#21 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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and welcome to Jason new land.com. My name is Jason. and this is your Daily relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. During these sessions, I don't talk a huge amount about panic attacks. I guess one of my main aims is that each session by aiming at ways to relax, mix together with other sessions will give you an opportunity to reduce that level of anxiety, which would maybe trigger a panic attack. And I know that sometimes why in my own experience, that didn't always seem to be much make much sense about when a panic attack would start, sometimes it would just start for no reason. At least, that's how it felt. But with gradual relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, I did notice I was able to have less of them. So it's not, it's quite a good place to be if you can have the feeling of panic, but not have the panic attack. Because the feeling of panic, then you can do something with that. You can then use, you know, reduction technique, technique to reduce your anxiety. Or you can just sit with the feeling. Because when you sit with a feeling it changes. So what I'm going to do is show you an example of what I mean, and how things change because even when we don't do anything, if things change, or not, I'm not being philosophical here, although it's true in life, everything changes. Everything changes, but you that's what take that said, but everything changes in your physical situation, as well as your mental situation sometimes feels like it doesn't change, like, Oh, it's gonna be like this forever. And I'm going to feel this way forever, and it's never going to get better, you know, those kind of things can be in our minds. The fact is that nothing stays the same. I remember seeing clients when I was a counselor, I was still a counselor, but when I was practicing,
and one particular person used to come in and say, I never laugh, and depressed the whole time. And we'd spend like half an hour hour 15 minutes laughing
means together, you know, it'd be laughing. But it seemed like immediately after he'd been off in here, get that because that wasn't his focus. His focus was on the times when he felt miserable and unhappy. And you know, the depression part of it. That's what his focus was on. He didn't even notice when he was laughing. We're constantly changing, our feelings are constantly changing. And this is something that I've done with people face to face. So I want to do it is something you can do on your own. When you have a feeling of panic or anxiety, or stress. And
one good do I did a technique with you now, so you don't have to focus on any like major thing but just I want you to focus on whatever part of your body
or doesn't have to be in your body. Just notice the stress do you have in your mind at the moment Okay, and just focus on it. Focus on that stress. And I'm not going to call it stress anymore, I'm just going to call it that feeling, okay? Because the feeling is going to change, not because I'm saying it's going to change, not because you wanted to change. And not, because that's kind of the whole, maybe the whole point of watching his video is for feelings that you perhaps don't want to have, you know, to transform into feelings that you do want to have, or to at least reduce, maybe disappear altogether.
That's not the reason why it's going to change, it's going to change, because
that's what happens when you don't hold on to it, when you just observe it. Because to have a feeling stay the same for any length of time, you have to really work hard, and put all your energy into having that feed and stay there. And it might seem like, you're not doing that. But actually, that's what's happening. So when you have a feeling of discomfort, and you've still got that feeling of discomfort, and you still got it and you've still got it and it's like feels like it's never going away. Because that's what you're focused on.
So what you can do with this is you can actually focus on that physical feeling so knows where it is. Maybe it's in a part of your body, maybe it's in your neck, maybe it's in your head, maybe it's in your mind, for now, maybe
it's in your chest, your fingers, who knows, just focus where it is where that feeling is, a feeling of discomfort was stress, but just focused on that feeling was going to call it that feeling. Because that's what it is. And just focus on it. Don't try and hold it, don't try and hold on to it, don't try and push it away. Okay, see what you're trying to eliminate it, not trying to dissolve it, not trying to just, you know, allow it just to break down, chop up into little bits and just, you know, chuck it away and allow it to be gone. You're not trying to do any of that stuff, you're just
allowing it to be there. And what happens is the feeling changes. And it moves, that as it changes it moves to a different part of the body. And there's no necessarily a reason for this. It's just what happens when you focus on it. In the same way, if you turn the light off, and you had a torch or flashlight,
and you kept it completely still on the dark wall, the light would start moving around your optical, your eyes would make it look like the light was moving, even though it wasn't moving at all. So in that same way, this sensation changes, it moves. And by just observing, not doing anything at all, not trying to change it not trying to hold on to it. just noticing where it is
by just where it is now. Just being aware of it. Notice and how it feels. noticing any changes that have occurred within it naturally without you doing anything at all. Now noticing where it is now. What's it moved to what part of your body is in now?
And what strength is it got? Is it the same strength as it was before? What does it feel lighter feels less than before? Maybe there's some kind of sound connected to it. Maybe that sounds changed. Maybe there's a feeling that just a certain feeling that you can't perhaps give a name to, but that feeling is maybe just moved into a different feeling. readjusted itself finely tuned itself into a different frequency, kind of as it moves to a different part of your body. And every time it moves, it seems to just be less. This, the gain is no reason for this other than, I guess a dilution dilutes itself by moving. Because every time it moves, it proves to you that actually that it's just a feeling. It's not a fixed thing. It's not something that you can hold in your hands and show somebody you couldn't wrap it up in prayer, you know, as a present and give it to someone for Christmas. It's not an actual thing, it's just a thought, a feeling. And that feeling changes continuously. And dilutes. The more you realize it isn't what you thought it was. To the point where it's actually hard to hold on to that kind of thought and feeling because it then moves again, maybe to a different part of your body.
This is if it becomes smaller as well. I guess the dilution of it as it moves. And as it becomes smaller in your head, just like a memory.
You know, the house when you were a child and you go and revisit their house and the house
is just so much smaller than it used to be. You know, it's a tiny little house now, now that you're an adult, and you're big in when you were little It seems so
such a huge house of two big rooms. And now you can see it for what it really is. says if the house has shrunk the same way as if this feeling has shrunk and
diluted. And as it moves again to maybe another part of the body.
The sensation feels different. And how does it even feel anything like how it did before? Can you even recognize it? The change can be so profound, this unrecognizable, you could look at anything. We got a feeling there. It's a very faint feeling. And in some ways it's quite difficult to hold on to that feeling. Without a bit of work, you know, need to sort of put a bit of energy into keep it going. It's like trying to keep a plate spinning on a stick. Eventually just let it stop and it falls down and breaks. And that feeling's gone with a feeling gone so open your eyes and if your eyes are closed, just
where is it? And that's what happens when you focus on a feeling it's just a feeling so give it a go. Let me know how you get on.
Excuse the noise in the background. That's Andre. This is the second video you've been in. These little Andre so if you have got your eyes closed, you might want to open your eyes. I say hello to little laundry.
Normally I am keeping them my bedroom when I do this and so he doesn't come out and disturb anything. But luckily, we finished a session so it's okay.
You doing.
So just give that another try on your own, test it out, maybe find another feeling that you have and just follow it, don't try and hold on to it, don't try and you know, eliminate it. Don't give it any power, just allow it to just be there. It's like a, like an old star, it's just naturally just burning out anyway. Like a candle, you know, the last little embers of a candle where it's a tiny little bit of wax, and you know that the candle light is going to go out any second. So you just watch it. That light changes. You know the sensation that the light, the heat of the light, that candle, the color, everything changes, even a smell. The sound, they just sound as it goes out, or gets on a sound.
And as long longer candle that thing that you might have had for months. That candle that may be of use 3040 times is no longer a candle. It's gone. You wouldn't call that candle now would you? See if he was quiet all the time like this. And just later then I could do sessions with him. But
it's amazing how you can just fall asleep in a second. When you fall asleep one second I think will my beard gets busier, busier, fuzzier and stuff.
I think he feels like I'm more like Him. Like I'm like a little polecat myself. My head is a little fairer. much in the way vlogs and cell phone me. Anyway, you take case, let me know how you get on with this. Because the session could be longer I could have extended it. But I'd like you to actually test it out for yourself. Because it's much more fun. Because what I would do if you is here, in person, I would ask you where the feeling's gone. Now. You might say it's not in my left hand is now in my right shoulder. It's now in my stomach. You would describe the feeling to me. You describe maybe if it's God, how life is gonna sound maybe if it's moving some kind of movement.
Maybe there's a texture to it. I can't do that on a video like this because everybody's going to experience it differently. So you know, just try it out for yourself. Test it. Allow yourself some space, some time to relax and to love yourself.
And Andre
says goodbye
I'll see you all tomorrow. Bye

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