#5 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. This is your daily relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. The idea of these daily Sessions is to give you a progressive way to calm your mind on a daily basis. So that when you're not listening to me, when you're not watching these videos, something inside you changes. So those situations in the past where maybe a trigger during the day would cause you to have some kind of anxiety reaction. But now, since you've been watching my videos, listening to my audios, something changes and that is no longer that instant reaction, there's a gap. There's like a softening. So you know, that's just what happens naturally, as well as having the techniques, which you can learn through these sessions, which you can do on your own in those situations. And I thought what I would do today is quite as short session beats, setting up the trigger, because we've got all these triggers anyway that are out there, you know, the maybe trigger us into having a specific emotional response. We all have it, it's just natural, and it helps to become aware of it. Because then you can do something about it, you can actually say, well, you can make a decision about whether or not you are going to allow yourself to be affected by an outside force. And so this is something that I learned when I first learned NLP. And it's basically setting up a trigger between a finger and farm, which is a trigger of feeling relaxed and comfortable
and calm.
So that in a situation in your daily life, or just have to be during the day, any situation, maybe in a relationship, maybe it's your boss that said something and you have a normally you'd have the instant trigger of feeling a certain way, which is uncomfortable and not very nice, you know, unpleasant. So you can change that feeling. So with your trigger, if that trigger triggers off anger. And what you can do is set off your own trigger, to combat to take over to replace that feeling that you don't want anger, feeling upset, feeling whatever it is you're feeling. Also remembering that it's just a feeling. It's not taken away the importance of you, it's not not taken away the the fact that actually you know you're a human being just like me, and we are affected, and it's normal to be affected by someone who's being
rude or something like that. But on the same side, there are things we can do.
And there are ways where we can be less affected by that. There are ways where you can change how you feel. Instantly, by using this trigger, it could be your left or your right finger. Don't want taught you what it is yet. You don't touch do it. Now it's like produce not working, because I haven't gone through the process yet. But the more you use it, the easier it is to use. The more instant you have that reaction and this is something that I've used myself. I used to work in sales, quite a high stress job. And, and, you know, all based on targets, and you know, had a lot of it was on the phones, so had quite a few abusive, verbally abusive people on the phones fairly often. And so I had to, didn't have to, but I chose to use the trigger the relaxation trigger to just calm a body, calm my mind. So I could just move on to the next call, because I might, you know, at the time, I didn't really have the time to just leave the phone and go and sit down for 10 minutes. Because another call was waiting to come through. So I needed to relax myself there and then calm my mind there. And then in the instant, in that particular moment. So for this technique, I don't know if I like the word technique, but for this procedure, this thing that we're gonna do, all it requires, simply is just getting into a state, physically feeling relaxed, and calm, which you've done many times in the past, you may have even done it yesterday when you listen to my yesterday session, as an example. And then you connect that feeling to push your finger and thumb together. Simple as that. I've used this technique in the past with people having life saving operations, you know, they were very, very ill, and are able to reduce their anxiety. A huge amount just by doing that. And you know, the rest of why tell you. So what I'd like you to do is to close your eyes, if it's safe to do so. First of all, of course, make sure you're in a comfortable chair, or lying down on a on a bed or comfortable flat surface, make sure that the chair is safe for you, just in case you fall asleep, so that you don't fall off the chair. Okay, make sure it's a stable chair. So you're okay, just in case you fall asleep. Because I, I do have a boring voice. So sometimes people fall asleep listening to me, even if it's not an insomnia sleep session. So, again, that's a trigger, that's a trigger, because a lot of people, they watch my videos specifically to fall asleep. And then I watch a video that isn't about sleeping, and they fall asleep because that's what they used to doing when they hear my voice. And so if you close your eyes, it's safe to do so. I'm just going to ask you to focus on your body. Normally, what happens when you first start hearing me and during the last eight minutes of me talking, you're going to feel more relaxed now than you were before anyway, even though we haven't actually started the obvious relaxation session. But there's that connection between my voice and you feeling relaxed. It's just something that happens naturally. And it's especially especially if you watch my videos regularly or listen to my audios regularly and you get used to. Again, a trigger. trigger is a word that's very much coming up in this session. It's a trigger for you to feel relaxed, as is pushing your finger fun together. a trigger for you to feel relaxed instantly and naturally.
So with your eyes closed, I'd like you just focus on how you physically feel. Not trying to cause yourself to feel relaxed to just going to notice how relaxed you naturally feel right now. Starting with the top your head moving down your face, your neck, your throat and the back of your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your wrists and Your Hands, fingers. Your back from the top all the way down to the bottom of your back. Your hips. Then chest all the way down to your stomach. Again, down to hips again, moving all the way down your legs, your knees, calves and shins, your ankles and your feet, the tops of your feet, the bottoms of your feet, the heel of your feet and your toes. And then focusing on your mind, noticing how your mind has slowed down. Notice how your eyelids feel differently, feel more relaxed now. Maybe notice any sounds that you can hear in the background, either your side or mine. There's not a lot, a lot going on here I can hear the traffic in a very very distance. There's not much else going on. Apart from my voice.
I wonder what you can hear maybe you can hear the weather. Maybe it's a bit windy, day breezy.
Maybe you've got a clock in your room, you can hear that. Maybe you can hear the fridge in your kitchen. By maybe you have a cat or a dog, you can just hear the heathen walking around.
Maybe you got a neighbor and you can faintly hear them. You can hear your own breathing, being aware of the sounds that you make naturally. And you can be aware of the temperature of the air on your skin. Something that maybe we're not usually aware of the temperature of the air on your face. It's like this little bit of breeze on your face even though there's no reason for that to be a breeze because there wasn't one or at least you didn't notice one before. The Now you may be notice a very slight breeze there on your face, maybe on your hands. Then the other parts of your body that have not got clothing.
You can be aware of the physical sensation of resting, maybe if it's you're sitting on a chair you can feel the chair supporting your weight or the bed supporting your weight. Again, if you're sitting on a chair, maybe you can feel your feet resting on the floor. your buttocks resting against the chair and your back maybe also resting against the back of the chair. If you've got an armrest on your chair and maybe your your arms resting on them, or your elbows and you can just feel that sensation maybe your hands resting on your lap when your stomach if you're laying down, you can notice how your hands feel against your body if they are resting on your stomach or your chest.
If your hands are holding each other and your fingers when to Twingo, you know like that, just maybe just undo them. Let your hands relax on their own. If If you want to do that if you feel comfortable to do that, because you want to be able to move either your right or left fingers and thumb together at some point in the very near future. Just good just to have that hand free. As you notice the feeling of your back and your whole body being supported by the bed by the flat surface. Whatever is supporting you at this very second. Notice the back of your neck I'd see head being supported either by the bed or by your neck. But at the same time your head and the neck can feel loose
We're going to do is like you to imagine you want an escalator why same kind of escalator maybe you'd have in a shop or a shopping mall or
train station tube station. You know, something like that. Maybe a big building. And just imagine you're at the top of a long, tall escalator and you're safe at all times. And you start to go down. From 20 all the way down to one, you become 10 times more relaxed. As I count down. As you traveled down the escalator, you can actually see the numbers on the wall
next to you, as you travel down, maybe the numbers will light up pointing downwards. When you get to one, you feel so relaxed and calm. And you'll be ready to set this trigger up this trigger of deep relaxation now ready for the escalator to travel downwards, causing you to feel more and more deeply relaxed both physically, emotionally as well. Also in your mind, your mind can just completely let go. Now 20 1918 1716 1514 1312 1110 really feeling this sensation as relaxation. ny I 765432.
Just notice how your mind may be drifting. Maybe it's a bit harder to focus on the words than saying but at the same time you know that you can feel completely relaxed. And also follow my instructions. Very simple instructions. Because now you're going to stand at the top of the next escalator this time and 10 to one going twice as relaxed. Going even deeper with every number. And every time I'd say the number, pressure finger and thumb together on one of your hands. Ideally your prominent hand whichever right behind you right with whether it's your right or your left pushing your thing have been together for the duration of the number and then let go and impress it together when I say the next number now and every time you press that finger fun together you feel a physical sensation of complete relaxation spread in over your entire body, from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes. Those feelings spreading then your arms and your legs, your feet in your hands, your face and your back chest and your stomach like a wave of pressure filled of deep relaxation spreading through your entire body. Every time you push your finger and thumb together now I'm going to start counting down from 10 to one and every time push your finger and thumb together 10 this your finger thumb together twice as relaxed. And let go. Nine push your finger thumb together. Twice as relaxed. Let go. Eight. Push your finger have fun together. Twice as relaxed. Let go. Seven. Push your finger thumb together twice as relaxed. Go six. Push your finger fall together. Twice as relaxed. That guy five, push your finger have fun together twice as relaxed. Let go. For sure fingering fun together. Twice as relaxed.
Let go.
Three push your finger thumb together twice as relaxed. Let go to push your finger fun together. Twice is relaxed. That guy
push your finger and fun together twice as relaxed. Do you can hold on together finger fun for as long as you need for your mind to simulate and connect that signal and that trigger with your entire body and mind to feel completely relaxed instantly and naturally. Completely. Whenever you push your finger and fun together.
Relax. Let go. Whenever you push finger and fun together in the future you can feel instantly relaxed physically and in your mind and emotionally. Allowing you to cope with situations that maybe you found difficult in the past allowing you to feel more relaxed in any situation that you choose I'm going to count from one to three. When I get to three, you can open your eyes, feeling alert, feeling content, feeling deeply relaxed. One, two, and everything that we've discussed in this session, or your new learnings will become part of you. And that connection between your finger and thumb, causing stimulating deep relaxation, and pleasure, both physically and mentally, will become stronger every day. And every time it's used, allowing you to really have more of those feelings that you wish to have. Allowing you to deal with those situations in the future. That may be in the past. A bit difficult. But now as you look to the future,
you can see things differently. Three, open your eyes. Why do I need to just shake your body a bit if you are able to do so
just notice how you feeling. Now, you might feel well, you probably do feel completely relaxed anyway, naturally. What I want you to do as a tester, because there's no point doing this stuff, if you don't test it, it's all about getting results, it's all about doing something useful for you. You know, that's why I'm doing this. So the test if it is, is think of a situation that's gonna happen tomorrow, or maybe in the next few days, which you know, is maybe it happens everyday, maybe it's a boss saying something in the past, you've maybe found it to wind you up, he just annoys you or something. I can think of that now, nothing, nothing major, I don't need to think about anything huge, just something that enough to go from your comfort level from zero being really comfortable to maybe a fall, something like that, where just like oh, just winds you up, maybe five even notice what level it would be 10 being the worst, you could feel zero being the most relaxed and calm, you could feel notice what number it is, when you think about it. It already probably has reduced a bit because you're feeling calm and relaxed anyway. And everything that happens in the future, from now on, will be easier to deal with because you've listened to this session. And this, regardless of what you do with your fingers, this will have a major effect on your life. Because that's what it's for. That's why we have the daily ones. So you can reinforce those feelings of comfort and the ability to deal with and cope with various situations in your life. So you can have a happier life. So, think about that thing that's going to happen maybe tomorrow or you expect it to happen. It's just a regular thing that happens that maybe pays you off just annoys you. Okay? If it's a it's a fourth as an example, just log log in your head What number is on your annoyance level. I think that situation again, think of it tomorrow happening. And just notice that feeling. Notice the level it's at. Now pressure thing of home together. Nice. Notice how that changes and keep it together until that feeling changes and that relaxation rushes into that feeling and transforms it. It's kind of like a fire being covered in snow. Suddenly the fire just goes out. So just think about that thing. Now, just with your hands and fingers open,
you know, just think about that thing. Now it's going to happen tomorrow. And notice what number it is now. Maybe it's gone down to a two, maybe it's gone down to zero.
But think about it again, if it's not gone down to zero, think about it again. See What number is that, again, push your finger from together and hold it together until that number has gone down to a number that you're satisfied with. So do you feel completely relaxed and calm. Knowing that, that situation will no longer affect you, the way it used to. You do now have the ability to feel calm and relaxed whenever you choose. So you can play with that if you want play with that idea with different situations in your life. And I can add to it as well. There are other things that can be added to it. But you know, I'm doing these every day. The idea is to do 10 minutes sessions, but I seem to go on and do longer session. So I'm not quite sure how that's gonna pan out because I'm doing half an hour this one. But I hope it's been useful. My name is Jason, a website's Jason newland.com. I've made a few changes on the website. So I've no longer got all my sessions I've ever made on there. Because my archive of videos is on a YouTube channel, my archive of NP threes are on my SoundCloud channel podcast. On my website, I've just got the sessions that I've made this year on their site is 2017 onwards. So there's the daily hypnosis sessions for relaxation, the Tuesday pain relief sessions and the Thursday sleep sessions. So that's, yeah, every single one of those sessions you can download for free as NP freeze. Okay, take case off if you're on YouTube. Now that link to download the mp3 is in the information box or description box. That links then will take you directly to the place where you can download this as an mp3 and stick it on your phone or mp3 player
of choice.
Okay, you take case I was thank you very much for watching. Thank you all for your support. And please subscribe if you like what I do. Please like the video, comment and please share it with other people maybe stick on Facebook or whatever you can do to help I appreciate Thank you. Take care. See you tomorrow. Bye bye.

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