#47 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (20th August 2019)

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Hello, and welcome to relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Now I only listen to this when you can safely Close your eyes I've been doing a little bit of write down a few little notes, which is very unlike me to do any, any preparation whatsoever before making a recording, but today I have and I just been looking at different ways different things, different activities, changes that you can make in your life that can have a beneficial effect for you for reducing anxiety, stress, increase in relaxation. So there's a few things, one that came to mind was something that I've been doing for many, many years. And it's listening to music for the sole purpose of relaxing Ford specify that for the sole purpose of relaxing, because I'm guessing everybody has listened to music. And I used to listen to classical music. Because I read books that told me that classical music was
you know, the best type of music to listen to, in order to relax. So I kind of believe that and I actually, I think I naturally do find Classical Music Relaxing. Specially there's a few instruments are really like the violin a piano they call it the two ones are like, trumpets are not quite as relaxing as
for me personally the triangle be but you know, there is a lie like, you know, an orchestra purpose. I like it being gentle, not really into the whole kind of going quiet and then being loud again, and then being quiet and being loud, and so on quiet, you know, that's just what I quite like. And then I watched a documentary on television. And it was by elfia. I'm not even sure what the name of it was. But the basic premise around it was does classical music help you to relax? So I watched it out of interest. And the head these specialists which will put in these, you know, those caps that they put on people's heads, which measure the brain activity and the different parts of the brain and the Can They can measure the stress levels, cortisol, whatever different levels of the person and that put them into a booth and they got members of the public and it get them to sit in the booth and listen to the music. It's like classical music, but then they decided to they needed to test it with other music To see whether or not classical music had made a difference over
listening to a different type of music with the outcome of this the this study was that basically makes no difference what type of music you listen to. It just has to be music that you love. Which might seem quite obvious. Somebody listening to their favorite album may get the same benefits as listening to a, you know, Beethoven concert. I'm quite a big fan of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.
So it's something that oddly, I can listen to and feel really relaxed. Because, you know, it's lovely, all Greece. And technically, Greece isn't a relaxing record, the album of the film, The soundtrack. If you listen to something that you enjoy, it releases those chemicals from your brain into your body that relaxes your body and relaxes your mind.
And I thought back to times in the past, when this has been completely true for me. I remember when I was I don't know what year it was, it was 2000 and there'll be 2002 2003. And I moved into a little caravan because I needed to get away from where I was living because it was noisy and
just, you know, wanted some peace. And I remember I'll always remember this because it was a first beer piece I'd had for quite a while.
It was a Saturday afternoon. The caravan came with a recliner chair, way better than the one I've got here. And I remember just sitting back in the recliner chair listening to Craig David, one of his albums on CD. And just feeling that all those stressed just leave my body. It was as if it was just draining away
through the chair. Felt So Good. Then I think back to other times because I hadn't really made the connection, you know, for quite a while as for that being
Oh, it's you know, Scobie classical music or something. Really. I suppose in some cases, a bit boring. You know, perhaps be from when I was a kid, when I was young.
I remember I used to lay down on my bed. I was probably about 1213. I'd listened to madness, the best of madness on the tape, tape recorder with my headphones on. And just be laying on my bed and I just feel so relaxed.
It's really, in some ways blissed out really just felt so good.
But not in an excitable way. But in a I suppose in a sense, if you go into sleep, you don't want to have that necessarily blissed out excitability that might be there. And stress, you know, someone goes to a concert and sees their favorite band is probably is a level of with definitely a level of excitement, physically and mentally, it's pleasurable. So they're relaxed, but at the same time alert and just enjoying being alive. So listen to music can really have beneficial result for all of us. But it doesn't have to be classical music. It doesn't have to be any type of music. What it needs to be, is something that you love listening to. And I suppose in some ways, it doesn't even have to be music. It could be your favorite podcast. You know, could be someone talking they could be. It could be anything, anything that you like, have been audiobook. It doesn't necessarily have to be music. It could just stick could be the sounds of birds singing. Which is one of my favorite things, actually. Because I've got this garden with a huge tree in it. Technically, it's sin. No, it is in my garden. Yeah. It's big. It's massive. It's bigger than my house. It's just really big. Like, like a beanstalk. It's not nothing like a Bienstock. But otherwise, it's big tree. And there are lots of birds live in there. And I hear them. And it doesn't matter what time of the day or noi that they stop and singing and talking to each other.
I could always sleep with that sound. Even even a pigeon even the ones that sound like helicopters going past. But don't know why helicopters going past this time of night.
It's a little bit late. I'm gonna remember even younger, laid in a bed listening. Because my dad used to have albums, record albums. I forget what you call them this plastic things that people used to listen to. vinyl, vinyl. And because he is because he's a lot older than me, it has a different kind of type of music they liked. He grew up in the 60s. So he liked or grew up in the 60s is born in 19 I think 47 so I guess he grew up in the 50s and 60s. So he he liked the music from the 50s from the 60s and onwards 70s and this was in the early 80s that I'd be listening to this stuff. So he had albums, you know from Apple, the beegees he had this one album he had I'm really like listening to Which was the soundtracks of lots of famous movies at that time. Sort of like Star Wars, Superman. But it was all music. It's all the music soundtracks, like the introduction. Some of the spaghetti western films, close encounter to third kind of thing was on there. And I was just like, wow, I just I used to lay down. And I'd have the album on play in it. And I just listened to it and because I listen, I listen to so often. I kind of knew what was coming. And there'd be certain parts of it were just completely blissed out. Completely. so relaxed, it was almost as if every muscle in my body just melted. And even though I hadn't watched every one of those films that was on the album
I probably watch most of them but there was a few You know, there was just
like, I loved the Superman. If you ever listen to the Superman album, soundtrack from Superman This was very long long version of the Superman and he included the bit ways flying with Lois Lane where they kind of were whisper in what they're thinking and that you know at that time it was that it Superman is one of my favorite childhood films. They always will be by guests guess it has each favorite childhood films isn't really can changes that
I guess. But I think that connection to listen to a song, or an album of music,
or your mp3 album or however you listen. This connection. Like there's that connection, perhaps with listening to me and feeling relaxed. Which can give you the sense of comfort and calmness. Even though I'm just talking about listening to music, and
the main purpose, I guess, was to talk about that and to look at, think about how you could benefit from listening to your favorite album. And ideally, and I'm coming at this from a purely hypnosis perspective. And it is a personal it's a personal thing is I would say I did a listen to something that has some positive
lyrics. Because listening over and over to an album that has,
let's say negative lyrics would be the equivalent to listening to the hypnotist but from a different angle, because repetition, repetition has an impact, a huge, huge impact. So what we do regularly, what we do a lot
is the thing that we're going to do more of, it's a thing that has the biggest effect on us. Generally, of course, there are times When is that word of learning, you know that once that one thing that's happened that you learn from it straightaway. And quite often phobias can be caused that way. But as far as learning to relax more learning to feel karma within yourself learning to actually enjoy living in your own skin with confidence and the knowledge that you actually like can be okay. The relaxation is something that you can enjoy and that is not sure it's not test, it's not task.
It's just calmness. It's just natural to feel relaxed because it's something that doesn't really take much effort. And the effort that it might take really is worth it. Even if it's just a little bit of effort, as I say like putting some music on laying down just listen or sitting in a chair and just listening to the music.
Notice and how your body is relaxed and relaxes more. Notice noticing how your mind slows down or feels more relaxed. Noticing those feelings of pleasure that you can gain from just letting go for the duration of that album for however long it is or that audio book or podcast.
Just enjoying that time for what it is just for the comm feed and that you can experience more of a sense of serenity and looseness that's naturally there for you to experience more of and to enjoy because well it's feeling relaxed, calm. You also deserve to you know have some pleasure listening to your favorite music, your favorite album is pleasurable. actually feels nice. And I talk about this with my podcasts for sleeping. All my podcasts, a few is actually laying down on your bed. is a really pleasant experience when you're not trying to tell yourself to go to sleep but just lying there enjoying the bed supporting your body enjoy not having to do anything enjoying not having to think about anything is actually a joyful experience the same as listening to your favorite music just feels so nice to just let go because you choose to let go to enjoy that feeling because you choose to enjoy listening to the music or the podcast or the audio book, wherever it may be. So I'm going to leave you with that thought. Maybe you can spend more time relaxing, listening to something that allows you to feel really good inside as well as completely relaxed. That suit for me today. Speak to very soon Remember to be kind to yourself or to love bye

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