#13 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason new land.com. My name is Jason, this is your daily relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. The idea of these sessions really is to not just give you techniques where you can reduce anxiety and stress in those moments that you require them. It's also an opportunity to daily, do something different, to take a few minutes out your day, maybe 20 minutes, maybe half an hour depends on how long the session lasts. Giving yourself some space out of the day, given yourself, you time, you know, just for you, where you don't have to think about anything else. Don't have to think about any body else. Don't have to plan anything, don't have to do anything really is just some time for you. And I think that's important that we all have that we don't all put the effort in to make that time. Back can be just as guilty as anyone else for forgetting to take that time out.
But it is important for you for your health, for your mental well being for your physical well being. So although it is a choice, of course, like everything else,
is a choice. It's something that is important for you to do. To take time out of your day, just for a short period. One of the benefits, one of many of listening to these videos, these mp3 is is it everything goes into your mind. Even those things that maybe didn't really take much notice of or wasn't particularly interested in, goes in there, it all sticks in there. And then your mind uses what is necessary, what is needed, what is helpful. What is useful to you and your life is then processed is then used is then put into action. For those moments that you need, it just makes your life a little bit easier to deal with. Because you're then ready for whatever
happens naturally and effortlessly. Something in your mind just kicks in and you're able to deal with things in a more relaxed
way. Allowing you to feel karma within yourself regardless of what's going on. Because the most important thing is that you're able to hold on to your own sense of self. No matter what's happening around you, outside you in your life with people you care about and love. You still need to be able to hold on and be in touch with yourself. Because ultimately, you're the person who's responsible for your own well being.
You are your own guardian. And as I think quite an important thing to remember.
You need to take care of yourself. I'm not talking about eating well or all of those things because I guess
Let's start with that is obvious, but also taking care of yourself emotionally, for me, is possibly the most important thing you could ever do.
By watching these videos by listening to various different sessions that I've done, it all fits in together, it's all connected in some way, which moves towards allowing you to have more freedom. more freedom, to think, for yourself more freedom, not just to think for yourself, because we all can think. But it's being able to have that space in your mind, where you can just step back. That space, which is yours, nobody else can get inside there. It's your space, it's your mind, no one can control your mind,
you have the sole access to your mind. When you listen to my sessions, you give me permission to be part of your mind, for the time that we're here together. But ultimately, it's your mind. You're in control of your mind, you're responsible for your mind.
So you need to be able to just take that time, out every day, to rejuvenate yourself, to love yourself, to show yourself that you care. Because sometimes, we can be so busy helping other people that we forget, and we neglect ourselves.
And that's not fair. It's not fair on you. There's enough love to go around for everyone. There's enough kindness in your heart, for yourself and for others. But it must be for yourself. There's no point being kind to everyone else. Unless you're being kind to yourself.
Because ultimately, if you're not being kind to yourself, that's just abuse. That's unkind and it's not on telling you off, I'm telling you off now, be kind to yourself waggling my finger, you must be kind to yourself, you must show yourself love. It's not an option. Nearly everything I say is an option. Nearly everything I say is you can feel this way you can do this. When it comes to being kind to yourself, and loving yourself as a must. not an option. There's no conversation needed for this. It's not a case of you must and let's talk about it is a case of you must, and how can you do it? If you're not loving yourself already, how can you get to the point where you are loving yourself, or where you are showing yourself more kindness. And you can start by giving yourself some time every day where you can reflect where you can meditate where you can be mindful, you know, all those kinds of things. It's kind of a mixture. These sessions are a mixture of lots of different mental states mental states as in thoughts as in feelings as in energy within your mind and your body connected as it is. to a point where you feel different. That's the whole point is when you watch these videos and you listen to these videos or the mp3 is you feel different. You may not know why you feel different. But ultimately, you feel different in a positive way you feel something's changed in your mind. And in your body, something, a feeling of comfort in your chest and your stomach, a lightness. And do shoulders can feel looser as this. I know it's an old cliche, but as if you actually have less something off, like you're carrying something around before, and now you've just dropped it. You let it just roll off your shoulders onto the floor, and you just walked away. And your shoulders feel so much more relaxed. Because sometimes you don't realize how stressed your body parts are into you relax those body parts. That's when you you can think Wait a minute. They really were stressed. It's like we're so a massage issue. If you someone said aren't, you want to massage your massage your neck or your back, and you say, No, fine, I don't need a massage. And then they, they sort of want to do it anyway, and you let them and you realize then how tense your muscles are. You didn't realize before. Because you're so used to be in that way to use, you're accustomed to it. But when they start digging their fingers into the muscles and massaging the different tissues and your back and in your neck and your shoulders, and you start to have that experience of comfort and with pleasure isn't it, even if it hurts a little bit when they're doing it as the tension starts to get released. In your shoulders, your back and your and your neck. There's a degree of pleasure is there that relief? You know, it's simplistic way would be when you've got gas and you've managed to relieve the gas, by burping or whatever. There's that comfort you have. And even though most of the time you feel not getti when you do get their guests out,
you feel nice. But isn't it funny how we don't appreciate necessarily as much that feeling when we had it most of the time. Certainly when you take away the feeling that we realize that that feeling was nice. And we want it back. You know the feeling of comfort, the feeling not of not having gas. The same way as a headache. You know, perhaps we're not so conscious and aware and grateful of our head when it's fine. But when you have a headache, you really really want that headache gone. Or when it does go. Maybe you take some headache tablets or maybe you do some hypnosis for a headache, pain. Maybe you go to sleep and you wake up and it's gone.
And you just feel wonderful, is a wonderful feeling of relief and release. And it can be quite a weird sensation really, in a sense of it feels really nice because your heads loose and light.
But before the headache, probably most of the time your head was in the same position, maybe the same feeling but you didn't notice it didn't appreciate it. didn't enjoy that feeling because you won't focus in on the nice feelings that you have. And the more often you focus on those comfortable feelings, those comfortable parts of your body, the more relaxed you'll feel. Because the more you'll have those feelings because you get used to it. You're consciously start to really expect to feel more comfort in expectation is such a powerful thing. So if you expect to wake up feeling relaxed, calm and alert if you really expect that There's a good chance that's what's going to happen. When you listen to my sessions, when you, before you press play on any of my videos, really, you can expect, if you've watched them in the past, you can expect to feel relaxed, to feel calmer, both mentally, physically and emotionally. And it's natural, because that will happen. Even if it's not a relaxation session, even if it's a session for chronic pain, or tinnitus, or it could be anything something about eating, diet or smoking, you're still going to have that level of relaxation naturally occur, because that's what you expect. Because that's what you've got as your normal reaction to watching or listening to my voice. Something changes in your brain, something kicks in, it's a trigger, to just calm down to just let go. or not, although I can't give you permission to relax and let go. You've given yourself permission to relax completely, and your body and your mind. Whenever you hear my voice. You're the person that's giving yourself permission for that
to happen. So what else could you give yourself permission to do? Give yourself permission to take time out every day. Without fail. Every day, even if it's only for five or 10 minutes, allow yourself that time. Even if you have to go into the bathroom or toilet to do it. You know, maybe that's the only room where you won't be disturbed.
It's worth doing. Just to give yourself some time. And of course, let's not forget, nighttime, in bed. For example, I do hypnosis every evening, as I lay in bed,
going to sleep, I just do hypnosis every night without fail every night. And it's a good place to relax, let's face it you're laying down is, in my experience quite difficult to just relax and not fall asleep. I have a tendency of falling asleep. If I try and do a long, long relaxation session, Bob use hypnosis for myself. When I stopped smoking, and this stuff works. I wouldn't devote my life to something that doesn't work, it just be pointless. So this stuff works, it really does help. So if you get anything out of this session, please take some time off every day. Give yourself a break. You can listen to one of my sessions. Of course you can or you can just do what you want to do. You can just talk to yourself. What I do is I talk to myself the same way as I talked to you. There's no difference at all. I just talked to myself as if I was talking to you. So I'm gonna go through with you right now. What I do every night. It variates variates is that a word? It varies from night to night. I like to swap things around and say different things and just this just makes it more fun for me. And I've talked about this before. I've mentioned this before, what I do is when I'm in bed I tell myself that as well as our things I tell myself that I'm going to sleep deeply but throughout the night my airways I gonna stay open at all times, so that I can breathe easily and naturally through either my mouth or my nose. And I can get that oxygen into my lungs all through the night. So it's always open. So if for any reason I'm laying in a position, which is blocking my airways and being open, then I'll automatically move into a position where my airways are open, so that I can breathe continuously, all the way through the night. And then I talk about same with the oxygen can then move to my lungs.
My blood can be oxygenated, oxygenated, sure if that's the right word either. But then that blood can move toward different parts of my body,
sending that healing energy, that healing blood, to heal my body as I sleep. And to please focus on those parts of my body that need healing the most, whichever part needs it. And if there is a part I know, that I'd like to give more attention to, then I then tell myself, and I focus on that part.
The other thing is very specific about the blood going into my brain, making sure the oxygen reaches my brain, make sure that my brain is fully functional, and heals throughout the night. And that the blood and the oxygen is continuously
able to access my brain all through the night. So having trust having trust in my body, having trust in my mind, but at the same time, I know that I've got potentially a while I've got sleep apnea, so I've got some times my airways shut down by blocker, and the needs to be opened up again. Which is why I give myself give my unconscious mind commands or suggestions really, but to make sure that the airways are always open. So there, there's no chance of them closing, there's no chance of getting lack of oxygen to the brain, which could lead to
serious things in the future if I'm not careful. So you can adapt these self hypnosis, laying in bed at the beginning of your sleep, adapted to yourself adapted
to what you require for yourself. So it might be a part of your body that you'd like to have more comfort in. Maybe some people have, I thought they call it you know when the leg moves around on its own. And you can ask your unconscious mind to relax that leg more than the rest of your body to relax it so much. That it just stay still doesn't have to do anything. They can just be relaxed and calm. And you can spend you know 10 2030 minutes an hour even relaxing each part of that leg over and over again. Giving it comfort giving it love because you know that's the thing. I keep going on about it but if you can really learn to love your body. I mean love in the same way that you'd love a little baby. The same way that I love Andre, my son. If you can love each part of your body the same way I give it the same care. So if Andre hurt his leg
I would be absolutely you know, distraught and words. Do everything I could to help him and you know The same way I need to have that same love and caring for my own leg.
So if you can feel that way about all the different parts of your body, including your mind,
to have that love, to feel relaxed, to have that love not to be judgmental towards yourself. But also to know that you do have the ability to move on from past issues that have caused problems
for you in the past, that maybe you've been holding on to. And sometimes we do hold on to things we don't realize we're holding on to see suitcases, maybe realize you've held on to something for way too long. But at the same time, as letting go.
You also just accept that you held on to it for too long.
And maybe you won't do that again. But give yourself love and kindness so that you don't have a goat yourself and because then you just open more, more hatred and you know, putting more than negativity in when actually what we all need is more love and kindness. So it might seem in some way that, you know, some people might say what's loving kindness and talking about that What's that got to deal with being relaxed and dealing with stress and anxiety and panic attacks. A lot, a huge amount. In fact, you could say everything. Because the love enters every single aspect of your life which therefore transforms every single aspect of your life. Which means that those things that used to you used to feel like it was controlling you, like stress, like anxiety, or panic attacks. no longer have that power. Because when you put loving, love dissolves that stuff. It just dissolves. You know, like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. That's what love does love is that water poured onto anxiety, stress and panic attacks. Love is the water being pulled on the Wicked Witch and the anxiety, the stress and the panic attacks. You can even imagine it them saying I'm melting. It just dissolves. Making sure you've always got love available. And you can in your mind even imagine visually seeing yourself pouring their love out that bucket on top of that wicked witch which represents anxiety, stress and panic attacks. If you want it to
love always wins. Because in your heart is just infinite room for love. And in your mind is infinite room for love. But there's only
a small amount of room available for hatred and negativity, stress, anxiety. The Love is the bigger part. And we say I think we just forget about it. We forget it's there. Where you got to do is look at a newborn baby with little puppy or little kitten or see somebody fall over. Maybe an elderly person fall over on the street and you go over to help them that instant. That's the love. It's always there. It's always there. You've had it from the moment you were born. It's always been available. And it's the most powerful thing in the world. There's nothing more powerful. So I'm gonna end this session on there. This is Yeah, that's it. My name is Jason. There's nothing more to say on this session. Other than just maybe think about what I said. maybe think about it. It's going to be hard not to think about it because now once you've once it's there is there isn't it is in your awareness. But try and take some time every day. For your own, whether it's 10 minutes or half an hour, if you can listen to one my sessions, use it for that. But if you don't have enough time for that, or if you're, if you're somewhere where that you know, you don't have access to my videos or mp3. You can use that time just to get in touch with that love inside you. So take care yourself. Enjoy the rest of the day, feeling wonderful. And I will see you tomorrow. Bye

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