#17 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason, this is a daily relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. So this is the 17th I think. So thank you for everyone who supported me so far in this series of hypnosis videos and mp3 is just let you know you can listen and download the mp3 is on my SoundCloud podcast, there's a link on my website, Jason Newland, calm.
that's the first time I have you on all day. I don't know why I'm telling you that because it's true. So I'm just trying to think back to the sessions I've done previously. So that I can do something a bit different.
Here's something that it's kind of a, it's an old hypnosis technique, also used in NLP as well as near linguistic programming. And I would say it was an old technique with hypnosis, going back a long time by NLP, maybe expanded it to, like a new level, possibly. So what I'm going to do not to go into the whole idea of it, I've kind of briefly mentioned it. So when I studied in NLP, Richard bandler, talked about the control center in your mind, as if so if you were sitting in a cockpit of a plane, or a spaceship, or something, not really, I suppose a bit like Star Trek or something, you know, not everybody's into Star Trek, but you get the idea of being in a place where you've got all these controls. I mean, you could say, it's like a mobile phone now, or a laptop or an iPad. Where you can control things just by pressing a button, you can move the volume up, and you notices, you can do a lot of things just by turning little, little nozzles that aren't actually even there, it's just a screen. But by going out touching the screen, you can change the volume, you can change the the tint of the picture, you can move to a different screen, maybe you know, I suppose all the kind of things that you can do on computers. Now.
The idea, and this, this idea was long before the iPad came out,
is the idea of enough to do this in your mind. The idea of being able to have a control center there, where you can close your eyes, go into your mind and make those changes. however small, they may need to be at the time, you can make that Fine. Fine tuning, I guess. So you know, if you had, for example, if there's an image that's just annoying you you know maybe it's an image of a memory or it's somebody said something new to you earlier in the day and you keep replaying it. Why would you do that, but you notice is there's no point to it. But it's it's human nature to do that. There are ways around it or ways you can change that memory.
The your response to that memory anyway. So what you can do is, you can still have it playing over and over if that's what you choose to do. You can go into your control center of your mind, and you can play it on the screen. So let's say your bosses said something to you that's
a reaction from you some kind of emotional state Which were not pleased about
trying to be as vague as possible with this because it could be anything. As an example, that was, it could be any situation. So as you play it play that little soundbite, that's that was sound clip, little MPEG law video.
So what you could do is actually imagine it's like a television set or a little, you know, your, your phone, you're watching on your phone. First of all, by watching on your phone, instead of on a big television screen, or a big laptop, or an iPad, everything smaller, everything's have to, it's not quite as dramatic. got quite as powerful. I would argue that watching a movie, especially with, let's say, Star Wars, or Santa, like, I'm some kind of science fiction maniac, but I'm not. But you know, if you watch Star Wars at the movies, is probably I'm guessing, going to be more impressive visually, maybe also auditorally. Now, if you are ears with your eyes, or your ears, then when you watch it on your television set, when it's released on DVD, or, you know, on streaming, in the same way, the television set might have more of an impact on your senses, then a laptop or an iPad. And then the telephone would maybe have less, because the screens very small, the sound isn't as good as what you would get on a, on a television, perhaps, maybe it is it depends where you've got.
But it's a different experience. You could actually do that in your mind. And just notice the change. So see this situation, we're gonna think of a situation, right. So this is going to be a little bit different to what we normally do.
I'm going to get, I want you to think of a situation that's caused stress for you, that has, when we think about it, it has a stress reaction within your body. And in your mind, something has happened recently, that's causing us stress Now, something that you feel is causing anxiety and stress within you right now. Okay, or before you start watching my video series, something small, something happened. I say something small, I mean, the fact is, if you get in a reaction, and that reaction is causing you harm, ie, anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, panic, all those things, which are actually no good for, you know, used to, but also no good to you either. Because it's not good stuff to have that it's good to have stress in certain secured situations. If you're being chased by a bear, then having stress and running, having more adrenaline, and if you can escape good. Being day to day life, the stress isn't needed. In the same way. It's always good to have a degree of stress because we do need to have that to move around for legs to work for our body to be up right and that spine to be straight and all that stuff. You know, there's a degree of stress going on in the body, which keeps up right and keeps us going forward. And you know, make sure that we turn up to appointments and meetings and get to where we're supposed to be. But that doesn't have to be more than just general lower living. It doesn't have to have the word stress connected to it. We're not talking about stress, I'm talking about harmful, horrible feeling that you have or that you might have in your body when your mind that actually feels some more like an illness feels more like being being held than than just a feeling. If it was just a feeling, which you could argue it is just a feeling but if it if it didn't have a negative effect, if it wasn't problematic to us, then I wouldn't be making this video you wouldn't be watching this video. But stress can lead to all kinds of illnesses, and problems. So that's why I'm here to try and help to resolve those things. So instead of having that issue that happened today, maybe sitting there drinking, maybe drinking lager, or whiskey or whatever, trying to move past it, or maybe overeating or eating the wrong food, or get an angry with loved ones, you know, that maybe in your own way trying to deal with or trying to cope with that situation, which is, we all try our best to cope with stuff, it might not be the best way to cope with stuff. But I think most people are aiming to try to deal with things, even if it's harmful to themselves, or others. So if there is something that's happened today, for example, or yesterday, recently, that's affected you affects your stress levels to heighten to, you know, an uncomfortable level
instead of just ignoring it. And carrying on to another day tomorrow. And ignoring what happened or not addressing it. And then adding more stress onto that and more stress every
day, new things coming up. If you can learn to deal with each day as it comes in at the end of each day, or when it happens, deal with that stress your stressful situation, as it happens, or at the end of the day. The next day will be easier. The next day, it will be a new day. Literally, I know that's a cliche. But every day is a new day, every, every second of every day you choose what you do next. So what you can do now, if you choose, this is your challenge. So I'm not going to do any kind of relaxation technique, but this will reduce your stress for that situation. Okay. So I want you to notice now when you think about a thing that happened, whether it's a boss or was a loved one, your wife, your husband, your children, your parents, you teach your boss, maybe a stranger, something an interaction maybe, or maybe something you saw or something you've seen on television, maybe it's a political thing, you know, whatever it is, that is really bugged you that's got your stress levels, too high. way to think about that now. And in your mind, just play it in your mind Play, play back to yourself, as you do anyway. And I'd like you to just notice, if you open your eyes again, notice if you if you close your eyes eyes, some people don't need to close your eyes to do this, but I'm going to ask you to close your eyes because just makes it easier for me to just like guide you notice what scale you are from zero to 1010 being the most stressed, you could be zero being completely not bothered at all. I'm guessing it's gonna be relatively high because it's maybe fresh and it's something you focused on. So you wouldn't necessarily focus on a tiny little thing. So something that's really bugged you so notice what number it is you can write it down on a piece of paper or you can just remember that number. Zero being doesn't bother you 10 is like the highest amount of botheration that you can gain from it. So I'm going to do now is when it goes through that whole process, starting off with the cinema screen,
moving it to a television screen, moving it to a computer screen, moving it to a tablet or iPad screen. Even if you don't have an iPad or tablet, you'll have seen them either on television or seeing other people use them.
And then moving that picture to a mobile phone, or you know, whatever kind of phone you have, which is small, small screen. So we're going to start off first of all by seeing that clip, and just seen it starting right at the beginning and finishing it at the end, just like a sound by a clip of the bit that annoys you the most the bit that causes that stress. So, it might sound weird, I'm trying to get you to experience the anxiety, the stress, the anger, whatever that you had, from that experience, your reaction, but want you to get hold of that, I want you to pinpoint the precise moment. Okay, and I want you just to play that on the big screen. Just notice your feeling. And it probably feels horrible, I don't know, but it's gonna be unpleasant. So you played that what first suit done, then we need to move it to the big screen. So it was a big cinema screen. Move it to where you are now. So let's say if you live in a in a house or flat or apartment, and you've got a television, move on to that television set. And just imagine playing on that television set, you might have a big television, but it's gonna be nowhere as big as a cinema screen. Unless you live in a cinema and just play on the cinema on the television screen. And notice how you feel. Notice how that feeling changes watching on a smaller screen.
Now move it to a laptop screen, you know, a fairly big laptop. Of course, it's smaller than the television set. But it's a laptop, or computer watching on there. And notice the pictures not as good as the television. The sound of the quality is the sound quality is nowhere as good as the television, just like the television was no way as good as a cinema
just knows how different it feels when you watch it on the laptop screen. Now moving it and watching it on a tablet or an iPad.
So it's a smaller screen not hugely smaller, but still smaller. Nice and how it changes just by moving it to a different device just naturally changes things anyway. But just noticing
and now moving it to your mobile telephone, watching it on that little screen listening without earphones but just on normal loudspeaker, the quality of the sounds a bit rubbish really, the picture is very small. Just notice as things are much smaller sounds is not so great, knows how different that feels how you feel differently. As you watch that event on the small screen, a tiny little phone's screen.
What's different now is it's changed because once that feeling goes you can't get it back. It's it's changed the memory or the thing, the event or whatever it happened. You know without using a time machine to go back in time and do all that stuff. Although you know you can use hypnosis using those kinds of imagery. situations. But allowing you to actually change something every time you move it, it changes in the same way, you can draw the same, most simplistic drawing, it could be like an apple, you know, I'm not an artist. But you know, I mentioned, most people who are good at art would find it quite easy to draw an apple. But you can draw 10 or 20 pictures of that same Apple, and each one will be different.
In the same way, as you move the picture, with the event, the little piece of video, from the big screen, in the cinema, to the television, of the television, to the laptop, my laptop to the iPhone, iPad, or tablet, and then from the tablet, or iPad to the small mobile phone screen changes there. So now I'd like you just to think about the mobile phones and all the different screens. And just think about that. Maybe just Shake it off, shake to just shake your shoulders around your arms, just you know. Get yourself feeling relaxed. Maybe open your eyes for a second open your eyes. Just look around. And now I'd like you to just think about that situation again.
Notice what number is on your scale of stress from zero to 10 zero being and maybe look around the room notice the color of the walls notice furniture in your room. But yeah, just think come back. No Think about that. Think about that. situation.
Notice how it changes notice how different you feel. What number is it Now my question to you apart from you know perhaps let me know what number it went down to in the comments on the YouTube video. Is what else could you use this for? What other things could you use this for? What other things have you been carrying around? You can let go of the can relax. Just breathe and have some relief. giving yourself a break. You know
showing yourself some love? Isn't that what this is all about? showing yourself some kindness, some love some affection. Just being being there for yourself. being your own best friend. It's not okay to ignore the pain. snot, okay? Just take it all on your shoulders.
It's not fair on you. But you deserve more than that. You deserve to just let go of some of that stuff.
Don't you deserve to be happy? I think you do. And I'm wearing a white shirt. So it shows on serious just means I'm wearing a white shirt. I think I've actually lost weight on my neck. Because last year, I couldn't even do it up. So not really relevant to what we were talking about. I hope that this session has been useful, and there's gonna be more, there's gonna be more of this type of stuff coming in the future. more ways to small ways to get to the same place.
And that place is freedom. Freedom in your mind, freedom in your body. Freedom to be happy. So, that's the end of this session for today. I wish you all the best. I wish you. You have a wonderful day. And thank you very much for watching and I will see you tomorrow. Take care Bye

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