#2 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason. And this is a daily relaxation hypnosis session specifically to help you with stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. So this is the second day in this series. yesterday's video was a bit longer it was that over half an hour, and it was describing what I'm doing and like an introduction. So let's say refer to that video if you want to know a bit more about what these videos are about. The short description is their daily video aimed at helping you to feel more relaxed
now and with every day that passes, you can gain more comfort. And there isn't really much to do. The session lasts for about 10 minutes. And I'll start by just asking you to close your eyes.
If it's safe for you to do so, I'd like you just to get in touch with how you physically feel.
right this moment. Starting with a top your head, your forehead, your eyelids, becoming aware of your jaw, your mouth and your tongue, your throat, aware of the back of your neck, your shoulders. Being aware of your back from the top all the way down to the bottom to your lower back. end your hips. Being aware of your arms, by the way from your shoulders all the way down
to elbows and then down to your wrists. Being aware of your hands and your fingers, being aware of your chest and your stomach leading down to your groin. lead to sin how your buttocks feel. And being aware of your thighs leading down to your knees.
And then down legs to your ankles. And being aware of your feet and your toes. Just being aware of any sounds that you may hear whether on this session, maybe my side, you might hear some of the traffic that I can hear in the background.
Some of a faint background so I'm not sure if you can hear it. There might be something that you can hear where you are. Just be aware of they're not trying to push the sound away or give it any kind of energy just allow it to be there. Just an acknowledgement and awareness. Be aware of how you physically feel. So if you're sitting in chair, just notice the weight of your body against the chair Maybe notice your buttocks, maybe the chair against your legs.
If you go back on the chair, maybe you noticed the chair pressing against your back. But just what kind of material The chair is made of. So
if it's plastic, or face leather, or if it's wooden, just notice the physical sensation of your body against that chair. Oh, if you're laying down on a bed, notice the sensations of that bed supporting all of your body. Notice how it feels as it supports your head. Maybe it's a cushion or a pillow support in your head and neck. But sin the feeling of your shoulders and your back, resting on the bed being supported. Not to say the whole of your back feels against the bed. your lower back, lead into your buttocks and the backs of your legs. And your feet just rest in on the bed. As all of you are as your arms, maybe they're on the bed, maybe they're lying on your body, resting. Wherever your arms and hands are resting, just notice the sensation underneath your arms and hands.
If you're lying down on a sofa, also notice that it so fulfills underneath your body as it supports your back your head, your hips, legs and feet, your arms and your hands. And maybe you can notice the temperature of the room
being aware of how it feels the air against your skin. But seen how it feels that air against your face and
your hands and any other parts of your body which is uncovered. Maybe there's a brace that you weren't aware of. Before I mentioned that. Maybe there's some smells. Possibly you can smell cooking from earlier in the day. Maybe you have flowers, or plants in the room that you can smell or perfume or deodorant. Just a subtle smell, you can actually notice that maybe you weren't noticing before.
You can notice any tastes that you have in your mouth. Maybe it's the taste of some food you ate earlier.
or tea or coffee or maybe you've seen a suite or had some candy or chocolate or mint. Or maybe there's just the standard taste of your mouth
as it is when it feels relaxed when you're in the state of relaxation. You can become aware of how easily you can feel
easily relaxed. And it takes no effort, it really is very simple to just let go and allow your body to just be here now and to just accept that this is how you currently feel. And the more focus you give, the more awareness you allow yourself to have, the more
relaxed, you naturally feel calm and serene. And there's something about being able to just give yourself permission
to let go. Even if it's just for a few minutes, you really can just let go. Giving yourself this opportunity to build that gap between being triggered by an outside event and actually having any kind of feeling or reaction by building that gap of relaxation, it allows you and gives you space and time to decide what you do next. So instead of just reacting, like you may have done in the past, without thinking now you can just take a few seconds to reflect on what you decide to do next. Because every second every day, you decide what you do next. You have the choice. And by listening to this session, you've made a choice to take back that power for yourself. That power to be able to just live your own life the way you wish to live happily
and without trying to be controlling. You can just take a step back and look around and then make an informed decision about what you choose to do next.
feeling relaxed and calm. Every day. From now onwards, you will feel more relaxed And every day from now onwards, you will start to really appreciate yourself for the amazing person that you are and you can feel wonderful every day just knowing how easily you can make these changes in your life so that you can lead forward was the relaxed and calm future that you deserve. And you find things that maybe were difficult in the past
now seem somehow easier to deal with. And those times in the future that you may have struggled about in the past. Now you'll find you feel even more relaxed and able to deal with situations in a much more creative and manageable way than you ever thought possible. Because From now on, you will find that feeling relaxed is really easy. Really easy. And I'm gonna count from one to three. And when I get to three, you can open your eyes if you choose to do so. You'll feel wonderful. In fact, you feel twice as relaxed as you do now, when you get to three. And every time you hear my voice, you feel instantly relaxed. And every time you see my face on a video you instantly feel calm and relaxed. One too and every day you will find yourself becoming more relaxed. You will notice changes positive, healthy changes occurring every day. You'll feel wonderful three You can open your eyes if you choose. Thank you for watching this video. You could feel wonderfully relaxed for the rest of the day. Onwards and there'll be a new video tomorrow Thank you for watching please share this video please subscribe, like and leave a comment take care yourself bye

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