#133 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "CHAINED ELEPHANT" (Jason Newland) (19th May 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. This is going to be a more of a chatty recording. And it's a couple of ideas that have come, why not come up with the stimulated my brain. And this is going to be one of them. And it's something I heard. Thank you was yesterday or the day before on a speech task list into like an audio book. I think it was Brian Tracy. But it might be Earl Nightingale, not 100%. Sure. But just this one story got me thinking. And the story really is that I don't know if this is true today. But in the past la elephants, baby elephants, in circuses were put in chains, like one of their legs would be put in a chain.
And it'd be strong enough to hold the baby elephant. bias the elephant got bigger than older. Lamb be strong adult when you know when the same is like a bus or more. It would be controlled by a chain attached to its leg, which wasn't strong enough to hold it. They could have easily broken off. But it didn't because it didn't believe it could.
The elephant only knows and believes that because he couldn't get out the chain. When he was a baby, little therefore we can't get out of the chain now. And you might be thinking, why is this bloke talking about elephants for? What's that got to do with anxiety and stress? Well, the first fees I imagine having your leg chained up would be very stressful, wouldn't it but that's not. That's not really the point of the of the discussion. But it got me thinking about and that was kind of the point of the story, in the sense of limiting beliefs, believing something that we used to believe in something is no longer the case. So I started thinking about that from a, you know, a mental health perspective, anxiety, stress perspective. And so that's where I'm coming from with this is kind of my own perspective. And I'll just see what ideas come up really reminds me a little bit of while I was a kid I was about 13 maybe 14 and our family got a St. Bernard dog, which is one of the biggest dogs in the world. One of the biggest species of dogs is huge. And there's still this dog we had it from. She was called misty and we had her from a puppy. So she was tiny could hold her in your hands. For the first two days. I grew like doubled in size every three hours and I was just really got big really quickly. And I'd be taken for a walk or she'd be taking me for a walk. But what was weird is she'd see a dog
that was not even the core of her size. And she'd be your submissive a lot lay on her back. And so given and be sort of be scared
because she thought she was still little. She didn't realize she was the biggest dog in that town.
Apart from perhaps, I guess our parents she was bigger than me when so about 10 months weighed weighed more than me. But she didn't know that she was big. Because she still had that idea that she was this little puppy.
So that's my own kind of version of the elephant story. And but it got me thinking that this big strong, one of the strongest animals, if not the strongest land animal on the planet, and elephant. This, I suppose nothing. I mean, I suppose only a hippopotamus or rhinoceros. Woods, sort of come close to, but not as not as strong, but as far as like hugeness, or a giraffe. Anyways, this is not a wildlife podcast. So it just got me thinking about the What do we still believe about ourselves? That's no longer true. What do we still? What belief limiting belief Do we still hold on to which is restricting our lives, restricting
our freedom, restricting our sense of safety? It's no longer relevant to us. Something that's affecting our mental well being. And I suppose I was thinking about it from a stress and anxiety perspective, solely, although it reaches everything.
You know, as far as things like relationships, education, the way we are our work, our self esteem, you know, self belief and all that stuff. So I suppose it's a little bit of an exploratory conversation. You know, get me thinking maybe to get you thinking about your life, and about your times of stress, and anxiety, and how much of that is actually the outdated? How much of those responses are our proportion, and outdated. So, you know, for example, if, if a small child came up to you, a friend to beat you up, you won't be scared. Not now. But maybe when he was a little kid you might be. So I have a 10 year old walks up to us at all, no knock you.
Just laugh at them when you go away. But when you are eight or seven years old, that 10 year old will be scary, but they're not now. Imagine if we hadn't grown to realize that if we'd stayed in that that mindset if we still clung on to that belief that a 10 year old is is scary. That'd be really quite an unusual lifestyle to live with.
being scared when you saw a 10 year old walking down straight and I'm pretty sure that there's hardly any adult that would be scared of a small child. So I wonder how many things there are to holding us back I'm not saying that we or that you're stuck in the past although the past can be a bit sticky at times. Just in case you're wondering, any background sounds is Andre snoring is basically gone to sleep upside down.
Just took a picture of him but on Facebook they make some weird noises when he's asleep. So there's something quite powerful I think about the if you achieve focus on the image of that elephant
be a strong powerful creature that could break those chains in a second if it wanted to.
But doesn't know it can. So what what chains do we have on us? What are those chains? I do sometimes wonder if the anxiety is sometimes can feel like, like an invisible leash. Or like a chemical leash base. I guess it is chemicals. It comes from our brains.
There's some kind of invisible harness that's trying to control us. There was another thing I saw years ago. totally unexpected. And it was this man and he he had a pet shop with downstairs in the cellar. You had all these exotic animals like lions, mainly like big, big cats, tigers, lions, and he had the bean cages or the cages were electrocuted and the cages were electrified yet the cage doors were open. But there was I suppose like a force field or wherever you know, so if the animal when near the door, it would give it an electric shock.
And this I think part of the story was this shopkeeper, the pet shop owner was showing someone around so look at my animals look at and he said that was all educated. Or the you know, the they know they can't get out because they've been stung enough times. So they know that it's not gonna they can't be painful for them to try and in touch go in anywhere near the door of the cage. More like cells actually little prison cells. And then after taking the person upstairs, he said a layer and always secret. And he opens up the the control box a fuse box said all electricity is turned off. The animals don't even know it. They just think they're going to get a shock. So that's why they don't go near the door. That's why they don't try to escape because they don't believe they can This is something that is very kind of Pavlovian. There's the Ivan Pavlov, the, experimented of all this stuff in the, you know, in the past. And there's a lot of sort of techniques in NLP. Also hypnosis that kind of works on this premise that we have built up these limitations ourself, and sometimes it's about breaking that limitation. So this self limitation that's out of date, completely out of date. And breaking it, you know, basically pushing it, z realizes out of date, testing it. So one thing could be, I could say, yeah, I'm up, still ride the BMX bike that I had when I was 12. Of course, it's such a long time ago, that BMX bike, it's probably turned to dust. But, you know, if I did get hold of that bike, I'm a lot bigger than I was when I was 12. Not only taller, but probably three times as heavy. So the reality check, there would actually be me trying to get on their bike. And then I'd know there'd be no doubting, because the bike would probably just crumble underneath me.
And there'll be a very simple test. And the brain, our brains are so good. Because we can actually have one trial learning. So I remember I had, for example, a panic attack in
a bookshop. And after that, I didn't, I didn't go into that bookshop again, or I couldn't even go near a Val. Having that tingle. That sense of honor.
is gonna happen again, that kind of thing. which just shows how intelligent we are. I'm not just talking about myself, I'm talking about all of us, that if we can learn something
so quickly, that's a sign of real intelligence. And to break something doesn't necessarily mean unlearn. in it. You could learn something that's the opposite to it. In the same way, the positive four and negative four cannot be in your mind. At the same time. You can't hold both forts at the same time.
It's impossible. I mean, the forts happened so quickly. So it might seem, in some ways, like it's there at the same time, because they flow rather quickly at times. But the reality is, you can't have both. Just like you can't force relaxation. You can't. You can't make yourself love somebody. You, you know, you can't tell yourself that you like a Marmite sandwich, or peanut butter sandwich or some kind of food that just disgust you. Or that you don't like it doesn't have to discuss you, there might just be something that you really don't like.
Over time, you could learn to like it. Because we can become accustomed to things. We get used to stuff. I think anxiety and stress is one of those things that
we seem to be able to get used to or why should we This, I suppose is a bit of a fine line between getting used to
anxiety level of being too high. And acceptance, self acceptance, because the self acceptance, of course is always going to be important. That's how things are now, that's who I am.
But doesn't mean it's how I'm going to be tomorrow. It everything has happened up till now is made me who I am now. By decide what happens tomorrow. The past doesn't dictate the future. You do. You do, you know, you choose what you do next. And I'm sticking to that, and I have done for years. every second of every day, we choose what we do next. And you could argue and argue and argue and I've got I've got come back for every single argument. I want to say choose what you do next, I'm not talking about an illness situation. You know, sort of so and so? Well, if someone's got lung cancer, this coffin, is he choosing to cough? No, I'm not talking that kind of situation. Nothing like that. I'm talking about our actions, our behaviors. And so we say, well, also puts a gun to your head, and says, You got to kneel down. You got to do? Well, no, you don't have to do it. But you choose to do it. In order to save your life, you choose to sell a choice, rug or go to work because I've got 500 children to support. You don't have to go to work. You choose to go to work, because you choose to support those children. You knows, in some ways is absurd. Because it's our life doesn't work like that. Well, actually, it still is a choice. You choose to believe that life doesn't work like that. It's a choice. Everything we do is a choice. And a benefit for that. For me. I personally think the benefit, possibly the only benefit or the main benefit of realizing that we choose what we do next is we can't blame anyone else. We stop blaming other people. And trust me, all in love blaming other people. I'd blame other people for every single thing that's ever happened that didn't go right for me. If I could, if I unfortunately, I'm too intelligent to do it. Because I know that that's not true. It's I know that it's not helpful. It's not healthy. And it's just not true either. And there's situations work which were out of my control. But blaming other people doesn't help me. As long as you don't blame yourself. Often that's the point. I think I think some people think that you have to blame someone. Someone has to be to blame. So if you don't blame another person, that means you got to blame yourself. blaming yourself is real crappy. It's much better to blame another person.
Why was that the only two options It doesn't make sense. The only two options so I'd say neither of those are an option. It's a responsibility for what we've done. But blaming for me, it's all about learning. You know fight let's say for example.
I lend someone some money calories back and they get Fighting for more money saying that they needed to get a train back for where they weren't, I was stranded. I said, I think 60 pound in the end over about four days.
Now is they didn't want the money for that. So I could ignore that. I've got the money back most of it. But I could I could learn from it. I could blame them. I could blame myself have a go myself for being so also stupid and
I thought not being called stupid. I genuinely don't like it doesn't feel nice. And for me, I mean, maybe you love it, but I doubted your I bet you call yourself stupid at times. I know that I do. What you may call myself. effect. You know what I said earlier to Andre is my fairies my little boy was outside. Just going out the door. And I've got you know, I'm trying to hold in one lock in the front door. Take him for a walk that he's been hassling before. And he jumps out of my hands and lands on the floor, which is concrete. Splash right on the floor. For my shoulder, which is is Corbin nearly the grill the equal of me jumping out of this window onto the grass is quite a distance for him for his you know, he's only little and I picked him up. He was looking to me we look a bit dazed. Luckily, he was okay. I picked him out. I said you're an idiot. What are you? And he said, We need you. And he said what are you?
Suddenly I thought, wow. That's what my dad used to say to me when I was a kid.
Get me to say back. 90 say you're an idiot. Then what are you
have to say? I'm an idiot. But I didn't realize I didn't have to say it.
Because when I was 15 he said it to me. You're an idiot why you sit down? And he said well what did you do that then? It ended up being a conversation. I didn't know that option was there. I didn't know had options. For me, it was avoiding him calling me an idiot. Or him call me an idiot and me saying yeah, I'm an idiot.
That was the only I didn't know there was another option which was white shoes is just one option really. Though I thought I had I want to stood up to him. He almost seemed pleased. But didn't like physically stand up to him. Because at that time, he was a giant compared to me. But even still, as the other weird thing of 49 I still see my dad is this big, strong, scary man. When I say scary mean physically, he was always big. And I was tiny. And even now I see him as his big strong man. yet. I'm as big as him might be even heavier. But he's by you know, we've kind of got the same kind of frame. But he's a bit taller than me. I've got the same belly, big beer belly. I sit in a few of my nan. When she was alive she was suppose she had to be alive. Talk to me. didn't shake She'd say to me, I used to vissa. And sometimes she started telling me off not horribly, but and I would regress to being a little child, I'll be, I'll be sort of
nine or 10 again, or seven. But quite liked it. I think sometimes that can be quite nice. But not if it gets in the way of your, of your life, your happiness.
So what is there? Do you think the if you can think of a specific thing that is connected to anxiety that you have, or stress Do you have pertain in a certain situation, for example, talking to new people, the list is endless. Don't just read off a million different things. But something that holds you back that limits you, that gets in the way of your happiness, your growth, because I think that the general public on being very generalized here generalistic would class our anxiety that's for the people that have anxiety attacks, and,
and can't leave their house, or, you know, sort of that that seems to be a how I think a lot of people think of anxiety.
When actually everybody has anxiety at certain points, it just might not be for it might not be in the form of an anxiety attack. But there's a lot of people out there that are living really happy lives, would class themselves as mentally healthy, and maybe spiritually healthy. You know, everything's going well, in their lives. Maybe they don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. And that might be because the thought of talking to someone new, a new man or new woman in a club in a pub in a restaurant, on a first day, even a friend of a friend just anything like that. Absolutely terrifies them on the level of anxiety that stops them from doing it. And the reason perhaps they don't think of it as being anxiety is because they don't allow it to happen. They don't allow themselves to feel it because they stop before they even get close to doing it. To do in that thing that they feel is gonna cause them all that emotional pain.
And I've no doubt we've all got everyone has got something I think for a lot of people comes in a form of phobias, or superstitions on the odd odd that might snakes or big spot is big spiders, you know, things like
that. I don't like him or crocodiles are not. This is a personal preference. But it doesn't affect my life at all. Now, if I lived in Australia, or somewhere where there was a lot of there's a chance that I'm going to be seeing one of those
creatures then I need to sort myself out. But I live in a country where we don't really have
stuff like that just stop walking around wandering around. There are no crocodiles here, other than in zoos. So I guess it's quite easy for some people to feel I wouldn't say superior but maybe feel the, the the well ones because they don't need to face their fears because their fears may be jumping out of a plane, you know, with parachute, or flying. I think most people if they wanted to could avoid never flying in a plane. It's not, it's not fair. You know, everyone could get away with it, but I know I can. I don't never ever need to fly in a plane. If I choose not to, I have been on planes. I never need to learn to swim. I can actually swim. Not very well. But I don't live anywhere near the say. Never gonna need those skills. By if I was going to be traveling on boats, then I need to be able to swim. So I think it can be not gonna say easy, but easier in some ways for somebody to have a phobia if that phobia is not affecting their life with their phobia is pigeons, for example. Or dogs. And that's a different thing altogether, because dogs are everywhere. You know, around here, this all you see is dog walkers. We see more dog. Yeah, just stare everywhere. There's more dog walkers now are trees, dogs to them or lampposts.
See, I don't have a fear of dogs. But if I did, I would want to live around here.
But then if I did, I could change it. So if we start to look maybe at an anxiety being, like a phobia, in the sense of, we're scared or something not scared, because doesn't seem the same. So let's say an anxiety of being in a supermarket, around lots of different people, I don't like it myself. Don't like it. But I have got ways to control. You know how I'm feeling. And I've talked about in the past, I wear headphones to cancel out the noise, the noise, the sound of people, because I seem to be quite sensitive with sound. Which has probably got nothing to do with anxiety or stress, just to do with the way that my brain is. Yes, the way I'm wired. But who knows, it might be to do with the mental health issues. I've got it as what it is, could be a mixture of different things.
But those kinds of things. I think it's harder. If it's a daily kind of situation, if it's just a standard thing. First of all people other people, a lot of people, again, I'm generalizing won't or won't even try to comprehend, or how someone could be anxious queuing to pay for this shopping. I mean, it would seem ridiculous to a lot of people. Doesn't seem ridiculous to me, but for a lot of people would do. Because they don't understand it. I've never been there. They've never they don't understand it. And it's not their fault. You know, the reality is, if we really tried to be what's the right word, I suppose empathic or if we tried to Understand everybody else's situation. In order to do that, we would need to live for quite a few hundreds and 1000s of years. Because there's too many different people with too many different things going on. We're not gonna understand. It's just in the same way, if if you stood out if he just stood on a stage, and did a talk,
or just talked for five minutes about anything, maybe about your life about what you like what you know.
And providing Yeah, you haven't got stage fright or anything like that, which a majority of people do seem to have, for some reason. And thing is, somebody is going to be annoyed. Probably someone someone out there is going to think didn't like that. didn't like what they said. So you might have 99% of the people thinking that you're great, or you're like that person. But you never can have everybody. And I suppose it's a bit of a bad pill. But the reality is, you're probably never going to be 99% eva is going to be you're never going to know what percentage of people
could be affected by what you say. But why let that stop you're talking. I learned years ago, use news as a child vices say stuff that upset people.
I didn't mean to. And then I started doing it on purpose. Generally, you know, when I needed to, in a sense of defending myself,
and then when I got older, I started doing on purpose, just for fun. Don't do anymore. That I don't know why I'm laughing because not is, it wasn't so much being crawled just. And there's a wind up really, I guess just as being a bit cheeky. Or if someone had been rude to me, they're not endless. You know, my mouth wouldn't stop. Just I don't know why it's a gift, I guess. A gift that keeps on taken away. Give me trouble. So we still have to talk. Not everybody's gonna like what we say. But everybody listened to our recordings. Like why say not everybody's gonna, someone listening for the first time. And my listened to me and think
he sounds like Donald Duck. Who knows? I might sound like some someone from the past that hurt them. You know, I'm not that person. But if I sound like them, they're probably not gonna want to listen to me
is that they might, if you know if they can get their head around the similar sound realizing that I'm not that person. But that's, it'd be a good thing to break because racism and prejudice can be caused by a person being hurt. Or say a person being hurt by the opposite sex has caused many people to be full of hate towards all members of the opposite sex,
or a lot of them. When actually it's that one person or maybe a couple of people. There's the ones that hurt them. And it goes back to the whole blame again, doesn't need to blame someone.
Sometimes blaming one person isn't enough. And it's easier to maybe just blame a whole section of people.
makes life easier. I can see that in a sense you know If you say well, I'm not going to talk to anybody that has freckles, or now hate people with freckles, or I won't talk to anyone that's under five foot nine, which includes me actually. It makes life odinson said make life easier, but it makes it simpler, very simplistic for the person. They decide that anyone with blonde hair is whatever, you could just fill in the gap. You know, everyone, blond hair was a certain type of person. We know that's not true.
But when someone's had said something done bad to them, and they go anxiety, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, me Riley, they shouldn't blame themselves, because it isn't their fault.
And I've seen sort of both sides that blaming other people and in blaming themselves. I've seen someone go from wanting to physically hurt another person, when they're blaming the other person. But then when they blame themselves physically wanting to hurt themselves, and needs to be a third option. I really does. Because
neither of those scenarios are going to work out. Good for anybody involved. But specifically for the person who were discussing who whoever that is, buying themselves is potentially life threatening. And we're blaming the other person, even though it may well be their fault. But keeping that going, keeping that energy, that hatred, the anger, keeping it going is actually is just like a poison. It really is. And there's stuff that I've not I'm not able to let go of yet. Hopefully I will buy Lego some stuff. And it is free. Is and is that kind of the idea that and I'm not talking about suicide, potentially I just the idea of it being it's actually murder, still murder, but
you're aiming at the wrong person. But of course we shouldn't murder this. Obviously, but it's there has to be another way not just a or b, both of which will cause you huge suffering.
There has to be one or the other. Which means you go options. Which means the those limitations like that elephant in that cage or not even in the cage, just standing there outside a trailer in a sunshine when the rain wishing it could go over and has run around in the field. But he can't because it's got that tiny little chain stopping him even though that chain couldn't stop an adult human, never mind. An elephant so what what old old thought patterns, old limitations again in a way of us and we'll be getting in a way of us releasing some of that stress. Some of that anxiety, anxiety, letting it go reduce was getting in a way of us remembering the we decide what we do every second Every day, you know, you always choose what you do next. As far as your behavior, what you do next is your choice. Even though it doesn't seem like it a lot of the time, when you realize
it is your choice, I think it makes it easier. Because it's, it's no longer an A or B, this or that
I'll have to go to work because I'll have to go to work because I've now got 700 children to support, I have to go to work and do this job or don't like or I have to leave the job and lose everything. Then being the only two options or you could go to work decide remember the you're doing it and why you're doing it. And you're choosing to do it. So you're no longer a victim in that situation. And then you can make plans from there rendering the things are always changing. Nothing stays the same. Ever is amazing. I work at this job in this call center. And I would I would have bet you any amount of money that my manager would be there forever. He was a company man. Genuinely for you. Maybe not forever buy for you is going to be there for a long time. One day came in and said he got another job. I couldn't believe it. Or genuinely for he was he just you know, she loved the place it'd be an early in the morning, stay late at night loved by 40 did. So that that's probably an example of someone that chose to go in
to give themselves time to look at other options. Instead of just going in Philly Soifer himself, being a victim or not going in ever again. And again, I suppose fitness for himself and being a victim. I've done both of those have left many jobs in the past because I couldn't face going in.
Because I thought I had to go in. When the truth is I never had to go in. There's always a choice.
Once you've made a choice, you realize it's a choice. You're no longer you're not. We haven't got that rope around your ankle anymore. At chain that elephant it might decide to stay there take the chain off. That elephant might absolutely love the people that he's around, he might be treated really well.
loves being around the other animals loves being around the kids loves being around the you know the people that work at the circus
and doesn't want to leave or a might want to go on a big rampage or he might want to go and run away. Or you know, or there is just one or two scenarios it's lots of different choices. But those two choices at the moment with those chains on he's only got one
choice in his head and then it's just stay there hasn't even got the the the luxury of two choices in his mind, but he can use and the background sounds like someone agreeing with me going. So Andre, probably dreaming about going for a walk or dreaming about biting my toes. So it's just a few ideas just thinking about it. Thinking about from an anxiety perspective, what,
what we're doing that what we believe that maybe used to be true, but it's no longer true. See, I could believe that I could jump over a fence. And unless it's like, three inches high, it's not going to happen. My, my fence jumping days are over. I could believe in my head that I could fit into a pair of jeans 27 inch waist, like I used to, when I was already 1627 inch waist. I struggle to get the over my thigh now. No, I'm not sure why. But you know, I wouldn't get it definitely wouldn't get over my belly
of the where it is, scarf or something. So those are kind of unimportant things in a sense of I will obviously, the little car that you had, maybe the little bicycle you had when he was five or six,
you can ride that thing. Now. If you're an adult days, if you're older, you probably give it a go, but not the way you used to.
Holes in a wall, for example, a little hole in the wall, when you're five, you can climb through a hole in the wall. try and do when you're 45. And you're like five times 10 times bigger is not going to happen. And no matter how much you believe it, it makes no difference.
So wouldn't it be good if we could get more in touch with those things? sort of similar kind of things that are obvious, obviously, because of the name, they tend to do that. Because of physically not able to do that stuff anymore. I can't buy my own toenails. Why would I want to why would anyone want to why am I even mentioned by used to be able to I can't now I'm not thinking that so getting married so that I can have someone to help me cover toenails. Now as it is
a struggle to reach I have to hold my breath for each time. I used to be able to stick with toes Ryan mouth,
however gross that I can't do that now. And the only way I could do that is by causing some pretty serious damage to my legs. So in order to do it, I'm not prepared to do that. Not just for the sake of an audio recording. So there's that kind of standard thing. But don't do it. You know maybe there's also part of us that gets annoyed that well I should be able to still fit in my wedding dress or the SU I wore at my graduation or you know whatever is why. Why should you be the same size as you were 20 years ago? Why would Why? Why should you look the same we don't we don't do the same. We look older. Because we're supposed to snatch hope. That's what life's about is. We look older, we have body shape, change shape, sometimes in a different way to what we'd expect. And whenever I don't afford that I'd like a pregnant gorilla. But here I am. I'm a little bit hairier. Sometimes it can be sounds a bit strange. Sometimes. You can listen, I don't know about you, but I can listen to something. I love listening to motivational kind of self help audiobooks. And I like to hear different ideas, and maybe it stimulates my thoughts stimulates my thinking, and where does that fit in with how I live my life. I saw there was something the other day someone said. If If you told From now on, you had to live every day. For the rest of your life. Excel for the rest of eternity, everyday is going to be exactly like tomorrow. So whatever you do tomorrow, when you wake up, whenever you do during those 24 hours, you're going to be repeating that forever and ever and ever. How would you spend that day? Knowing that you had to repeat it? I
guess the one thing is you'd Well, I'd probably avoid anything that was unpleasant. I'm not sure how I would spend that day. Yeah, as part of me would think okay. This is a little part who thinks, well, I'm gonna leave that day for eternity. So it doesn't matter what I do. So I can be as unhealthy as poss as I want.
and not have to worry about it. So we eat ice cream all day every day for the rest of eternity.
Without getting ill. Other science of ideas like us can get very old very quickly. Even your favorite ice cream, having it all the time. And I found out when
I had tonsillitis when I was a kid and I could only ice cream for about five days.
To be fair, it's not really a good example because I still love ice cream. But if I didn't like ice cream, that'd be a good story. But I went off it for a while. I went off for you know, for homework. We don't want any more ice cream.
But we've got some jam Rody poli sci the ice cream or custard, Ocala some ice cream. The changes seem to happen naturally. And I think my advice, my advice so much my suggestion to you is how do you feel at the end of the recording, when you've listened to me, how do you feel afterwards compared to how you felt before?
How do you feel during compared to how you felt before and and then in the coming days? How What do you start to notice about changes that have happened is it's almost Thought that happened on their own, which they kind of have. But at the same time, I think there's a certain state of mind. The, we get it to when we're talking, I know you're not necessarily talking, it's not a conversation as such. But there is a communication, there is an energy there between me and you a direct connection of energy. When that happens, by pressing the play button, you give permission for my voice and my ideas Why? Silly talking stuff, you give permission for that. To enter into your mind, it gives permission. He saw if you've invited me into your home, and you know, you open the door you've welcomed me in. And when you come back again, for another recording, like an old friend, like you, okay, yo, you don't have to tell me where the bathroom is. Because now I know, who's kind of, I might still say So okay, if I need to do. And you might say, Well, did you have to tell us at the dinner table? Can you just set me to use a bathroom. And also remember that for next time. So you got that familiarity? You got that sense of, especially if you listen to me regularly, you get a sense of kind of knowing me on a certain level, and things change, things are gonna change anyway. But I think now I've got this belief, that something about the mindset, something about your mindset, when you're listening to me, that changes, really changes, makes changes, and you feel differently. And you might think, what you might not be tomorrow might be they often. You might be thinking, Wait a minute, why doesn't that thing bother me anymore? And I know that I'm a bit like that sometimes. If, for example, you five heads. So if I had some physical pain, and it's, it's gone, and I'll try and get it back again, why would I want it back? Yeah, it's like, I've done hypnosis on myself, for headaches, for different pain, physical pains over the years. And I'll try and get it back. Why I just spent 10 minutes, you know, getting myself all relaxed and getting rid of this physical discomfort that was there before. Why am I trying to get it back? So there's this kind of no logic in there. But at the same time, it's kind of funny, I suppose is maybe there's something in us that we want to test. We like to test stuff. And I think maybe three songs results, the the actual test is how you feel inside, physically, emotionally, how you feel. When you listen to me, there is something that's I think is it could be the grade could be the marker for you to see and feel and know the benefit. And it can be a gradual thing. I'm very much into sort of very gentle,
very slow, you probably noticed very, I do things slowly.
Which is part of the reason why I make quite a few recordings and also quite long some of them as this is
because I'm not in a rush. Really not in a rush. And I think if you go slowly you're not whatever part of you that might have been on guard before, looking at on guard, a little bit tense, maybe a little bit curious, a little bit
goes away. Because Well, first of all, if you listen to regularly, you're listening for a reason. And, you know, no one would listen twice if they didn't like listening. And I have a lot of people listening.
Because I'm a superstar. No joking. Perhaps you can notice changes in how you feel going forward. Because when I say go forward, amend I mean that you walk backwards, just as you move into the future, which is the only place that we can move into. And that's the thing. Still saying is, if you if you're constantly looking behind you, you're going to keep tripping up. You only need to add to look where you're going. Yeah, the hand to me, involves looking behind me walked into a lamppost, one of those old concrete lampposts from the 80s. The 1980s, not the 1880s. And the method concrete back then do they will mo seven be Yeah, walked into an alley ended up with a black eye. It's very embarrassing. The thing is always actually laughing and making fun of someone. It just walked into a lamppost. Ironic. I'm not sure if that bit is true. But I like to think is, C's are quite nice little ending to the story.
A nice little lie, that's nice. So ultimately, when not that elephant, and maybe at times we have been point not anymore.
I feel the differences with an elephant. It's that one chain with us. We've probably got the head, hundreds of the things. Hundreds of those but they're invisible. This about breaking away from them. Or realizing just like my old BMX bike, from when I was about 14. Some of these chains is so old. All you got to do is pull them and they will just fall apart. crumble away. So don't have any control or power over you. That's quite nice to know, there isn't as well. But there was a comfort in that. There's a car. I remember years ago, years and years ago, I had a job didn't those various suits the factory different jobs. And I'd be put in different places. And it goes so comfortable in this place. One of the departments that they wanted to move me to a nicer one, and I said, Nah, I want to stay here. There's only after probably a day of doing that new job. The new department I realized why have I been in a bad mood for the whole day. Why am I missing the other department which was cold, damp, dirty. Now I'm inside, it's warm, it's clean. There's people to talk to and it was just a familiarity thing I got used to it. It's not an excuse is it really is not an excuse to feel crappy. Just because we're used to it.
Imagine you fell on a pair of scissors and they hit you in the leg, and the scissors sticking out your leg. You're gonna still be walking around in 20 years time without those scissors sticking out of your leg. When you go to the hospital, What didn't you get used to after a while? I always leave them in there. You wouldn't? because it'd be preposterous. And I can't set a word of an why try to prosperous, prosperous? Yeah. I'm going to stop trying to ask, I tried to sell a word a few weeks ago. proprofs preposterous. Cards concepts are pretty good with most words, but that one is ridiculous. assess it. So things change. And the way our minds work is, it can be subtle. Sometimes we don't need someone being really obvious the whole time and saying you're going to feel the issue going, I feel that this is going to happen when this happens. And this is going to happen maybe in a minute. Sometimes it's nice to just, for me, it's my personal opinion. And I'm not knocking any other way of doing things. It's just I'm very lazy. In a sense of, like things to be gentle, and slow, not everything. You know, if I, if I order food in a restaurant, I want that food as quickly as possible, because I'm hungry. So I don't want everything to be slow. I'm waiting for a bus. And it's raining. I'm not thinking yeah, doesn't matter when the bus gets there. No, I want the bus on time.
Doesn't mean it's gonna happen. I do. I do think that some of the biggest, most profound changes that occur can happen almost as if by themselves automatically, just by having your mind open to the possibility of feeling more relaxed, feeling more comfortable. more often. just wrapping your mind around that possibility. The changes have already happened and will continue to happen. Salt managed to get about 80 minutes out of an elephant
wearing a chain so that's not too bad. So I could talk probably for about another five hours on this. There's lots of ideas but that wouldn't be fair on anyone would it Really? I was just, I just be crow. So I won't I won't do any more talking. Why we'll do thank you for listening to me. And as I said before, just notice. Be open to noticing what changes have occurred because you are open to listening and words very powerful. It's not about you will feel this way I think it's about ideas it's about it's about hearing something positive is that in there have a huge impact on all of our lives, hearing something and then your mind can decide what to absorb what's useful. your unconscious mind can just absorb the positive stuff. Only the positive stuff, only the useful stuff. Now I'm going to go so thank you for listening. Remember to be kind to yourself, because you deserve to be happy. Lots of love bye

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