#30 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason and this is your Daily relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. So the aim of these sessions is to give you a different video, or mp3 every day, you can watch these YouTube videos on my YouTube channel. And also go to my SoundCloud Podcast, where the audios you can listen to or download. It's all available on my website. So I think this is the 30th video that I've done 30 days in a row, which is more than I kind of expected did to be able to manage it's quite a lot every day. So trying to do something different and offer something useful each day. So I'm trying to. So today, I thought I would kind of get back to basics, you know, just do a relaxation guided session. So if you feel uncomfortable, you're in a comfortable chair that supports your body, or lying down flat surface that wherever fit me and makes you feel comfortable. And only watch or listen to my sessions when you can safely Close your eyes. Close your eyes if you are ready to do that. And I'm just going to focus on the body, I'm just going to focus on my creaky chair as well. So I'm just going to focus first of all on my breathing, so maybe you'd like to join me on this just focus on on your breathing. And just being aware of it not not trying to change it or force it or you know, just not even commenting on it or judging it. Just being with it, just noticing it observing the sensations. I mean, what I noticed just then is
because I'm breathing in through my mouth. noticing the cool air on the tongue. It's quite, it's quite nice constituent I'm in a room, that's how it's safe, fairly warm. But it's a definite feeling of coolness
on my tongue. And I can actually feel because I've got a T shirt on I could feel the coolness on my arms as well as well as the backs of my hands a bit. Just like there's a gentle breeze even though there isn't really as far as I'm aware. This is really kind of like an invisible, gentle breeze of they're just gently touching my skin or my arms, my hands and also on the forehead and my eyelids and the rest of my face. Maybe it's just by being aware of that part of my body. I'm aware of the feeling of the temperature may be aware of the tiny hairs may maybe being affected by the movement of air because the air is always moving around especially as I'm breathing in and breathing out. So I'm going to be affecting the air and I've got a laptop over there which is got a fan in it. So that's gonna be affecting the air as well. I suppose every time I gently move my body, I'm affecting the air in the room.
Now notice in my throat such as swallow than just the, the sensation of my throat, just being aware of it. And there's not really anything happening there. It feels Okay. Then there's that connection with my throat, not just the part that swallow but also the neck, the sides of my neck.
Just being aware of how my neck feels. And my stomach, as I focused on my stomach is not growl and that is making a little bit of sound
which I wasn't aware of before. I don't feel particularly hungry or anything. So maybe it's just the awareness. But I'm getting to my stomach. That's why I was making that sound, maybe, maybe it was making a sound before but I wasn't paying any attention.
Now become aware of the back of my neck. Just notice in the field in the back of my neck. I like to move my head around just very gently just to give back my neck an opportunity to I guess both stretch. And also to allow it to get in touch with how it feels.
And then some movement neck I could feel my upper back just the sides of my back there not the whole of the upper back but the sides were not far from when my underarms so I guess the other sides were my chest is that skin leading to my back. Just as it kind of starts into the muscle, my upper back to steel in there and being aware of it. noticing that feeling just being there. It's slightly tingly for me. At the moment. I'm not sure why it's not. It's not uncomfortable. It's just
it's quite nice tingle. But it's kind of like a little like awareness thing. It's okay. And that feeling stop now really is notice in the back of my neck. Again, my tension is gone back to the back of my neck.
So I'm just moving my head gently. Just allowing feelings with the back of my neck to just be available and just to be open to whatever feelings arise.
I've just noticed that now focusing on my fingers I'm noticing that my fingers not as loose as perhaps like them to be as far as I put them together making fists and then just let them go and I just feel a little bit stiff. So I'm just wondering what's going on there. But not to the point of worry or anything like that just allow myself to just focus on my fingers and my hands. Not trying to cause them to feel relaxed and loose in the joints. But just being aware of those feelings of stiffness, and it's a focus on those feelings in my knuckles and in the joints of my fingers, just being aware of those feelings of stiffness and any other feelings I can focus in on in my hands.
Do I can feel a sense of looseness into in my hands, a sense of looseness entering into the joints, my fingers. She feels quite nice. And again, I'm focusing back on my brain and just noticing the breathing in and out. And how it seems to be a lot calmer than it was before.
Just but in some ways it feels somewhat Fuller, as well as if I'm perhaps breathing in more, gaining more oxygen. But without trying. As if maybe my lungs have relaxed, my chest and back relaxed and
so everything's working a bit easier. My whole body may be is just performing somewhat easier. Naturally, these are they say that again, I'm noticing the feeling of my mouth. The air the cool air on my tongue. Just being aware of it. Now, feeling in my lower back, joining in to my hips, that kind of whole area around the groin, the buttocks, the hips, and my lower back. That whole area is just I can feel it can really become aware of that area.
Just being aware of my lower back. So just gently move our body around very, very slightly and very, very slowly. I can feel my lower back. Just gently stretch in feeling in the top of my head, some kind of connection between the top of my head and my lower back.
Maybe it's the signals of relaxation, moving down my spinal cord to my lower back causing that feeling of increased comfort in my back Have seen in spreaded now up my back all the way to the top to see if the whole of my bag is just one muscle even though it's not as may have lost different muscles and feels like it's just one very calm part starting from back in the neck which feels really relaxed tops my shoulders which feel calm and loose all the way down to my lower back. And again, it's a feeling the top of my head so I could see it and the pleasure
that I'm experiencing a feeling of calmness feels really nice. And then notice in my thighs, very tops of my flies at the side. So my legs when connected to my hips.
Just being aware of that feeling and just moving my body gently from side to side very, very gently and slowly
given by hips a little bit of a stretch and they descend, smart advised. I become in the focus as I move down to my knees, all the way down to my ankles, my feet, my toes, I can really feel some sensations in the bottoms of my feet, those nerve endings
just being aware of them. So I'm gonna do I'm just gonna just move my feet and toes very gently,
very slowly. As I do that the bottoms of my feet seem to kind of thank me in a way but is often this feeling of pleasure and relief. I'm now experiencing in my feet, a bottoms of my feet
has a real release and comfort. bit like you know being on long walk and going home and taking your shoes off. And just sitting down, resting your feet. That sense of relief and pleasure.
Again, feeling the sensation at the top of my head. It's like a sensation is inside my head. One of pleasure.
So now focus on my chest. Moving down to my stomach. Just being aware of those feelings there's a real sense of calmness in my stomach. Complete, completely relaxed. I can feel that in the back or lower back as well.
Sense of increased relaxation and in the back of my neck again I can feel that sensation of comfort seed of awareness, acceptance and letting go. And as I breathe, I can feel my stomach rising gently
and it really feels like there's no tension at all in my stomach. As if every every part of my stomach is just relaxed. It's a nice feeling. Focusing now my eyes, my eyelids feel very light my eyes feel quite deep. As if they've kind of gone deep into my skull and kind of gone to sleep. Calm for a little nap. Very relaxed, my eyelids and my eyes, those muscles around my eyes. Very, very relaxed right now.
Very, very calm. very loose release. There isn't really anything to do at all. Nothing to say nothing to do. You can just allow yourself to enjoy feeling. However it is that you naturally feel within your body and mind naturally in this very moment. I'm gonna leave you with these feelings of comfort. You can just enjoy them. Enjoy being you Enjoy loving you and enjoy that safety that comes with allowing yourself to feel relaxed and calm and hope that you enjoy the rest of the day. Hayden wonderful. Take care of yourself and I will see you tomorrow bye

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