#22 Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis (Jason Newland) (19th January 2019)

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Hello Welcome to Jason newland.com This is deep sleep whisper it noses. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes
please share this mp3, podcast or video to others or to annoy others if you like it if you're watching on YouTube please subscribe suggests sitting on the edge of my bed in my bedroom I probably could have just left without saying bedroom because I said bed The fact is have lived in many rooms that were my bedroom. And by living space as well.
I need to turn 18 on. But if I do that, the idea is we'll start by just like like giving blocky and weird sounds. Although this is an ASMR kind of. So maybe I could do that.
Then if you can hear the sounds of the birds outside. So for this session, I tried to make each one different.
Because if they were all the same, you might as well just listen to just one. But of course there will be similarities by work of the premise being very fancy by using the word premise. I like the idea that
you can have Joyce and even if the recording is practically identical to the previous one in content The fact is the wording will be different. The background sounds will be different. Slightly it's a different time. It's a different space of time. For example, alpha Recording by ever will be exactly the same as this
you could say you have a Jason that's the same with all files set aside. Yep, I wasn't planning to compare these sessions with far too
often think it gives the sense of being in the moment. being real, being alive. Not just some old style repetitive recording Something that continues. So you felt when you listen to the very first of these deep sleep sessions, you can see the connection, you can feel that
tinuum of energy moving through with that intention of causing you to feel sleepy. And you know, the reality is, it's not about me causing you to do anything.
It's just about you cafe giving yourself permission to just let go let go of worries, let go of anger, let go of any confusion. Like the need to be right. Let go of your opinions, let go of your beliefs
even if it's just for the duration of this recording, you can test out you can experience and decide for yourself whether you joy, that feeling and experience of freedom and safety. As you may notice, as I continue to talk, it can feel a little bit like you're wearing hundreds of items of clothing. You just taken one layer of at a time. And you started off feeling so heavy. And now as each second passes with each item of clothing that gets removed, you feel with each item unnecessary. Unnecessary, harmful, COVID. removed, gone, dropped to the floor. You feel lighter, you feel safer, more confident. There's that sensation of continuous cadence of relaxation. And it's as if each layer of clothing which is now becoming less and less and less now allows you to feel so much more loose right now Longer bend down to the floor by the heaviness and the weight of all of that
stuff that you are wearing? frustration? What other feelings did you have? What emotions teach you that you've just let go? of? You've just dropped them to the flow. You've said knipex don't need you can stay on the floor. I'm just going to go to sleep, I'm going to relax.
You know, I thought about getting myself peace of God have an eight in it. And on one side of writings, something like how does this help me? How does this help me? So if there's an emotion I've got, or if I'm angry at somebody, or if somebody says something to me some advice, you know, whatever it is, that's the I'm reacting to let's say, I pick out my little piece of a laminated card.
How does this help me? And then maybe, if I can't think of a way it helps turn the card over. And it says, to drop it to the floor
or let it drop to the floor. How does this help me? Thinking about the past, thinking about argument, when actually all I want to do is sleep was no help it flipped back God over in your mind. let it drop to the floor. Or you can be more creative with your word. We could just go by by so as you're lying in your bed, noticing. Notice what you're thinking about. Maybe you're thinking about tomorrow. Something it's been on your mind. Something that you're concerned about.
Remember that not only are you perhaps thinking about the fake, laminated card or is ready to flip out. Just say well How does thinking about this thing? When I'm lying down? wanting to go to sleep, to relax, to feel comfortable to let go? How is thinking about this thing? helping me? How's it helping me? David can't think of a reason why? Thinking about something he can do nothing about. while you're sleeping. I was thinking about it, can I help you sleep? is probably not. So how is it helping you? How's it helping me? And if it's over and just say whatever juicy words you put on the back of that laminated card. It could be go away. Drop it to the floor. let it drop to the floor. could purchase be gone? Now? You could put your own words. For example, He could be lying. Thinking about a doctor's appointment you've got tomorrow on a couple of days time.
It could be an important thing. How is thinking about that helping you sleep? How is it helping you? Then thinking about that? How is helping you? How is it helping me? You can flip that over. Say bye bye. Because dropped to the floor. I don't know if that's a part of our buyers. Or we can't keep fingered on something or we want to forget about the important event. Well,
if you got a big got an elephant, right? have to care about the dynamics of getting the elephant into your room. Perfect elephant did a big bow on the floor at the side of your bed. Okay. Just before you went to sleep. And it was it was a really nice like a non smelly one. So it's not going to affect your sleep. I probably shouldn't have mentioned this. Now we're talking about sleep.
When you wake up in the morning Do you think that boosts are going to be there or not?
Yes, it will still be there. And you will step in. And it'll be a lovely started today. In the same way that any worries you have will still be there. As far as anything that you've been worrying about.
The actual event is still going to be their current work the job interview. The reality is you don't need that worrying or thinking about it.
If just go into sleep changes reality then I probably spent my entire life is late. So you don't need to be concerned. You don't need to spend time in bed, thinking about stuff. Bathroom, anything is boring.
Going to sleep is an opportunity to think about nice things to have a creative experience. It's kind If escapism, really. So the next time you're lying in bed, and there's something nagging at you, picking away trying to get your attention. Ask yourself, you know, pick out that God and that laminated card in your mind?
How is this helping me? Well, you can head to sleep. How is this helping me to sleep?
If you're thinking about win the lottery, and all the different people that you help them, maybe you want to continue thinking about that, because that's a nice thoughts. By later into a noise, sleep. It's not about switching off all thinking. Because that's not going to be, it's not going to happen. It's okay to think it means that you're alive. But things do slow down as you get closer to bed into a deep sleep. But things aren't, they slowed down on the awake side, your brain is still active when you're asleep.
That's for your sleepy brain to deal with. We're dealing with areas that that little bridge between being awake and being asleep. Once you're the other side of the bridge. There's nothing to be done. Nothing needed.
In the same way what to the office side of the bridge. You don't need anything to help you to be awake. Usually, you know that boy, maybe. For me, I wake up usually at least once during the night to go to the toilet.
What a lovely, interesting fact. I'll get up. Do our guards come back and all fall back asleep very, very quickly. It's as if the bridge becomes shorter. Maybe isn't a case of us having to walk across the bridge or travel across the bridge. It's as if the bridge becomes shorter. And distance between being awake and being asleep is less and less. Every passing second and then you just there. Benny chose that

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