#18 Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis (Jason Newland) (14th January 2019)

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Hello. Welcome to chase, new land.com My name is Jason Newland, and this is deep sleep whisper
listen today is when you can safely Close your eyes. I think what we'll do during this session is have a nice old fashioned body scan will focus on your body starting at the top of your head, moving all the way down individually focus in on each part. Get to the end, which is your toes. This can be used for relaxing some mindfulness exercise which is used by people all around the world to reduce stress to increase the sense of relaxation, napping this particular meditative technique may many many years ago I've sat in a room probably 1000s of times with others doing this as a participant and every time somebody falls asleep pretty much it's one of those things that ideally, if you're wanting to stay awake, you're better off sitting up straight with your back straight.
Because I know that if I was lying down on my bed I would struggle to even finish this session without falling asleep. So if you've caught yourself ideally, lying down sitting in the chair which support your body. Basically whatever position that you sleep in. The most important thing is that you're comfortable. There are no prizes. discomfort, it's all about enjoying the experience knowing that the worst case scenario is that at the end of this recording, you'll feel more relaxed.
A lot of people won't even get to the end because they'll fall asleep. I'm going to be doing quite heavy versions of this. In the future I'm going to stick to a very basic one, the very kind of original version and then start to be
perhaps a bit more creative bits and bobs time we're gonna start with the top of your head. Issue focus on each part of your body that I mentioned.
Remember that you're not trying to relax that part of your body. You're not trying to send parts of your body to sleep. You don't have to try to do anything. It really is a case of just lump surfing that part of your body the same way as observed in the background sounds a distant sound playing by maybe the birds in the tree in the garden perhaps the sound of my stomach. Yeah, Daddy feed me being aware of the individual parts of your body. This is same as being aware of the temperature in your room that you are right now. Or if you're outside the temperature you may be sitting outside or lying down on some kind of Camp a bed in those possibilities are endless, I guess. It could be in a hammock. Even when you focus in on the killer part of your body that I mentioned
can also be aware of the sensation of the breath entering and leaving your body. Allow yourself to be aware of any other parts of your body
whether it be gas, whether it's discomfort that needs readjusting where it's a part of body which has a bit of inflammation or pain
because this isn't about ignoring anything it's about acceptance. pap just observing in an accepting way you take away the judgment which means there's no emotional stress or pain connected to that physical sensation in your body, this time we can now focus on top of your head just be aware of that sensation the top of your head, scalp basically from your hairline. Oh, maybe you used to be moving up across your scalp. If you imagine putting a bow on your head it goes down to just wear your ears or be your scalp that part. Know that sometimes we might think that there's not much going on.
In the actual scalp itself. It's quite hard. It's not really necessarily as a lot of sensations, but actually, when you focus on it like this, you kind of feel that there is quite a bit going on.
Just sensation. Just stuff. Just feelings. Now focus in on your forehead. Now when I focus on my forehead, I always pretty much every time I feel is if the skin is starting just to
relax and stretch. Not become loose but just as if the wrinkles have just been ironed out. That's no doubt wishful thinking. Thinking on my part. I also feel my eyes at the same time by try and separate the different body parts. Okay, and you know try and relax your forehead just to be there it is there don't have to do anything to me to allow it to be there but you can allow the feeling.
See right now I can actually feel my left eye. It feels a little bit uncomfortable, just not painful but a bit just noticeable, which wasn't there before. So I'm gonna move down to my eyes down to our eyes. Just allow yourself to feel your eyes. Just notice how your eyes feel your eyelids, the muscles at the corners of your eyes, the muscles underneath your eyes and that sensation I had in my left eye is now vanished.
I don't know what I was just about accepting and allowing whatever feelings that are there to be there. Now we're going to focus on the jaw area. Now it's a little bit different for me because I'm talking
so much. Although very I can feel it because it's moving. But it'll be a different sensation for you. As you focus on your job because your job isn't moving unless you move in. Nice is sensation that moves up to my ears. And it's as if I focus in on my jaw, my mouth.
And that is my mouth is wanting my attention inside my mouth as if to say we're a separate part. The jaw is our side. There's so much more going on inside the throat let's focus on the mouth. Everything that's inside the mouth, the gums Tom. Motion down to your throat. Just notice be aware of it. Feel that enters your body moving down your throat into your lungs. Maybe a talk in the background. Monday my stomach when I'm angry. Sometimes sounds like a Howling Wolf.
We're going to focus on the back of your neck. To me this is what personally for myself, it's a very important area is this is what support you and the head weighs a lot. So your neck, not just the back of your neck, of course your entire neck muscles support your head, not throat sides of your neck and the back of your neck is a lot of muscles there in the back. connecting
your head, your body, your shoulders, and those muscles in the back of your neck. do need to have a lot of TLC tender loving care. I personally have a few issues of my back of my neck. So I try and take care of it might be because there's that alignment at the back of your neck all the way down your spine. Just a follow line from the back of your neck as you focus all the way down the middle of your back,
focusing on your spine, moving all the way down to your hips with cocksucker. incorporating your lower back, which is another really important area for supporting your body. Now we're going to focus on his shoulders. Just be aware of his shoulders to send now they fail. Just notice fingers just being aware of your hands and fingers. Just that just there to do anything. You don't need to feel anything. It's just being aware of what is in this moment.
As we move back to your bag, top posts and muscles either side of your spine and your upper back, the middle and your lower back. Being aware of your back the whole of it. How it feels right now. Now focusing on your chest and just stomach the whole front of your body from your collarbone everything down each rib. Just notice in each part of your chest. your nipples, your belly button. Notice in your stomach. Notice now it feels Trying to cause your stomach to feel anything. Just being aware, aware of how it does feel. Fact distress reduction, we could have focused the whole session just on your stomach because the stomach has a tendency of holding on to that stuff.
Maybe From now onwards even after this recording is completed it can maybe focus on your stomach every now and then just be aware of the physical sensation without judgment without the need to do anything unless it's required. Now we focus on your legs. Move in, run away from your hips down to your ankles. Incorporate in your thighs, knees, shins and ankles. thing that is grabbing my focus is my right knee. I'm not sure why it doesn't matter why. Just a feeling just a sensation. Now as you move to your feet and your toes just observing your feet and the bottoms of your feet. The heel of your fate tops of your feet. The size of your feet. area between your toes. The area underneath your toe each individual toe. Getting that sense of pulsating. It's like a stimulation in the nerve endings of my feet
may be causing triggering a sense of comfort and relaxation spread around your body They come down even more. Do you find the whim of feta relaxed, I'm relaxed. I will never lay in bed. My feet are nice and sleepy. My mind also becomes nice and sleeping. That's the end of this session. See you next time. can download this on my website for one pound or you can stream that by

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