#121 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "REDUCE ANXIETY LEVEL" (Jason Newland) (19th April 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes have voices to be bit croaky today is croaky for some reason. I think I might need a drink of water or something. But I'm going to just continue anyway, because I'm hiding from Andre. So he's asleep, and I want him to not disturb me. So I'm in the bedroom, and I forgot to bring a drink. And no, that's really relevant to the recording, they did I say only listen, when you can safely Close your eyes, thank you for your support. All of the recordings on this podcast are available on my website. There are no longer any adverts at all on any of my podcasts. And
so that said, We're gonna do a technique today I'm going to it's gonna involve to explain this. So let's say you've got an emotion, anxiety, stressful feeling. And the first thing is to be able to get in touch with it
in order to test how it changes. So you don't have to pick, we don't have to do anything, we don't need to pick something like huge. By daily, something that's strong enough to merit changing the, you know, requires your attention, or demand retention, perhaps when you don't want it to is a feeling ultimately. But it can be connected, of course to something so maybe this anxiety is connected to
going out, perhaps, or it could be anything, I'll let you decide what it is. Because it's your life. And we've all got different things that affect us. There's some things that affect lots of people. At the moment, there's a worldwide pandemic thing going on that's affecting. Most people in the world are those lots of people that are just ignored and continuing around with their life and whatever is going on with you. Just pick one thing. So I'd like you to think about that thing. It might be something you worried about something that you're Yeah, let's say something that you concerned about something you're worried about, and you're anxious about something that you're gonna be doing in the future or something that you have done, whatever, whatever it is. And think about that
thing. Notice where you feel it in your body knows what level what level of anxiety level, you'd get. Zero being nothing 10 being the worst, it could be. Maybe it's even higher than 10. Maybe it's you know, beyond
limit of 10. Maybe it's plus 25. You know, it could be whatever it is on your scale. We've all got different scales, about what what something is. So whatever it is, just keep a track of that in your mind.
Let's say for example, it's six. And the idea of this recording and pretty much everything I do really is to reduce
stress levels. Even the recordings that aren't on this podcast, Let me boil to sleep ones. That's about reducing stress levels. The deep sleep whisper reducing stress levels and anxiety. The weak sleep at night is weakly reduce the stress levels, even the chronic pain relief sessions. It's about reducing stress and anxiety levels. Everything I do is about that. It's just, this one's actually got that title in the podcast. So whatever number it was, just keep track of that number. I mean, if you want you could write down, you don't have to have your eyes closed all the way through this. It's kind of the lie down on your bed, you can do this sitting in a chair, make sure that the chair supports your body in case you did fall asleep. Even though this isn't asleep recording, it's not even gonna be a long recording this. I said that a few times and ended up doing an hour, but it's definitely not going to be a long long recording. So I want you to see that, where that is in your body, feel it where it is.
Just notice how it feels. I know it's an emotion. But we do feel emotions in our body. You may feel it in your head might be like an all over body sensation. You might feel it in your chest, in your stomach, in your mouth, in your jaw and your hands, your eyes, you could be anywhere, you might feel it, it might be an overall sense. Like it's almost cloaking you, I guess covering your whole body like your skin. So you could say you feel it in your skin. If it covers your whole body. The only thing that does die is your skin.
So just being aware of how it feels. And I know it's uncomfortable temporary discomfort but at the same time it's hard to keep it so way to focus on it and a way to try and keep that feeling going.
Just try and keep again. So if it's a seven, try and keep her seven really try putting energy in put energy into it. And might sound weird. Men law things I do sound weird.
The idea of trying to feel that when you might be thinking here, but I already feel it I
just told you I feel it. Just keep trying to feel it. Don't need it. Don't let it go loud. Keep it keep hold of it. So this is where the feeling starts to change. start trying to hold on to a little octopus the wiggly little things when I've got a little Farah and he's wiggly, it's hard to hold on to him when he wants to get down.
Very good escape artist and some of the feelings which doesn't make sense does it when you consider if there's such good escape artists, these anxiety and stress feelings
if there's such good escape artists, why do they stick around weird strange but it's almost they don't realize they've got that escape ability. They don't realize it's it's not awakened in the feeling until you grab hold of it
and try and force it stay. doesn't like it. Connie could say it's a little bit like standing up to a bully You're holding on to it doesn't like it because it's used to be in Well, it's used to feeling that it's in charge of you. But that emotion that anxiety or that feeling that we give the word anxiety or stress to that feeling that we in the past have given power to thinks that it's got that power just in the same ways if you give a six year old child a superhero costume that six year old child will think that he or she has superpowers that's a fact that's what's gonna happen they're gonna believe it so when we give we're basically given these emotions a little cape a little costume catch imagine that now little cape some little underpants service and tights maybe a little mask holding a violin for some reason random violin playing superhero that'd be something I'd watch see holding on to it but it doesn't like it doesn't like being held on to
it doesn't have doesn't have the power it for your head and you realize it doesn't have the power you thought it
had because this thing can't get away from you. It's not strong enough. So this thing that's been causing the discomfort level that we looked at earlier in the recording maybe it was a seven or six maybe higher.
The strength has gone out of it. It was a fake or long. So someone on YouTube It was a boxer and it was it wasn't you knows like a celebrity in Italy or something. And he had fake muscles. He basically had implants in his arms and his chest and his back and his bomb in his leg is implanted so wasn't proper muscles
funniest thing I've ever seen ever didn't make him strong looks strong he wasn't got this thing that you're holding on to a literally done it to put any energy into holding it.
He could he could pick it up by the scruff of his neck or two fingers a little bit like a knife remember scrappy Doo from the Scooby Doo cartoons. Let me get him Let me add him It didn't you know couldn't do anything tiny little thing.
Didn't realize that he couldn't do anything. Now this little thing realizes that it doesn't have any power it's just this little there's nothing it's just a feeling almost like a shriveled up shoe. bit like the you know in The Wizard of Oz though, the whole the house falls on the witch and this shoe just shows up
with a foot shrivels up to be like like an old sock. Miniature and you look at it. It's like how could that feeling have ever had any effect So you go two ways of this, you could go Oh, have a go yourself, why
did I allow myself to be affected by this? No, that's not the way to go. We need kindness, we need gentleness, their generosity towards yourself, if understand and be a compassion towards yourself, when I say a bit on mean everything you've got all the love that you have, shine it towards yourself. And you can shine that compassion, that emotion as well. Because when you shine it you yourself, it causes healing. When you shine it in negativity, when you shine, it also causes healing but that healing, disintegrates, negativity eliminates it just evaporates, it just vanishes. So when you think back to that thing, again, that had that emotion.
And notice what number is that now a thing that was stressing you out or causing anxiety before. If there is anything left, grab hold of a game both ways and your body decides in grabbing it, holding on to it, don't let it go.
But this time, what you can do is you can imagine just having in your hand open hand up and shining from your eyes, that healing positivity and kindness and compassion directly at it. And watch what happens to it. As you feel it with healing, compassion, healing, compassion. Just watch it evaporate, disappear. And notice how you feel different. And again, get back into that feeling. Again, think back to exactly the same situation. The thing that causes you the anxiety stress before and knows what level it is on that scale of zero to 10. If it's still there, lower down. No knows where it is. Now it's gonna be a little weaker. It was weak to start with it just didn't realize it. But he knows you'll find it. Okay. Kind of harder to find when it's so weak. But eventually you can find it you can just imagine it's in your hands. But this time you haven't got a look at it. Because your hands already full of that healing compassion. You can imagine there's a nice bright light inside your hands almost buzzing away healin compassion still in what's left of that feeling that was there before we started this recording. And you can just rub your hands together. gone forever. And my suggestion is just keep doing this test out on different feelings. Just keep repeating let me know how you get what you mean notice because you know with feelings and emotions and stuff that tend to be a bit sheepy in a sense of following each other. So you may find you One feeling another one you know you have in your hand and notice more trying to get into your hand as well. Even though you think was lots that just so weak, they never had the strength to start with a fault for those strong because you thought they were strong. But actually like that six year old with the cape and superhero outfit thinking that he can fly. And it's got super strength super powers, see through walls, jump over buildings.
It's just a little six year old boy. You can rub your hands together. feel so relaxed and calm. I actually feel in the back of my head right at the back below my crown of my head.
There's a sense of well being sense of calmness. It's nice. I like it. Yeah, it was nice. So that is the end of this recording. So I told you it's a nice short one. Still 22 minutes longer. For me Sure is never going to be much less than 20 minutes. hope this has been useful. And remember to be kind to yourself. Because you deserve to be happy. What's enough bye

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