#119 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "FEEL SAFE, FEEL COMFORT, FEEL RELAXED" (14th April 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen to this when you can safely Close your eyes. Just to let you know that you can listen to this podcast on my websites, without any adverts and also continuous play, if that's something you'd like to do, just go to my websites in the menu. And also all of my recordings available to download and to stream for free. So you can play them all for free, download them for free. And you can also download bulk downloads of up to 50 recordings, I had time for three years, as well as a pre groovy website ready. Now, this has got to be a relaxation session. So I'm not gonna ask you really to do anything, I'm not going to be talking at you. Like in some of my other recordings, I'm not going to be talking about a subject. It's just going to be a relaxation, plain and simple relaxation session. The will be that'll be background sounds, if you listen to this with just me talking, but it'll also be a version with music as well. And the background sounds on the normal recording will be the birds in the trees in the garden,
waking up. And possibly that damn pigeon that follows me been following me since I was five years old. But with the music, you'll have happy nice music from Kevin MacLeod that I I had the same music to my recordings because I like that music. And it's very relaxing.
And there's a benefit to listen in to the same music but with a different recording. Because you start to get used to that connection, relax, relaxation, connecting to that particular music. But then you got me talking, you got the connection between my voice and feeling relaxed. But then I'm saying something different. So it is almost some kind of continuity going on. And you'll also have the opportunity just to listen to me without music. So whichever you choose
is groovy with me. I love the sound of the birds in the trees.
Well, I didn't have to be in trees, they can be on the law. Sometimes they come onto the windowsill and say hi. Knock on the window. Say Hey,
JJ. You I make us a guest thanks. Go away please. I'm trying to make a recording. I say you still doing now? Yeah. 14 years now you still doing?
I said year ago he successful yet? No. I've got five people listen to me both. Okay. They're very dedicated listeners. They say see you then and they go away. So I've stopped that. So the I think part of the plan at this recording is
to get in touch with your own sense of humor. To get in touch with your own lightness, your own calmness. fits inside you. Regardless of the, maybe there's a hard shoulder at times, and I guess we all have to have a hard show different periods of our life. And you know, the current situations at this point in 2020, which won't really be valid in the future, but at the moment, you know, it's tough times for a lot of people around the world. But then I guess that's always going to be the case, in some degrees, wherever
where the hardshell is there. And even though it's may feel most like a callus, you know, the same thing as you have on your fingers if you
if you work with your hands, or maybe you play the guitar, calluses on the end of your fingertips. Underneath, it's soft. Underneath that, that wall that maybe we put up in order to protect ourselves.
behind that wall is gentleness, calmness, the need to feel protected. But at the same time, the need to feel the need to feel
just the need to be able to experience all types of feelings, wherever it's comfort or discomfort. Knowing that those feelings never last, they just come and they go like waves on the shore, splashing against the beach. And then the waves just move out again. The war comes in again, splashes against the beach, and then the water just moves out again. And even if the tides coming in the woods still splashing and then moving out again. And there might be splashing a little bit further next time. But it's still continuously moving out again.
It's never still never always just stay in. Always movements, the feelings all his movement. Even though he may not be aware that it's moving may sometimes feel like tension stress is just there. And it's almost like some kind of concrete statue that's immovable. One actually is no more like a hollow statue. But instead of being immovable, it's crumble. And I'm not sure if that's even a real word. But you can crumble it
just turns into dust on the floor. No, it's an old parable about the man who builds his house of sand on the beach and says you know, it's a really bad idea. Which is true. But that's kind of a similar thing with feelings. Whether it's anxiety, whether it's pleasure, whatever the feeling is, is constantly changing. You can build, you've got this thing that you build on the beach and tide comes in and takes
it away. I used to do that when another kid couldn't figure out what's been hours put together or building some kind of thing, which I thought was sandcastle by building and I spend hours doing it.
And then I come back to the same spot the next day and it was it was gone. I always took my sandcastle at the end of the summer For both is weird, surely there should be no sand left on
the beach, the amount that I've used up, never kind of dawned on me there was the tide coming in. And I remember my grandmother saying this, she said you should do your 33 years old. The constantly changing the sand castle gets washed away. And although that takes time, things move a lot quicker in our minds in our bodies. So feelings and thoughts move a lot quicker.
And it's worth remembering that every thought has got another thought behind it, waiting to get your attention. So now I'm not for what you have. It's going to be shunted forward by the car behind by the Ford behind by the feeling behind it. So regardless of what the feeling is, whether it's a feeling of pleasure, whether it's a feeling of dread a feeling of fear, a fitness stress it's going to be moved ahead pushed ahead by the feeling and the thought behind waiting
to step into that spotlight to get your attention unlike a crying baby sometimes all the feelings need is your attention don't need anything else just you know sometimes a baby just needs to see you
to stop crying sometimes needs to be held just wants your attention seems to be the way thoughts and feelings are feelings of fear feelings of dread feelings of stress anxiety when we ignore them I seem to cry a little bit louder they seem to want our attention more rattle in the court you know really making a fuss disturbing us then when we do actually give some attention to it to that feed in to that thought giving it attention not not saying yeah i agree with this just accepting that the feeling is there
then just subsides just drops away because there's another feeling waiting behind is going to shunt that feed in her head.
And you don't always need to actually give these feelings and thoughts your full attention. You almost have it on a conveyor belt on automatic. So just say well, okay, let's have the feelings just let them through. on the conveyor belts. The light shines on each one as it goes through. The belt keeps continuing to go along. No feelings stays still. But every feeling gets attention.
equal attention. So there's no blockages is just flowing the whole time is you realize that when you step back and just watch that conveyor belt of feelings going past underneath the spotlight,
feeling that they've got the attention they need and they're happy. And then just move on. Maybe those feelings aren't as important as we once thought, possibly those feelings, just feelings or with equal importance or equal unimportance, even, just in the same ways, when you lay down on your bed to go to sleep, nothing matters. Nothing in the world matters when you're lying down on your bed.
The same can be with experiences sitting down or lying down, relaxing. Nothing matters in this moment doesn't mean that things aren't important to you, of course, now doesn't mean that you that the people in your life are not important. Of course they are.
But not right now. Not in this moment. You're not thinking about anybody else. In this moment, you don't have to worry about anything. Don't have to care about anything or anyone. Not even yourself.
It can be a time to completely let go of all that stuff. All of it. I mean, literally, everything. And you can notice how that feels. When you decide to embrace this sense of letting go of everything. You no longer care about anything or anyone. Because you don't need to at the moment.
This is a time for you. Just to let go. Just be at one and peaceful in your own mind and body. Nothing to think about no one to think about. No one to talk to. Nothing to say. No reason to say anything.
Or think anything. Almost like just stepping into an empty room. The most comfortable bed you can slide down. Just feels. See all the pressures of the world have now left your body and they left as you stepped into the room because they're not allowed in that room. No thoughts. Not really any feelings unnecessary. When you step into that room, it's almost like you, you walk through a force field that just eliminates all remaining stress and anxiety out of your body and your mind. Completely zapping all of that crap. away all of that nonsense. Since all of that useless stuff is no longer useful or necessary in your life. And even if you choose for this to last, just for the duration of this recording, that is your choice. And all those people and life, life stuff, all that stuff can still be there when you leave this room. Why are you here? None of that stuff happens to matter. One bit unimportant, completely irrelevant to anything in this moment, feeling increased relaxation is can feel almost like an out of body experience. Because there's no stress anymore. You can even look for it. Who can look for you for where is it gone. It's not allowed in that room. Not allowed physically, and literally cannot enter into that room with you.
What happens while you're in that room is those bits stress and anxiety that are now lying on the floor, outside by the door of that room. broken up into 1000s of little pieces, no longer resembling anything. No longer able to affect you in any way. Knowing that you can have feelings automatically on that conveyor belt, just going past having the spotlight automatically given those feelings attention, but not being bothered by them. not needing to be affected by anything. Especially not now.
Because this safe space of complete comfort. really feels nice. So calm in this room of comfort, this room of safety. There's a peacefulness to spreads for your mind. You can actually feel it in your brain. Physically feel the lightness
in your actual brain. Spread in through your body. Deep peacefulness doesn't need any explanation. It's just there it was within you the whole time. That Faden is always with you wherever you go, whatever you do. However you see this feeling of peacefulness and deep comfort and safety travels with you inside you keeping you safe and confident. Remember in good fields to just let go and to enjoy sensations of deep relaxation spread in through your body mind knowing that those things in the past used to bother you before you decided to listen to this recording and step into that safe.
Comfortable calm with those feelings from the past are not allowed to enter and they just drop from your body onto the floor
by the door outside into 1000s of pieces. No longer resembling anything. Just dust just dust as you continue to enjoy the sensation of comfort, peacefulness and safety in your body and in your mind. You may wonder what's happening to those bits of dust
on the floor, outside the door. thing is it's windy out there. So windy and that dust is being blown away. blown away. It can never be put back together there's just too many pieces. Now all the pieces have spread out into the distance and they no longer been or represent anything. No longer have any effect on you whatsoever and you can relax, feel calm and stay there as long as you want in that room. We can open your eyes whenever you ready. The joy feeling comfortable and calm. Enjoy feeling peaceful and safe. Enjoy being you

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