#19 Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis (Jason Newland) (15th January 2019)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is deepsleep whisper hypnosis are only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. And this recording is available to download for just one pound, UK, Sterling, or you can stream for free. So, before we can go any further, the best thing to do before we start is to make sure that you're comfortable. No, that sounds like a really obvious thing. But comfort isn't necessarily as obvious as it sounds. It can be as specific as what you're wearing the temperature in the room, making sure that you're not disturbed. Those kinds of things. If you're wearing socks, though, maybe you're a bit tight, that are fine when you walk in about or maybe trousers that you can undo or even take off for a while just to allow your body to feel relaxed and calm. And of course, if you are sleeping for a period of time,
then bounce where your bed pillows. On today's session, I'm going to focus on your mind. Just your mind, nothing else. And it might seem like a strange thing to kind of ignore the entire body. But we're not.
It's a brain controls the body. The mind is the brain. It's the suppose to think inside the you're aware of. I suppose that's one way to describe it, the brain
a part of the brain that you're able to comprehend the part the issue, then is the part of the brain that just does its own thing.
which keeps you alive and well and healthy. So we could have focus on the mind. A place where Let's be honest. That's the place where we get in the way of ourselves. place where we cause ourselves problems, by the way we think
and I know that a lot of those thoughts and not within a conscious understand. Correct would be automatic thoughts. In a way the more automatic thoughts we get. Shouldn't that mean the more prepared we are for dealing with those thoughts.
That's what we have windows and doors in our items. You could build a house on a really calm day, in the middle of summer, got the windows, you got no glass or anything in the windows, just the holes in the walls. And it's beautiful. The cool air is coming in. You can hear the birds maybe you can smell the barbecue from next door. Maybe that's not a good thing dependent. Perhaps you can hear an elton john concert in the stadium 100 miles away.
They were fixed great. And then it starts to get windy things start to blow out of the house as well as in those windows pokes holes in the walls
starts to get cold the weather starts to get in the way. So you have to put glass in those holes. It's called the windows it's about learning from what's come before and that was something that was learned probably 1000s of years ago. So we have these continuous thoughts automatic thoughts that getting away or have gotten away in the past with
being able to relax and slay decide to put up those windows to no longer allow those automatic thoughts which is connected with the wind
because let's face it, the wind is automatic, something that we don't feel we've got any control over but the fact is once you put the windows up and you block those open holes in the walls you do have control
of those automatic ports that when that weather because our thoughts are very much like the weather. It sounds like an opening to a song called the winds of emotions. Come in and go in. never found a window that could block that pitch in
the background. pigeon always won wherever I've lived I've been followed by a pigeon not just the standard pitching but like really loud in the background. His name is Steven Steven sky weird sounds the garden considering it's up in the 14th of January, I think the birds think it's spring, spring out there. So you've got the sounds you've got the wind you've got the thoughts you can do when you want to sleep is you can
close those windows. A lock could be affected by those particular thoughts that may arise.
And I realize that this isn't necessarily dealing with whatever the issue is, what's going on in your life.
That's not what this is about. This is about giving you some space to sleep. When you're asleep, you should be able to sleep. When you're awake, you can deal with awakened stuff.
I think it's good to separate things. It can be wet when you're under the shower, or you're in the bath.
But once you get out of the bath, you've dry yourself off. Walk around soaking wet, sitting there nature, going shopping. You know your walk the dog. Having just go out above, you dry yourself after you get dressed.
Or you get arrested I imagined I get very cold. But it's separate those two events having a bath. And then whatever else you do afterwards, to separate thing, no relation.
In the same way, you don't expect to be wet before you get into the shower. You don't expect to be dry whilst you stand in underneath the shower.
It can be about perspectives. It can be about boundaries can be about respect. respecting the fact that when it's time for you to sleep, you need that space is that space to be left alone to sleep calmly without any rubbish going on in your mind. Your mind needs to respect your wishes. Your mind needs to step back. give you that space that you require because when you're asleep It then means that you'll have more energy, and more easily be able to deal with all the other stuff in your mind.
Which means everybody is a winner, because all of your stuff gets addressed. Because the more sleep you get, the less stressed you feel. So that you'll feel more relaxed, that has a
bunch of stuff sorted for your mind. If there's things that need to be done in your life,
but sleep easily and naturally, your body and your mind gets to regenerate gets really, really start tune in with each other whilst you're awake, so that you can no longer have those or as many automatic thoughts. Because you're communicating with all as one student the same way as if you got five people wanting you to do something. If you only pay attention to three of them, the other two start, moan and complain. And it'll become even more important for them than it was to start with. And I'm constantly sending you reminders. When actually by giving all five equal attention by saying to all five, I will deal with you when I'm away.
when I'm asleep, you don't exist. Because when you asleep The world doesn't exist for that period of time, because that's your time. Time when all the worldly stuff go away and leave you in pace. leave you in peace. Spend a few seconds just noticing how your mind feels right now.
And they decided to allow yourself to really put yourself to put your sleep Going in the same way you never see an athlete walk onto the 100 meter starting blocks without anything on their feet was caught their trainers or whatever sports footwear they were prepared that ready to go. Just as you will be ready to slay, ready to slay everything will work out. That brings us to the end is recorded a great slave. You can download this bound on my website. We can stream it the three much love bye

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