#126 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "WE ARE BORN POSITIVE" (Jason Newland) (13th May 2020)

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and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. There's nothing to do nothing to say. nothing to talk about. Nothing to think about. Basically, I'm going to do a relaxation exercise. This is kind of like a meditation II kind of thing where you get in touch with how you feel but you can I'm going to say out loud how I'm feeling is only a very short exercise or attach the word exercise doesn't always sound nice does it sounds like you're gonna have to do something you don't want to do. It's very basically getting in touch of how you feel, but not physically. emotionally. Okay, so not really going to focus on our bodies as such, although how we feel emotionally does affect how we feel physically. Sometimes, maybe all the time maybe depends. So we can again touch of how you feel emotionally right now. And there's something about actually addressing it about actually just noticing how you feel not really judging it no comments on on it not you know having a go at yourself for a shot I'm feeling this way but I should feel differently. Or you know, that kind of stuff. None of that crap that may go on inside our heads. None of that kind of just put downs really isn't it? Sometimes it can feel a bit like a put down? Why'd we do it to ourselves? When it's much more fun to do title people. I'm joking. But what do we do it to ourselves and when you think about it, someone someone puts you down and we've all been put down Put down by someone said something about I hair car or she could be absolutely anything. I remember years ago is schoolwide these new shoes that my mum bought me and I liked them but because they made me about two inches taller. But when I got to school I got everyone started calling me beetle Crusher.
Because these they get here me to a mile off walk in like a like Frankenstein's boots honestly. as number one my feet or anything I was just
I'll be honest, I chose them. You know, I wanted to be taller. And it's not really relevant to this recording. I
just needed to tell someone about it. So it could be put down the first time I wore glasses
and went to school. This is in like the last year of school. Literally just like a month or so before I left school. People were laughing to me because it never seen me with glasses before. And I got a little bit you know, did something sometimes it's a repetition that gets annoying. So sown, someone says something even if it's funny the first time like, you know, I can't think of anything particularly but all those years a security guard. Now I when I was a security guard on a building site back in 1997. There was this big bloke and he worked on the building site and they were doing the what was it the the Opera House didn't in Covent Garden. They were building a new opera house and he kept calling me what do they call? Oh yeah. Mr. P d File he found it funny call me PD file. And it gives it just tickled his anus completely just couldn't stop doing it. Fingers when he first said out Yeah, yeah, very funny here, PD PD PD for, although it's not a nice thing to call someone, but he seemed to find it funny enough, okay, well, Mo just let it go. kept doing it kept saying it. In the end, I had to go in. And I said just Shut, shut up. But only he said it to me again. And he shut up shop after that. And shortly afterwards, I was moved from that site to somewhere else. So they probably complain about me. But I'm wondering how often How much do we notice it when we do it to ourselves? Because if we got annoyed of ourselves, if we were constantly putting ourselves down, and saying, oh, you're no good at that, I'm no good at this. I'm never going to be any good at this. I don't deserve to be happy. I don't deserve to be in a relationship. I'm never, I'm always going to be stressed, I'm never going to be able to relax,
to have that. crappiness those, those words being said to ourself, because it almost feels like it's someone else saying it, sometimes doesn't it.
And instead of doing what we would do in real life, which would be the best case scenario, probably to avoid, the person is always saying it. But at some point is to say Shut your mouth or stop it. Don't want to hear it no more. Or put them down, you know, find a way to make them look ridiculous. Which is quite easy in most situations. But why don't we do that to ourselves? Maybe you do. But I seem to find that for some reason. And it's it doesn't make sense, really? That I seem to accept that negativity. I'm trying not to I'm working on it. I've been working progress is the term I think, but what can it be useful to be able to say, Oh, that's enough of
that crap. What I'm too fat for someone to like me. I'm never gonna sell stuff that I probably say to myself,
possibly. And I deserve to be successful. I don't. No one. No one likes what I do.
No one likes these recordings. I still sort of stuff that I say in my head. But it's not me. It doesn't feel like it's me saying it. Yeah, because I've got this stuff going on. that contradicts what's being said in my head. It it almost forces me to address it. Because I've got this this thing in my head saying no one likes what I do. What do I know about hypnosis? What do I know about helping people? We're all very negative. And then I'll get a comment posted saying he helped me so much you, you know, you've helped me to reduce my that my anxiety. I used to have panic attacks now I'm okay. I hope you helped me sleep, you know, things like that. And plus, you know, 4000 view, view 4000 to 5000 downloads a day from around the world, I'll get a little bit of positive feedback. And it may it kind of causes me to think Okay,
wait a minute, why am I thinking that? And but there's other things that just keep carrying on. And I've not even confronted it. And I've been thinking Why not? Why don't perhaps I'm just assuming Other people may have a similar thing going on.
Where? What Why don't we confront it? What's stopping us from confronting that rubbish chat in our head when we wouldn't put up with it from another person. It's almost like we're bullying ourselves. I don't put up with bullies never have, I've had a few people try and have dealt with them in whatever way I was able to. I had it with a job once and I ended up just left the job because there was nothing else I could do. So I left the job. So it's but I don't put up with bullies, I won't. Yeah, I put up with my own bully that's walking around inside my head, what I would do is walking around, probably just sitting there, smoking drugs or something, but some of the stuff it comes up with is a bully, picking on me. And I wouldn't put up with that, in reality, you know, I might have to walk away from this situation. I'm not saying that I'd go full on head on, you know, punch up such as you know, because that's not always it's not really applicable as in as an adult. But so what do I put up with it in my own head? And that's why I'm thinking No, no, it's not acceptable. So that's kind of the exercise is get in touch with what thoughts you're having in touch, what thoughts you're having that are negative. Now if you flip it on its side, we get more of what we think about. So if we think we focus on that positive thoughts, we get more positive thoughts, you're opening yourself up to more positivity, you're focusing on it in a very vague but similar way of saying when you say to a child in the back of the car, you say to your kids, you know, maybe you want to stop them from arguing, okay, all I see how many red cars you can spot,
it can be any color. And suddenly, this seeing red cars everywhere, yellow cars, it could be yellow cars or seeing yellow cars. But before that they weren't noticed.
Unless of course, you have some kind of a red car convention then of course, you're gonna see lots of red cars. But I don't know if one exists. So what we focus on we get more of so that's where I'm mentioned this just for the simple fact that I'm asking you to notice the negative thinking. So though we're noticing it we're not focusing on it, we're not searching for it. Which is noticing it and it's a different situation to focus in on positive stuff. Because when we focus on positive stuff, is because we want more of that. You know, it's just it's I suppose, in a way it's as simple as if you're looking through the freezer department in the supermarket. And there's a specific ice cream that you like, you know, let's say it's hog and DARS Jerry Benny Jenny you really he was called. And big fat belly which would be me my special favorite. And it's a specific flavor that you like. Go wherever it is. cookie dough. Coffee, whatever. If you and you're looking through the freezer department for the one that you like, and you notice in the things you like so even though you see in the ones you don't particularly like although I don't see many tubs of ice cream well I think no I don't like that ice cream because I like probably most part from peanut butter. But you're noticing what you're searching for. And you're kind of looking for is ik that's not is a different attitude. In your mind, too is if you is going to go and say. So you worked in the store and your supervisor said go into the shop go into the Section of the shop and go through the freezer
and take out all the the hog and dog because they're all off their date.
But they are spread out amongst they'll be mixed up so you'll be looking for in a different mindset. You be looking for stuff and you won't be thinking mmm Yum, yum yum, you will get rid of that, get rid of that get rid of checking them out. But when you're looking for something LSA supervises all you got got special offer, you can have a free tub of ice cream. You know, all the staff can have a free tub of ice cream, a hog and doors, or Jerry and Benny belly. So okay, you got and looking at all. Its different mindsets. So when you're looking for the the negative, which would be the out of date stuff, that would be to just get rid of it. But when you're looking at the good stuff, though, all I personally would probably think I like that one. I like that one. I like that one. But it's also three other staff members going to be coming towards a freeze when a minute, as soon as I managed to untie themselves, because I would have tied them up. So they couldn't get to the fridge freezer before me outside. So I'd pick the one I wanted. But the positive. Obviously, I'll get rested. Now suppose if I tied them up, but forgetting that it's not real. So I'll be going again, I'm gonna choose the Yeah, that's the one I want. And I'll have that one in a different frame of mind. So the reason I'm mentioning this, and I'm using the ice cream as an L analogy, as made me want to have some ice cream now. So it probably wasn't a good idea. But I think it's important to have a different mindset when we focus on positive stuff to how we feel when we focus on negative stuff. need to remember that is a line, there's a there's a different feeling there's a different energy, there's a different mindset around those two very different emotions. I hope that makes sense. I mean, not sure how much it made sense to me. But the overall idea makes sense to me. So by noticing that crappy stuff that we say to ourself, I'm going to use a word crappy. Because that's one of the nicest word I can save about, like all out swearing, because it is horrible. It's disgusting. That we would torture ourselves in that way. It is disgusting. Not disgusting, in a way of like, how dare you do that to yourself and not in a blame way. Because this is not about blame, or guilt. And nothing I ever do or say will be about blame or guilt. So please don't get me wrong with that one. That's this is not it's the opposite is the complete opposite.
But to talk to yourself. And to have that voice is horrible as someone bullying you. And it might not even be your voice. It might be something that you learn. years ago, even I was wrong, but you learnt it and there was nothing to block their stuff going into your mind. And like we all do this very young children. And as adults, we absorb stuff. That's what hypnosis is. It's absorbing stuff, which is why I do my best to be stoked about positive things. And, and we're hoping kind of tick that box. It's about absorbing the positive
ideas. When it's nice when it has a nice feeling connected to it. It's gentle, and it's coined and it's said in a nice way in a genuine way,
then it's more likely just to slip into your mind. Without any kind of wait a minute, what you're doing was what you're saying to me, because you can hear what I'm saying to you, because you can play back any recording I do. So that's one of the benefits of this kind of stuff, recordings because nothing's really hidden. You know, you've not come to see me in an office,
and then gone away thinking only remember, perhaps, you know, 25% of what he said, What else did he say? Well, if you have you feel that in a recording, you can just listen back.
You're not allowed to sort of go 10 minutes in and start doing a little dance and start talking about ice cream. Or clearly I do talk about ice cream. But
gentleness, the point about gentleness. When something's gentle, it slips into your mind has it spreads, you know, it's like seeds. And it grows. because your mind is fertile ground, there's nothing more fertile than your mind. That's a brilliant thing. It's also there's a negative aspect to that is if you have seeds, let's say poisonous seeds, you know, like poisonous mushrooms have, you know, they've all got the roots to those, the stock growing, you know, so you've got seeds that can be poisonous grown to something poisonous, that stuff will also grow. Because you've got a really, really fertile mind. It's the it's more fertile than any ground on Earth. Anything can grow in your mind, any anything. Which means we need to be careful what we allow in there to be a little bit more careful. Not only is your mind completely fertile, is so fertile. Also, unlike with you know, I've never worked on a farm but I've seen a few documentaries. And you know, if they want to remove the whole crop from a farm is a lot of work. But in your mind, it's easy. All you got to do is just decide that that thought is now gone. To unroot that thought that negative thought about yourself may be for me to say I think
trying to think of something. Let's say I look in a mirror thing. No one's ever gonna like me.
You know, I don't do I don't know woman's going to meet me think oh, I'm not sure if that's ever gonna happen. But not that anyone would make that noise. But how is that for helping me? Now admittedly, if I was walking around with dead seagull on my head, it could help me to think Well, perhaps I should remove the dead seagull then I might have more opportunity of meeting people and then even approaching me I don't walk around with dead sea going on the head. So that's not really valid. So I can do my mind. I can think well where is that? Where is that? Because it's poison, isn't it? Ultimately, the thing that bully bullies us is poison bullies. poisonous that's that's what it is. It's poison so far. Like I go Where is it? It doesn't matter where it is. I'm just gonna remove it. And it's removed. Click of the fingers this later. That's what it is. I just did there. Although I could move by big tone and probably get the same sound. My old my old toe joints I'm 49 years old, nearly 50 years old. Now, my toes are doing too bad though. So you can remove stuff. And you know what if there's a particular feeling that you like, in that really fertile ground, which is your mind, your unconscious mind, your monitors use Word mind to use conscious or unconscious, it's your mind. And you've got that feeling you think you know what, that feeling, the feels nice. Where you feel confident within yourself, you realize that actually, you're very competent at something you know how to do something we all know how to do, we all know how to do something really well. Whether it's related to your work, whether it's related to a hobby. But it might be simple, or say simple, but it's simple to most people that can walk walking is a simple thing. didn't used to be it didn't used to be when we was little children that were toddlers walking was one of the hardest things ever. And anybody that's gone through rehabilitation after an accident or, you know, injury, learning to walk again. It's, you know, they've, they'll tell you that it's, it's, it's a task to learn to do it. And it's incredibly possible to do as well. And most people will be successful. Yet most of us would just walk around without any idea that what we're doing is pretty amazing. We we're experts at that. Most of us are experts at eating, feeding ourselves going to the toilet. And these things, you know, for a lot of people just think, well, so we talked about, I've been listening to you for 28 minutes, and a talk telling me that I'm really clever because I can wipe my own bum. No, that's not what I'm saying. I suppose it is kind of what I was saying. But it's not really about that is the fact that we're all really good at stuff.
And that part of that brain, we says the we're not is lying to us. lying to us. And is that acceptable to you? It's not acceptable to me.
It's not, it's not acceptable, that you're doing it or that I'm doing it. We need to kind of stop and make changes for our own health. I'm not saying you need to do it for me, because it's nothing to do me what you do. But it's for you, for your own happiness starts to notice when you bullying, when is that bullying voice coming in when? What's it saying to you the what limited thinking is happening.
So it's noticing these thoughts, but not necessarily search for them the way we would for positive thoughts. It's a different energy different mindset. Because when you when you think about positive stuff and you search for positive things, you open your mind up for more positivity. When you focus on negative things that Well, technically if you focus on negative things, you're opening yourself up for more negativity as well. But this is a different type of focus. So what you focus on you get more of but this is a different type of focus because it's not so much a focus but a noticing it's a no dissonance almost. You could say you're fishing it catching these negative thoughts in a fishing net. Catching the negative thoughts in efficient at that's always out there. So imagine you've got these nets, and they're always there ready to catch those negative thoughts.
positivity. Positivity is little, that goes right through the nets. But when you move further away, you can see that they're not really little, they're just parts of something much bigger. Huge, much bigger than us. Bigger than anything. positivity in your mind can just, it can be way more than you can even comprehend.
You might see the tip of the iceberg, you might say, well, it's positive, I feels nice. But the more you focus on that positivity, which is connected to all other positive thinking and feelings, because they're all connected, the negativities they almost want to be on their own thing they like special, you know, which is how they get caught in the net. Because they are because they're bullies. The bullies are can do I want to do, I can say want to say but then they get caught in the net. Because they're not very clever. To be fair, bullies are not very clever. So she was clever wouldn't be picking on you. Because you're way way cleverer than any negative thoughts. There's more to you than any of that stuff. You got these nets out, catching these negativity. Things. thoughts. thing is once they get caught in the net, but lose that energy that they had lose it they give up because the negativities week gives up. He thinks he likes to act strong. that feeds off other people's fear.
But once that fear is not there, a con eight eat can't feed and it dies. That negativity just dies. It literally dissolves when only ever negative will nicked your fish if you want to call them the negative thoughts see what's happening to the other one that's dissolving.
They start to get scared when negativity gets scared that's what changes really happen like a ripple effect. And that message gets sent to other negative thoughts that haven't even arisen in your mind yet. Like a warning. This is not a safe place for negativity. This is not a safe place for bullying thoughts because can't visit here anymore. He's be a lovely place to come on holiday but now it's rubbish. You start to feel different start to feel freer It might not even make any sense like how,
why would I feel
different and freer? When this man's talking on a podcast, about ice cream and fish and fishing nets and what that was all about? Yeah. I feel different. You feel different? And that's the power of your mind. That's the strength of your positive thoughts. Can you think about it, in reality, we are born positive. We are we are born positive. If we get in the Buddhist look a little baby when I want something. When that baby If you got, you might be a parent or grandparent. And you might have a baby that's not very old, six months old, maybe even when that baby wants your mobile phone. That baby wants your mobile phone. And he or she ain't gonna give up. They want your phone, a toddler that toddler wants to walk. No child yet, I think in the history of the world that I know of has ever given up trying to walk. There's not one adult or one teenager in a wheelchair because they're lazy, because they gave up trying to walk in a wheelchair because they can't walk or you know, obviously, there's a real reason for it. But no one no one ever just gives up. No child gives up. No toddler gives up trying to walk. No toddler ever eating and trying to feed themselves and the food keeps going off in their hair and in their iron on their head and everywhere. They never give up. They're gonna eat even if it means scraped out with their hands,
they're gonna get that food in their mouth. So we born positive. We learn negativity. We are born positive. Sometimes almost like you know you can do with a computer or laptop, you can set it back to or reset it to the factory settings.
But when you get a laptop through, it's all working perfectly. So it's not like you're resetting it back to zero. You know, you don't suddenly like I'm on our baby. But some of that negativity can just be reset back to the positive side. When we actually believed that we could do things, even if we could never do them even if it was regardless of how impossible or how ridiculous it may have been. I used to believe I could fly I used to believe I could walk. I could become invisible. Now I know that that stuff isn't generally real though, as I got older I do seem to be more invisible than I used to be. But it's something that a boxer called Tyson fury says doesn't like dream. Dream killers. Is it dream killers? I think that people that say you can't do something. So let's not be a dream killer of a cell of our own. Let's not kill our own dreams. And let's not kill other people's dreams Eva. I think is a good good bit of advice. Especially for your own girls face. If you don't kill your own dreams you're not gonna be killing other people's either. People are negative towards other people guarantee the negative towards themselves. In fact, it's probably You're going to be much worse inside their own head.
But doesn't mean that people that you know, a lot of people that would not be negative towards other people, but still have that negativity in your own head couldn't dissolve, as I said, with the O's nets, the eagle cast. And the good thing about it is you haven't got to check the Nets because the Nets have now been cast, they're there to catch some negative thoughts.
If you want to have a look at only can you search for them? The things we're searching for the positive thoughts. What you focus on, you get more of we become what we think about. You know, it's another way of saying it.
I love that sentence. We become what we think about. And I know some people don't know get that there's like, What's that mean? And I've met people have actually said, What are you talking about? What's that mean? What's not my sentence, it's it's an opponent of Napoleon Hill. Constantly him, you become what you think about. So if you're thinking about positive stuff, you're going to be more positive. That's the simple, simple way to explain it. And if you think lots of negative, then you know, the opposite happens. So if you think about how relaxed you're going to be tomorrow, while great night's sleep you're going to have tonight, or whenever you go to sleep, how much more comfortable you will feel, within your own skin. How much karma how much more optimistic you're going to feel towards the future. You can get more of that. And you become that I'll possibly not said anything that I haven't said before. But Dude, I do like the idea that we are born positive. Mental, my little brother, right? Not I remember him, I still know him. When he was little he was he had this yellow. What do they call it la poly yellow poly. So he would have been, I don't know, two, two years old, would that be potty training time on a show. And he could walk. So he was pretty positive, I remember how I've only seen one child grow up. And that was my little brother. But right from birth. We're not if I didn't see the birth, but you know from being a little baby. And I saw him grow up to the age of eight. And then he moves away. And I'll still have content. I've seen him grow up, you know, to 41 year old man. But I saw the first eight years of his life. And I saw him every single day during that period. And very determined, very confident and very, very positive. And he always achieved what I set out to do when he was little, you know whether it was getting the biscuits out of the out of the tin which wouldn't open up. He didn't know it sort of glued it sharp, but he still managed to get it open. Whether it was getting inside the car, and using the keys, finding the keys and open the car. We shouldn't really be in the car who told him to stop driving it but you know what if we wanted to do and I remember we was all having had dinner once and he was determined to potty train himself. He was so positive about the whole because he's getting a lot of positive reinforcement. And I'm not I'm not saying that the it happens to everyone nor parents everything. But it seems to be a time when we're in my life anyway, but I've seen other parents and people with that positive reinforcement. That's there. When No child is very small. Brilliant, you're taking your first steps. You're learning to speak, say, Daddy, Mama. Smile, are you smiling? You're trying to get the baby to smile and laugh. To get to a point where we're no longer interested, like reinforcement, positive reinforcement seems to, if not stop completely, then at least slow down. And understand, you know, in a sense of you, you're not going to be going to go into your, your child's during their exams doing their GCSEs or, you know, whatever 16 year olds take. You don't want to be governing standard beyond them. Go home, Bobby, you can do the next one. You can do that. Next question.
Let's see, remember, yeah, that's it right? Now hold the pen in your right hand. That's it, move. That's it sit, sit straight, as you can do the gospel not can't do that,
necessarily. But when you think about it, is having that positive reinforcement at an early age. I know that not everybody had it. And I didn't have it on I was very little.
So well, I probably had it for the first maybe year or so too, but and then on I didn't but i've you know, but a lot of people do a lot of people, some people don't.
And there's a natural positivity that's there. And my little brother came in with eating dinner, and he came in with his little potty yellow. Paul, you remember,
shown us all these little Po, little pebble poo in some way. And literally Jesse put on the table. Which was disgusting. He didn't pour on the table. It was he left the inside the party. But he was so proud of himself. And it was both disgusting and cute, and really funny all at the same time. And I think it depends on how close you were sitting to where you put the potty. You know, luckily I was the other side of the table. But I imagine if you sit right next to him, and he plugs it down as a bit of spillage onto your plate
that probably so not the bear happened. But so we're born positive. We're born, determined. We're born with dreams. Were born being able to fantasize, wonderful things happening.
So these are things that we have ingrained in us. We're always going to have them always going to be able to imagine wonderful things happening. always going to be able to imagine positive scenarios was going to be able to be positive towards ourselves.
Is there sleep breathing? Is there we're born with that ability. Sometimes just getting back getting back to it getting used to it again.
I suppose it could be a little bit like someone from our friend from Germany. And she born in Germany lived Germany or life then came to London in the early 20s. She knew English she spoke English brilliantly. She said she'd go back to Germany probably to twice, twice year, summer and Christmas, maybe three times a year, because it's easy to go there for the weekend. But she'd go back but she said even though she'd be away from Germany for maybe four months. When she went back. It was strange to get back into the speaking German again. Because everyone she knew was English. Sort of in London she bought neither one was English bad one. No one spoke German and she said it was really strong. And then when she had a kid, she had a child. And she I think she taught her child German. So then it kind of made it a little bit, she had someone to speak German with. But before that she was really strange. Just have to get used to speaking German again, it used to take a couple days to get back into the swing of, of that fluent German speaking, even though she was born with it.
So imagine someone that doesn't move away, don't speak German to anyone. for 10 years. I have no contact with German people speakers, doesn't read a German book doesn't nothing doesn't watch a German television program,
and then goes back to Germany to visit or maybe makes another German person they still can speak German. It's gonna feel weird, you're gonna feel it's strange. But it's still there.
For I'm not focused on Germany for any other reason other than this, my friend who's in Germany, it could be the same if you were from Italy, or, you know, wherever. I never had a girlfriend that was from she was half Italian. And on your right side, and she would her dad was Italian, a mom was something else. And she used to go to Italy, or from our childhood, for the whole summer, every summer. So she could speak Italian fluidly. Or fluently. But she said to me, you know, whenever she went back, every summer, she'd go back. And because they spoke English in the household. Generally, I think a dad was speaks Italian to her, too. So Spanish or Italian. She was from Italian. She was Italian heritage. Well, her dad was heritage was Italian. I mean, and where you from? I'm from heritage. And she said it took her a while to get back to
it. Often, that's what she said, Yeah, I think she did. I remember was eating a meal. And
she was talking about people concerned about who's going to pay the bill. And
she did, thankfully, that's a problem, you know, when you order something. So it looks nice. It's all a different language, just go by the picture. So she managed to get back to it. And just let someone that's lost the use of their legs temporarily or use of a limb, they learn how to use
that part of their body again, is just in the same way muscle memory, someone that hasn't done martial arts maybe for 510 years, and they go back into it. And it's just they remember how to punch and how to kick might take a while. But they start to get back into the groove for the groove was already there but a little bit overgrown. They can just maybe be dusty. They filled him with dirt and they can clean it out, clean out that groove. And they can fit right back into it again. Everything fits together perfectly.
So we born positive is going to be the title of this recording, I think
although told about the bullying or talked about the negative thoughts. I'm going to call this were a born positive. We're all born positive because it's true. Which means you all have the ability to be positive to get in touch with that
in touch with that feeling it's always available to us. And we get more of what we focus on. We become what we think about which is not my sentence by sentence we become what we think about
which I think in the sense of mental ill health I want to be more than bipolar or personality disorder. I want to be more than that. So I try maybe to think less of that stuff. As far as how I see myself I want to be more positive I want to be a hypnotist. You know? I want to be Jason the hypnotist fits ball with the positive side of my mind. Jason who helps people Jason loves his little boy the ferret Andre
I'll stop saying my name now. So I wonder what you could give us a feel on labels. Positive labels. So if your name Steve or Andrew or Paula or Adele Laura or Amy or Jen you know whatever your name might be, by follow me maybe feel a little positive positive labels Jen the client person pull it could be some brick layer might be really good at Brick Lane.
Adrian the ship builder building, maybe model ships. Roberts, the dancer and this isn't just one label. So that's all you are. Let's face it all that's fine face it. We're gonna give us labels and we do. We do we all do it. We all give ourselves labels. We give other people labels probably as well. And other people try to give us labels.
So if we can have a label, why not choose our own labels and only choose positive ones. Because when you say if I say Jason hypnotist that's not all I am. It's something I do. Is is why I am it's not all that I am.
I can't think of any other positive things but there's there's other things that were positive things a podcaster Jason a podcaster. Jason the sleepy man. Some people call a school labeled me the sand man. Because I send people to sleep. And that's based on a mythical character or something. So our league without a one sentence we were born positive we were all born positive. This net groovy Don't you think? Very groovy Indeed you try and find another hypnotist that use this word groovy. In a recording you I find anywhere groovy because you're groovy, we walk through the because we all have that positivity inside is available to us at any time. It's always been there with us our whole lives because we were all born positive. That is the end of this recording. So I did start off science and exercise but is kind of, you know, you just sort of go along with what I was saying. And maybe, maybe listen to this a few times to cement the idea even more in your mind. But then every recording that you listen to for me will always add something more and hopefully increase your level of positivity towards yourself, which in turn, increases your physical and emotional comfort. Your ability to relax deeper, to sleep better and just feel the feel good. Because it is to be happy. So remember to be kind to yourself. Lots of love. Bye

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