#14 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, and welcome to this daily relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks, this is I don't know what day is, is day 14 I think, which means I've been doing it for two weeks to two weeks, which I'm quite pleased about. The idea behind these sessions is to give yourself some time out every day for however long it is, whether it's 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, half an hour, whatever you can gather, you know, whatever time you can get together, to just allow yourself to relax, and to take that time out every day, guaranteed without fail. Even if you don't really do anything with that time. Just, it's a case of allowing yourself to have your own space, your own part of the day, where you're undisturbed, where you can just let go of door thoughts, feelings, memories, you know, anything that's going on in your mind, you can just let it go. For this period of time, the benefit of listening to these sessions is that you can actually just start to relax from the very beginning. From the very start, when you hear my voice, and you see my face on the videos, you can just instantly start to relax.
And there's something quite nice about this. Giving yourself some space to really let go. Just allowing yourself just some time to notice how you're feeling physically and emotionally. So I'd like you to get yourself into a comfortable position.
lying down on a comfortable surface, maybe a flat surface like a bed or sofa or sitting in a comfortable chair, one that will support your body. And also, in the event of you falling asleep, you need to be sitting in a chair that will support you. It's safe for you to fall asleep. And although this session isn't necessarily aimed at cause knew to just drift off into deep healing natural sleep. That may be the results of you letting go. Because what we sometimes notice is when you actually get in touch with how you physically feel letting go of that tension that maybe you didn't even know was
there. Can we really have an extremely calming effect and you can sometimes end up just dozing off, falling asleep. drifting away. And it's natural first step to sometimes happen or died that isn't necessarily what we're here for.
This is about relaxation. And then whatever happens after that relaxation is really, for you to find out I guess or for you to experience. At the end of this session I will count from, I don't know, let's say, one to three. And I will ask you to open your eyes at the end of it, and to be fully alert. But of course, you can ignore those suggestions if you choose and just drift off or continue to drift and sleep. It's up to you. So once you're in a comfortable position, please close your eyes if it's safe for you to do so.
I'd like you to get in contact with your body. just noticing the weight of your body against the bed. Not just that a bed or the sofa. Wherever you're lying on or the chair supporting the full weight of your body. You can notice how that feels. So if you line down you can feel the bed or sofa on your back, your buttocks, backs of your legs, supporting your feet, your ankles. And you put your arms, maybe your arms on your body or maybe their sides of you. Of course your head being supported maybe by a pillow or cushion if you're lying down. And if you're sitting in a chair, you can feel your body being supported by the chair, support supporting the buttocks, backs of your thighs. Maybe you can feel the bottoms of your feet against the floor and the chair support supporting your back. You feel your back resting against the chair as your back is straight and supported.
Maybe resting your hands on your lap, which is what I'm doing right now. allowing my thighs just to take the weight of my hands. Allow my shoulders to feel relaxed and calm. And you can just be aware of your eyes, your eyelids. You can be aware of not just the outsides of your eyes, but actually, you can follow that feeling. You can follow that sensation of where your eyes begin and follow it all the way inside your eye. Moving inside your eye socket and moving inside to a place that you can feel but you can't quite point out where that feeling is because it's inside your head. So you don't have access. But you can feel it you have the sensation. sensation can really lead to your eyes feeling more relaxed, uncomfortable. And you can push your eyebrows up. Which in turn not just only stretches your eyelids causing him to relax even more, but also to stretch your forehead. This Again, if your forehead gets stretched, which then puts that focus on relaxing your forehead and moving down to your jaw, you can really focus on your jaw. Maybe it's a little bit, open your mouth maybe just slightly. So you're not trying to do anything but just allowing it to relax gradually. And like your eyes, I'd like you to focus on where your jaw begins the first physical sensation of your jaw. Maybe that's triggered by the air near your face. Or maybe when you move your mouth around, you can really get more of a sense of the outside of your jaw. But this time, I'd like you to follow that physical sensation of your jaw and go deeper. Following that feeling. Of course, jaw contains your mouth, your gums, your teeth, your tongue. Just being aware of that feeling as you really follow it deep into the bone. just noticing, noticing how much more relaxed your jaw becomes. When you focus deeper, it's as if those muscles those unseen, hidden muscles start to relax, causing your jaw to relax even more. And with every body part that we focus on during this session
as we focus on that part, becoming more relaxed, all the other parts that we've already mentioned, such as your eyes, and your jaw will become even more relaxed continuously throughout the entire time that we spend together today. That can really trigger more feelings of relaxation in your body than maybe you're prepared for a deeper level of comfort, calmness with the intention of really appreciating this opportunity that you have to deeply relax those parts of your body that you choose not only on the surface, but deep, deep inside as you focus now on your shoulders, but not just the outsides of your shoulders and not just the muscles of the shoulders. We're going to focus more deeply traveling deep inside the shoulders, through the bones noticin where the feeling of the shoulders starts just allowing yourself to follow that physical sensation of your shoulders, deep into the muscle and deep into the bones of your shoulders
because more aware of how it feels for you now and how you can experience these feelings of relaxation. The deeper you delve, the deeper your focus the deeper the relaxation that is triggered by you. Now moving to the back of your neck.
And as we focus on the back of your neck, your eyes, your jaw, and your shoulders will continue to feel even more relaxed, both on the surface and into the muscles and the bones of your eyes all the way into the eye sockets inside your skull causing a sense of relaxation and calmness which may feel different from previous times where you can feel relaxed naturally. And instantly, every time you hear my voice or see my face on a video is a trigger for you to naturally feel more comfort both emotionally and physically. As you focus on the back of your neck. You can feel that connection with your shoulders. And it's as if that relaxation from your shoulders is spreading from your shoulders into the back of your neck as well as the back of your head as well. Moving into your scalp
not just relaxing the muscles on the outside. But digging deeper, deeper, deeper into the muscles inside. And moving all the way from the back of your neck into your spine, relaxing the spine and relaxing all the muscles of your spine.
remembering how important the spine is as it moves from your brain all the way down your body connecting everything together.
by relaxing your spine the rest of your body has no choice but to feel relaxed. Rest your body must feel calm. deeply, unnaturally letting go of all stresses and strains and issues from the past. And then only focusing on now focusing on how you feel as you move down your spine
right from the top of your spine. You can actually get a sense of how far the spine actually goes up as it connects to your brain. sense of connectedness that you knows there can now be experienced in a physical way, and an emotional way with awareness
and imagination, as you imagine what it feels like to travel through your spine. Moving from the top all the way down and then back all the way up to the top again, into your brain. And those sensations of your spine lead to just complete, complete relaxation for you entire back. Those feelings of relaxation also spread down your arms, your hands, your fingers, all the way down your chest and your stomach, your hips, your legs, and your feet. As you imagine each part of your body with that connection from your spine, a sense of deep relaxation, moving from your spine to age and every part of your body triggering deep healing, natural relaxation. You can just notice those feelings in your back from the top of your back all the way down, including your middle of your back. And of course, your lower back
part of you which is connected to your hips, parts you that possibly takes the most strain at the entire back possibly does the most work your lower back responsible for taking the weight of your upper body responsible for helping you to walk. responsible for keeping you comfortable. For moving your body from side to side. your lower back can really be a focus of attention when it comes to deeply relaxing your lower back
imagining those muscles in your lower back. Noticing where they start that physical sensation that you experience when you focus on your lower back. Being aware of that and then moving deeper inside your lower back moving deeper not just either side of your spine, both side moving further out to the sides. moving all the way around to your abdominal region. noticing the muscle tissue there. As again, your focus goes deeper inside. Noticing when you do go deeper inside. There's a sense of calmness. Like is somehow gone to safe place where there's no sound. There's no anything it's just calm and safe. somewhere that you can just relax and enjoy those feelings of physical comfort that you are experiencing now In your arms, your hands, your wrists and your elbows can just filled loose, completely calm and this is a full of muscles if your arms just melted and you can feel the bones calm and relaxed and you can move deep inside your arms, so you can actually feel inside the bones. Again, like sitting in a bubble of comfort inside the muscle inside the bone, a place that's safe and happy
where you don't have to do anything. You can just enjoy feeling relaxed. And now focusing on your legs, your upper thighs, your knees, shins and calf muscles and your ankles.
Of course there's your feet and your toes. So is those muscles of your legs melt away, completely relaxed. Just left with the bones. And as you go deeper inside those bones you can experience that sensation of feeling completely relaxed, inside the bones of your legs, your knees, your ankles, your shins, your car. That feeling of well being and serenity as you just observe how you feel so relaxed and calm. Completely at peace completely. completely relaxed in your feet. Just being aware of the physical sensations of your feet, the skin and then move in deeper to where the nerves as if my words I'm massaging those nerves of your feet and toes. stimulating your feet to feel really, really relaxed. Maybe your feet feel different to how they felt before.
And lastly, we're just gonna go to your mind and just notice where your mind starts. You can follow that. Follow it and travel deep inside your mind. Allowing that relaxation that you're experiencing in your entire body to just be injected into your mind traveling deep inside to a safe place where you can just experience feeling completely and totally relaxed and this feeling will stay with you for the rest of the day. Every time you see me on a video or hear my voice naturally and instantly feel this relaxed physically and emotionally. I'm now going to count from one to three. When I get to three, you can open your eyes feeling completely relaxed and wonderful. One to feeling more aware of your surroundings, feeling so calm, so relaxed alerton happy three. Open your eyes if you choose to do so. Enjoy the rest of your day. Feeling Wonderful. Thank you for watching and I will see you tomorrow. Bye bye

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