#27 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason, this is your daily relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. I do these sessions every day, each one is different, some are perhaps similar, some are very, very different. It all really just depends on how I'm feeling when I do them, I guess the main objective of these sessions is so that every day, there's a progression towards having more comfort, more relaxation, being able to be less encumbered by the past issues that may have got in the way of your happiness, letting them go, you know, and just gradually, having more comfort, being able to sleep easier at night, having just more of those feelings that you like to have more self acceptance. And I realized that would be a really, really long title. And YouTube wouldn't even allow the title that big
said is, you know, that's why I don't have that all in the title. But that is my goal. That is why I'm doing it. And
I don't always make it clear that that's my intention, I do just start pointing out these stress relief and, you know, reducing anxiety and all that stuff, but there's a bigger purpose to it, there's a much bigger goal. Because when you do something like this, every day, you listen to every day you watch the video every day, and changes are going to occur. There's pretty much a guarantee, you know, I'm not guaranteeing anything, but it's just a standard guarantee that if you do something every day, it affects your life. So if you do something negative, it affects your life negatively, potentially, if you do something positive,
it's gonna affect your life in a positive way. You know, it's the same thing with food, if you eat healthy food, it's going to have a positive effect. So on and you know, if you're, if you're doing something that's unhealthy, it may well have another, you know, negative effect. It's just standard stuff. So these sessions are all aimed at positive tivity. And not in a false way, not in pretending to be something you're not. I don't really buy into the fake it till you make it. Philosophy myself. I mean, it's, it has been useful in the past. For me, I've used it. I don't use it in my sessions. And that's why I do a daily session so that every day is a step forward. Every day, we step forward together, you and me, we step hand in hand forward. And each day, we're addressing certain things from the past. And not directly not by talking about a specific event that happened in the past, but just by adding the resources into your life into your mind into your body that can help you to move forward. You know, so those resources, that healing energy, which enters your mind, into your brain into your body, that you have, perhaps as soon as you start listening to my voice, as soon as you start watching my videos, listening to my voice, if you listen to me on SoundCloud, or watching on YouTube, or on my website, of course, you can have that instant feeling of comfort, which just automatically happens. And it's normal for that to happen. It's just a connection. It's all is it's just instead of a negative trigger that some people have when they might see see something that they don't like. And they have like a feeling, this is the opposite to that this is a positive feeling. Because when you see me, there's that connection, when you hear my voice, there's that connection, to feeling more relaxed to feeling comfortable, physically, to feeling confident, within yourself, to know that you've got some time. In the next 20, or 30 minutes, when we're together, where you can be yourself, where you don't have to put in any false front, you don't, you know, you don't need to pretend to be anything else or anybody else. You can just be completely yourself, you can be at ease, you can be relaxed with yourself. And we can just travel on this journey together. That's what these videos and hypnosis sessions are about. It's about a journey. And it's about just allowing yourself to let go. It really is a very simple thing. Simple, verbally, you know, just to say, the saying something, you can say, well, let's climb Everest. That's three words, let's climb Everest. Sounds simple.
Good luck.
You know, just because you say the words doesn't mean it's that simple. So saying, Let go. Let go of the past, let go stress, anxiety, panic, let go that stuff. Of course, just me saying that's what we're here for. You know, I don't want to simplify, I want to acknowledge that you're listening to these sessions, because that stuff has had a big impact in your life. You know, if you didn't have the need to relax deeply, then you wouldn't be watching this, you wouldn't be listening to this. And you know, there's other things to do in life, there's more, you know, exciting things you could be doing. So this is here for a reason, you're here for a reason. And I'm here for a reason. So we traveling together on this journey is a journey of self discovery journey of self love. So
once you get yourself
comfortable, I would advise always, before you turn a video on, make sure you're seated or lying down comfortably. And also, so you know, never watch or listen to the sessions unless you can safely Close your eyes. That goes for all the sessions that I ever do in anyone else's sessions that you listen to. So if you close your eyes, just like you to get in touch of how you physically feel right now. Just be in touch with it and notice how you are just overall. I'm not going to focus on any particular part of your body. I'm just going to allow you just to do a little scan. So that we're not focusing and I'm not pointing your attention towards any part of your body. You can do that yourself. You can just notice various physical feelings in parts of your body, just being aware of it. I mean, at the moment, I'm very aware of how my scalp feels
on top of my head. not gonna do anything about it. It's just there. I don't need my scalp. But of course
that's just there as well but the feeling is just a feeling. You may have been focusing on your back or your legs or your stomach or your arms, your shoulders, your hands, your face of feet, you know your toes, it could be focusing on any part of your body. But just noticing overall, how The overall feeling that you experience in your body, you know, from the top of your head all the way down to
your toes, just noticing how you feel. Just being aware, we're gonna do something a little bit different. Just like you just notice how you feel when you say the words. I love my body. So just say the words, I love my body. And notice what feelings you have in your body. Because, you know, experts have said that when you talk to a plant, or flower, actually talk cliente that is, say nice words and speak softly. The plant grows, it grows more flowers, and it blooms and it's
more healthier than another plant that's maybe ignored or it's spoken harshly to. In the same way, I've heard farmers say the cows produce much nicer milk. Nice, much nicer tasted milk, and more milk. When that cow is loved, and petted and coddled and spoken to with love, on a regular basis daily. In the same way, a baby You know, if you take two babies, one baby is his loving kind words of gentle tone. Another baby has harsh words, with a harsh tone. You don't need to be an expert in body language or psychology or anything like that, to see for yourself. That the baby who hears the loving kind words in the gentle kind tone is the happier baby out of the two is the more contented, baby. The baby that feels the safest. In the same way, when you say things to yourself, it affects instantly how you feel. I'd like you just to say something else to yourself. say the words. My body, my body is beautiful. My body is beautiful. That's you saying they're not talking about me. I already know my body. My body is beautiful. So just say those words. You can say out loud where you can say it to yourself. Focusing on your body when you say it. My body is beautiful. just noticing how that feels. noticing the instant natural reaction that instantly occurs. Like you say, to say this next sentence, because you may experience as well as experiences of pleasure, like maybe his various different feelings going on in your body, that might also be a bit of a version to a bit of a wall, there may be a part of you saying what you're talking about my body is beautiful. And you know that that negative side that maybe has been dominant for so long that it does, you know, has had a power it has had the strength in the past, maybe it's had the final say, in any internal arguments that you've had. So now you've got this new fresh energy entering into your body into into your mind, this new energy, of positivity and kindness and love. And it's perhaps going to annoy part of you, you know, it's part of the thinking what you're doing. You know, it's like a contradiction. So something needs to be addressed, that needs to be addressed. And you can address that by saying the words I forgive my negative thoughts. I forgive my negative thoughts. Just notice how you feel physically, and emotionally. Maybe repeat it again. I forgive my negative thoughts. Notice how your negative thoughts what those parts feel when you've injected that feeling of compassion, and forgiveness into your body and mind.
As we focus on our mind now noticing how your mind is right now noticing what's going on? Maybe there's a few thoughts there that maybe contradict how you're physically feeling. But just accepting it's they're accepting that those thoughts are there at the moment. And it's fine. This session is not about punishment, and you punished yourself enough over the
years. Isn't it time to move on from there? Isn't it time for more kindness towards yourself? Isn't it time for more acceptance towards yourself? Isn't it time for more love towards yourself. So it's time now to focus on your mind. And although your mind may have changed some more, in the last few seconds, somehow become comma.
I'd like you to repeat these words. I love my mind. I love my mind. Notice in how you mind feel I'd like you to say the words I forgive my mind, I forgive my mind. Just notice how your mind feels so much more relaxed, calm as does your body and all parts of your body.
There's a connection from your mind, moving forward into the future. The feelings of the present, what's happening in your life at the moment, and also connected to the past. All those things that happened in the past during your life.
I'd like you to say the words I forgive the past. And just notice what happens in your mind. Notice the changes as you say the words I forgive the past. Now you can say the words I forgive, present. I forgive present. Just notice how that affects your feelings. Now we're going to increase that forgiveness towards those things that have maybe brought you here. Those events and those feelings that may be the cause of you watching this video or listening to my voice.
So I'd like you firstly just to say I forgive my stress I've Forgive my stress and allow those words to evaporate into your mind. Notice in the energy change within your mind, the feelings, the serenity that you experience in this very moment. Now I'd like you to say the words I forgive my anxiety, I forgive my anxiety. allow those words to just absorb into your mind. allow those feelings to naturally change how you feel in a positive and helpful way as you just observed that healing as it fills your body and mind, with positivity and real confidence in being able to be true to yourself. Confidence in being able to be yourself and love yourself every day, all day. And now, I'd like you to say two words, I forgive my panic. I forgive my panic. This allows you to forgive those times when panic seemed to have taken over.
But now allowing yourself to offer forgiveness to that. Forgiveness is often like put in a bag of ice onto small fire completely putting out all the flames making it so that it's impossible to realize those feelings of panic or anxiety or stress because that waves of forgiveness was completely smothered those feelings and converted them into healing, positive, loving energy feeling your body and your mind in such a way that you really can be amazed at how easily you can feel so relaxed. So car so loose and so competent in your body and in your mind. And I'm going to count from one to three. When I get to three can open your eyes feeling awake and alert. Ready to enjoy the rest of the day three A wonderful one. Being aware of how you feel, notice in your physical body to remembering that every time you hear my voice or see my videos you'll instantly feel completely relaxed. Natural naturally more confident. Naturally full of love. Three, open your eyes, wide awake, feeling completely relaxed. Thank you for watching. See you tomorrow bye

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