#35 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland) (12th June 2019)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation for stress, anxiety and panic attacks or relaxation hypnosis for stress, anxiety, panic attacks. Now this is Episode 35. And there has been quite a time between the 34th and this the 35th episode. So, I originally made this podcast or made this hypnosis course. But 34 day course back in 2017 and I uploaded it as a podcast in November 2018 about six months ago or seven months ago and it's become more and more popular. Again, more and more daily downloads. So I had a similar thing with my sleep hypnosis weekly podcast which was originally a seven week course which was around the same time as this one. And that became popular the podcast since November so I decided to make some new episodes, some new recordings weekly on that one just to see whether or not that's what people wanted. And it was and it's grown even more over the last six or seven weeks and I've been watching this podcast grow and thinking Shall I make some more sessions for this and so this is a bit a little bit of a board introduction but
I'm going to be in boring relaxation session. It's not supposed to be excited. And though the power of your mind responsible for feeling karma the power your mind responsible for being able to deal with situations that previously were stressful and problematic and turn in feeding and change In that response within you in a way that can transform how you feel. So I guess there is a bit of an excitation if that's a word an excitability, a stimulation of those parts of your mind an activation trying to think of some other words that have Asian at the end. So what I've decided is to start making some new recordings for this podcast and I've changed the title, I've taken the word daily out of the title.
So I can, you know, maybe I'll do them daily, maybe there'll be every few days
but just takes the pressure off. Because in order for me to make these recordings I also need to feel relaxed otherwise it doesn't work. Imagine having a massage from someone who is really uptight and angry
I can't imagine coming away from that message feeling ticularly calm by as you did have a massage years ago, that lots of massages
over the years I actually did a massage course a college bar went to this massage place is a health spa. And the person was talking all the way through all about their problems all the bad things that were on their mind. And you know, other than a towel, I was practically naked, so I couldn't run off. So in the same way when I make these recordings, when I'm talking to you I'm feeling calm. I'm feeling relaxed. You can hear the background sounds birds in the garden and actually just stand it sounded like
a lot of seagulls with my eyes closed, which they are almost felt like I was by the beach, which I'm not
sad good thing about closing your eyes can allow your imagination to just play. And before we talk about imagination, I need to just mention only listen to this. When you can safely Close your eyes, even if you're sitting in a chair, or lying down with your eyes open, you're not necessarily not commanding you to close your eyes. Not that I can command you to do anything. That's up to you. But you know, don't listen to any of my recordings or any relaxation, hypnosis, audios by anybody. Unless you can safely Close your eyes, for your safety, and others as well. If you're flying a plane, then stop this recording. That's kind of where we're out with that one. So I feel like I've got a lot of kind of catching up to do. In some ways, you know, regarding the 34 episodes that I've already recorded, two and a half years ago. However, I've still been making more recordings, I've still made hundreds of recordings since that time, just on other podcasts. So I haven't I've not been inactive. In fact, last year, have made more recordings than any other time since 2006. When I started making online hypnosis recordings, for free, but generally do at least one, sometimes two, sometimes three recordings
a day, usually at least one. So average for about 10. Less than 12 recordings a week, sometimes more. And the way I see these recordings going is to build upon what's been already said by me in previous recordings, but I'm also aware that some people will be listening now to me for the first time. So each episode needs to stand alone by itself as well as connecting to previous and future sessions. So this is kind of a re introduction, as it were,
to what we're doing here. What this podcast is about and what it will be about moving forward. And the one thing the only thing but a very important thing that I learned
when it came to panic attacks, and I'm sure I mentioned some of my own experiences. In the past episodes been 2002 when I first really started having regular panic attacks, I changed my life absolutely changed my life. And I did not know what to
do about it. And there was no in seem to be any help out there. For me, they probably was. And I bought books. I did go to some therapy. But there's probably more stuff out there than I realized.
I just didn't know where it was. I didn't know where to look. Because I didn't understand what was going on. I literally felt like my brain was dysfunction. Are those actually something seriously wrong with my brain. And as for the word panic, panic attack. The first one I had first major one. I was just in the office working on a telephone. I wasn't in a panic. I wasn't particularly concerned about anything. I was just doing my job.
The level of stress was pretty high. And I was drinking a lot of coffee. And I was working long hours. And it was sales I was in a sales job. And
it was the week where I broke the sales record. And it's been all week focusing on breaking that record and you know, winning the prize. So it's kind of a memorable week of my life.
But even though it was so obvious, like now looking back It is so obvious that I had pushed myself too hard. And the hose just pumping caffeine and sugar into my system.
And I was probably getting very wound up with the customers at times frustration that comes with doing call center work can be quite frustrating job sometimes. As is for the customer as well, I'm sure but still couldn't figure out. You know the word panic couldn't fit. I didn't have anyone chasing me wasn't running down a road with a lion chasing me I couldn't get my head around that. But anxiety, yes, a stress attack, a stress response over response, whose if my adrenalin, it just being kicks died. Put on overload. I had all this energy but not nice energy. And I know that it's different for everybody on the we all experience things in a different way, whether it's physical or emotional, mental, spiritual, even we've experienced things differently. Eat when it comes to taste. Some people like peanut butter, some people can't stand it. Some people like a certain comedy film, another person might sit for it and think, what a pilot.
And it can be weird to try and get your head around it sometimes. Why don't they like it? I like it, why don't they like it?
And that's why it can be so difficult not just for other people to understand what we're going through what people have anxiety, again, through this also equally can be as difficult for us to understand to comprehend what we are going through. Why? Because it doesn't make sense. Sometimes, because unlike phobias, which can seem even sang, you know, phobias, rain is just really, really extreme anxiety towards a specific thing. And some phobias seem really logical or at least understandable. So someone's got a phobia of a crocodile? Well, first of all, it's not something that most of us would see on a daily basis, or something that we would need to avoid or to prepare ourselves for. And also, if you did say a crocodile needs, ideally, to keep as far away from it as possible. So a lot of people could relate to that. Think, yeah, that makes sense. Then, if someone is got a phobia of butterflies a lot People just laugh at that literally out loud laugh in the person's face. saying it's just ridiculous. How could you be scared of a little beautiful butterfly? When the reality is that that person may have the exact same response to a butterfly as they would
a crocodile. Someone is scared of a crocodile. And the third may not make sense. Doesn't have to make sense. have to know the cause of an illness? In order to take the medication just need to know what the illness is. Nikolas can help to prevent in the future. But in the now it's about the cure. It's about getting better. And you may think, Well, why am I mentioning phobias and crocodiles and whatever go against butterflies, I got nothing against butterflies, or crocodiles.
Once you ever tried to catch a crocodile on you, butterflies are quite difficult as well, the flying
not I would catch a butterfly. But you know when I was younger, and as a little kid, so little butterfly in there
to catch it and just hold in the hand and just let it fly away. wasn't much on telly that day. And another thing is being able to just laugh at yourself. Not in a cruel way. But just in a humorous way in a light hearted way, in a sense that this doesn't have to be quite as serious. A shoe allowed it to be in the past. That kind of loosens things. it loosens you your mind. Because we will have those little set things. Those set ideas in our minds that they're almost like a war that ideas a brick in a wall and has been
concreted in with cement. But that idea it's not needed. It's you know, the rest of the walls kind of okay. Doesn't need that brick. Brick does not represent the rest of the wall. That's just an idea.
An idea which maybe is holding you back. And I did it's getting in the way of your happiness. An idea that may be
blocking your recovery. An idea that maybe just needs to relax a little bit. When it relaxes. The cement around it relaxes becomes looser. to a point where that brick can be removed from the wall, the wall still stable, the big wall, you've got lots of ideas and thoughts and beliefs in that war
lots of really good stuff. Some stuff that's not so great. Some stuff that's perhaps really bad and really unhelpful which needs also to be loosened up and removed he may have millions of bricks in memories, ideas, thoughts, beliefs. So, you got infinite amount, infinite infinite amount, that you can actually remove and a wall still be solid and stable. It just means that when you do take a break out, some air can come in, be a fresh air get rid of some of that staleness, some of that stuck in the madness, that we all experience, sometimes.
Specially in our minds, we all have the ability to limit our flexibility of thinking and doing as well as we all have the ability to be creative. And to think up new ways of behaving, and re sponding
to outside things, stimuli things that people say people's actions we have all these resources in that wall. But that was made of lots of different breaks lots of different beliefs and it's not about religion, it's not about morals. This is the beliefs on talking about is your belief about yourself your belief about your ability, for example, to cope with a new situation that arises the main focus of a group of people may involve traveling in may involve confronting you know, a situation that maybe previously you had found problematic
and stressful. Then when you change that belief about that situation, you kind of shine a different light on it. You see it differently in the same ways. your bedroom at night, for the lights off in the dark, looks so different to the way it does in the morning. When the sunlight shining through. It looks different, it can even feel different. Just like you can have a bath or a shower, and you feel different afterwards. No different person B you may feel different And you may think, well, what's this got to do with anxiety and stress? and panic attacks? Why is this bloke going on about?
That's a good question. And it's all about you soul about how you think it's by how you feel.
But in a different way to how maybe someone else may say it to you. Because the one thing I'm going to ask you to today, the only thing I'm going to ask you to do today is this. Give yourself a break. Go easy on yourself. In other words, be kind to yourself. You might say that three different things, but it's not saw the same thing.
Stop having a go at yourself, stop telling yourself off. Stop telling yourself that you're not good enough or do you know you shouldn't feel stressed? Or that you shouldn't feel anxious, or you shouldn't have panic attacks. Start from that thought pattern of actually no longer telling yourself off. You don't need to be your own parent. In a small child that need to be told off by anybody. Especially not when it comes to being unwell. And that's another thing you need to remember. extreme anxiety, extreme stress, panic attacks, anxiety attacks. This is an illness. It doesn't have to be a quick fix. Urbino can be quick. Uber love. Uber self love can be instant. showing yourself a beard kindness. That's an instant thing you can do that physically. could be as simple is watching a movie you want to watch. taking a day off work if you need to. Doing something you enjoy. What could be as simple as doing? Absolutely nothing. Maybe you can be your own nurse. If you imagine if you were in a hospital bed, just had an operation. He was unwell. What would you want? Would you want a nurse coming around? moaning at you telling you you know maybe you've had an accident maybe, you know telling you Oh, you shouldn't have done that. It's your fault this happened. Why can't you be better? Why can't you? Why can't you heal quicker.
What you're going to do in the future was this happens again. This has happened in the past. Have you learned anything? Would you want someone to say that to a nurse to be on your case the whole time?
Or do you want a nurse to be gentle and kind, considerate, caring, loving, accepting. So when I say maybe be one nurse, perhaps you already have been B been the other one. You've been the horrible nurse she'd been bitter nurse, the one that's just having a go you.
You don't need that. It's no use to you. It's like telling someone that's walked in the road and got run over
telling them we should have looked, you should look before he cost you better looking future if we cross the road. You don't want someone following you around telling you, you should look before you cross the road. Because you know that Believe me, last person that needs to be told to look before the crossing the road
is saanich has been run over. And even though it may be well meaning it's not useful. It's not gentle. Can you do that? Today, be gentle with yourself. Just be gentle. Every time you notice that you're saying something to yourself, or thinking about something
that might happen. That's not helpful. Maybe just be gentle. Maybe just say this is enough of that. We don't need that.
Just be gentle. Just be kind to you. and accept yourself. Show acceptance. This is what's happening now. Doesn't mean it's going to happen forever. Which means there's no benefit in thinking about the future. with negative tend to rehearse in anxiety and stress and panic, rehearse and that is not necessary. And definitely not kind to you.
I'm going to simple exercise that could be done to prove the power of our thoughts is if you got 10 people just people off The streets, you know that have never waited in a restaurant or anything like that.
And you put them on a tray with glasses full of wine or water, whatever liquid in them and they needed to walk like 100 yards along a pavement, very narrow pavement. If you got five of them to imagine walk walking down that pavement easily naturally just without any problems all the walk down, they can hold the tray sup Roy
and they get to the other end and they put the tray down on the table. And I spill a little bit but it doesn't matter. It's not about that. It's just you know, it doesn't matter if they spill one. fact even if one falls over, doesn't really matter. They should be fine. They got cloth, they can clean up in the morning, the glass is you know, spills a little bit of water onto the tray. Fine.
In fact, the whole exercise is not really that important. Just something to do just an experiment. Just to test that the the trays are okay. And the you know, maybe the new trays is tested, that they work properly to the up to the job.
And then the other five people you focus on how never The path is focus on how heavy the trays focused on how wobbly the tray is focused on how full the glasses are focused on how important it is that
the glasses all end up at the other end, the pavement the pathway without any spillages at all. Just get them to imagine how bad it would be if they tripped or if they slipped or if the trade tipped over. And you spent half an hour with both sides. One side five, the other side of five. One thinking this not really a big deal. And it's fine. We still have five thinking why if I slip payments or narrow Wi Fi the
tray just slips over what a spill something I can pretty much guess what the result of that test would be once each individual walks down that little pathway 100 yards because of what that prepared in the mind. And same goes for all of us. When it comes to preparation for what comes next so maybe shining that light of kindness into the future give you a bit of a reprieve rest from worrying about something that doesn't exist yet giving you opportunity to enjoy that sense of generosity that you are showing towards yourself and changes naturally occur in a kind of effortless way it's a bit like planting a seed in a pot and he put some water in you don't have to do anything because flour or that plant or vegetable wherever it may be, just grows.
So by planting the seed, the seed of kindness towards yourself with just the deer the seed can just be an idea something changing within you the idea of you perceiving yourself in a different more open, generous and loving way from now onwards now I'm going to bring this recording to an end and it's kind of like a Urbino re introduction to me and what my intentions are with these recordings because I just feel it's important to do this and to help and hopefully those seeds that have been planted will become very noticeable for you in a way that may surprise yeah
But at the same time if you're listening to this, because you've listened to me before,
maybe many times before you can expect to enjoy some benefits. Enjoy more relaxation and calmness of your mind your thoughts and short energy more relaxed. More kindness spread in through your body towards your body and your mind. You can start to notice these useful changes now I'm gonna go Thank you for listening. I'll speak to you next time bye

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