#23 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason. And I don't say way too close to the radiator.
It's very hard, it's making me feel tired. I don't know if it the radio has made me feel tired, but it is hot.
So this is your daily relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks, just try and make myself that's the idea of these videos is to give you a daily thing, a daily session to listen to some of them.
I will talk about stuff other other ones, I'll give you a technique which you can do like I did the other day, which was a two minute technique where you can reduce your stress. And other times I'll just just do a relaxation hypnosis session, which will last about half an hour. So that's what I'm going to do today. I did one like that yesterday, I'm going to do one like that today as well. So I'd like you to close your eyes once you get yourself comfortable. Only Close your eyes if it's safe for you to do so. And I'm going to be talking for about 30 minutes ish. And at the end, I will count up to three. And I'll ask you to open your eyes, if you wish to do so. Okay, if there's something important that you need to do, just to make sure in case you fall asleep, then maybe set your alarm. Okay. So also, there's always a chance I could go on over half an hour, because I'm quite good at rambling on. So I say good. I mean, I'm a Rambler rambling kinda guy. So there's lots of ways that we can start a session or relaxation session lots of ways into the same, you know, to get onto the same direction. So different routes, lots of different entrances. In a sense, possibly the best place to start is from where you are now, of course, everybody's going to be in a different position, everybody's going to be feeling differently to each other. Because you know, we've all got different lives. Hopefully, what you do all have in common is you listen to these and watch these videos regularly, every day. You get used to hearing my voice. So of course, I might have a different accent to you, you. If you're in Australia or in America or South Africa, Canada, France, wherever you may be, there's a chance you're going as you know, I'm going to sound different to you. And once you get used to that my voice then becomes kind of like a trigger to getting into that level of relaxation that you've already experienced in the past with me, listening to me or watching a video. So the more sessions we have, this is like 23 number 23 I think day 23 something like that and the quicker you'll feel more relaxed. So if you've listened to the last 22 days, then just by hearing my voice you naturally feel more comfort in all the different parts of your body and your mind and your mind will just naturally start To just slow down, he'll start to wind down. In the same ways, you know, at the end of a day's work, you start to clear up whatever kind of job you have, it's usually a bit of, you know, maybe half an hour clearing up. If you work in a factory, if you work in office, there's winding down period, you know, we tidy the desk, put stuff away, turn the computer off, make sure everything saved. Or if you work, what is so many different kinds of jobs, maybe you got a job where you're physically getting dirty, you might need to wash your hands, change your clothes, you know, there's a winding down period, in all jobs that we do. And that's kind of the brain is the part of us doing the most work out of every other part of your body. Even if you're walking around all day long, the brain still the part that's doing the most work because the brain, the legs wouldn't be working.
So the brain is the part that does the most. So that is like a full time 24 hour a day job. The brains always always working.
So I think what could be nice is to give it to let it just shut down for a while.
To just without, it's not going to shut down completely, because it still has to keep going, you know, the whole 24 hours. But it can be as if you're swapping over to a different shift. So you're clearing up your bids, you're going home, someone else is gonna come in in half an hour. And then they'll be able to take over. So in the meantime, your brain can just calm down. If you're working in a place of machinery, maybe you turn the machinery off for half an hour, maybe turn the laptop off for half an hour, turn the television off for half an hour.
Have that 30 minutes of calmness at rest. Because we all need that every single one of us needs that time to just let go. By just by talking about it, you just automatically feel more relaxed. It's not always a case of just me saying the different part of your body and part your body is now going to be relaxed. And I don't use not always about that.
Sometimes just talk in listening to the words I say, even though it might not seem as if I'm trying to cause you to feel completely relaxed throughout your whole body and mind.
It just seems to happen naturally. Your body in mind automatically feel more comfort. It's as if there's a trigger in your in your brain. And when
you hear my voice, it triggers that part of your brain, which then gives the command to release that magic liquid. Maybe it's inside your mind. Relaxation liquid, that magic healing glow that then just starts to spread throughout your body, relaxing every single muscle and bone. Every tissue of your body just gets naturally and instantly relaxed. It's effortless. It's easy. And it's yours. This feeling is yours, it belongs to you. You were born with the right to feel relaxed as you're human right to be able to just let go To be able to be kind to yourself is such a gift, a gift to be so aware of your own ability to really let go and enjoy knowing that you're the reason that you're feeling so relaxed. Because you're allowing yourself to the more you get that into your mind, the more you allow that idea to sink deep into your mind. allow those connections inside your mind to spread. So there's not just unconscious, but also consciously, you become more aware of your own power, your own power to suggest to yourself, feelings that you can experience, your own ability to adjust how you feel, ability to really let go. And to feel completely relaxed, is your choice to allow yourself to feel relaxed and calm and loose whenever you choose. Because you are the person and makes this happen. You are the cause of your relaxation. By talking, I can trigger it. But you're the one the experiences. That experience of deep healing, relaxation comes from within you doesn't come from outside. It's already there. It's already in you. ability for every part of your body to continue to relax. As you listen to my voice. It's already there. Your mind is letting go becoming more loose as his parts of your body calmer and looser and more relaxed. Because you're allowing this to happen. You're allowing yourself to feel completely relaxed.
You're the one that gives yourself permission to feel wonderful.
This idea this knowledge will transform the way you see and experience future relaxation. Because it means that it's not something from outside. It's not something created by somebody else. The secret to your complete, physical, mental and emotional relaxation is you allowing it to happen. wanting it, expecting it and allowing it so that you can really really feel amazing inside and out. Sometimes, just by a trigger, the thought of feeling relaxed can be enough for you to really experience your shoulders feeling heavy And your bag just fit in looser and mixed in with that relaxation is the pleasure, the physical pleasure
and also the emotional pleasure of knowing that you're taking care of yourself that you're allowing yourself to feel calm and loose. And you're making that choice yourself. Because you know how good it feels right now to feel completely relaxed in every part of your body.
In fact, you can just focus on a part of your body, yourself about me even mentioning it. Just notice now, how much more relaxed it feels, parts of your body. Any part that you focus on not only does it feel relaxed, but as you focus on it. Notice how it just feels like the muscles just melting. just completely
and serene. Things are quiet your sensations just been turned down. Apart from the sensations of pleasure and relaxation, which have been turned up just so aware of how you feel physically. But at the same time
just know that there's nothing for you to do. Since if your body is just taking care of itself. It's as if that relaxation that's been spreading throughout your whole body since we started this session
has been getting stronger all by itself naturally and easily. Feeling Lisa completely letting go. And then no mind. You can notice that feeling of calmness, that feeling of things moving more slowly and you can enjoy that feeling as your mind and body can share those feelings deep the relaxation, maybe for a few minutes. As you focus on your mind, then you focus on your body.
Then you focus on your mind again, just how relaxed your mind feels and then being aware of just how relaxed To body fails and comes to a point where may be difficult to tell them apart. It's a system body is the mind and the mind is the body and all you feel is really deep, deep relaxation and there's nothing to do there's nothing to say you can experience No, you can just observe these feelings of Total Comfort in your body. And in your mind says if the two mix together form some kind of
energy that surrounds your body protecting you not just keeping you safe. But you you're feeling safe a sense of safety that maybe if not experienced for a long time, maybe never before and as you just allow yourself to be that safety. So healing involved in this it comfort in combat encompassed within that feeling of safety. Like a baby in a womb. Safe, protected and loved and so relaxed. So comfortable and able to just accept yourself to be aware of all those wonderful qualities that you possess. Really getting in touch with that love that you can experience for yourself. Mix in their love with self acceptance and safety. Notice how that feeling grows stronger with every second that passes forming this big ball of energy surrounding you, protecting you, keeping you safe, allowing you to feel safe and happy and relaxed. This ball of energy like an aura covering your entire body can protect you every second of every day allowing you to feel safe and calm. Allowing you to really, really feel relaxed in every part of your body easily. And naturally. This feeling will now stay with you. keeping you safe, relaxed and happy. From now on. Whenever you wish to have more of these experiences of safety, happiness and relaxation.
Just focus on that energy that surrounds you. Just remind yourself that it's there. You can instantly experience it, you can instantly feel that energy protecting you. You can instantly feel completely safe, happy and relaxed. Because that energy that surrounds you, travels with you where ever you go. It's with you when you're awake, it's with you when you're asleep. keeping you safe, happy and relaxed. This brings us to the end of this session. Guidance accounts to three. When I get to three, I'm going to ask you to open your eyes. Of course if you choose not to then you can just ignore it. But when you do open your eyes you will continue to feel the complete safety and relaxation. You continue to have those sensations physically and emotionally With that energy surrounding you, keeping you safe, happy and relaxed, every second of every day that feeling will become stronger. One to becoming more aware of your surroundings and noticing how you physically feel right now. Three, you can open your eyes if you choose to do so. Take a breath and just move your body around.
Really happy y'all
and enjoy the rest of the day. feeling relaxed and wonderful. And remember that you are a remarkable person and you deserve to be happy. So I will see you tomorrow. Bye

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