#50 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (24th August 2019)

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Hello, and welcome to relaxation hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. My name is Jason Newland and this also involves Andre Dooley Nuland the ferret who has decided to jump on the bed
and accompany me by trying to be naughty I said don't worry he's not gonna be part of the
recording but he seems to want my attention for some reason and this does happen occasionally. hasn't happened many many times with these recordings but it does happen on my let me boy to sleep ones
quite a lot for some reason maybe it's because those ones last for about an hour
the likes he just likes to get coddled and stuff cuddles don't you? Yeah. So only listen to this when you can safely Close your eyes
now I know I've talked in previous recordings or at least one of them about the benefits of can you sell for pet
Can you surf? It can be anything it could be a dog or a cat.
For me the benefit is the physical contact you know being able to just stroke him and cuddling and dogs definitely offer that show a lot of cats can as well. This all kind of dependent isn't cats. Cats kind of have their own
their own agenda. But my man used to have cats and it always be sitting on our lap. Always very loving.
But this recording isn't about pets. This is about fear. I was just reading Roosevelt President Roosevelt saying the only thing to fear is fear itself. And I can't disagree with that. In its in a way. What I mean by that is it's okay to sometimes be fearful. It's okay to sometimes be scared. It's okay to sometimes feel stressed. It's okay to sometimes feel anxious.
Just does it sometimes you know it's okay to feel blissfully happy. It's okay to be in love with it's okay to be angry. It's okay to have all those
emotional responses. It's part of being human. I think we try and start blocking out One emotion, or one part that we don't like, we may end up blocking out the good stuff as well. Which seems like a shame. Get down see what I'm holding Andre. And I'll talk sometimes he just looks at me and he falls asleep. And then he wakes up. And he looks at how did I get here? Who are you would you want please half is half asleep. I kind of think of it's like a drawbridge, you know, with cars, castles, you know, the old days when the be a castle was seen in movies and more recently, probably like Game of Thrones. Ball also in like the hobbit thing, you know, those kind of films with a beard drawbridge. And there'd be a moat, like a big moat, which is basically just a ditch with water in it around the castle, and the drawbridge would be pulled up, suddenly, nothing could enter.
Boss or nothing could leave. So that have that drawbridge pulled up. So no one could enter with weapons to hurt them.
But at the same time, no one could enter with food to feed them. Sick could it could end up being physically safe, but then starving, which would be kind of the equivalent of pulling our own drawbridge up putting a wall up, you know, so that we can't feel anxiety or stress, or any of that emotional pain that I can't get through the drawbridge, to affect us in the way that maybe it did before. And it makes sense to want to do something like that I really, you know, logically, of course, it makes sense to want to pull that tool per job to stop the arrows of pain, and the soldiers and the army, whatever, however you want to think about it. Which is actually quite a violent way to think about it because, ultimately, their emotions. They're neither good nor bad, and evil, and are wonderful. They're just, they're just feelings, ultimately are just responses. Because we're human, and that's natural to have emotional responses we all do. Yeah, if you put that drawbridge up to stop the
the feelings are uncomfortable. put it that way. The feelings that are painful. Whether it be panic, anxiety, stress, or emotional discomfort of any kind. At the same time, you're also blocking out the nice stuff, the lovely feelings feelings of well being, feelings of relaxation, feelings of peace of mind, calmness. And then a way if you keep that drawbridge up, no matter what you do,
it's gonna kind of have limited effect. In a sense of personal development, or trying to help change those situations, and help to change how you think and feel about things, if you're not alone in anything in
Canada would be the equivalent of me going to the gym. And sitting on an exercise bike, was he in the Big Mac, it just, it would just be very silly. Although now said, I feel quite hungry. But it's kind of pushing against yourself. Which is a choice. Because anything that I say, it's just ideas, it's just thoughts.
With this podcast, sometimes I do a relaxation session sometimes or talk about panic attacks. Sometimes I talk about anxiety, or talk about my own experiences as well.
And I went through a period, when I had that drawbridge up. One of the things I did to do that was alcohol,
fun time to block out the feelings. And the feelings I had was at that time was feelings of not so much depression, at times depression. I didn't realize I had bipolar at the time. But your mood swings, fulfill crappy, fell in a bad mood or drink to try and change your mood. I fell in a good mood, or drink, kind of to celebrate
drinking alcohol. Maybe not for everyone. But for, you know, it's kind of standard knowledge in the medical world that drinking alcohol
only increases depression. But again, it's not going to be the same for everybody.
It's so easy just to generalize, even the stuff that's useful that we can generalize it, but not necessarily going to be for everybody.
Which is why I don't make just one recording. And then leave it there. It's why I do more and more recordings because everyone's different. Everyone's got different perspective. Everyone's had a different life.
And if you get one thing, one sentence resonates with you. During this 30 minutes or so that I'm talking, then it's been worth it. Because if you like me when I hear something, and I listen to a lot of positive positivity, inspirational stuff,
sometimes I hear something and it just keeps churning around in my head. And that same process happens or has happened in the past with negative thinking as well. Maybe someone said something to me, which was painful. I had a painful emotional response and keep repeating it in my head, which is of no use.
And he just hurt me more, cause more pain for me. But that same process used with a positive statement. You know, a healthy statement. The same exact process of rethinking and keep thinking about
is transformational in a wonderful way and we all process things differently, our brains work differently. Our minds are all different. Which means some way of thinking that you may have. That may seem like digital detrimental to your well being by seem like it gets in the way of your happiness. It might actually be a really good way of thinking if you just fill that gap with something different. So for example, I'll give you an example. If I used to get told that one, yeah, but one thing that's bugged me for years that people saying to me, why is it free? One thing that people said to me in the past is no one appreciates, free stuff. They don't appreciate if it's free. And I've been doing this, this free recordings, videos and audios since 2006. And I've reached quite a big number of people over that time, with various projects I've done online. And that disturbed me that sentence, forgive you. That's an example of a sentence that upset me that I reacted. And I was told this the first time I was actually told this, that sentence was, I remember very clearly, because the day before I went into the hospital, to visit my friend's husband, who had stomach cancer. And he had to have met medical procedure. And he refused to have it unless I came and helped him to calm down. And to prepare for using hypnosis. So I did, I went there after work. I saw him. I did what he wanted me to do. I calmed him down. And he had the process, the procedure, and it went okay, you know, went a lot better, because the last time he had the procedure, it kind of traumatized him a bit, while a lot. So I would I was able to help him. Then I left. And you know, went home, went to bed, go out the next day went to work. I worked in insurance at the time. This is in 2006. And I'm now with a friend, a Buddhist friend of mine, and we had lunch in it was it was in a graveyard. But it was like a public place where people used to go and eat lunch and stuff. Sounds a bit weird, but it's like an old church. And he said to me, I was talking about my free hypnosis because either free chronic pain relief service that was offering locally, the free stuff I was doing online that I just started doing. And he said that nobody appreciates stuff that's free. And all I thought about was the man that I saw the day before offerings husband, and how that was free. I didn't charge him. And he really appreciated Why did or what we did together. he appreciated that. As one knew the that was wrong. You know what he was saying to me? It might be right with some people, some people don't appreciate anything. Some people do you know, it's different people are different. But to say they're everybody, nobody appreciates it. So that bugged me. And he was wrong. And then recently I was listening to a recording of a man called Dan piano. And he said one statement is Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.
Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. I've got a ring on my door, I actually wrote it down. Because it makes so much sense. Who you spend time with affects your life affects how
you think how you behave. Does me anyway, it's not done really easily led by think sometimes I might be maybe a bit of a pushover. A bit of kind of go our way to help people that maybe don't deserve
as much as I give, or maybe, you know, maybe taken advantage sometimes. See, put that in the middle, you change, you swap it over. So me thinking at the time, all I was thinking about in 2006, for probably it kept in my mind for years, if I'm honest. But it wasn't something I, I didn't get too excited about it. But I used to think about it. And I talk about it sometimes that people don't appreciate free stuff. And that continuously led me to continue what I was doing, it gave more effort, more energy, more energy, more wind, behind my sail, to continue helping people for free. And to expand it outside of just my town where I was living, but to the rest of the country than the rest of the world. And using this same technique, which is naturally there. I can put that same thing. Show me your friends, and I'll show you a future.
That's a powerful message. And when I first heard it, probably a few weeks ago, I kept thinking about it. It kept just popping into my head. And I was getting an emotional response.
Their father had my drawbridge up I would have stopped the initial negative response by head and the pain, the emotional pain I experienced when I was told that why I was doing was pointless.
Which I've been told. I've been told that it's not worth anything if I'm not earning any money out of it. I've been told that it's painful. It hurts. If the drawbridge is up so No, none of that stuff can hurt. Dennis also ups and none of the nice stuff can come through. When someone phones someone sent me a message years ago out of the blue saying what you did, my my mom spent the last three years three months of her life listening to your relaxation sessions. And it really helped.
Thank you. And that was it. That was the message of our Wow. A message recently, a young lady said Oh, I just want to thank you you made. I asked you to make a recording
for to help me with self harm. Seven years ago and you made a recording. And I just want to thank you because I stopped and I still stopped and although she was a teenager at the time, I think if I the drawbridge up that wouldn't be able to affect me. And I want it to affect me I want also want to be affected. A donor mate. It's just about me, but I just want to be affected by things. Not in a way that causes extreme anxiety or stress. Of course not that because that would be ridiculous to want that debate No one who would want that nobody. But sometimes it feels a little bit like I've talked about this in the past on other recordings. Now, if you may be, you know, you stand on a hose pipe, and the pressure builds off, you put your farm under a tap. Even though the taps just on drip, and you know, it's practically invisible, maybe you can hear every 30 seconds, put your thumb under there, eventually, the pressure will build so much. And you'll feel like your farm is moving, trying to be pushed off. And in a move a little bit and the water will just burn everywhere. pressure. That's kind of like what anxiety can be like. It's built up, because it's not being allowed to flow. Naturally. It's natural to have stress, it's natural to feel upset about stuff, sometimes. It's natural to feel wonderful, about things sometimes. If someone said something rude to you. Why, why? What's wrong with feeling? Feeling? Why Why is that a bad thing? It's not nice.
It's not comfortable, it's not pleasant. isn't feeling it better than repressing it by holding your farm against the tap. depressing, then we press on something else. Isn't it acceptable to just allow or preferable to allow the feelings to flow and kind of just see what happens. Because you can always put your phone back on the tap.
We can always pull the drawbridge back up. You know, that is an option. Just like if you go into a dire and decides you're not going to eat sugar anymore, and you're not going to drink fizzy fizzy drinks or chocolate a chocolate that's a choice. And you have a choice to go and buy, buy a bar chocolate from the shop. If you choose, it's a choice. Only you can decide that. But you know that's a choice. And when you realize it's a choice, it kind of takes the for me that would reduce the discomfort compared to not having the choice being told that you can't have a chocolate,
but you can't ever even someone's got a medical condition. And, you know that we told you know you got diabetes, for example.
And you have to be careful what you eat and you know it's it's a it's a regulated diet and all that stuff. Still choice. Some people say they might think was not a choice because I have to do this I was a girl. There's still a choice. You choose what you do next. Always. We all choose what we do next. Just because the the results of a bad choice could be devastating. Doesn't take away the fact that we have we have the choice to make those bad decisions. Those terrible decisions that could cause catastrophic harm to ourselves. We choose not to do it. Still a choice. We choose what we do next. Always. When you when you know that when you actually get more in touch with that fact, it's not an opinion I believe it's a fact. We really do choose what we do next we just maybe we're not aware of it. You know, if See, Andre Andre just climbed on me again. I'm cuddling him. I choose to stroke him under these under his chin, I'm doing it my left forearm, striking him under his chin. I don't have to do that. I prefer to do that because the case in quiet. So these not jumping all over me and trying to rip the carpet up or trying to bite my toes or something like that. Pocket, let him do that stuff. I could let him run around making noise, which is not really what I want as a background
for these recordings. So I'm stroking his head now. And he's happy. He's relaxed, he's calm. He's got my a nice boring voice in his ear.
So nice, relaxing home that we've got. And he's happy. Probably be happier for gave him more food. Especially if it was chocolate. But he's not really allowed to eat chocolate. So I don't give it to him
as a choice. If I gave him all the things that he liked to eat, he would be ill. He absolutely loves milk, whipped cream, especially the ones that have the spray cans. That's like crack cocaine to him. He literally would do anything to get his hands on some whipped cream loves it. App seriously. And it sounds silly. But he absolutely loves it makes him ill because lactose intolerance is not built to be able to eat or drink milk or anything like that.
But he loves it though. And you'll be so happy if I did it from
his stomach wouldn't be. And if I did it regularly, he might not be around for long. Because he got very ill. That's a choice. He, you know, he doesn't have the knowledge to make that choice for himself. Because he's a little ferret. And he doesn't know about lactose intolerance and stuff like that.
We were lucky as humans to have a different kind of brain to have that drawbridge up, which is what I used to do. Meant to always I didn't you know, I had less stress. I had less panic. I had less of everything. It's almost like live in like a daydream but not in a nice way like a non event just being a bit numb. And once I decided to let that drawbridge down as a test. I did have the pain and the pleasure but it was a steady flow. And anything that was difficult passed was passed was Went through me, you know, he kind of if you think in a way of Andres making weird noises now, if you think of problem, problem issues, stuff that you're worried about that may be happening soon or maybe it's happening now
difficult moments. Think of it like sweet corn. It might sound a weird thing to say. But when you eat sweet corn, it passes through you. And anyone who's had sweet corn knows that it just goes straight through. And it still sweetcorn.
subproblems are very much like eating sweet corn. It just goes through you. And then it's gone. Just like pleasure. Pleasure doesn't last either. But that's kind of one of the good things about it. Because it can look forward to the next time that you have pleasure. So if you have a particular pleasure, which involves a loved one, you know, it might be something like going and watching your child play football, as an example. Or gymnastics or seeing them in a play that that football match is not going to last forever. But you can look forward to the next one. That play is not going to last forever, but you can look forward to the next one. You go for a beautiful meal could be the tastiest smell in the world is like wonderful. It's not going to last forever. You can look forward to the next time. If you just remember that you haven't had the best meal of your life yet. You haven't had the most interest in conversation of your life yet. You haven't experienced the best day of your life yet. The best is always to come. You haven't felt most relaxed that you'll ever feel the best is still to come. So instead of thinking back to the past, thinking all things are never be as good as they again. They will they'll be better. The best moment of your life hasn't happened yet. The funniest thing in your life hasn't happened yet. The thing that made you laugh the most
hasn't happened yet. Best physical feeling that you've ever going to experience hasn't happened yet. Which brings it back to the very beginning of this recording.
Why fear fear? When it's natural, to sometimes be scared? It's natural to sometimes get angry are just feelings as all they are just feelings.
Here's something that I little technique that I use. And I tell people, there's some around some, sometimes quite aggressive people, where I live with various different issues and and I say to them, they they'll tell me about how someone said something to them. And you know, they want to respond aggressively. And I'll just say to them look. And he said, these are adults. If I said, if an eight year old child rode past you want a bike, and showered exactly the same thing? How would you respond? And the answer is, generally, well, I just, it can go from what finally funny, which is quite a good response. Because it changes the way they think. But then it could be well,
while I do nothing, it's just an eight year old kid just acting up.
Well, that's just, that's a 39 year old person just acting up, doesn't have to do anything. Just think of them, like you would an eight year old child. That's being naughty. You don't have to do anything. It's like reframing. Looking at it in a different way, which changes how you feel quite quickly. And the way we feel can be changed very, very quickly.
You know, I saw this on the bus. I think it was today or yesterday. It was yesterday. I think alfagar been been on the bus a few times this week. And we stopped at the bus, a bus stop near the train station. And there was this man with a big, big dog. And he was this USAF in the dog was strong and he was he looked like he was quite struggling to kind of keep control of the dog. And when the bus pulled up the dog was really barking and looked like he was wanted to attack the the bus driver. I couldn't understand what was going on and fall and then a couple of people get off the bus and there's this old lady or elderly lady and she's got I think she's got like a walker or some kind of you know, I think she's does say you get some disability or anything but she was getting off the bus. And it looked like the dog was about to attack her. It really did look like that. I was watching and I thought oh my goodness because this bloke who was holding the dog The dog was dragging him along and I fall my goodness what's gonna happen they're completely wrong. The dog started licking her face was her dog or I guess maybe it was her husband that was holding the dog. Dog was excited. The dog notice she was on the bus before the bus even pulled up to the bus stop. The dog was barking at the bus before even pulled up. So I guess the dog could smell her or you know how dogs are my feelings changed instantly from being always quite anxious if I'm honest with you, before I was about to witness something that you know I was gonna have to go out there trying to help but you know, it's hard when you got a dog like that is not really dog person. You know sort of as as in controlling dogs. But I've got it completely wrong. This happened quite quickly. So it wasn't like I had lots of time to think. And stray away instantly. I realized what the reality was. And I'd say my own my whole physiology, my whole physiology changed in an instant, from stress to bar, I found it funny. Funny that I assumed the, you know, a completely different scenario to what reality was. I wasn't to know what the reality was, I didn't, I'd never seen any of these people before. And I have seen dogs similar as that situation to where our
control. So wasn't a huge stretch of the imagination. But I was wrong. And the way I felt changed in an instant. So often, we're lucky to have brains that can do that.
That can change a fill really quickly. And I think that option, that brain facility, that that wonderful thing the brain can do, is only available, when that rule bridge is down. And open when you open to any kind of emotional experience. Bear in mind, the emotions come from you, not from others. We, we, we create our own emotions, as a response to what happens outside. When in fact, it's not only what happens outside, as I'm sure you agree is the amount of emotional responses I've had, just to the thought I've had, and the amount of times that I went into panic, just by thinking that I might go into panic. You know, it still happens, sometimes. still happens. And then I calm down really, really quickly. And there's a part of me that's a little bit embarrassed to say that, in a sense of me making these recordings there is a part of me that thinks I should be completely fine. Complete completely fine. And never had any anxiety or stress ever. No panic ever. In order for me to help other people that are going through what is at times absolutely awful. An awful experience. I mean, it's the worst experience of my life was having no big anxiety attack. Nothing matched it as far as as an adult. feeling completely out of control. Thinking that I was going literally crazy. Like my brain was malfunctioning. And my body was malfunctioning as well. So it wasn't just a brain thing. With sometimes even now, occasionally, I'll be eating and I'll think oh, and the forecast in my head. What if I
What if I choke on this food? Animal swallowing stops and I have to cough the food out. Don't have to cough the food out but I do do that.
Then have a drink of water. Carry on. Because I know it's just a thought. But that thought, had an effect. My own thought didn't come from outside wasn't something that someone else said. It was just my own thoughts in that second, and it came for no reason that I can think of.
And maybe I was just feeling a bit stressed at the time. And perhaps I wasn't so aware of it as I could have been. You know, there's a meditation is called a meditation practice, for a reason, mindfulness, mindfulness practice, for a reason. It's a practice. He keep just called keep doing it. Keep practicing, relaxation, keep practicing, being aware of how you're feeling, keep practicing, being kind to yourself. Keep practicing positivity, positive thinking. In the same ways, you don't just have one bath, and in that suit, you have to keep having another bath afterwards, today, the next day or shower. Otherwise, you end up getting smelly, and dirty. is the same river thinking, the same, we've all that stuff, it's, you don't just have one meal. And then don't eat anything for a month. You have to, you know, you might feel so full up. for five hours later, six hours later, you'll be ready to eat again.
So it's just something that needs to be kept going. So not being afraid of fear, not being afraid of feeling
whatever feelings arise. And I know that rose Rosa felt is a you know, President. When he said those words, the only thing to fear is fear itself. When he was talking about obviously, fear is
in itself is the thing. The only thing that is the thing that hurts is the fear, not the edge of thing, perhaps that you're scared of is the fear itself that prevents people from doing some things in their life and enjoying their life and taking chances and taking risks. That's kind of where he was coming from. As far as I'm aware. There's more like motivation, or you know, just go out and do it. Don't Don't let your mind get in the way of your happiness. NET thoughts, which are only temporary. stop you from being happy. So this has been a bit of a bit of a muddle of stuff, few little ideas floating around. But that only takes one sentence that resonates with you. In order for changes, sometimes profound changes to occur. And then when you keep thinking about that thing, a positive thing keeps floated around in your mind. They keep remembering it. For example, it could be you choose what you do next. You always choose what you do next.
So in that case, you can't be a victim. In those situations you choose. Of course, there's consequences for everything we do. So, you know, if someone doesn't like their job, if they decide just to not turn up their job, then they might lose their job. As far as that's a consequence of doing that, but they choose.
If they go to work, they choose to go to work. And to me, that takes away the stress, it takes away the victim mentality of, I have to do this, I've got no choice. Once you realize you do have a choice about everything you do next, the next thing you do is chosen, we choose to do even if it's an unpleasant thing, you choose to do it.
And that can change something from being unpleasant to being neutral. Being okay. not loving this at the moment. So what can I do to change this situation? Maybe look for another job. Change whatever is giving you that feeling that you're not enjoying, what can you change. So that could be one thing that may be floating around in your mind. You choose what you do next. Well, it could be about the drawbridge, that the drawbridge down or the thumb over the tap or let things just go through you and try and stop the feelings. Just let them flow bucks wheat corn, going through your body. Just let it go for you. Just feelings or maybe could have in your mind floating around. Do you haven't had your best day yet. Still to Come. The most pleasure you'll ever have still to come. Or the best moments of your life is still to come. The best moments haven't happened yet. So I'm going to go. Thank you for listening. And I'll probably speak to you again. Tomorrow probably will seem to be doing these fairly regularly. Thank you very much. Remember to be kind to yourself. Remember to be gentle with yourself. Lots of love bye

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