#130 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "NO MAS" (Jason Newland) (17th May 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. And it's gonna be an anxiety reduction technique. So that might be background sounds, that's fine, because this isn't sleep, you don't need to be unconscious to do this. It's something that you can do with me, as well as, without me. But maybe, maybe with me to start with. And there's lots of different versions, lots of different ways to get the same results. And over the coming weeks and months, I'm going to be playing around with different different ways of getting the same results. And yeah, so that's it. So as I said, there may be background sounds, it's six o'clock in the afternoon. It's some as days bright outside, so I could see here do nothing while I can see him, I can record it. I prefer to walk into other things, but I want to make a recording. So that's why I'm doing it. So there you go. If a helicopter lands in the garden, then I will stop recording, but outside of that will continue. So this is going to be basically a technique to reduce, it could be stress, anxiety, whatever you want to call it. And I like the idea of focusing on a particular anxiety related feeling regarding connected to something that's happened very recently. And maybe starting off with something that is like a big, big deal, you know, see how you feel. And then be maybe, you know, Bill build up to the biggest stuff. Although one of the good things about doing these kinds of techniques, the little exercises is you start to realize that the really big stuff that sometimes feels almost immovable as almost too big to even approach is actually the oldest ones that are fairly easy to get rid of. They're they're just did acquires that have the same energy, the same strength, as you know, the same strength. And they're a little smaller, I still still hurt still painful at the time and still. Otherwise, it wouldn't be an issue, still an issue, but then they can be dissolved. When you realize that all of those, however many there are maybe 1000s of these little things that have been sticking around. They're what supports the big ones. Secret these 1000s maybe hundreds of 1000s over the life holding up the bigger ones. And then they're all spaced out to hold up even bigger ones. And then at the top, you perhaps got the biggest. So what happens is, once you start getting rid of the small ones, the old structure becomes unstable. It doesn't have the same rigidity that it had before doesn't doesn't have the strength or the control over you the patch you once thought it did. is not what it was. Whenever it was what it was what we thought it was because it's just a feeling. But it's connected to something maybe that really happened. That's serious.
So When those little or smaller, when I say little, I'm not talking about being dismissive at all, because even as small anxiety could be debilitating it could be, it could stop someone from getting on a bus or from going outside, or getting into a relationship or, you know, so. So is this is really hard, you not only be judging, because that I think is really helpful. But to start with, we can focus on the lesser ones, the ones at the bottom of the pile, the support in the bigger ones. And then those ones are supporting even bigger ones, and so on and so forth.
As you take them out the little ones, in the same ways, if you is, if you had 1000 people, or 100 people, let's say, holding a big flat piece of metal, with a bus on top.
And they're all holding up, you know, in a way that was safe. Obviously, the bus wouldn't be moving. I don't know how many people would take 100, maybe 200 people so comfortably lift above a bus above their head all together, as like one group.
Now once you start taking one out, so you're one so I need to go to the toilet. And not always go to toilet and you know, one needs to go home and and you end up with 150 people and you end up with 100. So that's double the pressure on each of those individuals. Which means it's only a matter of time before that bus topples over because half of the people is not enough to keep it lifted. for any length of time. The weird thing is you could space it out and get away with it. But if you took 20 people off one corner really sore together the chances the bus would just tip over. So it's about unbalancing it. So that's kind of where I'm going coming from with doing these smaller
things, these smaller stresses these smaller issues in a sense of they seem to be feeding off of the big stuff.
Bad she wants you to start taking them out, you realize that doesn't matter if the feed in for the big stuff because there's a gap. There's nothing to be fed. And all of that strength, that energy has been put into that small one from the big the bigger ones above has now gone.
So the big ones above have got less energy connected to them. I think is quite an interesting concept. So you can actually imagine this in your mind. which you probably are I am as was talked about.
Almost like dominoes at the bottom, the dominoes holding up
some other pieces of little pieces of wood and those little pieces of wood, holding up some other wood that are heavier. And from the strength of the support, you could end up having a really heavy object at the top,
you know, something quite heavy, might be made of metal or concrete, Clay, Crystal, wherever it could be heavy old thing consorted to do to do a balance as well as sometimes, you know, when people, they use Word all unbalanced. Maybe it's kind of the opposite to that. For us, in order for us to have to keep the anxiety within us, there needs to be a balancing act going on. It's the opposite to being unbalanced. It's different kind of balanced. But nevertheless, it needs to be balanced. Because once you start taking away some of those little dominoes at the bottom, they're holding up that structure that hierarchy of anxiety and stress. The whole structure changes the strength, the structure changes, and weakens bit by bit. So in the end, the one at the top falls down, and the whole thing crashes and it breaks no matter what it's made of it breaks, crushes, crumbles, as does everything else beneath it. Because things on top so heavy, it breaks everything beneath as well as cracking and splashing itself. splashing itself, you know, I mean, split in smashing breaking out each big anxiety could have a similar structure to that. So what you could do is think about thing. Something that causes has caused you anxiety in the past, or still does, you should maybe you can think about it and straight away, you would get a feeling an uncomfortable feeling. Now, I'm in no way wishing anybody to get in touch with the blind the really horrible feelings. There are sessions that could involve that but this isn't one of those who like to stay with the feeling in a sense of ik thinking thinking of it as a map thinking of it as a like a blueprint or you'd have a house so you know where the kitchen is gonna go with with a bathroom is maybe there's a cellar maybe there's different rooms, legions different places. And if you've got a big mansion, lots of different rooms, you know, you need a blueprint to be able to sort of figure out how it's all going to go together and maybe even to figure out where everything is once you move in to maybe some secret rooms you don't know about especially if it's like really old house. So Oh, I didn't know that was there. Yes, the kitchen just don't never cook as why didn't that is there.
So you got that blueprints you kind of focus in on it.
In a sense of well, this is the blueprint this is this is the map. This is the thing Feeling at the top that we don't need to focus on there. But what's connected to that? What's connected to that feeling? What other feelings come from it, that maybe not as strong, but still, you know, maybe it's still too strong but not as strong. And in focusing on them, what comes underneath. And what does that lead to, and just go all the way down as far as you can, to other feelings are connected. And it might be a series of events, which perhaps you feel led to what happened or how you feel, it might be a series of events of having a head, start stress and panic. connected to this feeling. Just couldn't imagine you got this structure, I just focus in on a feeling. Maybe just see these dominoes. So whatever's holding up, the structure is that legs, focus in on one just get a sense of the feeling. This feeling of, you know, stress, anxiety, but it's not strong. This is not comfortable either.
As you get in touch with that feeling. I want you just to imagine walking over it's no longer connected, doesn't have any more energy. That's it. Basically, you've destroyed it, it's just been knocked over. Can't do anything without the rest.
You know, he's secretly saying, if you cut your toe now and you leave it in the bar, no one's gonna come into the bar for me say, Why are you in the bath
Am I say was the toenail and above. That's grim. But they're not gonna think it's you in the bath. Because once that toenail clipping has been clipped and removed from your toenail. It's no longer part of you. But before that, before you cut your turn now, your blood system, your brain, everything's connected neurologically to that tone, now healing, growing, keeping a fresh blood supply. But then you cut the toenail and it's gone. It's no longer part of you. So it's a little bit like that with the domino or whatever is holding up to you not one Domino down. doesn't have that energy's not longer, you stay longer that
thing. So maybe in your mind, you could focus on another
another one, another Domino is connected to that emotion. As you get in touch with a feeling, just get a little bit in touch with the feeling
not going to be pleasant, this is not going to, you're not going to get too in touch with it because as soon as it gets to a point where murder might just knock over. And notice had that feeling immediately dissolves because it's no longer connected.
Now move to another one. It could be in the middle. It could be the bar on the side or sort of the button but it doesn't have to be on the sides. It can be in the middle bit. And just keep picking up one just notice the feeling. You can start with a feeling first and then focus on where that feeling is. Or you can just pick a particular Domino randomly And get in touch with a level of just a small level of anxiety of stress that's connected to that. When you think that, that's enough of that, knock it over. Knowing that not only is it disconnected when that is connected, what three or four, the whole structure is getting weaker,
the whole structure is getting weaker. And you can pick another one, knock that over, those structures can weaker, you yourself can feel stronger. It's, it's almost like you're getting your power back, you're getting back that energy that was being
used to deal with that stuff is kind of like it was draining your energy. But now that energy is being returned to you
in a positive way, which gives you more strength. Which means you can start maybe knocking over more of those dominoes. Maybe two at a time. Maybe three, perhaps you noticed, structures starting to wobble with weakness. known to all those dominoes that were holding up that you've knocked over and no longer connected.
And the energy is now returned to you in a shape of positivity. And it feels good, feels nice. Feels relaxing, which may surprise you that you could feel relaxed whilst doing something like this. Perhaps it's got to do with realizing the yield or wanting control. Because you no longer feel that you're being controlled by a feeling all those inside you almost feels like it's outside you are you being controlled like a puppet. This is if every time you knock over one of those dominoes, another string is called.
So that the way you felt that maybe you were being manipulated by a puppeteer to have these feelings. Soon all those strings will just be cut. effect. Why wait? Why let's get big purchases in your mind just cut all of those strings straightaway all in one go. That's my impression of a pair of scissors. It's not very good as an ad you're separate. So the idea can't be there anymore. Because even though you weren't being controlled, the idea that you were was powerful enough to have an effect, which means the idea that you're not any longer is even more powerful. As you feel stronger, emotionally able to do more for yourself and perhaps you thought possible earlier may maybe start to think to yourself well do I want to knock each individual One down, let it crash. Do you need to go slowly? who just want to do is just noisy quickly skews the whistling when I said that to get it done quickly. Maybe, you know once you get there the energy noon might feel a little bit of impatience towards this old, anxious feeling that used to hold you back. But now you don't have respect for it anymore. You're scared of it anymore. You don't fear it. Because you're the strong one. And even though you always were the strong one, you feel like you're the strong one, which is the main thing is about how you feel. I mean, let's face it. Bullies can be weak. And still, you know, by bullying. The person who's being bullied can can feel weak.
Even though this strong a bully is weak. Which means we've been bullied by these feelings. Anxiety is bullying us. You're gonna put up with a bully. I won't. Never, ever probably is ever. So what are my main rules in life? Nope. No bullies.
Not going to happen? Don't do I don't think the do original feeling. And the original reason for having that old anxiety was about bullying. But it kind of turned into a bully. Maybe didn't mean to. But it hasn't been showing you respect. Hasn't has it? Is it being coined? No. Something stops you from leaving the house. A feeling that stops you from leaving a house or getting on a bus going in somewhere in public talking on stage talking on the phone. Whatever the situation may be for you. If something a feeling gets in the way that stops you, prevents you from doing such things, then you're being bullied. Bullies have to be destroyed. They have to be so if an emotion a feeling is bullying you then that's not is it welcome anymore. Do you had someone move into your home and you're doing them a favor and said we can stay here for a couple of weeks. And they started walking around helping themselves to whatever they wanted. Walk into the into the living room, grabbing a remote control, turning the television to a different channel.
Maybe sitting down in your favorite chair. Eating your favorite chocolate. Maybe they're always in the bathroom when you need to go into the bathroom.
Stop being rude to you. telling you now you don't go now you stay there. And just being horrible. bullying. You'd remove someone from the house. You wouldn't put up with it. So why would you put up with That from a feeling in your mind, which is the one place that we really do have more of a say, than in any other situation. What we think about is, we have more control over that than we do over any other aspect of our lives. Because our brains are so powerful, and your thoughts are so powerful when you decide, I'm not putting up with anymore, and you really, really mean something changes, just in the same ways if you have those feelings, and that decision towards a person in your life, whether it's a friend or relative, a boss,
colleague, whoever it is, or someone you don't like. But it might come and let you know there comes a time. Sometimes what do you think? No, I said
no more. And you know, you're never gonna back down from that decision. That decisions are made in stone. Because it's about your safety, your health, your mental well being. This is your life. you're deciding to take care of yourself and to show love and kindness
to yourself by saying no more. Or if you want to use the Allah The turn
is a boxing phrase. So forgive me if you want or don't think it is. Roberto Duran had a fight against Sugar Ray Leonard. And he stopped he said no mess. Which means no more in Panama Panama think you've caught on. No mess. It's a very very famous phrase in boxing. Any boxing fan will know where came from no mess. Roberto Duran he had enough because Sugar Ray Leonard was just playing within. He wouldn't get into like a punch up within the Couldn't he got so frustrated, no mess. So you could say that you can say no more. Or you could say no mess.
Because it's more memorable. Not because you're a boxing fan. He might be might not be it just because it might be the first time you've heard that phrase. No mess. No mess. No more. When Roberto Duran said a mentor. He was the world champion. And he walked out of the ring turned his back on the challenger. During the fight in front of millions and millions of people watching around the world. It was a big deal. He meant it when he said no mess. He meant it. And the reason why it's a good one to think to hold on to no one else believed. Not even his own corner believed that he was really quitting. I think everybody is prepared to carry on. A Sugar Ray Leonard he had was he always right to keep punching Duran until the referee stopped it. Even though he turned his back on him. He could have punched him and knocked him down. Mr. Rose you're allowed to you have to defend yourself at all times. So I see messages come in at Jason alijah recording then stoked on that box in what's the relevance relevance says that when he said no mess, he meant it and no one else believed him. So when you say no mess, those feelings may not believe you to start with. Very quickly, they will learn to know what no mess means that it's not just no more is no more. The most serious no more that you can say. You really mean is like no. That's it, you've crossed the line. And that's why anxiety and stress is done. Probably many times with you many many times. With me as well. No mess. No, no, no more. No more will I let that roll my life. You used to be really used to. I'm not saying that I never get stressed I do. I the occasional panic attack. I deal with it. I'm talking about IE no one talking about something that stops you live in your life. For fear of an anxiety attack that is not acceptable. for you is not acceptable. Because that's fear. That's basically that's how someone's being bullied feels. never known when they're gonna have the next punch or the next. You know, they get they've sandwiches taken off them or whatever buddies do in different circumstances.
When you say no mess, no more. You really mean it. No more. I said you've had your fun. You had your fun. That is enough. No mess. You could add a few swear words if you want. I'm not going to swear in this recording. But if you want you can swear you say no. effing mess.
If that is useful. I see that if I if I bang myself, or let's say I hit my shin. I can be a bit clumsy sometimes so so I might walk into a wall or something. I'll swear. And it does help. It does. If for some reason it helps with the maybe it's a distraction, it's a release of energy, whatever. But it's not necessarily relevant. It's up to you. You don't have to say the word no mess. You don't have to do anything. You don't have to listen to this recording. It's up to you. You're the one that's in control. I'm not trying to get anything from you. This doesn't lead to anything else. You know, I'm not trying to sell you anything. This is your choice. I'm gonna label this no mess. So this is gonna be the title of this recording. And I might actually do two versions one with music one without even though it's not a relaxing session as such. Mug pretty much everything I do I would say is fairly relaxing. No mess. So we leave you to continue with that structure that you had there. You can keep knocking knocking the dominoes out. Effects say no mess and the domino or the whatever's holding up that structure. They'll individually start to fall over. Because you're basically saying no to the bullies, those little bullies that holding up the other bullies supporting it, then there's the big bully on top. Or, depending on your energy, depending on how you're feeling, you could destroy the structure, in whatever way feels fit for you. Whatever wave Phil's correct. In your mind, if you wanted to, you could just get a baseball bat and smash that structure to bits. In your mind. You'll be wearing safety goggles, and you'll be physically safe when you're doing it. And you'll be shouting, no mess. At the same time. As you see that negative anxiety being destroyed. That's not going to be for everyone. So far, I've been doing it nice and gently. So you can continue to do gently. Or you can just go and you could set fire to the thing. pour petrol over the whole thing and set fire to it. And even though it's in your mind, we still are filk Health and Safety still important might seem weird. But it is because it's important and also only do something that feels right for you. Because, you know, setting fire to something isn't something even imaginary is something that a lot of people would not want to do. or hitting some people baseball bat is a bit aggressive is very aggressive, isn't it really. But in this situation, you are destroying something that has been bullying you that has been holding you back that's been draining your energy
that's been hurting you that has been possibly caused new illness. So you could destroy it. And how you get rid of it is your own, your imagination is endless.
I could see his next 10 hours and think of different ways that you could do it. And so could you you could do it. You could equally do that. Think of different ways, but maybe, maybe we don't need to sit here for 10 hours, maybe you just decide on whatever feels right for you.
And as you do this, it's about how you feel because your strength gets stronger, your positivity increases your relaxation levels, increase balance changes, you know, the tips of the scales changes. Because, as we say, as I said earlier, Pete was used the word unbalanced but actually it's a balancing act to keep these negative, anxious stressful feelings going to keep them processing and to keep them spinning it's like those you know those little plates on a stick or done if you ever seen for they're doing circuses, Basilan TV and the spin spin the plate on a stick and they've maybe got 10 different stakes we've played so they're going back and forward trying to keep the ball spinning. That's a lot of work. And in some ways, that's what we're doing with the anxiety. We're spinning them and perhaps the reason we're anxious and drained is because we were one in between Those blades spinning and trying to keep the spinning on actually, the best thing would be to let them all just drop to the floor and smash. Because it isn't the place the causing the anxiety is to run in between them. Trying to keep the spinning, thinking that something terrible is gonna happen if they don't spin will actually be feel better. When they fall down and break. When you stop chasing them running between those plates on the sticks, you feel so much karma. So much karma is a relief. A big big relief. So that's the end of this recording. Continue however you want to do it. Do whatever you feel is right for you. I've choked a few little ideas. Maybe you've caught some of them. Maybe, maybe you looked at something before. No mess. no and no more. No more that just, I'll forgive me. Oh my Oh no. I've chosen a way to do it. Now. Jason, you could go away now. So I will I'll go away and leave you leave you with the thoughts which are leaving usually is just to remember to be kind to yourself, because you deserve to be happy.
And remember the words no mess. You can say out loud or to yourself and is quite an obscure reference. But when you say it's gonna mean something, of course you can say no more as well. You know, you can use your own word in it's your your decision. afford to be really cool if we all said no mess, no mess. He made it really really mean it.
So that's it. Thank you for listening. And I shall speak to you. Hopefully again tomorrow. I want to make another recording. So take care. And lots of love. By on a quick on the side big quick hello to Susan as well. Who listens to these recordings and yeah, big, big lots of love to Susan. Thank you. Bye

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