#44 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (10th August 2019)

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Hello. Welcome to this relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. My name is Jason Newland. And please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. And as we speak to you, I have a look for lying on my lap staring at me, weirdly, he's got his tongue out, he's happy. He's got that like little blissful look on his face. You feel happier in
here. And you may wonder why I'm telling you this. Well, it's not going to be for everybody. Don't worry, I'm not going to recommend getting yourself a ferret. But
having a pet can help with anxiety, stress, panic and all that stuff. Having to be a dog be a cat. I mean, there's different obviously, there's different kinds of pets. You know, there's some people have reptiles and different kinds of things, or maybe crickets or I had a friend who had a stick insect. And so it is the focus of attention that you give on looking after a little animal. Maybe it's a little job all or little mouse, or rat or you know, whatever. I personally, I like having Andre my favorite because of his personality, and because he's a little rascal. And he's always while he's naughty sometimes. Right now, he's falling asleep in my arms. So the kids that have a knack communication, have a new connection, which I don't think I could ever have. With a goldfish. bucket it was him with Andre. So it's about finding the pet or companion or family member, because they do. So what they become I mean, he is my son can actually change your life in a positive way. They could also be a pain in the ass as well. But so can humans.
So there's that kind of the two fold aspect, I think there's the commitment. Having to get out of bed. Having to you know, take the dog to take the dog for a walk. If you own a horse, you have
to go and you know, clean out the horses stable. Perhaps every day. It's cat he got clean the cat tray out. Of course all animals need to be fed.
Put him down, hopefully it'll behave you're going to behave wonderfully. And the other side of it is the emotional side. The the connection the and it could be even a case of it could be you could say it's a distraction. But it's a nice distraction.
So when I'm cuddling him or playing with him Fine with him whatever he wants to be doing. So he likes me to chase him and he likes to chase me and stuff like that. But right now he's trying to play with me. So he's biting my hand, not hard, but he wants me to get all rough with him and pull him around so we can be referred me. And he loves that nice. He really enjoys it. Because the rough ride with him, that gives him permission to bite me harder. But only give him permission to do that. It hurts. But he never does it hurt me it really is just playing. And it's a distraction. At admittedly shouldn't really be doing it while I'm making a recording. It just happens that he followed me into the bedroom. I've been waiting for him to go to bed, go to sleep. And he's following me in here. So before I talk about him, and I'll tell you what, how it's benefited me. So this is his, I can only be from my experience, my personal experience of connecting anxiety. A student was stopped saying the words anxiety, stress and panic because we all know what these recordings are about.
Benefit one of the main benefits for him or how he is now Tacuba fee, he wants me to chase one of the things I've really noticed about him bout my my behavior changes. My reactions change. So I'll give you a really big example. As big for me might not be big for you. But I would not talk to a stranger in the street. Generally, if someone asked me a question I'd stop, not give them directions. But quite often I'd I'd hope not to be stopped. And I definitely wouldn't have a conversation with someone at a bus stop. Or waiting for a train or in a pub or anything like that I just never that days has been stress inducing for me, I've always felt the anxiety there. And then perhaps the anxieties that happen in being out in public. And it's kind of prevented me from going out as much as perhaps I would. But once I got Andre, four years ago, before years ago, next month when I'm out I will stop and talk to people because people not everybody but quite a few people want to say hello to him or kind of asked me about him because I take him out for walks every day. And I don't feel even the slightest bit anxious or stressful when I'm with him.
It's not like I've got this big, messy, massive scary dog which means I can feel safe because these tiny little ferret so it's not a physical safety. I seem to get an emotional safety from him or a feeling of emotional safety. Which means that anxiety and stress can't even arise. They can't they can't live in the same place. emotional safety and anxiety.
The I think it's they can't live together they don't you know it's a bit like I suppose. Rain and drought you know, the two opposite things. And he asked me to save marriage and happiness but I'm only joking about it. So he and it's not him Is it it's not him that's making me feel that way because nobody can make anyone feel anyway
all days, it's just being reactive and it's less of an enjoyable lifestyle, being reactive living as a reactive person all the time reacting to outside experiences and the environment it's not to say that we're not affected by stuff because we're human. So I thought what is it about me having this little Ferrer that
changes I'm pretty much completely diminishes any anxiety or stress in me when I'm in public and not just when I'm in public, but when people that don't know are talking to me
I can stand there and talk and feel relaxed and laugh and feel completely at ease. I'm talking completely at ease. Not even part of me is got any anxiety or stress on a got him in my arms, or even knees on the floor walking. But the only the only thing I'm kind of heavy concern is just to make sure that he is safe. So if there's dogs around, I kind of like grab him up because he likes to bite dogs. And but even then, it's not it's not something I'm concerned or something on cars maybe a little bit concerned not worried just is the same as looking before crossing the road. I'm not worried or stressed I'm going to get hit by a car I look for across the road because I got a brain and I know that that's what I need to do in order to get across the road safely. Because once you look before you cross the road, it means you don't have to worry or be stressed
about getting hit by the car. It's only if you walk across the road of outlooking
then there's a reason to be worried because you can only do that so many times before car does hit obviously
unless you live here it's a private road and no one ever goes on it I've got this little ferret and maybe this isn't just for people that don't have a pet and thinking maybe consider getting one because that's not my it's not really my position to sort of advise someone to get a pair I'm not going to advise anyone to do that. But
I can tell you about my experience regarding the benefits that I have found with having Andre the ferret you in my life of course there's always going to be downsides to having a pet you know as far as if you've got a dog you know it's the responsibility going away holidays leaving it there is it gonna bark and distorted Do you know disturb the neighbors things like that? So don't have to worry about stuff like that with Andre because he doesn't bark because he's not a dog.
It can go it like that but it's not gonna be heard by anyone really. boy does scratch at the front door sometimes trying to get out
for the neighbors. I've heard that I'll just say it's not I'd say anything I was gonna say some way, but yes, they know it's him. Um, I think it's, it's me trying to get out. But is Jason is drunk again. weird because I don't drink. And I there's those obvious things, you know those things that might not fit everybody not might not fit everybody's lifestyle. So if you're traveling around a lot, then having a pet might not be ideal. Then again, you might have someone that you can trust to come and feed your cats or your dog or look after your animals. So just ignore all that side of it. That's the practical side that only you know about, because it's your life. The emotional side of having a pet. And this is the first time I've really had my own pet my own own classroom as a pet, but you know, my own animal living in home. I've lived with dogs and cats over the years. But they've always been the cats or dogs of the owner of the property. And I've just been a lodger. So I've never had that deep connection. But I have with Andre and it really helps. Sometimes one thing I don't feel alone within I really am, it's occasionally I'll feel a bit lonely, just you know, as a human being sometimes very, very rare. And I'm quite a solitary person anyway. But having him I talked to him, I have to clean up after him my golf feed and I've got to play with him and he's got all his toys all over the place. He's basically I'm his lodger, in this flat, this apartment is on his lodger, and he runs the place is his territory. And
I wouldn't have it any other way. This is a great way to live. For me. It's not for everybody. But for me. It's, you know, having him here is improves my life. And I think if I had him
2003 2004 when I was at the height of the panic, a might not have got to that height. or might not it might not have got that extreme. There's no way of knowing I know that. But I reading notice how he offers quite a few different ways to move from stress to to relaxation, or to humor. Because you know, sometimes I'll feel a bit stressed or maybe angry can be various different emotions. And we'll start jumping around and rolling around on his back and makes me laugh. Or sometimes you'll jump on, jump up on my leg or be on the chair, or jump up by my finger and one off. And then look back when you've made a choice in and just it's funny is I say boy, it's not proper bison. And I realized this good sound like a recording of me just talking about Andre. Which I suppose in some ways it is. But I'm trying to describe my experience of the benefits. Otherwise, I'll just be talking about Andre and all the things he gets up to and you know how long we've had him and but i'm not i'm trying to focus it on how I feel when I'm with him, and there's another feeling I have that feeling of protection towards him. gives me a sense of safety might seem a bit strange. And if it feels a little bit strange to me, I've given up a lot of for over a few years, I still don't really understand it completely. Kind of do. But I know that I would protect him. Because he's so little and vulnerable, you know, compared to the dogs around because then, you know, so much bigger than he is and humans and stuff that I I just feel I suppose my attention is not focused on myself. You know, I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I'm not thinking about I want to say I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I'm not being judgmental about feeling people feel sorry for themselves. Because we all do it. At some time, every single one of us feels sorry for ourselves. And it's a it's it's not a pleasant thing to hear. I know that it can be annoying to hear. Someone says are you feeling sorry for yourself, again, is quite a bit of a beacon sound like a put down? Like a like your soul is made fun of you. But I don't mean it in that way. I mean it in a just a literal way. We all feel sorry for ourselves, sometimes for the damn good reason. Other times, just because maybe we've lost track of reality, and we're not, you know, of what it is, we're kind of a bit too stuck in the past maybe or when maybe not seeing the positive. Not seeing just seeing what is and what has been, not what can be. Or maybe we're just being self indulgent, which I've spent a long time in my life doing that. feeling sorry for myself feeling like a victim. thing is a lot of people that feel like victims, that kind of once were victims of a situation. When does someone stop being a victim? And that's where Connick comes, you know, that's probably a different conversation. And I don't have the answer to that. Because the word victim
is both a positive but a respected term. And another one which is like a disrespected term to someone that's been a victim of a terrible crime is a respected term and people respect what's happened and they possibly want to help and they see that it's, you know, just wish the person well and all that stuff. The human natural reaction to the terrible things that happen. But then is the other word, the other exactly same word, but you're just been a victim. victim mentality. So it's some people that think of themselves as a victim. It's just purely can be a case of, they just need to blame other people for how they feel. When maybe, I think it's, I think someone is just a guess, someone that feels the other people that are to blame for how they feel. in their mind. That's the only two options is to blame someone else or blame themselves. And they can't face blaming themselves.
But why should they have to blame themselves? Why does blame have to come into it at all?
responsibility, but that's different to blame and guilt. Because I don't think people that blame themselves for stuff are any happier than people that blame other people. For problems. I think there's happiness in either of those extreme situations. So someone can think of themselves as a victim on a, you know, that really general level of all this always happens to me. Anything any bit, happiness happens always goes and all everyone's trying to stress me out. And, you know, they're all the other side of someone just being really horrible to themselves. I'm to blame for that and into the extent of blaming themselves for what happens to others, which is something I used to do when I was a kid. for summer fall over or have an accident, I used to think it was me, it was my, my
It was me that did it. I caused it while I was young, and most of the time, most of the time, it wasn't me.
So it took a while to realize that. But that might have just been from years of being told that things were my fault.
So again, it's very complicated. Subject really bringing it back to the dog ferret dog got is that safety that I feel that confidence staff feel with him? I don't really feel when I'm on my own. And I don't have to do anything to feel it when I'm with him, just naturally happens,
or naturally feel relaxed. I'm not saying I'm always relaxed every time I take him for a walk. Because sometimes he does things that annoy me. And I get stressed with him. So but that's a different situation, you know, if he just runs out in the road, and you know, and I just managed to catch him before he runs off or does something like that? Yeah, I'll, I'll get upset. Internally, and. But there's reason for that. That's why legitimate reason. If he need to get run over or re, he does something that could cause him self harm, but he doesn't know it. Because he's, he doesn't know aware of the dangers. But I shouted him or anything like that, because that's ridiculous. If you want to see people shouting, just go to supermarket, people shouting at their kids expecting their two year old to actually comprehend what the adults saying. And you can actually see the adult turn in and regress it into a two year old. So it's actually the adult is the child in that situation, or funny to watch? Well, it's not funny when you think about the child. side, just kind of I would advise, not advise, I would say that. There may be there may be a way for you to change how you feel when you're out when you're in a social place, or public place. And I noticed probably while there is there's hundreds of books that will give you advice and stuff. I try and talk just from my own experience because I find that is seems to be more legitimate, more genuine. And because a lot of books they just regurgitate the same stuff that that author is read somewhere else. It's a bit like if you if you want to study hypnosis, and you read the introduction to like an introduction book on hypnosis, and they're all say the same thing. They just like reword it a little bit different. So I try and talk from my own experience. And another thing Not relaxed, not related to not favorite, but I've got a sore some headphones. And there they are hands free, you know wireless. So they connect to my phone via Bluetooth. Yeah. So now I listen to always music, something I like to listen to motivational speakers like Bob Proctor or Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and a few others, and then pay a piano. So number one, but he's, he's a bit harsh, but he's still quite funny. And
while I listen to music, and it changes how I feel. When I'm on the bus or waiting for the bus, I suppose there's the degree, you know, distraction, I suppose is there. But there's the drowning out of talking other people talking.
And if you know, sometimes I'll be honest, sometimes I'll be be at home, I hear people talking, laughing, or sometimes when they're laughing to me. And I guess that's a natural thing. But it may be a degree of paranoia, but it's the who knows, you know, it's some people that just some people can be quite rude in on public transport. So to be able to just drown them out with a little bit of sound. I don't have it blaring out. So I don't want to disturb other people on the bus. But just enough so I can hear it. And I've still got my visual, like, I still look out the window. I can still, if someone started talking to me, I would still hear them. But it gives me something to concentrate gives him something to focus on. And my stress levels really reduce a lot. And I've got this new little thing that I do I listen. And of course this is all down to personal taste. As I'm walking to the bus stop. I listened to an ELO to the electrical like Electric Light Orchestra. And I forget the name of the song base by when they're the best songs. And it's really really upbeat.
And I listen to that, and I think it's in it's in a movie a Marvel movie. saviors of the universe, Guardians of the Galaxy that's similar titles, net Guardians of the Galaxy to its played at the beginning of that, and it's like really, really great tune.
And listen to that. Every time I go to get the bus or maybe walk to the garriage or usually if I'm not with Andre if I'm with Andre I don't wear I don't listen to music. What I need to as far as being relaxed, so I feel relaxed when I'm when there's no one around sometimes a little things go to a park and I don't do when there's people around but I feel relaxed the feel at ease. sense of comfort is is almost like I've gone out and my slippers and my pajamas. I haven't but there's that feeling of comfort, but I have one I've got him with me. And yeah, software I just mentioned this because other people may other people listening to this may have a dog or cat or any kind of animal that they can give attention to baby take out for walks or even if you've got an animal that doesn't want to go for a walk. Maybe carry it around the block You know, I sometimes carry Andre, he can't be bothered to walk, and I carry him nearly the whole journey. And he's happy just to just lay there in my arms looking around a middle sniff and just enjoying the breeze on his face. And he sometimes happy just to be for me to carry in. Other times he wants to get out, wants to go off onto the floor, and roll around in the grass and everything. So it's, you know, this is kind of for different people, one could be for someone that's already got maybe a dog or a pet that you could take out. But maybe you could do more of that. Maybe get more in touch with that feeling that you have. And just wondering if it's a similar kind of feeling to the one that I've explained. As if I've explained it correctly, you know, in a way for you to understand, but do you have? What kind of feelings Do you have when you take your dog out for a walk? For example? What kind of feelings of relaxation and calmness do you have? And can you take advantage of that? Can you experience more of that. And you know, maybe just having a picture of your dog or your cat, or your journal, or maybe a goldfish, you might have tropical fish or your lizard or whatever. Having a picture on your phone to look at. So maybe you're you know, on a train, or in a public place. Perhaps you know, you're in a situation where you could do have a little little boost of relaxation, a little boost of calmness. And you look at your phone, look at the picture. I do that with Andre. He's my he's on my phone is basically the screensaver on my phone. And I look at his little fairy face. Get a little get a feeling of, of comfort in a feeling of love feeling of sort of know looking forward to going home and seeing seeing him and I wonder what naughtiness has been up to today. It gives me a little smile either internally or even externally. You know, sometimes I will smile. Sometimes I just feel the smile inside me
feels relaxing. And for those that don't have a pet you know, it's maybe it's worth considering. But that has to be you know, it's a commitment so has to be completely up to you what you choose to do.
But for me and I'm sure many people it's life changing. And it's there's this whole we don't really have the term in England an emotional pet or an emotional asst dog. I mean, it kind of is here, but it isn't in America is you know, you can actually in some ways like Guide Dogs for the Blind, you can walk into public places supermarket where anywhere really, if you've got a guide dog, but emotional pets, although they're not really recognized so much in England, and possibly many other countries. doesn't stop them from being emotional pets. Emotional, helping you review emotional stability, helping with keeping you calm and relaxed. And you know, maybe even if you don't have your own dog, maybe you've got a neighbor that has a dog or a friend or someone close by. And you could maybe take that dog for a walk. Maybe got an elderly relative or an elderly neighbor and you can just offer to take The dog for a walk every day.
And, you know, just notice how relaxed you feel. apparently one of the most relaxing therapeutic things is looking after horses I've stroking a horse and spending time with a horse.
I've never done it. And I don't live anywhere near where there's any horses. There was some near me, but they moved out. They weren't living downstairs or when a neighbor, but they were in a field, but they
they're gone now. So they're not there now. Apparently, you know, it's a really therapeutic activity to spend time with horses. Because ultimately, they are very majestic, calm, beautiful animals. We could say that about any animal really made some people and a lot of people think animals are just dumb, dogs dumb, all that stuff. But
I think the animals have got something that humans could benefit from. You know that the ability to relax. Nearly every animal that I've ever seen has the ability just to go to sleep, to relax to to know what they want, when they want it. To know when they're hungry. To know when they want to play.
Also, to be able to just go to sleep and relax. It almost looks like cats are meditating. very peaceful. The same as with a pigeon. Some of the pigeons are sitting in a tree just
sitting there calm. So I'll leave you with those thoughts. Andre stimulate my brain to to do this today. Yeah, just as an I just thought it might be useful, useful thing to talk about.
also opens up the creative side of your mind to like think, oh, I don't want to fare it but what if I did this on a good dog ba
or bow? Or it could be well what things have stimulated you to feel completely relaxed and calm in the past? And how come I'm not doing that anymore? Why don't I do more things that I know help. And that might be jogging, going to the gym. Going out watching a movie. Collecting stamps Trainspotting, it could be anything painting, cooking. Something that actually you enjoy doing. Doesn't have to be a ferret. Obviously doesn't have to be anything. There are no rules. Because we're all different. We all we all need different things and it's about listening to yourself for what you need and what you can benefit from. So I'm gonna leave you what a wonderful triva two recordings in two days. I normally don't do them quite so close together, but I was inspired by my little furry friend to talk about the benefits that I have felt in a sense of stress reduction and anxiety. To be fair when I'm with him anxiety, elimination, completely zero anxiety when I'm when I'm taking out I mean, sometimes I do have to wake him up and for a cuddle because I need a knee to do that in order to sort of calm down and to reduce my stress or, you know, basically so that I can feel better.
That doesn't happen very often. And he doesn't always want me to do it, because if he's asleep, he
doesn't like to be disturbed. But I don't kind of try and play with him or get him to run around or just give him a cuddle and he can just sleep, but is looking.
Just watching his little belly rise as he breathes. Seeing his face contented knowing that he feels safe, actually helps me to feel safe. And that's the thing when it comes to panic attacks, anxiety attacks.
He can't ask them if you feel safe. Because anyone has panic attacks. In that moment, you don't feel safe. It's impossible to
have both at the same time. So if you feel unsafe, the panic attacks won't happen in that moment. So isn't it? Does that make sense to embrace and increase those experiences of safety or the the experiences of feeling safe?
Because all about how you feel. feeling safe is one of the antidotes to anxiety and stress. So I'm gonna leave you on that. And I wish you a wonderful week ahead, or however long it is before I make a new recording.
The website I got is stress, anxiety hypnosis.com I think and that's it. I should speak to you next time. And thank you to everyone for supporting this podcast, listening and hopefully benefiting CSN lots of love. Bye

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