#128 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "SAFE RELAXATION" (Jason Newland) (15th May 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason Newland doe calm. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. So I'm going to do a relaxation session and then will be two versions of this be one with me talking and the other one will be completely silent. That way it will have music, background music and the music will be about 51 minutes long. So then you can have the option of whichever suits you really I guess
my main thing really is to get yourself into a comfortable position. So that could be lying down on a bed, sitting in chair, maybe even lying on the floor. That's what do you want to do is is about what is comfortable for you.
I don't, I wouldn't lie on the floor because it takes me about a month to get back up from the floor. Again. If you sit in a chair, it's important that you have a chair that supports your body in the event of you falling asleep. So you need to have one that if you fell asleep, you're not gonna fall out of the chair. That's important as well. So not all chairs have armrests. And years ago, so I mentioned that they were listening to a relaxation session they fell off this stool while they were listening. People really listen, sitting on a stool. And what's next standing on one leg, holding a banana on your head. But anyway, in need to be comfortable, and also safe. It's very important for that for you for that to be the case. So it's quite a nice start, just get in touch of how you feeling. And I'll tell you how I'm feeling. So you can you can give a little body scan of your own, I say little body scanning. For me it's quite a big body scan, especially the believer is more of a quick body scan, just getting in touch with how you feel in in the different parts of your body. So very quickly, I noticed that the back of my neck is endless shoulders a tense and it's really weird and I'm genuinely this dude. As soon as I said that they started to relax, almost became tingly and started to relax. So now because I'm sitting on the edge of my bed making this recording I can feel a bit of pressure on my lower back the left side and my lower back where I have problems with physical issues with
some notice and it's not tense as in stressed or it's a little bit painful. So as a focus on that on the lower back left side
is it there's a feeling I don't know if you know I mean but I noticed that when physical pain starts to reduce this itchiness is not not itchy enough to need to scratch it. But it's also like this in itchiness underneath the skin where the muscles are and I think is you can get that bit when a wound is healing you know, when you start to feel that something's actually feeling better is no longer could be as simple as like a paper cup or you know, this small coal in your hand and after a couple of days is sort of healing up and it doesn't hurt any more. But there's a little bit each in underneath slot This is a little healing workers underneath your skin working hard to put everything right. And my lower backs completely comfortable now. I haven't done anything I haven't tried to do anything to cause my neck, my shoulders to relax. And I guess my lower back was relaxed as well. But it felt more like it was healing like the pain was just being removed
bass if it was fine now I'm noticing in my stomach a little bit of tension and I think that's more because of the way I'm sitting.
A little bit crouched not crouch, crouch but perhaps putting a little bit of pressure on my belly not doing setups or anything like that base. So just focus on and not try and change my position much straightened out a little bit.
I'm just gonna it's gonna be we just acknowledge the feelings in my stomach. Again, is the almost sort of a mixture between so tingling, Enos and itchiness, but not itchy. to scratch, just gentle. was quite a pleasure pleasurable release, not unpleasant, it's, it's common. And as soon as it starts it begins to reduce immediately. feels quite nice. I feel more relaxed. Now I'm stuck. Chest feelings spread up, spread to my chest, a feeling of calmness
and into my neck or throat. And it's kind of a strange thing because when I'm talking I'm using my mouth and my throat.
I'm not telling you that in a way is like an educational thing to explain the talking involves the mouth and then we'll know what I'm talking about. Relax in my throat on. I'm actually using my throat at the same time to stop talking Definitely relax is more fat my whole face is now feeling more relaxed. I felt in my jaw. jaw feels really loose right now. And I felt in my eyelids and my forehead. It's almost like the whole area across from ear to ear, across my forehead, my nose, my eyes a little bit the top of my
where my mustaches kind of top lip area. And there's a different feeling that moves across the jaw down my throat.
It's just it's no less relaxed, it's just different, a different feeling.
Think generally, probably hold a little bit more tension in module than I would do in my forehead.
And also, I probably use my jaw because I talk more than I think. So then use my brain very often, I guess it's less activity going on in my head.
doesn't stop me talking and using my jaw. Mike, let me tell those I feels relaxed. Now notice in my back the whole area of my spine, pretty much from just about the shoulder area, shoulder blade area, down to
nose for far down as my lower back all the way down the roadway through the middle of my back, that spine area. Probably the curved part. If you know you know she was sort of leaning forward, the curved part of the spine parts could almost be so gently separating just gently and safely separated a little bit and maybe stretching
of its own accord. Gently and safely. And because the spine is so important, when the spine relaxes just imagine all the signals, everything that we feel in our bodies, travels through the spine from the brain.
So when the spine itself is relaxed, what else can it do but to spread that sense of comfort and calmness to every part of your body. Because ultimately, the feeling in your spine is caused by your brain and then the spine spread to everywhere. feeling of calmness, safety and confidence in your own ability to let go completely. Feels really, really nice. So now I'm focusing on my hands. Again, if you can follow me and if you want to focus on your hands or not. You can imagine your hands and your mind or you can just allow Your body to feel however it's failing, and to relax.
in whichever way your body's now relaxing, without any kind of judgment, or comparing one bar the body to another bar, you know, which part feels more relaxed than this part. feel nice to just accept that sense of comfort, deep, safe. Comfort, naturally spreads through your body, from your mind, to your body, and also from your body, into your mind.
Your brain supplying all of these feelings. Brain is the center of every physical feeling you have those physical feelings of comfort when your body can actually say thank you, to our brains for doing this, for allowing you to feel this sense of relaxation spreading throughout your body. Although it might sound a bit strange to be thinking,
your brain Sachi quite a nice thing to do as well. You think about if someone leaves a door open holds the door open for you.
You know, maybe you're carrying something they, you know, hold the door open so you can get through without dropping what you're carrying.
We say thank you, then we would have got by that person holding the door open.
Let's put down what we had an open door. It was nice that they did it goes It was lovely. But it's no biggie. You know, it's, it's nice. We said thank you.
And all they did was just open a door, hold it open. Our brain keeps us alive. Our brain gives us everything. It keeps every part of your body working. The brain does all of that. The brain keeps you well heals you, your body allows you to feel relaxed and calm allows you to enjoy being new gives you these feelings of continued confidence in your own ability to deal with all future situations
in a calm and relaxed manner. That may surprise you. Just how easily you cope with everything that happens from now on. We have that sense of safety, relaxation mix together with huge amounts of confidence. Shine that light of love your brain she say thank you because say out loud or you can say inside your mind letting your brain know that you're grateful for all that it does for you. Because it does everything here everything oversell needs your guidance as to what you need. When you need more comfort, you can just ask for more comfort and your brain will give you that feeling of comfort spreading through your body allowing you to experience more confidence more of a feeling of safety protecting you 24 hours a day every day of your life she moving forward into the future knowing the confidence and safety travels ahead of here by a can a pathway just for you to who say relaxed positive say relaxed and positive t pin every heart to your body. d d feel nice. Go. There. Go the say that sense of gratitude towards your brain allowing you to feel completely relaxed say relaxed and So, say protecting every part of you clued in your mind 24 hours a day, every day, from this moment onwards knowing the confidently to real life this natural ability to let go completely, completely lately

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