#18 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason, this is a daily relaxation session for
for anxiety, and for panic attacks. And for just general day to day reduction of anxiety and stress so that every day that you watch or listen to this session, you can gradually discover and notice that your stress levels are somewhat reduced. And it could be surprising sometimes to see how it gradually transforms how you feel and think and experience the world. And you can be listening to these or watching these sessions every day for, let's say, a couple of weeks, and then you realize that actually, your level of stress maybe was very high, and now it's a lot less. And that can be a nice thing. A nice thing to notice. And please let me know, you know, if you have these situations arise in and you know, post post a comment on the video. But these sessions are varied and different. And I was going to take a little break from doing sessions, because I've got a bit of a cold. But I'm going to try and get through this without coffee and sneezing. Now thinking of confidence needs, it might end up coughing and sneezing. So say, sir, so I've got one water, I'm
gonna drink
if I need to. So for any reason you don't like seeing people drinking water, then maybe turn off now because I might end up having to drink some water, just to soothe my little throat. Can't suck anything while I'm talking to you. You know, like a lozenger or something like cough medicine thing. So let's start by doing a body scan. It's always good to start with that, I think, because you can get to, I don't know, if you're anything like me, sometimes. I'm not actually aware of how I feel. And until I get in touch with how I feel. It's it's kind of strange, I think, more so. This is just an idea. It might not be true. But I feel it might be more so for people like myself who live alone. And don't have any, like regular contact with people when I'm at home. So I'll wake up and I'll get ready for going out or wherever I sometimes I'm not aware of really kind of what mood I'm in until I meet with another human. And then I realized, let's say if I get to work. So I'd arrive at work and realize that actually I'm not in a very good mood at all. I wasn't aware of that before. Had I been living with somebody which I have done in the past only with friends and stuff but I've lived and waking up and seeing somebody instantly I kind of get a gauge of what level of mood I'm in. Because I see that person and if I have a reaction to the more to what they've said or to what they've done, or maybe not even to them, just add them for how I'm feeling. So by doing the body Scan by doing the mindfulness exercises, about another word exercises because it reminds me too much of school and I just don't want to do it. But they're not real, they're not the hard, it's actually pleasurable, it's fun. And just before
they help you with it,
I don't know where you're gonna do videos. earlier on, I was laying on on my bed. And I was just being mindful, I was listening to the right to the birds singing or whatever they're, you know, making their sounds. I love the sound of birds. pigeons not so much. But you know, the, like the nice sounds, the pigeon seem to kind of overtake everything, but it's still nature. I like him in the nature. I like you in the wind, the tree blowing and yesterday, it was raining. Specially in the evening, it was raining, quiet, but heavy but like regular. And it was nice just to hear the rain. And for me that's like a mindfulness process where I can not particularly focus in on my body. I'm not particularly focusing on how I'm feeling. But I am also not focusing on problems and worries things I'm concerned about. Things that I'm upset about, I'm not thinking about relationship issues or financial problems, you know, at that moment, I'm focusing on the sound and at the same time is focusing on the sound. I'm also focusing on my body, the bed supporting my back, my hips, my lower back, and my legs and my feet and my arms as well. If my arms are on the side of me and my hands and it feels quite nice to just get in touch of how I physically feel. As well as listening to the sounds around me whatever those sounds may be even if it's cars in the distance, or the helicopter going past you knows wherever it is I can just it's happening. I'm in the moment. And a Gemini close my eyes during this time because I don't find that I get any kind of mindfulness with my eyes open. When I'm perhaps at home. By do when I'm out let's say if I'm walking somewhere in nature. The visual side of it is just as powerful in some ways as why here why smell and why I feel you know if the the feeling let's say I'm walking on the grass to feel that the grass underneath my feet the smell of the grass the smell at the mud may be the smell of the farms because I live in a countryside the sounds of the traffic but also maybe the sounds of the children playing or the sounds of cars going past sounds or the wind sounds of the birds and trees all that stuff it kind of is soaking in but then the visual side seeing the results of the wind you know the trees blowing maybe plants and flowers blowing in the wind. Maybe there'll be people being blown around by the wind
you know let's go wait for the camera to come back. Well the camera when all foggy there when I was talking
and the sometimes by absorbing that in to my eyes, just noticing without making any judgments or criticizing it or Doing some kind of internal commentary on what's happening. Unless, of course, something out of the ordinary happens. And of course, I'm going to go We'll come into awareness and like all I need to do something about this situation. But generally what I'm outside I like to
is called like walking meditation. I'm a slow Walker, by my very nature, I'm a slow Walker, I'm a slow talker, I'm a slow Walker, I can talk fast sometimes, and I can walk fast sometimes. But my general status, you know, my general kind of normal, my normal kind of mode, if you want to call it that would be fairly slow. fairly slow, kind of, with weidu, I'm not I'm not like a Russia, I don't rush generally. So mindfulness, walking, meditation, you know, walking meditation, I find is really useful. And something that I've been doing since I was a child, I just didn't realize I was doing it. So I'd be walking home from school age, let's say 10. Long, long walk. Everyone is probably a half an hour walk really. I'd take maybe an hour, hour and a half to walk it. I just walk one foot in front of the other, but really noticing how my feet felt on the ground, noticing the wind, noticing the temperature of the air, on my face and on my hands. And maybe on my head, blow my hair. Being aware of whatever smells are around wherever I could hear somebody walking past people's houses, sometimes I could hear television, maybe they're watching television. Other times there's the big other place there was a he had an Avery and it was these little parakeets or budgies tweeted another house further up would have little bells, you know, the blow in the wind and probably annoy the hell out of their neighbors at night.
Then there's the smells. The smells of people cooking their dinner because I left school at half free, but I didn't get home till
you know, nearly dinnertime. So I could smell the different smells of people cooking food. Maybe some people were having a big cook dinner, maybe I could smell toast burning. Maybe I could walk past and smell the smells. If the drain being washed out by the Council, you know washing the drain out and all the sewage gets smelled out or further up, there'd be a road being tarmacked and I could smell the the freshness of that tarmac and has been delayed and always like that smell. And being aware of walking on the different types of pavement. Sometimes parts of the pavement would wobble you know, so I'd have to be careful not to trip. Maybe if it's winter and it's icy. certain parts of B with snow some parts of B have salt on or sand you know so it would be safe to walk out and about slipping. Maybe you'd have to walk in the bit of the road just to avoid it. Maybe they'd be flooded with flooded pavements or flooded part of the road have to walk around. So I have to watch physically how I was maneuvering myself. being ready really careful with my feet, how I traded but also being aware of how it felt on my Fate as I walked, and I already did this when I was a child. And it was my way of suppose of, I wasn't purposely being mindful or purposely trying to be meditative, because I didn't know anything about that stuff that age. I think what I was trying to do is just have an opportunity to be myself, to be with myself, to be with the only person that actually got me, which is me, the only person said, he got me. And maybe we're all the same, maybe we're all the only person that ever gets ourselves, maybe. But that was a special time. I could walk, sometimes I'd sing sometimes, I guess it's the opposite to be mindfulness mindful, I'd have a look good old sing song. Maybe sing some of the songs from Greece,
Adam in the ends. So because that was around that time, early 80s. So that's something that can be incorporated in your life. And it really helps. It can help you to just get in touch with how you feel, to get in touch with
that sensation of being alert of being yourself. You know, I'm not trying to be anyone else, you're not trying to adapt, or fit into other people's ideas of what you should be, or your idea of what their idea is of what you should be, or how you should act, or behave, or feel. Instead, you can feel how you feel, be how you are, be in touch with how you actually feel in this moment. Without any excuses, without any apologies. without permission from other people, because you don't need that. It's just something you can do yourself and being able to take that power back. Because it just reminds me when I was Yeah, even late teens. Yeah, my late teens. Even even my 20s even but but especially my late teens, I didn't feel as if my opinion was valid
at all, not even a percent is very much felt kind of dismissed, didn't feel that I had the right to hold an opinion. And I should just regurgitate other people's belief systems and just copy what I'd learn from other people. The problem with that is I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't relate to other people in a way to be able to copy them didn't admire anyone to want to be like them. Not in reality. I mean, of course, you know, as movie stars Bruce Lee, for example, you know, wanted to be like him when I was doing martial arts and various boxes and you have different people over the years but comedians and stuff but actual people The idea of just fitting in and getting excited over the same things as the people that I went to school will get an excited over. And I just didn't have that self belief that I was valid. And it's taken many years to get to the point due to the realisation that everybody's opinions are just as valid as anybody else's. A lot of the time, opinions are just that just opinions. meaningless, pointless, prejudice, homophobic, sometimes maybe racist, maybe sexist, maybe full of hate, maybe full of love, may be naive, maybe just limited because of our own life experiences are limited. Everyone's got a limited outlook, because it's shaped by our lives. But everybody does have a right to have an opinion. And to have their own mind. I think the thing with things like homophobia, racism, some of these hate, hateful kind of thoughts, they're not people's original thought patterns. They're not, that person's not being themselves. They're copying what they've learned. And they're just doing what's comfortable. Because sometimes it's easier to be comfortable than and fit in, I guess, then to be original and to not fit in at all and feel like an outcast. Luckily, I never fit it in never felt like I fit it in any way. Never have. So
I guess I'm lucky on that, in that way. Couldn't even fit in with the Buddhists. Can you believe it?
That's funny laugh, isn't it? So my point is with mindfulness with being in touch with who you are,
gives yourself self validation gives yourself time to actually maybe get to know who you are.
Get a bit more aware of how you feel about certain things in your life. When there was recently, George Michael, the singer George Michael died. Always a big fan of his right from I was a kid since I was a kid with when he was in web and also as a solo artist, and I loved loved his music, and those big fan and so when he died, it was awful to hear that. And I saw somebody posted on Facebook, something really quite nasty. With a homophobic slur towards him as well. And the point they were trying to make I got what the point there was is they didn't want to jump on the bandwagon of pretending to be upset for someone that they didn't even like. This is what their idea was, I think.
But there was some very strong reaction in me towards what I saw. I became very defensive towards George Michael very defensive, know about him dying but about his sexuality. See, never cared about sexually at night, I've got no interest in anybody's sexuality. Not even my own dice don't stir things I had they interest me. But when I heard that hatred towards him, it really affected me, I really kind of just felt very agitated and angry by that. And I had to take some time off, I had to step back, turn the computer off and just kind of move away from the internet for a while, just a few hours.
So that's people, you know, who have opinions. Some people like to have opinions to, they get pleasure out of upsetting people. And you might say, what's this got to do with relaxing?
in order to feel less stress, and more able to deal with anxiety, and panic, and all that stuff, is being able to deal with those types of people, or against that, or using that word in people who enjoy causing, or try to cause others to be upset. Tried to word in a way, instead of saying those people, those types of people, because that same person that's being cruel, could also, at the same time be one of the most loveliest people in the world, be a wonderful parent may be as for a living, they might save people's lives. So nothing's quite as simple as we would like it to be. And that's the thing is, life would be easier. If we could just say that person's bad, and that person's nice in that person's evil, but it's not quite as simple as that. Life doesn't work that way. And that's why I think a lot of people do like to be buy into the stereotypical image of how they feel they should be. So maybe being homophobic, racist, sexist, maybe it's easier to be like that, then to have their own original thoughts, because then that's more work. It takes energy. You know, I guess, in a sense of you a lot of the word in I don't know what it's like in other countries, but in England is a lot of phrases that are used, because people can't be bothered to think up another version of that, you know, as an example, I was watching a TV show, and they were talking about buildings, property and how small the rooms were. And this lady said, the rooms not even big enough to swing a cat. And that's an old saying, you know, the rooms not big enough to swing a cat and fat that's quite horrible thing to be doing, swinging a cat. But I kind of switch off a little bit when I hear the same old sayings being used. And by off the top of my head, I haven't got an alternative for that. Not not probably useful, but it's just to tap into that part of that creativity. to come up with a new terminology, a new example. Meaning the same thing that takes effort and it means moving away from safety. Familiarity So I can understand how some people stick with that. Because it's comfortable, safe, or it's not safe, but it feels safe, as familiar. Imagine what it'd be like if you did just decide
to use different terminology, how much fun that would be. So I think it's useful maybe to think of it in a sense of awe. So that's why they're being like that. Maybe that's why they're being like that. It's not because there perhaps are horrible people. You know, maybe it's because they're scared, scared of change, scared of what would happen if they break away from that group of friends. Because ultimately, when you change your mind and decide to actually be authentic to yourself, you may lose friends. You know, you may, your whole life may change. But when you do that, you'll have less stress, less anxiety, and much less opportunity for anything like panic attacks to happen. Because you're being yourself. You're not
pretending you're not ignoring those feelings inside you. You're recognizing them. And you're dealing with them. Putting coffee, this, this isn't quite the session I was looking to do. It's a little bit different from what I was expecting.
I could go on for quite a while with this. I hope it was useful. I hope that you know, this all adds together. Because result of relaxation. This is connected to yesterday's session, it will be connected to tomorrow's session. It's also connected to the very first session, day one of this series. It's all connected. So so connected to the sleep hypnosis sessions I do on Thursdays, it's all connected. In a way that it's not just about me saying, you will feel this way, when I count 10 you will not think this anymore. And you will think this from now on and La la la la la la la. And just I could do that. Sometimes I do do a bit of that. But this is something more this is options. This is given you some ideas. And when someone gives you an idea,
if you don't actually, for whatever reason, take it on board at that particular moment in time.
You're walking away with a gift. And it's a gift that you can just look at, you know, it's not costing you anything.
It's just a gift. It's like a coat that you can try on a jacket, a scarf, a hat, some shoes, whatever, something that you can try on to see how it feels, maybe something to eat is tested. It's just a gift. every session is a gift. I feel it's the name of one of my sessions that was the present is a present. That was what am I my sessions from years ago. So that's the end of this one. My name is Jason. Thank you for subscribing, and watch. chain and wire stuff, and I'll see you next time. See ya.

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