#26 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason and this is your Daily
relaxation session for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. I don't know why I said the word stress like Stress Stress. But that's how it came out a
bit of a mouthful for a title. I've actually thought of other things I could have added to the title, such as depression, bereavement, you know, things like that were including bit of relaxation, or introducing some relaxation, some calmness, some serenity, into your life into your mind into your
body will actually be beneficial in order to allow you to think more clearly when you are awake, to get in touch with how you feel in that moment, you know, allow you to have more mindfulness.
So these are some of the benefits that are gained from regular hypnosis sessions. Which is why I do a daily walk. Of course, my save course but I also do a weekly chronic pain relief session on a Tuesday, every Tuesday and a Thursday sleep hypnosis session
every Thursday. So because see those on YouTube and on my SoundCloud podcast also. So I've got no idea what I did yesterday or the day before
I forget them as students have done them really. So what I think I'm going to do is just see what happens. So I'd like you to get yourself comfortable into a chair,
lying down on a flat surface bed or whatever is suitable for you, as long as you're safe
and comfortable. And remember that, you know, you haven't got to stay in a particular position physically. You know, for whatever reason, if your necks like that, you know because you relax, but then
your neck starts to get a bit uncomfortable then you smooth. Hypnosis isn't paralysis, hypnosis isn't being unconscious ideal, your unconscious mind is not uncaught be an unconscious Of course, if you fall asleep, then
fine. This relaxation session is a mixture of gradual relaxation of different parts of your body and your mind. But also at the same time, given suggestions, I I guess I don't call them suggestions, I call
them ideas. giving you some ideas about different ways that you may choose to think about things. And when you're in a really relaxed situation, really, really relaxed state of mind. Similar to that point between when you're asleep and waking up. And maybe that point when you're awake, but you're kind of on the verge of falling asleep. That point is very much kind of like a hypnosis feeling. So you're not asleep, you're not awake while you are awake, but you're not fully awake and fully alert the way you would be in a sense of everything firing on all cylinders and your brain all active and thinking about what's going to happen next and being aware of things that maybe aren't that important, all relevant to your time at that moment. Being hypnosis you can be focused your focus can be a lot stronger
than It would normally be, because you're focusing on a lot less than you would normally be. So there's a clue really in there, that if you want to increase your focus, you can decrease the quantity of things that you are focusing on.
which then allows that focus of attention to zoom in, and magnify, allowing you to make changes in your life in your mind and your body that maybe he really didn't believe was possible before. And now you realize it is. So possible to really make changes these easily because you choose to not because I tell you to, or because I suggest, you know something, because you choose how you live your life, and you choose what you do next. choices. And that's something that's very important to remember that actually, you're choosing to watch this video, you're choosing to listen to my voice, you're choosing to absorb my words into your mind.
Therefore, you're choosing to accept those ideas. If you choose to, of course, I offer the ideas as a choice. That's why I like the word suggestion is quite nice.
Because if someone says, Would you, you know, would you like that, they're not saying you have to have it, it's just a suggestion. So, in the same way, I just offer ideas, ideas of comfort ideas of deep relaxation ideas, such as, the more you watch my videos, the easier, you will become deeply relaxed, pretty much instantly, the moment the video starts, you will start to feel calm, loose in your body. And you feel that familiar sense of comfort throughout your body for the muscles. In your mind, as your mind slows down. calming, relaxing. And there's a real, real feeling of just letting go. That's a nice thing, as sure, isn't it? a nice thing to be able to just say, you know what, I'm
just gonna let go. Just gonna have a nice, relaxed time. No worries, no stresses, no anxieties, no panics, no nothing. Because none of that stuff is invited to this party. And that's what this is, in a sense, it's a party, not a party where you're dancing around drinking alcohol or doing any of the things that maybe people do at parties. I can't remember it's been such a long time. This is your party celebrating you. celebrating your life celebrating your accomplishments, celebrating you
who you are, which means no one else needs to be invited just yourself. But as you get to that door, you know you've got the doorman standing there, and they won't let you into the party unless you hand over certain things. Maybe things you got in your backpack, things you've been carrying around and your shoulders, you know, maybe suitcases full of stuff. And maybe you didn't even realize you had that stuff with you. I should get to that doorway of that. Maybe that nightclub that magical nightclub that's yours to the party that's celebrating you and you're the only person invited. Because that's all it's needed. Because during this time, it's all about you. Jet you're standing there at the doorway wanting to enter. But the doormen, one man, one woman that's stopping you insane? No, you can't come in, unless you hand over that stuff. But you say to them, What stuff? Do you understand? Would What? What are you talking about? And they say must hand over your stress. So you look in, you see a bag, and it's got the word stress on it. you hand it to them. You just know that it's got wheels on, it's a suitcase, it's got wheels on, it's got big word stress on it. you hand it to them. Because you're not allowed in there. With stress, so they've taken it off you. When you say a cow go in there. And they said, Wait, wait, you can't go in yet. So what why can't it go? Now? I've given you the stress where you asked for. They said, Yeah, but you still got anxiety. You can't go in with anxiety, you have to leave anxiety out of the party, you must give the anxiety away. So you hand in the suitcase, it's got the words anxiety on
and then you take a step forward, you know, thinking great, I can go in now. And they said sorry. You can't go in Yeah, that's why I've given you stress of let go stress, you've let go of anxiety. Now, what else do you want for me? And they say to you, you need to get us to panic to give us the panic attacks. So he decides, okay, I've got to let go the panic attacks as well. I've already let go of the stress, you've already let go the anxiety. Now you're going to let go of the panic attacks. So you hand over that case, it's got the word panic attacks on it. And you think that's fine. Go go through now got rid of let go of stress. You've let go of anxiety. You've let go of panic attacks you've let it go. It's gone. So now you can step inside to this party if you're celebrating your accomplishments and how amazing you are. But again, you're not allowed in yet as like why why am I not allowed in yet? And they say we need to let go of the the self hatred the self anger and I'm like Do I really have that I really have still have self hatred and anger towards myself. And assets you know, in in day cyber while Do you ever think bad things about yourself? Do you ever say things to yourself? call yourself names in your head maybe and maybe call yourself stupid or an idiot or you know, blame yourself are things to clearly not your fault. Do you ever criticize yourself? Do you ever do any of that stuff? blame yourself? You ever cruel to yourself? I was okay. Yeah, I do do that is true. never really thought of his self hatred before. as well. It's an eye opener. So they say we need to hand that over before you can go into the party celebrating yourself.
So I'll hand it over. But there's more than one bag. There's there's a few of them. There's self anger, self hatred. Denial is all clustered all together. Saying horrible things to yourself or things we've written almost all cases. I've got these written on the sides. So I hand them all over, hand them all over and
go to take a step inside, surely that is got to be it now you feel so light, you feel so relaxed. You've let go so much. And more than maybe ever thought is possible to let go of in such a short period of time. And you can feel so calm knowing that, actually, that stuff's no longer dragging you down. There's a sense of release where you can you just, you know, it just feels so good. And it's a real pleasure, but it's, but you're not sure what to do with it. Because there's a sense of familiarity with the suffering, which was involved in those things that you've let go. The familiarity of having that stress, anxiety, panic, self hatred, anger towards yourself, that internal dialogue, being cruel to yourself, there's a familiarity that you had connected to that stuff that you've let go. And it's as if there's, there's a gap left, there's a hole left, where that stuff used to be is now gone, because you let go there but what what do you do now? Because it's like a relationship is ended. I mean, it's a good thing days ended, but it's, you had a relationship, unhealthy as it was, with that stuff that you've let go. Be think, Okay, fair enough. I'll just step inside anyway. feel calm, feel relaxed, you feel loose, you, you know, there's nothing negative going on in your mind, because that stuff's all gone. And just go to Step inside and say, Sorry, you can't come in. What now? There's no more cases that I can see that I brought with me. I said, Well, it's not a case of that. excuse the pun, they use the word case. They both laughed, I thought was a pretty crap joke. But they laughed, because I use the word case. And then they said, You can't go in without taking some stuff in with you. You're missing some things. I said, You're joking. You're taking all this stuff off me. And they say in a car going without you give them the stuff to take in? They said yes. I said, Okay, what do you what do I need? They said, well, you need to take this. And they handed me a bag, which said, relaxation. Okay, I took the bag, and you feel relaxed, who actually it started to fill that gap up where the stress used to be, before you let it go. You've got that feeling of relaxation, fill in that gap up, you know, reach in all the different parts of your body, all the different muscles and the bones really having an effect quite instantly. It's as if that relaxation was just injected directly into your bloodstream. And just, it's reached everywhere really, really quickly. Including your mind and your brain. And you just breathe in and breathe out and you feel so calm. I need to slow Okay, brilliant. Well, now it's nice, thank you. And you stepped forward and they again they stopped you this slide this is getting silly now why you stopped me again. so relaxed. And you know I said yeah, but what you need is you know this kindness self kindness being kind to yourself. You got rid of the anger you got rid of the dialogue self you know, internal dialogue where you've been horrible to yourself, but you need to replace that. And they handed me this case which was just set Be kind to yourself on it. So they handed it to me they will To overcast it was big,
massive old thing. And I just touched it and something happened. Just this energy just filled my body, filling you up completely, this sense of just in a kindness, just fill in that gap up. Like just moves for your body for your limbs, fingers, your toes, your stomach, chest, spine, back of your neck, your face, your arms, your eyes, just filling you up in your mind, just filling up with this feeling of being kind to yourself, self kindness. I just feel so nice and is if you've been given permission to just do what's natural. And you're about to take a step forward then and they don't stop you this time. They said wait a minute, before you go in, you just one one last thing you can have. And they had this too. And it's a case another case that's got the word forgiveness. And I said some forgiveness for what and they said everything. Just allow it into your life. Allow into your mind and your body.
And it takes care of everything else. So I said thank you and I just took a hold of it.
And that's a powerful feeling enters your body. It's not It's not like the other feelings. So real feeling of gentle but at the same time powerful. healing energy seems to build and fill your body and your mind
as a really deep, deep feeling of serenity as that forgiveness completely overtakes every atom of your being
and you can feel the forgiveness just pushing into the future lighting the path ahead of you and at the same time you can feel it lighting up the past as well. Healing the past allowing that forgiveness to just do its work and it's wonder using its power to forgive where forgiveness is required in order for you to move on with your life relaxed and calm loose knowing that the next few seconds you can just
enjoy that feeling of release feel in your mind maybe it's Tingley. It's changes happening or positive kind coined. Oh healing now you feel certain that it's gonna be time for you to just step inside now. I mean, you've got everything you need and
Conduct party fills, you might even that, blogged about the party now because you feel so good. If the party's already within you.
And you realize actually, the doorway is just a mirror. There is no nightclub. There is no party, there's just you. Because you don't need a building to walk into. To feel wonderful. You can just notice how you feel, physically and emotionally. Then the door staff, the man and a woman, they say, Wait, before you go before you come back, and, you know, continue that feelings of feeling wonderful. And get on with the rest of your day. There's something that you've forgotten, something you would like to show you. So, so Okay. And I just lead you over to where all those bags were the old ones, the ones that you let go of the day took off you. And you noticed that there's a big fire just controlled like an incinerator. Safe to be near, of course. But maybe we wear goggles just to make sure that it's safe. Maybe you want to put protective jacket on. It's up to you. Wherever you want to do.
Can you can take each of these bags and just drop it into the incinerator. One at a time. Just notice how it feels. I'm going to keep quiet for one minute while you drop all of those bags into the incinerator. And watch them just disintegrate.
Now now all those bags have gone with her and he left just put them all in to the incinerator now.
And as you walk away from the incinerator, leaving those bags and those feelings and everything connected to that in the past. You can just feel wonderful. Enjoy those feelings you have in your body and in your mind. And I'm going to count from one to three. When I get to three, you can open your eyes wide awake, fully alert. Ready to enjoy the rest of the day. Feeling absolutely wonderful.
starting to be aware of your surroundings to notice any sounds in the background, just in how you physically feel right now. Remembering the every time you hear my voice or see my videos you instantly and naturally feel completely relaxed in your body and in your mind, calm and serene, completely focused. Three you can spend the rest of the day feeling wonderful. And being aware of just how much change has occurred in your life, maybe with the question mark, of how amazing the future is going to be. From now onwards for you. Thank you for watching. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye

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