#12 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason. This is your daily relaxation hypnosis session for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. So I'd like to start by just getting in touch of how you physically feel. So before we start the session, I'd like you, if you can please find a comfortable place to lie down or Sit in a comfortable chair. Making sure that if you do fall asleep, the chair will support you. So, and also the bed or sofa
wherever you decide to lay down. And now close your eyes if it's safe for you to do so.
Another watch or listen to my sessions if it's safe to close your eyes. Just get in touch of how you feeling the top of your head. Your forehead, your eyelids, eyeballs, muscles around your eyes, your mouth, tongue, your jaw, your throat, sides of your neck and the back of your neck. shoulders. tops of your arms, your elbows, your forearms, your wrists, your hands and your fingers. Your chest, your stomach, up the back. The middle of your back. your lower back. Your hips, your buttocks, your groin, thighs, your knees. shins, your calf muscles, your ankles, the tops of your feet. The bottom of your feet, your heels and your toes. Just being aware without trying to cause or force relaxation because relaxation can't be forced. It can happen naturally. It can be caused Of course by using various relaxation techniques. But it needs to be gentle. Need To Be kind to yourself. showing yourself love Again, I'd like you to focus from the top of your head all the way down to your toes. This time, I'm not going to mention the individual parts. I'm just gonna focus on the main chunks. So focus on your head, the top your head to your neck. Now focus in trimmer neck all the way down to your hips, all of your torso including your arms and hands. Now focusing on your hips, all the way down your legs, your feet and toes. Just noting, just being aware, mindful of how you feel. No matter imagine there's a small hole in the top of your head.
You can just go inside your own head. And notice how your brain fills as you move around your skull, just notice how it fills maybe you can visualize being gentle and kind and loving. just noticing how your brain is inside your skull. And now you can leave your skull sealing up the hole on the top of your head.
Now you can just make a small hole in your mind making in your back on top of your back and you can just go inside your body, your torso.
You can just move around your body with your lungs, your heart,
kidneys, your liver, your spine to send your mind just traveling around your abdominal region. Just being aware of how those parts feel.
She's just gently lovingly explore the contents of your torso is being aware of your heart beating and pumping blood around your body. Healing liquid gives you life. Maybe you can just stand to inside your heart. Just feel what it's like to be connected to the power of your body. A power source as you gently observe and lovingly become part of yourself Maybe flowing with the blood being part of the blood as it flows
to the different parts of your body. You can travel with that blood
traveling down your legs, until fate. Just seeing how it all connects how your heart and your toes Connect. You can travel now from your heart into your fingers. noticing how your heart in your arms, your hands and your fingers Connect. Now you can travel to your brain, the place where you already were before. This time, instead of being outside your brain, you can travel into your brain
with blood that healing nectar of life which is your blood, which is you, you are your blood traveling inside your body, traveling into your brain inside your brain.
just observing gently and lovingly inside your brain noticing we can see canister you can experience as well as being aware of the connectivity of everything within you.
Mind, your brain, your heart, your feet, a toes, your fingers. And everything is all connected within you. Everything has its place and its role. And you're part of the fact you're all there is this is you know, amazing, are you to have all this happening for you. all day, every day. From the minute you're born, your body is working just for you. To give you life. This kind of awareness is maybe a bit unusual in some ways. But there's something about being aware. And acknowledging that there's more going on than perhaps we notice on a day to day basis. There's so much more happening
can be quite a wonderful experience to actually take some time out and notice and acknowledge and maybe even thank those parts of your body. So that's what we're going to do now. And go from the top of your head, all the way down to your toes. We're going to think that parts of your body just say thank you and acknowledging and thanking each part of your body for doing all that it does for you each and every day and has done from the moment You're born. So this is an opportunity for you to show your appreciation and love towards yourself. Starting with the top of your head, thinking your skull, top of your head, the sides and the back of your head hole of your skull that protects your brain.
Just say thank you focus in on your eyes. such an important amazing thing to have. So thank you eyes now. Thank you. Moving down to your nose, thank you in your nose for the ability to smell and to be able to breathe for your nose. To thank your nose for all that it does for you.
Thank you, thank you in your mouth. And your tongue, the teeth, the jaw, your gums, the whole of your mouth. Thanking it for allowing you to eat, allowing you to chew, allowing you to swallow allowing you to talk allowing you to sing and communicate and to taste. Thank you in your mouth. Now. Thank you moving down to your throat. And thank your throat for all that it does pay allows the oxygen to move from your mouth and nose into your lungs also allows the food and liquid to move from your mouth into your body to be used for energy and to heal your body. So think in your throat now. Thank you for focusing on your ears. Being aware of just how important your ears have been from the minute you're born and thanking your ears for being able to hear being able to communicate, being able to enjoy music and other auditory things. And you can say thank you now to your ears.
Thank you Now as we focus on your chest focusing in on your lungs and your heart. Those things that give you life oxygen and blood. lifeforce which allows you to enjoy being alive and also enjoy helping other people. So, you can say thank you, to your heart and to your lungs and your chest.
Thank you. Now you can move down say thank you to liver to kidneys and all the other major organs in size your body, you can thank
thank you for keeping you alive. Thank you for allowing you to be healthy. Now, thank you, we can move down to your stomach, abdominal region, the digestive parts such an important path, you digest the food, or the food is converted and moved around
and also moved to be removed from your body. Thinking that parts of your body the keeping you alive all these years for allowing you to live allowing you to digest your food allowing the waste to be separated and removed from your body. Allowing that food that you eat to be converted into energy
used to heal your body. And to keep all of the major organs functioning. You can say thank you now. Thank you moving down to your groin. This is a part that quite often is left out in relaxation sessions just because of it being connected with sex and adult topics, you know. But the fact is, if it wasn't for this part of your body, the human race would be extinct. So let's thank this power. Let's fact not just for the sexual part, the sexual function involves so being able to urinate,
being able to get rid of that waste allowing you to have a healthy life also to experience pleasure, physical and emotional pleasure and closeness well as reproducing and creating more human beings to love Moving down to the part of your body, lower part your legs, your fate. Although this isn't internal organs, your legs and feet are just so important
for your life and hopefully, you've lived a life with full ability to use your legs and feet.
Of course some people haven't. So therefore, we can feel lucky to have the ability look and feel grateful for having the ability to walk
and to feel and maybe use your legs for more things and just walk in, maybe you're involved in some kind of sport which requires the use of your legs so you can be thankful of that as well. So this Thank you legs now. Thank you. Lastly, let's think your spine that part of you that connects everything together connects your brain to all those parts of your body. Thank you spine. Now for all that it's done for you from the moment you were born.
Thank you This something quite nice about taking a bit time out to just think those parts of your body and know that have focused on every single part. So maybe you can do that yourself. You can fill in the gaps if there are any. You can notice what parts you wish to focus on the parts you wish to think the most. And I'll be quiet for 30 seconds. And you can do that now. Go through the different parts of your body that you appreciate the most.
Focus on them. And then just thank them now Okay, This now brings us to the end of this daily relaxation session.
I'm going to count from one to three. When I get to three, you can open your eyes feeling alert, aware, full of energy and completely relaxed. One to becoming more aware of your surroundings and how you physically feel knowing that every time you hear my voice or see my videos, you will naturally and instantly feel relaxed. Three open your eyes If you wish to do so. And enjoy the rest of the day. feeling completely relaxed, calm and happy. Thank you for watching

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