#46 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (16th August 2019)

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Hello, and welcome to stress, anxiety hypnosis.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is the podcast, relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Please only ever listen to this when you can safely Close your eyes. You can support this free service that I offer quite a few different ways you can share the share the recordings, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, places like that. Or you can go to my website, and you can
help to support the covering costs of running this service. So thank you in advance. So as I was walking into my bedroom to make this recording,
because I'm sitting on the edge of my bed, probably more information than you need. Andres asleep in the living room, so I'm kind of in here, so that I don't disturb him. Because when sometimes when he's awake, he's wide awake. And sounds like the the end of the hiddenness hypnosis session, doesn't it? Why do I? Why do I? So I was thinking, what bout practical ideas to help with situations of stress, worry about practical ideas, not just all this hypnosis, see ideas of relaxation and ways you can prepare yourself, or how to change the way you feel about something that happened in the past or, you know, things like that, which is why usually do sort of mainly, obviously, not to put that down because it's just what I do. And it's what I believe if you listen to these, this podcast every day, maybe even if you listen to it as a particular record that you like, then, I mean, what I do in those situations is I listen to it every day. As well as listening to the next day's recording, or the new one. There is a particular recording that I listened to every day at the moment by Earl Nightingale. And it's called the secret that nobody ever told you or something like that. It lasts for 33 minutes. And I listened to it. While I while basically sometimes I'll close my eyes and listen to it. Sometimes I'll be doing stuff on the internet, going through my stats and stuff. But it sinks in, it sinks in. And it's transformational. So what I would say is, this recording is going to be based on practical stuff. And I invite you in the comments of wherever you watching this or listening to this. Maybe put in your own experience and your own suggestions, something that you found that works for you, and share that with the others. So if you go to the website as probably one of the best places to do it. Under each recording, there's a comment box you can leave a comment. This will also be on YouTube and various different podcasts that just lets you share with others, but also other people can share with you the way I am. So I'm going to talk mainly from my own personal experience. So there is no There's no relaxation involved in this session. There's no anything like that. It's really just me talking. Although it should probably still be fairly relaxing. Because I'm not shouting, I'm not, you know, not, not asking you to do anything, though, I will be making some recordings in the future, where I will ask you to do some stuff that might even involve standing up and moving around.
But not in this recording. And of course, if you do, when you do listen to those recordings, you know, you can obviously open your eyes, otherwise, you'll end up banging into things.
But even those still keep your eyes closed. Make sure you only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. So don't listen to anything that I do when you're driving. So where do we start? Where to start? How to practically help, too. You can say reduce the stress level? Or you could say what do you do to prevent the stress level from rising in the first place. So there's one thing that I've been doing lately, and I might have mentioned
is, of course in the headphones form so on iPhone, I had on a contract and that's all paid off now. So that's done.
But the headphones that came with it had wires. And I think my ears I think I've got an abnormally large every not every homeless as the nip was noted that the hole in your ear not to hold if you've obviously got piercings, you can say which hole I've got 17% I mean, the big hole, the one where the hearing happens, the hairy bit as you get older, and I think they're a little bit too big for normal earbuds. But anyway, what I do, I've got myself some berry buds, and I was going to get headphones. But the point behind this is it takes away background sounds is a two fold thing. Firstly, its focus gives a focus. And it takes away background sounds. The main warning for this is to be careful what you're doing when you're wearing them. So I wouldn't advise wearing them. If you were driving, or weren't aware were advise wearing headphones. necessarily, if you were crossing a road or anything like that, any situation where you need to be aware of what's going around what's going on around you, then, perhaps don't wear headphones. The things like sitting on a bus or sitting on a train, waiting for a bus waiting for a train. It can be quite relaxing in a situation that may not normally beside. And then there's little benefits. And you probably get more of a benefit. If you have big headphones that go over you is is nobody's going to talk to you. And it's obviously it's not going to be a benefit for everybody. But I don't always necessarily want a stranger to start talking to me. Especially if I've got 14 minutes to the next bus. I mean, that's not my thing, and there's some people would love that, but I don't not really for me. So if you've got headphones in, chances are they're not gonna start talking to you. I seem to attract really drunk people when I'm waiting for buses. And that's it. drunk people are annoying enough anytime bursts just in a pub in a waiting for a bus. But the only time I don't mind drunk people as well, I'm drunk. And that's it. That's the only time and I don't really drink much power from that junk people are lovely. But haven't had funds is a distraction. It's a focus because you're focused on the music, or I like to listen to motivational talks have I was a member of or audible asset. So I've got some talking books there from some motivational speakers like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn. And it's les Brown's number one, it's really, really good sometimes to listen to the radio. I personally listen to LBC, which, again, is talk, talking. Sometimes I listen to music, I've got amazon prime, so I've got to the music thing. And then you can download stuff onto your phone or your iPod or whatever, wherever it is you've got. So you don't use up data. But this is one thing that I've found, actually relaxes me. And I forgot about it. I used to use this technique back in the 90s, the early 90s. And I forgot all about it. Because I'll tell you why. I thought I'd go into Buddhism.
And I was so convinced that I should be aware of everything that's going on around me. And to not try and block stuff out. And to be open to all the sounds and to open to everything and not be trying to distract myself. By actually, sometimes distraction is really helpful thing. Not all the time, that sometimes. And listening to when I used to walk to work in the early 90s I'd listen to LBC radio, even back then. And it gave me an uplift. Sort of. Yeah, it just it was kind of mentally stimulating, more so than listening to music. Because with music if you listen to the same song, which I got a habit of doing, if I've got an album that I like, I listened to over and over again. But it's the same over and over again. With speech radio, every seconds different is Read Across is repetition they still different words different people talk in and basically distraction and it can also feel a bit like company listening to a conversation can be stimulating the not in a stressful life anxiety kind of a way. Because that's not something that would be at all useful. So having headphones listening to some music, listening to anything you want really as long as it's safe to listen to when you're walking down the street.
So other ways, practical, practical ways. Can you increase your sense of relaxation, decrease the potential of stress or panic? Well, what you wear can have an effect. Are you comfortable with the clothes that you're in? might sound like a kind of strange question. But how relaxed Can you be When you're wearing trousers that are just a bit too tight, or you're wearing shoes, maybe high heeled shoes that are nipping into your ankles or to your heels, maybe you've got blisters. How comfortable Can you be? Maybe if you've got your hair tied back? How comfortable Can you be with a tight top on
suits, things like that, that can actually make a big difference. Something as simple as making sure you got the right size bra,
the right fit price, so that actually, you're supported. I'm not an expert on profit ins. But your waist, your stomach, you think about if you were doing yoga, or if you're going to the gym,
you'd make sure that you had stretch, you had the ability for your clothes to stretch, so that you were able to relax doing it. And he may say yeah, but JJ, we can't all can't go to work, or go to a wedding in my yoga outfit, which is a good point. Of course you can do whatever you want to do. But you'd get some very funny looks no doubt. Unless it was a yoga wedding, if there is such a thing. But then it's like okay, what can you do is the little things. If you've got shoes that are too tight, change them, get some better shoes, get some more comfortable shoes even. I mean, I'm not the most fashionable person. I know that some people are very fashion conscious, like to the point of willing to suffer physically, in order to look the way they want to look. And I respect that as that's everyone's choice. But the more comfortable you feel physically, the more comfortable you feel inside. So you can find some shoes. They fit your criteria of fashionability. Yet to still be nice and fit in nicely and comfortable. Then you're going to feel different. It's the little things. Things like cutting your toenails. I know this is it might seem well what the hell you I didn't expect him to talk about cutting toenails. This is a podcast about panic attacks. But it makes a difference just to make sure you feel comfortable. have gone out in the past. And at one time now there was a little bit too long, digging into the other foot. Why not the other foot that we read wasn't that long. I'm got my feet stuck together. But digging into the toe. The whole day was uncomfortable. And it did stress me out. Because there was no way that I could go I mean, you know, but as just some people really do keep their toenails short. And it's the little things and that is probably a little weird, but it's the little things that can make a difference to your sense of comfort. Physically the leads your emotional well being in that moment. Preparation you know, making sure that things are all sorted. So if you do not keep coming back to weddings, but that's one of my like a public situation with lots of people. Not my favorite thing. Really, you know, it's it's really To be down there with the things that are really,
for me, stress inducing. And I went to a wedding. And all I had was a suit are made. I mean, I did have underpants and a shirt and a tie and socks and shoes,
and hair, but I mean, or only had that one suit. And they had a shirt that I hadn't worn for ages, it was a white shirt.
And it was too tight on my belly. And the suit was okay. As far as it fed me fine and the shoes.
I think the shoes are okay, I think. But the show was too tight. Which meant I was uncomfortable when I was sitting down standing up wasn't so bad, but sitting down uncomfortable. And it was really hot. In the evening, when we had the dinner and everything. I late afternoon, it's really hot in there. And I couldn't take the jacket off because my belly was because it looked like I was pregnant. So how do I planned that a little bit better, I could have prepared myself and gotten myself a shirt that was locked back here. So I could have taken the jacket off and just had the shirt outside of my trousers and I felt a bit more relaxed within myself, which would have reduced the stress level of style ahead. practical things even traveling you know, not leaving things to the last minute. So do you have to run for the train or run for the bus. This is so obvious and so simple. I realize that. But you know some of the most obvious and simple stuff is the stuff that actually can make a difference. And the amount of time so I've got up I've left things last minute and I've had a bath or
breakfast. got dressed in 15 minutes and then run to get the bus and then run to get the train and just made it
which is a really horrible way to start the day for me is in you know instead of just starting an hour earlier, kind of at a slow bar. Relaxing breakfast, walked up slowly to the market dressed then walked up slowly to the bus. Maybe got the earlier bus. So I didn't have to run for the train.
Which meant there had been no stress which meant I wouldn't be getting onto the train sweating
and panting I don't always paint but you know, I mean like like having run a bit too much like a dog. This kind of needs to have a drink but probably similar.
So planning a little bit of planning and planning is boring. Let's face it is not the most exciting thing. Some people like to plan so I'm not being derogative towards people that enjoy it but is a little bit can be a little bit tedious. But it's definitely worth while If If you can foresee, you're doing something and you know that in the past, that situation has caused a lot of anxiety and stress in the past. It's case of looking at that situation, what would have made it easier, what would have taken the stress away, or reduce the stress and then doing something about it and changing it for next time. It's about learning. And after I've repeated loads of pointless behaviors in my life, loads of times, probably 1000s and 1000s of times, but I've not learned. So I'm not kind of, I'm not coming from an angle of Mr. perfection, because I'm far from it. But these were ideas of ways to make things a little bit easier. So the, because sometimes their anxiety can be triggered by a stressful situation. I know with panic attacks, sometimes it can feel like it's just come from nowhere. Although often, if you were able to trace back your thought pattern in your thoughts, before that first anxiety feeling occurred,
you might be thinking about something that triggered that feeling. That initial feeling that led to the anxiety. So in a sense is taking those triggers away reducing the chances of those triggers being triggered, I guess, pushed, those buttons being pushed.
So if you reduce the ones that you know about that least there's less chance of that leading to maybe the triggers that you don't know about being activated.
Because you know, I'm like get on a train while I'm running for the bus because I've left everything to the last minute. I get on almost way. It's maybe it's summer. And then perhaps someone will get some air if you don't know air freshener, but some deodorant or perfume and start spraying it. Not at me but in a way that I think is also the sign of stink. Or I'll just be in a bad mood. And then my bad mood, perhaps leads to me being oversensitive
or rude even to other people. Not like horribly rude but just not particularly pleasant. And then another person may react to me not being particularly pleasant.
And their reaction could trigger my anxiety like a roll on roll on effect. So it could be a case of looking at your day and just like hey, what what can you do to make things easier for yourself? Because that's all part to being kind to yourself. being gentle to yourself. What can you do different? He got shoes are uncomfortable. Can you wear more comfortable shoes. If you've got a car that won't start and you have to spend, you know 40 minutes every morning Trying to get the thing started. Perhaps getting a different car. I know there can be all issues financial bound or interested in that, because it's not my normal business. There's always going to be excuses. While we can't do things. Why don't have any money either. But the amount of stress that you might be putting yourself through every day, trying to get that cost. mean possibly would be, you'd be in a bad position just to get the bus or the train. As far as emotionally, imagine if every day you got woken up by a bucket of cold water just poured over your face, you're in bed asleep, and so on Chuck's a bucket of cold water. And that's the way you wake up every day. How many good days you're gonna have how many really pleasant starts, you know how often you're going to feel really good at the beginning of the day. I can say my situation here be zero. Apart from the fact that I'd end up in prison if someone did that to me. But, you know, without going all that way is, it'd be a horrible way to wake up. But in some ways we do that to ourselves in perhaps not as a drastic way. But in other ways, like maybe leaving it too late for the alarm, staying up too late in the evening, and maybe
leaving things to the last minute, which I am very capable of doing.
So what can you do practically to change will prepare your day ahead? Or your week ahead? Or some specific event? What can you do to change you experience of that event?
And I realize that's a question that only you can answer. because your life is specific to you. Those practical things. It's like I live in his flat. And I had one incident where the light bulb went out. Sounds like a really interesting story doesn't at all. Go into that story Jason told about the light bulb when it went out what I was interested in how is life transforming? Now the light went out. And then my friend, because I'm not very tall. So he he just completely in without standing on a chair. And I don't I don't trust my chairs to take my weight not standing on them. So he put the light bulb in and it broke. Or no, no what he did, he took it out and he handed to me in it and it was hot and I'm broke. It's something like that. So I didn't have a light bulb. And anyway, I kind of got very my stress levels really went up because I didn't really lie in the in the living room. And you could say it's such a small thing, but at the time it was bigger than it needed to be. Not the living room is the same size of just it's just, it just got to me for some reason. So I fought afterwards, what can I do to prevent this happening again. So that weekend, I ordered a big pack of lightbulbs. And I admit that is probably the most boring story you'll probably ever hear. Yeah, I'm not pretending hours. That is definitely not a wedding speech
stuck on the idea of weddings today. But now, a light bulb goes out, I just change it. The same as with batteries, I've got supply batteries that I can use.
If that is stock up in quite a few things I've got stock up on deodorant, soap toothpaste. As sometimes I've literally got a storage cupboard full of all kinds of stuff that would last for six months,
washing up liquid and that kind of stuff. And that's learning from the experience of running out of stuff running out of breakfast cereal, and no shots being open near where I live, and being hungry. So that's not gonna happen again. And that's another thing eating you need to make sure you eat. You may say, Well, of course I eat otherwise it'd be dead. I don't mean make sure you've eaten in your life. I mean, it need to have that energy. I know that too much sugar and excess salt and stuff can or perhaps can lead to a bit of heart pumping a bit too much we could leave liter anxiety, or the feeling of anxiety even when it's not. But then which could then lead to anxiety. Be need to eat. need to make sure that you've had your food before you leave the house. If you you know if you're going in the morning, make sure you have your breakfast. Don't go too long without eating. Don't go like the whole day without eating. need to eat. Cuz I know that I get grumpy if I haven't eaten. I know that I feel a bit ill if I go too long without eating. And I'm not talking just a few hours. I'm talking you know, I go sort of eight, nine hours. That's kind of too long. And I was at my brother's wedding. See I'm stuck on weddings going back there again. I remember saying to the the priests to the lady who was doing the ceremony I said how long is this gonna last? Before we started and she said Why? I said I'm hungry. She said she was joking. She said I'll be sitting on long bout 20 minutes. I said can you speed it up a bit. I said what I said I'll give you give you a pound. If you can do it in 10 minutes. She was joking again. But I was hungry. I needed to eat
because I hadn't eaten since the morning and this was now getting onto a probably about four o'clock three o'clock is about taking care of yourself physically, as well as emotionally. But the physical side is really important as well. Making sure that you're comfortable
that your clothes fit in a way that it's not causing you discomfort. It's not about feeling a million dollars. Although that's probably useful for feeling quite good about yourself. It's about comfort you know the opposite to discomfort. Sweat sweather that entails even if it means if you've got a journey to go on the train, travel when it's quiet travel when it's You know, when you know that the trains going to be less full. So you can get yourself a seat, there's less people less sound
you know, little things, make sure you've got your ticket with you, when you get off the train, or easy access to the ticket when the ticket inspector comes. So you haven't got to spend five minutes getting stressed looking for it in your handbag or your, your bag or your coat or wherever just little things
really can make the difference. It doesn't take much brainpower to, to prepare, it doesn't, it doesn't take a lot of energy to prepare, it's just perhaps a little bit tedious doing it. Making sure that you've got enough money in your wallet or your purse or pocket, or wherever you keep your money
in your bra or in your socks, I don't know, people keep their money in all different places. Instead of relying on the cash machine, the ATM instead of relying on that, to be open the other side of the train, or the place you're going to work if it's closed, or if it's
out of order, what you're going to do then, if you need cash, it's just those little things that really reduces stress. And, you know, I realize we can't be prepared for everything. But slight, sometimes it's can be useful to write down a list.
You know, like a shopping list. But without the groceries on a list of things that you need to make sure for you. It's not for anyone else, it's for you to make sure that you've prepared so you can relax your mind. Once it's done, once you've done those things and ticked off those things, then you can relax. Because in the case of train journey, ticket person comes along your tickets there, you got to in your top left pocket, where you always keep it, you hand it over there you go done. You get to your destination, you go to the credit card, the ATM cash machine. Oh, it's not working, though now. I've got cash in my wallet, purse or backpack, my head. So you haven't you know, a slot one less thing that you need to think about?
slight bit of preparation. So the preparation, age preparation, our preparation, relaxation, preparation and relax. So it's just a few little ideas, few little practical thoughts. And I realized that not even really not even touched decides on this one. And there's so many different things that you could make changes for yourself. And because I don't live your life, I don't know what your circumstances are. As far as work, socially, family so you can start maybe looking and noticing when you feel uncomfortable. And then think well, why? Why am I feeling uncomfortable? Is it because of how you physically fell? Is it because you're hungry? Is it because you've eaten too much? Is it because of the clothes you're wearing too tight or too loose? When I was younger, a lot of things happen when I was younger, I used to be really, really skinny. Now I'm the opposite to that now. But my trousers used to fall down. I don't mean literally down to the ankles. But these two, I used to be constantly pulling my trousers up, all I needed to do was get a belt. That was which entailed going to the shop and buying a belt,
kept putting it off. And I began so frustrated with the trousers and keep pulling them up. Even when I was walking down the street, keep pulling them up, every you know, every, like 10 minutes,
then I got the belt, eventually, no longer had to pull my trousers up. It was sorted down instantly. Just for the sake of a little bit of effort. And
I don't know probably five pound 99 to buy the belt. That's another really boring story. That's just written as boring as the
as the other one, I don't know. For sure I've got I got more boring stories than that.
So just have a think maybe of the things that you find, you get uncomfortable places when you get uncomfortable. Just in the with the the reasoning behind thinking of that intention is to correct it to make a change. So there, it's one less time where you feel really uncomfortable. One more time where you can feel relaxed. Like a tick that that can be gone. You don't have to think about it again.
If you and I've done this myself, you tread on an upturn plug, it's on the floor, and you've got no shoes or anything on. It's the one nice, it's the worst pains ever. It's really so painful. Those pins digging into your foot.
Now if you leave that plug where it is, and continue to walk around without any shoes on, then that means you're not learnt from it. And there's a good chance it's gonna happen again. But if you have one trial learning, and that happens once and you never allow it to happen again.
Whenever you see a plug, first of all, we don't leave plugs on the floor. But if you had a plug in you see a movie. My boy Andre is a ferret one trial learning once who discovers how to do something, that's it. He can do it over and over again. He discovered how to get on to the windows so once you've done that he was up there all the time. He discovered how to get up to the the bookcase and knock all of all the books off of the bookcase up all the books up back again and got him off. Nope kept doing it.
One trial learning for him. So I think we're we're capable of doing what A little ferric and he is very intelligent. But you know, he likes his own bomb. So I think we, we can perhaps learn something from the not the bum bit but the the one trial learning
to something causes stress and anxiety. It doesn't mean you don't do it again necessarily, but it
might mean that but maybe you can make changes so that it doesn't
cause the same level of emotional distress that it did. So that's all I've got to say on this one all look at the site. As always, there's always more to say. But I'll leave you just with the just with that. And
to look at your own situation, what changes can you make? You know, I've now got alcohol million different examples probably that I could give, but it'd be really long recording. And they're just be my experiences. Know that my experience and my life is not the same as your experiences and your life because we're all different. So I wish you well. And I shall see you next time. We'll speak to you next time. Take care. Remember to be gentle with yourself. Also love bye

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