#24 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason, this is your daily relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. I'm recording this in the afternoon, very full tomorrow morning, which is when you'll see I'm very aware of that the sounds in the background. But it's in the trees. So what I thought I would do is start this session just by being aware. Or once you get yourself into a comfortable position, lying down on a comfortable bed, on a
flat surface or sitting in a comfortable chair, one that will support your body throughout this session, and we're going to focus on background sounds. closing your eyes if it's safe for you to do so.
Of course, I don't know what sounds that you have in the background. But I'm going to focus on those sounds that maybe
you can hear in my background. For the moment, the most prominent thing that I can hear
is the pitch in the distance singing his sounds from neighbors, distant sounds. I can hear talking and conversations but not HD. Being able to hear the words or just the sounds. And that's one of the good things about mindfulness is it gives you an opportunity to actually hear what's there without adding any kind of emotion to it without giving that sound and emotive word like noise instead just allowing it to remain just the sound. Just a sound can't really have the power to disturb you. Just comes and goes. Just like the breath in our body. Come in and go. And I can actually hear of course, my own voice here and Alice sound maybe the old coke in my voice because the sound of a voice isn't just one continuous sound. It's actually
lots of different noises that break in the same way that the air it's just full of time. Tiny molecules. So when I hear the background sounds on a day like this, maybe here, the neighbor might be watching football, soccer, maybe here in the schoolchildren, hearing the birds and the trees, maybe it could be the weather, maybe it's windy, maybe it's raining, you can hear the rain against the glass of your windows. Maybe you can just notice your own breathing notes and how that feels. The breathing and your body might just send the sound of that breath. And it sounds different. Maybe when you're breathing in to how it sounds when you're breathing.
And there's a difference, the sound of the breathing. Also, once it enters your body, you can still maybe hearing
or at least feel that vibration. And then it turns from sound to a feeling. And that's the thing about sound is is a vibration. And the vibrations can be felt. And ultimately, that's what sound is doing to your ears. your eardrums. They're reacting to a vibration, React into a feeling which then gives you that sound that sound has a feeling. And as you breathe in, you can notice that feeling in your body. At least the air goes into your mouth or through your nose, all the way down your neck and into your lungs. You feel your chest rays in
you can feel your lungs filling with air can also feel your stomach rising naturally and maybe your shoulders as well. In a sense, just the act of breathing can stretch the muscles in your body in your back and your shoulders and in your chest. Your stomach, in your neck, maybe in your jaw, and your face, your throat, all those muscles being used, being stretched being exercised. So in a sense, you've got this regular fitness procedure continuously going on, over and over. Every time you pray. You're using your body in a productive and healthy way. And as you feel that sensation of that breath and you feel the sensation of those muscles in your shoulders and in your chest and your stomach, maybe in your throat. Something about noticing those parts of your body that then allow you to get more in touch because you can also feel the back of you in the back your upper back where your lungs are, you could feel how those muscles are stretched out when you breathe. And of course, those muscles affect the middle of your back, which then affects your lower back. So this procedure, just breathing in and out naturally is also a way for you To get in touch with those different parts of your body that maybe you hadn't connected together before, with breathing easily and naturally allowing you to really experience being aware of how you feel and just stand as always breathing in and notice the sensation of Bhutan.
Because when I breathe in my mouth, I can feel the cold air on my tongue and in my mouth, on my lips. When I breathe in through my nose, I can feel that same cold air
just on the outside of my nose, my nostrils, just gently cooling inside my nose
as the air goes down through my throat into my lungs, down the windpipe. So notice that air that cold, cool air that was in my mouth and on my tongue, the cool air that was brushing against my lips
and my nose. I noticed that same color on my eyelids.
Notice sin sensitive comfort comes over my eyelids, my eyes. Although my eyes don't feel as if they're stuck, closed.
The same time. I don't feel like I'm asleep. By feel so comfortable. My eyes feel so loose completely and totally relaxed naturally without any effort or without even attempting for my eyes to feel relaxed, they just naturally are relaxed
and cool.
Now just notice as I'm talking to you notice mature and that coolness spreading over my jaw and into the sides of my cheeks into the jaw. They're
basically just sinking deep into the jaw bone. My jaw just feels so relaxed, calm effortlessly. Not trying to be relaxed or calm just it's just how it is. Just seems to have naturally happened to be that way
to feel relaxed. And that same cool air is now just brushing against my forehead. I can feel that sensation in my forehead and it see fit. I know it's there. I know I've got a forehead and I know that this skin cover in it.
But at the same time it's just vague. It's just safe. It's transparent. So cold and so calm. This is if there's no muscles to relax, it's just there. And so I just mentioned that the idea of maybe my forehead feeling transparent kind of visualized mouth face somehow being safe Pray before the muscles just disappeared no the bones just disappeared notes left in my face it's just the outline and though I can see my face in my mind I know it's there of course
just feel so cool and calm just as I said that my focus became really strong on my actual scalp and my brain
just noticed that coolness also caused my brain to be transparent as well. My mind just feel so close. Just feel so calm. Really, really. So this so transparent. So if I could see through my head by and every part of my face, my head, like is my eyes, my scalp or brain,
my mouth. Everything's just so relaxed. Just notice the back of my neck who calm transparent feeling spreads down my neck all the way down the back. So see if I can just see this big gap.
This transparent hole will lay down my back. No muscles. It's nothing but just coolness. relaxation, all the way down. occlude my lower back. When I focused on my lower back just then just from my lower back just gave a sigh of relief.
It felt like my lower backs stretched, just stretched too. It's how it's supposed to feel like it was your turn to sign off. Thank you. It's my lower back really feel so comfortable. This is really nice. It's not just comfort and relaxation. And call this also pleasurable. That sense of the more than anywhere else in my lower back. Moving down.
There's a sense of pleasure. Just a style. My hips just really feel loose and seem to be stretching. Sat calmness, cool feeling of relaxation. The then transparent through my buttocks, groin and my hips. just completely make that area totally transparent. Feel so nice. Being able to just look through that area and know that
there's no muscles to feel there's no anything to feel. But just being
just noticing just allowing yourself to feel relaxed and calm feeling the same feeling happening my front feet it down my throat, my chest, my stomach becoming transparent. This time it seems to be happening so much quicker. That cool feeling of deep relaxation that's my body. The whole of my upper body is completely transparent. Which means my shoulders lie down my hands or fingers and of course my arms down feel cool and relaxed as that didn't really work, relaxation spreads and covers my shoulders, arms and the hands and fingers. With that relaxing, feeling of being transparent being able to see through my arms and the hands
of those muscles just vanishing as a focus just on my fingers and how my fingers feel just so loose and is so unusual feeling of pleasure from my hands, palms of my hands generating a generating some kind of pleasure that I don't really recognize. It's a real sense of natural energy being transmitted from my palms of my hands is just a lovely feeling. A calm, serene, loose feeling. It's an overall feeling of acceptance. But really, that's feels so calm. My attention now goes to the remainder of what's left of me to feel relaxed and calm and transparent.
My thighs, my knees, my legs, and of course my ankles, feet and toes. The whole area just naturally becomes transparent and deeply relaxed. so easily. That part was even quicker than the others just becomes so naturally, deeply relaxed have a real sense of connection between my hands and my feet. Same feeling come in from the bottoms of my feet, by having my palms of my hands, feelings of comfort,
feelings of serenity, and that feeling atop my head now. This fidence it's a different type of feeling kind of feels like a feeling of completeness, feeling of wholeness a feeling of my mind and my body and every parts of my body or being at peace,
completely relaxed, completely loose. Really, really calm. That's a really, really nice feeling of just being here. Just accepting myself not needing to be anything, or anyone. Just feeling that love, that universal love that we all have inside us. energy that connects all of us. There's a real, real sense of gratitude for having the opportunity to be able to get in touch. Being able to relax, so very deeply in my body and relaxed in my mind. Knowing that you can have this feeling every time you watch my videos or listen to my voice, you'll naturally feel just as relaxed as you do right now. And even when you're not listening to my voice and your day to day life you'll keep this feeling of calmness and relaxation in your body and in your mind. Always there with you to allow you to experience calmness when you need it
to allow you to feel pleasure and deep relaxation. Now and then a count from one to three. I want to get to three. You can open eyes, if you choose to do so. One, two, you'll keep this feeling of you. You feel amazing. Relax, calm. Every time you hear my voice or see my videos, you'll feel so wonderful. Deep inside your mind and your body. Three, you can open your eyes if you choose to do so. Of course you can just do whatever you want to do. Thank you for watching, please subscribe, like this video. Leave a comment and I will see you tomorrow. Bye

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