When boxing first started, the rules were simple. Two men stood there. That's how it started with men and women a box now, but at the time, it was just men. For whatever reason, two men stood and they took turns punching each other. Okay, net that is taken all in one go. That is taken it literally on the chin, taking everything all at once. And if the person was still standing, basically, whoever was still able to stand was the winner. So I guess that if they got knocked down the gap, and eventually they couldn't get up anymore, that'll be the winner. That was taken at all, all at once. That's trying to eat everything without chewing. Okay. That one day, this is the story. Not sure if it's true or not, I don't care. I just like the story, because it fits quite well with this one day. So these two men ready, you know, the one on the right is going to take the first punch.
And the one on the left. When the plug went to punch, he ducked. And everyone got all all up in the air about us all we see doing? Why is he talking?
And we talked after that he punched the other man and knocked him out. And he didn't have to take a bunch of people saw that and they fought. That's wrong. However, that kind of makes more sense. Why would you just stand there and take a punch.
When you can just step to one side or move your head. Take a step back. Doesn't take much to avoid a punch. If you know it's coming. So once you don't know come in, it's that's a one two got to worry about. If you'd no punches come in, you can avoid it. And that's why he did he avoided it. He moved to his left. So the punch missed him moved his head back. And then he punched the other one.
And the other man wasn't ready for it. Because he didn't know what's gonna happen. Took it by surprise, which you can take the anxiety by surprise, the stress by surprise the panic by surprise by deciding just to swerve a little bit, just move.
So wait a minute. I don't actually have to stand here and take this decide that you in no one's emotional punchbag. Especially not your own. Why would you allow yourself to hurt yourself? That's why, you know, we're things like internal dialogue. No, we've all got it. We've all say things about ourselves and put ourselves down at times.
Some people do it a lot. Like a lot lot. And guaranteed if they had someone walk around with them, saying that stuff to them all day long. They would put a stop to it eventually. Yeah, when it's inside, it seems to be okay. So wait for us to do it to ourselves. What is not really know is a form of self harm. When you know that, you can just step back a little bit. interrupt that pattern. That connection, you know, the connection, the, the electrical current, just interrupted.
And it gets confused as like, wait a minute. Why did you stand in there? Let me punch you.
Because I'm using the brain mate. I'm moving out of the way. I'm not your punch bag. I'm not your slave. I won't be a slave to those feelings anymore.
Those feelings of just horrible feelings of what word can you give them? You can use the word stress, anxiety and panic. But there's a lot of words you can use. And those words are personal to you.
I've got words and most of them are swear words to be fair.
Because it's horrible. So much almost like it's it's just yeah, it's I have an anxiety. having panic attacks is, for me, one of the worst things I've ever been through in my life.
When I was really, really full on the worst worst time of my life as an adult.
Worse than any now be through severe depression, as well as bipolar, I've got bipolar personality disorder and what stuff but the panic, anxiety attacks, they will
have a different level of emotional torment. And there's something about I didn't have anybody to talk to me, didn't have anybody to assure me, reassure me and keep reassuring me and keep telling me
maybe the same thing but in different ways that you're going to be okay. That you are going to get through it and that you don't have to go back. So if you're getting through it, or you've got through it, you don't have to go back to that.
To have someone to tell you genuinely that you're going to be okay. This is temporary. Temporary doesn't have to mean you know, five minutes temporary can come in however long it takes bees temporary. It's still temporary
I think what I needed back in 2001, November 2002 onwards was to hear somebody tell me that it's gonna be okay. Not just because they're my friend or because they're my, someone who loves me, because that they're gonna say that. And it's, it's lovely to have that, but sometimes I never didn't, didn't feel like it meant anything because it didn't understand what I was going through. And of course, no one's gonna really understand what you're going through because you're, you're, you're unique. We're all unique, all individuals, we all experience things differently. Because sometimes, I feel it can help to have somebody just tell you, over and over again, that you're going to be okay. That you can get through it. That in itself is an interruption, that in itself, is breaking the pattern. Because it's the opposite to what perhaps, we may say to ourselves, completely the opposite what I used to say to myself, what I used to think about was when the next one was going to happen, I practically hypnotize myself to expect it to happen. That really wasn't useful. And even at that time, I I've been studying hypnosis for four or five years, and therapy and stuff, so I wasn't even able to see clearly what was going on with me, I didn't understand it. I just didn't, really didn't understand. It did not make sense to me. I had a good job, I was one of the top people in my job. And technically, things are pretty good. And then this stuff happened. Why doesn't make sense. But it doesn't have to make sense. If we rely on logic, and facts, then we're just gonna be fighting a losing battle because emotions are more powerful. So that's where we need to start with the emotions, get yourself emotionally involved. And worry about the facts. Don't worry about what you can if you want but you know, how the body works and how the mind works and this and that. So useful stuff is the emotions.
And I even talk about that stuff. To the recording. We're talking about things that help you know, calm down on coffee, calm down and alcohol.
You know, different therapies that you can use. Anything that helps helps us The bottom line is the emotions. Dealing with emotions. So when you got that emotion, like you're attacking yourself, when you realize Wait a minute.
No, that's no. And it's not about it being illogical, which of course it is logical to protect yourself. It's about the emotions around it. When you realize No,
emotionally it's not on emotionally, you You make that decision that you can make those changes. And you can start stepping back, stepping to the side. When that feeling arrives, I realize it's you're feeling the corner hurt you can hurt you. Just the feeling. There's loads of ways you can interrupt. But one of the
best ways is by thinking, getting emotionally involved in that thinking. Realizing that you know what, you want something better for yourself, you deserve better for yourself. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel relaxed. You know what it feels to feel relaxed, you've been relaxed, many times we all have. You know what it feels like to feel completely, completely relaxed. So it's not an alien emotion. It's something that we're all born to be able to do. Babies can relax really easily. Babies can fall asleep really easily. So we have the N bill. So about the emotions, as well. It's about thinking about it in that way. Perhaps deciding you deserve better from yourself. You deserve to be treated better. With more respect by yourself, from yourself to yourself. You deserve to feel relaxed. And the more you hear this, the more it sinks in. Which is why I make so many recordings perhaps saying the same thing over and over again in different ways. So that it sinks in
from different angles. Instead of just making one recording because I feel that's how our minds work. Because you couldn't listen with different moods, it'd be a different mood.
listening to this, the maybe you were listening to the last recording. And you might listen to this recording next week, and it feels different. And something changes. Or maybe something changes instantly. There's always changes going on. We were affected by what
we hear. That's something that's really, really important to remember. We are affected by what we hear. We're affected by what we say. We it's it's impossible not to be. I don't mean necessarily. Everything you see is going to change your life forever. Of course not. But we're affected, even if it's just in a very slight way. So when something's important to you and you purposely like for this, press the play button on this podcast, you purposely listen with an intention with an openness to experience and to win welcome those changes into yourself, inside yourself, in your life, in your mind, in your body, then that's when those changes naturally occur because you're open to them. And the more you listen, the more benefit you gain. Which is why I'm going to continue making these recordings. Because I think, although I've not met you, maybe one day I will believe that you deserve to be happy. You deserve to be able to feel relaxed, and to enjoy your life. doing the things that you love doing, being with the people that you love being with and being able to enjoy it. Without the ball and chain, have anxiety or panic or stress. Being able to be free, free in your mind. So I'm going to end this recording now. And I'm going to speak to you very soon. Thank you for listening. And remember to be kind to yourself. Lots of love. Bye

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