#49 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (23rd August 2019)

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Hello, and welcome to relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. My name is Jason Newland, please only listen to this when you can safely Close your eyes. Now, what I thought I'd do today is an exercise. Now that means sit ups. Trust me, if you saw me, you'd know that I didn't mean sit ups.
Although I do have a sit up bench, which is very, very handy for putting clothes on. I could it clicked in dust. So I was thinking about the way that maybe some of us are able to hold on to anxiety because, you know, a lot of anxiety. It can be due to something that's happened in the past.
I think the biggest, most extreme example was a client I had when I was a counselor. And there was this big thing that happened in a town. And it was I won't go into details, but it was it was basically something happened in the town. People saw it. And this this young lady, she was
a witness to what she saw. And it involved a vehicle and her friend was on the pavement and it was just horrible. But
I saw her probably a year after the event. And she didn't feel safe to walk on a pavement. She didn't feel safe leaving her house because she expected a car to come onto the pavement
and knock her over like it did her friend this so I could have spent six weeks talking I could have spent six weeks listening to her or she was prepared to do that was my job as a counselor.
However, the level of anxiety that she had I feel it was only it seemed immoral to not help her to reduce that anxiety if I knew how to seems kind of wrong to have not to not do that.
If you know how to help someone and you're done kind of sings with it no wrong especially in a situation like this. So I didn't do hypnosis with exactly but I did some visualization. I did some say played with a memory buy. That's kind of what we did. We had the memory I got to think back to the memory but in different ways.
And it's a version of the Quick quick phobia cue with a five minute phobia cure wherever NLP
which comes from hypnosis. So the idea of not reliving, because that would be the cause of the anxiety. The reliving it That's the cause of the anxiety. But to think about that situation, from a different angle, looking through a window, from the distance from a coffee shop,
watching it through binoculars, seeing it from the top of a bus just seen it, so you're not reliving it you're not
back inside your own body experiencing those feelings that you had at the time. Because that would be creating
anxiety which is the opposite to what any of us want. So what I was thinking is we can play around with this today. And when I say play around, I do mean you know not take it too seriously.
Think of it as an exercise as something you can kind of train your brain in a way it's always useful to start out with something that isn't particularly too serious. At the beginning why would advise When have you learned a new technique
maybe don't use it with the thing that is most traumatic for you. Ease yourself into it. Start off with maybe something has happened recently. with somebody maybe somebody said something and it wasn't pleasant. He didn't enjoy the experience. Or maybe whatever it was, it wasn't it's not the end of the world.
But it wasn't nice you know it was uncomfortable. And when you think about it still feels uncomfortable. And it'd be nice to be able to think about it and not necessarily feel wonderful about it. Because that would might be this strange he may feel neutral this almost like you know when you've got a bought a hot water in a bath. And I've done this so many times not had baths I mean put hot water in a bath and it's been too hot to get in. So turn the cold tap on and I've gone into the kitchen to be a tap dancing or wherever are doing their comeback in too much cold waters gone in. And now it's too cold. It's not cold, it's too cold to get in. It's no longer hot, or like bath temperature. And no matter how much hot water I pour into it doesn't seem to make any difference is if that cold water is just neutralized any ability for that water to heat up. It's very strange kind of phenomenon. Yet that's a similar kind of thing with the mind. When you add different dimensions to a memory add different feelings to an emotion. You play around with stuff like that. It changes it
actually changes the way you feel. And it can be quite surprising and there are unlimited why To get this result, I could make a new cordon every day, for the rest of my life.
Give me different ways to do this. Maybe I'll do that, I don't know. But you can start to come up with your own ways. Because that creativity
that we all have, you know, that creative mind starts to think, ah, I wonder. It's a little bit, I suppose, like you learn how to cook. You can do an apprenticeship with the greatest chef in the world. And you can spend five years training with that chef. And you can learn everything, the chef's that chef knows.
You're created minds gonna think of new stuff? Or what if I mix some mustard in well with that porridge, as an example, not probably a good example. And then you come up with something new, something creative. Even though you didn't need to, because you had more knowledge than maybe most chefs. Because you studied with the Top Chef chef in the world,
as just example. When people say well, I'm a perfectionist, not told me we're talking about themselves. It might be true in some ways. They can only be consciously because unconsciously they're not perfectionists. Otherwise they couldn't be creative.
Because creativity comes from in perfection. It comes from thinking about things in a different way mixing together things that shouldn't be mixed together fitting things together that don't belong in the same space that then leads to a completely new invention or creation but that perfection is mind wouldn't allow that process to occur I don't think it nipped in the bud straight away. Sweet and sour sauce sounds illogical. Sweet and sour sauce. nip that in the bud. When in fact actually is It's gorgeous. For those that like sweet and sour sauce.
Peanut bar. I'm not a big fan. Very popular in the world. And now as a mixture they came about from suppose that creative thought perfection is part of the brain. But are gone. No, that can't go together.
Butter and peanuts. I wouldn't put peanuts in a sandwich. tastes horrible. Therefore peanut butter wouldn't be right.
So that creative side of your brain actually appreciates. And I think if you give it a bit of a bit of space to rain, to Rome, to grow to play, it can have a lot of fun. And it can help you in ways that may be your your conscious mind. You know that that thing that maybe is so Serious, a bit bit too serious sometimes and but at the same time, you know, it's looking out for yourself and trying to keep yourself safe and protected and perhaps isn't maybe a bit too blinkered at times, which can be a great thing in some ways. To be other key, you know, if you're playing darts, you're playing sports, you know, if you're doing an operation, you can't have, I guess, needs to have that blinkered state where you're focusing solely on what you're doing. And I, I like to think that forever, I mean, I have to have an operation or whatever. I like to think that the doctor and a surgeon isn't thinking about what he saw she's gonna have for dinner tonight. When they're operating on me, I like to think that that's what they're thinking about. That's what they're focusing on. So they're not feeling creative and thinking, Oh, wonder why he's? No. It could be like, so I wonder what he looked like if he exercised as kind of the creative and he started thinking we might be muscular as he wouldn't have that big belly. So there's a time for that blink goodness. I think sometimes perhaps we get blinkered at the wrong times.
For example, I would suggest that possibly anxiety, panic can be very much a blinkered state of mind. That's so focus on this is what happened before. Therefore, this is what's going to happen again.
mentality or with that young lady completely focused on every car that went past while she was on the pavement. And you know, what? So understandable, the soul to feel that way. It's understandable. You know, if you see someone I saw my friend got run over when I was very young. And most of my life, I've been really careful when across the road. I look, and then just walk out. I know that most people will look before they cross by know people that don't. Then I think sometimes people can see over the cars because they're taller than me. So I'm like crossing over and just trying to look behind the car. I'm not three foot tall, but I'm not total. See, got that focus. And you got that creativity. Not exclusive. Me you can have both, I guess in the sense of being focused on being creative. Someone is painting can be very focused, and incredibly creative at the same time.
Just kind of mix in it. Like the paints, I suppose. So when you got that memory, for example, if you think about something now, that happened in the last two days or week, something that annoyed you, something that you felt anxious about and maybe feeling anxious about seeing that person again. And when you think about what happened, you had that stress levels increase. Now I'm not trying to get the your stress levels to increase. I'm here for the opposite to that.
And it's just an example. As you think about that mentioned seeing it from this stance. So you know, actually, in the moment, you're not in your body, you're watching yourself with that person interacting.
And you can hear their voice. And maybe it's a sentence, they said, a word that they stressed, you know, maybe something they said, That's upset. Yeah. And it's okay to get upset by things means your human being holding on to it and laying out affects your life and your happiness.
That's just not acceptable for you, it needs to not be acceptable for you. In order for you to move on in, be happy. So imagine, you can hear that person saying what they're saying to
you. But this time, slow it down. So if they're saying, for example, the moon, it's sunny outside, but then you hit him go, it is. So he saw. Now, I'm guessing that wouldn't be the sentence that had caused
or triggered that anxiety response. So what if it was he just repeated in that slow motion voice, and just notice how it feels.
Notice how the response that you experience internally is different. Now, to the way it was before, when you just relive in that in your mind.
Maybe you can speed it up to sounds almost like Mickey Mouse or squirrel. Squirrel, you know, some kind of carrot, cartoon character, you can make it sound like Daffy Duck, or Donald Duck. Or the list is endless. It can be anyone it could be one of the Muppets. Kermit, or Miss Piggy. So just have that same sentence. And I'll keep quiet while you're doing your mind had that same sentence from that person said, but in the voice of some funny cartoon character or maphill or something like that.
do that now. So how did that feel different? So when you think back to the experience you had before with them? Think back to how do you feel different now
to the way you did before you listen to this recording. When you think back to that interaction you had with that person. Notice how it's changed. Our lives naturally changed and got lower. You may even notice the slight edge just dropped off completely useless and most unimportant thing ever now. It may be difficult to even really believe that it did have an effect before.
Now imagine seeing that person might be someone you work with someone that you can't really avoid. Maybe a family member or loved one A friend, it could be someone you work with. It could be someone that works in a shop, you know, whoever he is mentioned seeing them again, let's say tomorrow or this week. And that is how different you feel about seeing them. If it hasn't gone down to zero, if it hasn't reduced completely the anxiety or stress, you can add one more thing. Imagine seeing them the next time you see them. And imagine when you go up to see them, you notice that they've got a fried egg on top of their head, just a fried egg with the yolk is just laying on top of their head for no reason whatsoever. It's just, it's just there. You could have a boiled egg if you wanted to, you know, say the slicer fried egg.
And they're talking. Oh, you can see that Friday. Just notice how you feel right now. So there was that Friday. And as you blank that out of your mind, just think about a scenario. When you're going to see them next, maybe it'll be a work, maybe you'll be in a shop, maybe it'll be a family get together, wherever, like a realistic situation, where you're actually very likely to see this person.
And just imagine, go into that place will then come into you. And seeing them, you know, if they knock on your door, you open the door. Or if you go to their house, they open the door. Or maybe you're sitting at your desk at work and they walk in and sit down next to you or another desk might be a boss might be someone that works for you. Whoever it is, imagine you see them in a real life situation.
imagining that they say you feel different. Now to the way he did before knows how that stress, anxiety level reduces. Really goes down sometimes just vanishes completely. Almost like that. The bath with a hot water too much cold water put in afterwards.
neutralizes it neutralizes the hot water to the point where it just can't get hot anymore. It's gone is now the very best lukewarm which is for me that's an uncomfortable bath. That's just you know one step from just being cold.
Notice how that feels. As within your mind. This process has been saved. The process has been saved those new learnings, those new neural path works kind of or pathways that are connected and doing something different to maybe what you've done before.
In some ways This is perhaps what we already do, you know, distorting a memory. Changing a memory is a natural for most people. Unless, unless someone's got a photographic memory, and they remember everything they've ever heard,
that's been said and everything they've read. And there's not many of those around. Most people distort the memory. They don't do it purposely, it's just there's so much going on in our lives, there's so much visual,
auditory, physical stimulation, smells, tastes, you know, you name it. Sometimes the memory, it remembers it gets a little bit muddled up, perhaps adds a few little bits, misses out a few little bits, distorts.
This is just doing what your brain naturally does. But purposely, in a way to help you in a way to reduce your stress and your anxiety, reduce those feelings that were not helpful. So that you can feel more relaxed and more able to do more things that will improve your lifestyle. And this is something that you can play around with. Maybe with other situations, just build it up gradually. And what happens is very likely to happen. And I've seen it
is the mind or the brain starts to get used to it. And it starts to get
started do on its own, without you needing to do anything. It's kind of like if you've got you got a big table with 1000 legs. Like is I mean that is like a slab rather than the table, big, massive concrete slab. If you think about King off, and the round table, you know, something like that. Some big huge table. But this has got 1000 legs, supporting the table doesn't need 1000 legs, but the person who built it doesn't realize that wishes is so heavy they fought, we'll just give it lots and lots of legs to support it.
But then it does need 1000 legs in a sense of holding on to these big issues in our brain. Because we're because anxiety, stress, panic. So many things are connected to each other in our minds. So you get one of you give it a one leg you get one of one table leg, which may have been the thing that we've just discussed in this recording. And then you do have another type of leg which could be something that happened last Christmas in a family dinner someone and you know, it could be as simple as you. You didn't get present. You didn't get the president you want it might sound a bit trivial with some people. That's a big issue. So
it can be lots of little things. But the more little things and I say little, I mean
compared to the really big stuff and we've all got big stuff. Those little stuff that maybe we don't want to think about. And definitely that's This is not the time to focus on that. But the more those legs, they get knocked away, will happen happens. Eventually, the table collapses and the big concrete table, the slab of rock or wherever, falls down and smashes into many bits. So demolished that they can't be put back together again. It's no Humpty Dumpty can't be put back together again. In fact, Humpty Dumpty couldn't be put back together again. So it's just like Humpty Dumpty, except is not egg with legs.
Sitting on a wall. bats have a big fall, once that is crumbled, changes everything. And that does happen eventually, the more those smaller legs to get knocked away. Eventually, your mind starts to get used to it. sauce gets used to the process and starts to knock away more of those legs, without you even consciously thinking about it.
And eventually crash. The big stuff that was being big in your mind, it's been holding you back. That's been maybe what you felt is the cause of the a lot of the anxiety, stress and panic just crashes to the floor. You could even say that maybe the big table is the panic attack. A big type your table is the panic and anxiety attacks. And the legs are the incidences of the panic attacks. They're the you know, it's the stressful times the incidences that's happened. Once they get knocked out. It's gone. Just like this. This cities underwater from 1000s of years ago that have been discovered whole cities. And nothing is known about them. Because there are no documents. Do you think before they happened, they could have been a book that told everything about the history of that city chronicling all the events and it got destroyed. That's what happens with a table crash destroyed. It gives you freedom. It's not just the freedom you get. The end it's the freedom you start to feel the beginning.
a marathon runner isn't a marathon runner. At the end of the marathon. just become a marathon runner. When they finish the marathon. They're a marathon runner. The first day they take that first step Training when they first start training for the marathon, even if they only run around the block once they are a marathon runner. So I'm gonna leave you with that thought. Allow your creative mind to come up with other ideas. Maybe play around with this and see what comes up. So remember to be kind to yourself. Be extra gentle with yourself. Okay. And I will speak to you very soon. Lots of love bye

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