#118 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "REDUCE CORONAVIRUS ANXIETY" - (Jason Newland) (13th April 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is going to be a welcome to relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, panic attack. This is going to be something I'm not sure what is going to be something. So please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. And just let you know right from the start that I'm recording this during the day, it's about four o'clock in the afternoon, there will be background sounds. At the moment, there's not a lot that there's a pigeon, in the garden in the tree. And that pigeons, you follow me around for about 12 years, wherever I moved to just seems to follow me. So that's not a lot to do about that. But instead of sitting watching television or doing something else, I decided to make a recording. So if you need it to be completely silent, then I can't offer that necessarily. Any minutes someone could go into the garden and start singing or soccer or stop playing music in the background. So you know, if you see anything too much like a helicopter landing on the roof, I probably will, you know, press the pause button, but just let you know that they will possibly it's not gonna be silent. But it doesn't have to be silent for this recording. And the reason I say that is because I've done recordings. For people. We're not recordings, I've actually done sessions with people face to face in the same room. When there's been a lot of activity going on. I've done hypnosis for two people in actual hospitals. One was in a cancer Ward, and it was for up a noisy beep, beep beep all the time, people all kinds of sounds and noises and the nurse is interrupting us continuously not realizing what we were doing because it curves withdrawn. And this was a patient that had had to have a physical procedure done and he wanted me to helped him to reduce his anxiety so that he could have the procedure done. And he wouldn't have it done until it turned up to see him and do hypnosis with him. So I know it can be done with background sound. Also did one at Papworth hospital for a lady that just had double lung transplant. And I was doing hypnosis with her her just to help her to relax, you know, after the operation. And the constantly, every five minutes said someone would come into the room. And very loud, very loud. That definitely some of the people didn't have volumes, volume controls on their voice boxes. And did another hypnosis session with someone. It was a pain relief session, those relaxation, the pain relief, didn't realize it the Saturday morning did not realize there was an air display going on above us thought that there was going to be so basically it was an air show in marsham haIf. And this was in Ipswich since the air show going over Ipswich, like hundreds of planes or whatever. The lady that I was with, or the man I forget, didn't even notice it was not interested because she was listening to me. So I think the reason I'm perhaps making a point of this is it doesn't have to be silent. It doesn't have to be complete silence the whole time. It's about my voice me talking and you listening. If you choose to listen, of course I can't make you listen, but that's all it is. Other things are there and you know what? And I've often noticed in
the past Cutler thing I've noticed is the sometimes a sound if you've got a favorite recording of mine, or of anyone's with his face, you got favorite thing you'd like to listen to. Sometimes a background sound can feel really nice because you listen to it maybe 10 or 15 times and then he hear that you hear that the owl in the background, or in this case, a pigeon. And it just feels feels familiar, feels relaxing. And also, another thing I noticed is some of the professional recordings of the past have background sounds on albums, actual, you know, multi million selling albums have background sounds. So, you know, I think I'm okay. They're not you know, someone, sometimes with sort of singing, you can hear something in the background. Like that, that's just my hears, hears by ears, there should be called hears, shouldn't they really not ears hear is because I hear. So that's it. So I'm going to focus on changing a change in the way you feel by focusing on it. So there's lots of different ways that we could feel but I'm not going to try and change, you know, feeling good, I'm not going to try and change food and hungry or anything like that. This is going to be focusing on
anxiety. And I suppose really, the doom and gloom that's being handed out to everyone at the moment. And even those people listening to this in years and years time,
I've very much doubt that the TV or the newspapers, the news are going to be any different to the way they are now there's still going to be peddlin negativity. So this is something to can't stop that stuff happening. Can't stuff what stop what happens in a world, we can't stop what the newspapers print, unless you actually own a newspaper. So if you do own a newspaper, I combined you to start putting positive stories. I come on you. But yeah, generally, most of us don't own newspapers or news stations on television. Most of us some of us do, though, there might be someone listening that does. And which is good, you know, everyone's welcome. By the good long talk, talk to yourself, have a word for yourself, if you do, and maybe focus on some positive stuff, because there's lots of positivity out there are lots of wonderful stories, lots of people helping each other. And just generally not even connected to what's going on. worldwide. So this is going to be kind of focused on combat in or facing that anxiety connected with overload of negativity. Yeah, that's what that's going to be combat in negative overload or negativity overload. loads of different ways to do this loads of different ways to approach it. And also, before I can sit, continuing, consider continuing to let you know that on my website, you can listen to this podcast. Continuously, you can go to this URL in the menu. You can listen to continuously without adverts as you can with the four main podcasts that I have. Which means you know, it's just there for people that are Don't want to hear the adverts. And for those that want to listen continuously, you can also download each every recording that I make for free. You can stream them all for free. You can also new thing I've got bulk downloads you can get where you can download this podcast, for example 50 recordings in each download, once a 5051 to 100 is the to bulk download you can get so far for this podcast. Plus other ones the other podcast as well. And that's free also is it's just all on my website. So I'm going to ask you to focus but I'm not going to ask you don't expect you to go to sleep. This isn't a sleep session, you might fall asleep. So in that event, I have to say, Alyssa, when you can safely Close your eyes. Make sure that if you're sitting in a chair that you've got chair, armrests or something so you don't fall out your chair if you do fall asleep. Of course, don't listen, if you're operating a crane, or you know, there's obviously this basic stuff really, the idea is it's not about sleep. It's not even necessarily about relaxation. Although everything I do is about relaxation. So that's just, it's almost like an after effect, it's a side effect. It's just something that happens naturally Anyway, when you listen to me. Most people would find that they feel more relaxed. That might not even really be to do with me rather than to do with you. Because you're taking some time off and thinking about other stuff. So when you're listening to me, you're not thinking about
that. You're thinking about what I'm saying you're not thinking about the past or the future, you're not worrying about stuff, you're just focused on this. So I could just be reading out of a telephone directory if such a thing still exists. And it would be a distraction and it could be relaxing. incredibly boring. Probably more boring even the next but a distraction nevertheless. That's not what I'm doing here. This is not the the aim of distracting you to reduce the anxiety levels, although it will have that effect anyway just naturally. So a good thing to do would be to maybe have a piece of paper or something you could write down what scale you are, what level of anxiety you are. Right now, or when you think about Yeah, we're gonna say the word Coronavirus.
You know, I don't mention the word very often in my recordings because it's all over China sort of move away from that stuff. But this is focusing on how you feel about the Coronavirus. How do you feel? So I don't want you to answer. I just want you to notice the anxiety levels. And they will probably be a little bit lower than they would normally be because you're with me. And there's even if you've never listened to me before, there'll be a degree of support there. And if you have listened to me many times you'll know that there's a support there. You'll know that there's there's something almost kind of healing, something relaxing already. It's softens. So when you listen to me those those thoughts and feelings, maybe some of those spiky emotions start to just be shaved down a bit so that they're no longer affecting you in a way they used to. It's a little bit like you know about you but I can't reach my toenails to bite them. I used to when I was a kid, but I can't, so I have to cut them. Because I got a big mess of fat belly, I saw a little bit of a struggle to get to the toenail. So I don't cut them as often as perhaps I could. And I don't mean I've got big gangly toenails, like, you know, trees, or nothing like that. But they sometimes get a little bit longer, just tiny little bit longer than I would do if it was my fingers. And occasionally, they'll dig out to the sides, or go to the shops or something, and I'll end up for a very uncomfortable foot. Because it now is digging into my toe next to it. And the amount of discomfort is really unpleasant, is just all the towser sensitive anyway, our neighbors are really but don't have to cut all the toenails. I don't have to do hardly anything other than just cut that one bit. trend that little bit of time now that's digging into into the other toe. And then I can walk absolutely fine without any discomfort whatsoever. But tiny little change. Now, of course, you know, ideally need to keep the toenails fairly short. But not short, short, just short enough, so it doesn't dig into me. Or ruin my socks. But just a small change can make a difference. And I know it seems it can seem a bit weird. Like how can such a small little thing change here? how can how can just listening to some strange English man on a recording on a podcast? how can how can that change the way that you feel about something that's become almost a little bit overpowering? You know, with the ongoing Coronavirus, constant ness of it. I mean, there are a few things you could do practically like stop watching the news as often. I watch the news once a day now. And I said, watch it once a day. I've stopped listening to the talk radio because they've only got one subject at the moment. So I'm limiting myself to what listen to that unless this is a particular person I like to listen to is Nick Abbott. I like to listen to the weekends. And maybe Steve Allen in the morning, but I sit. I don't listen to any of the other radio shows. Because all we're talking about is the same thing. Saudis there's those things, some practical things, but you know, that's, it might be useful to you. That's what I've found
useful to me. And then if you can hear this bit of background, people in the garden, people have done it she live here funny enough. So I listening to somebody, when a recording might sound weird, that would change how you feel, but it does. And I think it's quite fascinating. And you know, hypnosis isn't just about saying, Now you'll feel this, or when this happens, you'll feel this way. And then that will be this way and go down the escalator. And it it's it's doesn't it can be course it can be but doesn't have to be. It can just be conversation or it can just be me talking to you as a human being not telling you what to do. Not telling you what to think or what to feel. Not trying to manipulate you in a like forthright way like you will feel this when I say this and you might not you might, you might not. My guess is the worst case scenario, when you listen to me is you feel more relaxed at the end than you did before you started listening. That's my worst case scenario in mind Wind. And it's not a bad outcome really, in a sense. So, and I hope the lovely background sounds of the neighbors that don't actually live here. visiting other neighbors is when they're not supposed to. Yay. Is see occupy in Apollo is ago, or even a week ago, I was getting angry this I'll be honest with you, people coming on to the estate visit and other people when that was supposed to be keeping separate. But now I don't care anymore. Nothing to do me. Can't we can't control other people can't control another person. And trust me if I could, I'd have Andre pooing exactly we're wanting to. So what level of anxiety is there when you think about the Coronavirus? Or what level of anxiety? What number is that one, zero to 10 zero being nothing. 10 being the worst, maybe it's higher than that maybe it's a plus, plus three plus nine. You know, that might be higher than a 10. It might be a level that is just ridiculously high. And I've felt that in the past. So what you could do is, you know, you could keep a track of in your head or you could write it down on a piece of paper. And we can, we're going to just look at it. Look at this feeling. Look at this. Where do you feel it? Where do you feel it in your body? Where do you feel it in your mind.
And I watch he want you to focus on the background sounds as well. The very loud female voice and the child crying as well in the background, I want you to focus on that as well as me. Because good to be in touch with those sounds around you. And also focus on what other sounds you've got on your side. So if you go past in traffic, but it's not taken up your awareness, it's just taken up a part. It's just there. So maybe you know you're giving 90% of your attention to me temp send your attention to other sounds that might be happening either your side of my side. And that's okay because that's the part as part of this recording it's part of this moment that we're sharing this will never happen again ever in the entire history of the world. This moment. me talking
very loud voice in the garden sound of the pigeon now the loud voices at the front of the house going past
hear loudest voice in Essex. So, this will never happen again. In this way, just be saved for posterity. posterity Osteria. So as you notice the level of You know what, what number is it on that scale of zero to 10?
Just notice it. What is it? And we're going to do just keep going back to it.
And there's something about it might sound weird, because you kind of you may think well, we should be doing some technique. What about turning into ice in a mountain? It's melt. Yeah, we can do that. What about imagining it's a volcano and poor lots of hot lots of Cold War. water into it. So the vaults the volcano cools down. And then that changes the feeling. He saw imagine there, that volcano, which is the feeling of the, you know, the emotions behind all this crap about the Coronavirus and me to hear about him. There's I self isolation and all that stuff. But then you pour cold water with lots of ice cubes into the volcano. I mean, talking about loads and loads and loads and loads and loads, and you're gonna hear a guy is it's cooling down. It's just, it's Rafi looks like lemonade but you better not drinking because it might not taste very nice. And he just like sizzler downs, it's just it just goes sizzle sizzle sizzle, because I kind of bothered to I don't know, what is said, Oh, volcanoes water being poured into it with sound like, imagine a preview a bit more bit more than just this a bit of a half hearted. BC is cooled down? And you know, by connecting something like that, yeah, it could that could work. I mean, you can imagine, you know, that thing being a hot air balloon. And it's floating up, and it's got all that energy, but you know, and it's flown in the sky, and you think was just always there, I don't want to see in the sky anymore. And it's just constantly reminding me this stupid thing. So what actually, if you made a little hole in it, it just start to float back to the ground, and you'll never be able to float back up again. Because it will be damaged and it won't be won't be able to be able to flow into the sky anymore. That hot air balloon No matter how much hot air won't make any difference. And the hot air is a very good analogy, isn't it for or metaphor for the news? newspapers, continuous hot air is coming out of their hot air out of there is ways of changing things. You could think all we could do that. True, we could do that. What other things could we do? We're not going to do it. But what other things could we do if we were to do it? And I suppose you could imagine the scale, you know, this, this scale of zero to 10. You can imagine it I suppose almost like a thermometer. And you could see where it is now. And you could so let's say it's heat. And it's gone up to a level that you know, that's not very nice. That's uncomfortable. So the higher is the higher is the low is the colder is. So what you could do is you could get an ice cube and place it on the bit that I don't know, which actually collects the data, I don't know whatever it is, you know, is it the mercury, whatever. So you placed an ice cube on it. The detector of the heat of the temperature and just notice how it goes down. Like maybe slowly at first, and then just going down. And how you feel different as you watch it going down. Continuously going down, even when I'm talking. I mean, that's something you could do. There's lots of different things you could you can imagine that for example. Let's think. So if you're looking at a computer screen, and you can see the volume of this thing, and you could see it so if you ever listen to music, sometimes you hear it you'd perhaps look at the computer or phone and you could see the the movement of the music, you know, I forget what I call it, the beats however is quite high.
You could turn down the volume on that to reduce that level. So it's much much much smoother. Well, you can imagine, I suppose I mean, all that stuff can continue to happen in your mind as I as I talk but you can imagine possibly I mean if you want it Ah, let's say you got to see choppy sea rod really cut really, really, really like a windy day or I suppose it doesn't have to be a windy day, but I guess that would have had a big effect on the, the, the waves but very wavy day very wavy. I don't mean like, you know, like a royal occasion a royal wedding when everyone's waving each other but wavy as in on the in the sea. And you can just see the waves really high. You know? But then actually, as you watch it, you can watch the waves start to calm down. You can notice every time the pitch in makes a sound you feel karma for some reason. And it's really weird because it no reason
why the sound of a pitch, you know, birds. Even though it's really in the distance, I actually for that there was two pigeons, one in the back garden and one in the front.
And they were talking to each other. And I looked in a watch, and I realized it wasn't just one page and just jumping, flying over the house, from the front to the back and just literally talking to itself. Say, flay jumped, it did actually jump. Didn't if he kind of jumped fluid, so mixture, sort of jumped, like he jumped onto the top of the house and then jumped back to the tree, the front leg moves, all the time is saying, relax, relax. Or if it's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be fine. Just chill out, man. Relax. This is temporary. It's only temporary. Everything's gonna be okay. Relax. That's what the pitch is saying. I'm not saying it. You can listen to the pitch. And if you want. I mean, I don't really want the pigeon stealing my thunder, if I'm honest. It's just it could be the coolest pitching session. So for those that I'm not going to call it the pitching session, but this can we can know it as the pigeon session, down, down. So imagining I don't know other things. ways of changing. So the knots of ice melting. You imagine you got this sculpture you can imagine? What does this anxiety remainder? What does it look like? webs left? What does it look like if you wish to actually sculpt it? So you can imagine it moves out of your body in your mind in front of you. And maybe you could it doesn't matter if it's in your living room or your bedroom because it's below doesn't matter. Because what you're going to do here is in your mind anyway, just like all emotions, and you move out in front of you, what does this sculpture look like? Because we're all artists. You know, we all have the ability to produce stuff, even if it is just in our mind. And let's face it, it's a lot easier if you just do in your mind. So you've got this sculpture in front of you. What does it look like? It's the thing that represents the anxiety that you had about Coronavirus before you started listening to this. What What does it look like now as you move out of your body in mind, in front of you kind of see in it in your mind's eye you know, is it spiky is when you know maybe you can remember what it looked like before and see them both together and realize that this one is different for the one Before maybe smaller, maybe a bit more softer. So as it is now just notice how it is it could be nice let's say it's a sculpture in ice. And what do you need to do to to change it to make it more softer? more gentle, more easily? manageable more palatable. More other words that kind of mean the same thing? What What can you do? Can you maybe shave a little bit the ice off the left? save a little bit from the top you know, maybe add an ice cream with a cone on top of his head to give it a little funny hat. I'm what can you do? Maybe you could pass put it into a little canoe, a canoe made of ice. I don't know what the point of that would be. But you could if it if it was useful. Maybe you could make it dance. dilute deload dance for you. Because remember this. This is yours. This is this is your bit of ice. This is your sculpture. You can make it do whatever you want. You are the puppet master of this particular puppet. Wait a minute. So your your pup you're the master of this
puppet. Which means it can't be the master of you. Oh, wow. So you're not the puppet? That's the puppet. You're the master? That's not the master? Oh no for that. So it's in front of you. What can you do to change it? What can you do to change how you feel? Or can make it more more acceptable very pleased with the amount of words I'm coming up with. palatable, acceptable. Pretty much it's the same word isn't a bomb come up with quite a few words. I do pat myself on the back. Luckily I've got 10 foot long arms so it's good. So imagine what else can you do with that piece of ice that sculpture? Or is it sculptor sculpture? Because what can you do with that ice image when something I'd quite like to do I think is get a what those things you can get you know with welders like those welder thing things which shoo out flames did they call them well designs I don't know what they call them barbed wire light so if one of them and to start sort of playing with it with the ice you know making I suppose it'd be a similar thing to what you can use in the kitchen to burn the top of souffle or something like that. You know, torch some kind of torch. And of course, you know, safety comes first all times. So maybe wear goggles or whatever. or rain Mac and it's in your mind sit down and just walking into I like the idea of being able to do you can make holes you can move around and sculpt that thing to make it look silly. me you know there's other things you could do. I mean, maybe for some reason, whenever you see when you think of the Coronavirus, you have that music The Benny Hill music, du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du, du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du, du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du so that's that's a very poor poor impression of the Benny Hill music but or it could just, you know, be something really, really random. So whenever you see the Prime Minister on the news, maybe you hear the sound of I'm a Barbie girl. In a Barbie we're made of plastic. It's fantastic. I'm not focused on his hair, but you know, Boris Johnson's Barbie girl here Barbie doll, but I don't know, maybe. I mean, he is like a Barbie kenzley I mean, he's very, very handsome young man. He could be a Barbie Ken, Ken's Barbie or Barbies can? So maybe I don't know. But that might happen. And that'd be weird. Because to be fair, why do we start taking seriously now? No one to consider before all this stuff happened while we start taking you seriously now, he was a figure of fun. And he seemed to be joining in. And he was funny, came out with funny stuff. So maybe we should keep him as the comedian of the country. It needed EDI. Did it add dddd dddd. Oh, was that political? Actually, not really, it's just about things that you can do to change. The fact this could happen whenever you see any politician from any party,
you could just hear a song Come and drawn. It could be anything. It could be literally any song you want. I'm trying to think of some up to date songs. Because I'm so old. I can't think of any. But it could be Abba Dancing Queen. So if you might say, for example, I know people list in other countries, I'm talking about british prime ministers and British people. So let's say if you've got Yeah, lots of different ones. Lots of different politicians, and you can have your own tune, a tune that you find funny. Gangnam Style may be a bad bad or could be. And
I don't know,
it could just be anything. But as you look at that sculpture, or they might notice is the height melt. I don't know if it's all a hot air of me just talking nonsense. But it might also be the heat of light, you know, the torch making stuff, but starting to melt? How does it feel as you look at that ice sculpture as you feel, considering that sort of supposed to be representing a feeling that we used to think had control over us but now know that it doesn't. We're the ones we're the masters. That's the puppet. The emotions are not our masters. So Oh, wait a minute, as a bit of a weird concept, but I want to be I want it to be the case you want to be a slave obviously, if you're if you want to be a puppet, then you are allowed to be course you are. The problem is now you're never gonna forget that you're being a puppet. So if you hit sub puppet, so if you if you enjoy that idea of an emotion and controlling how you feel and getting in the way of your happiness, then grab onto it hold on to it in full you can and enjoy it. And I know some people love feeling sorry for themselves. I know I do at times. We also like to blame other people of course, that's a wonderful human quality that I think most of us probably have at times as well. Some more than others.
But you've got this
image you got this ice catastrophe in front of you. And just notice how it's changing. Nose has changed in say more background sounds which can really help because the more you hear that
that sound starts to melt the ice. Because what else could that sound do but to melt ice.
Rah rah rah rah rah rah rah? The ice is melting. melting away because even even the even the ice doesn't Want to sit listening to it?
smelting? So you feel different. You feel different. And you may not know why. You might maybe you don't care. It might have something to do with listening to me, you know? But I wonder what is your level now of anxiety when you think about the Coronavirus? Where's it at now? Zero to 10? Did it it? Did it doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo? I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Sorry, I'm just amuse myself while you get that figure up. What What number is it?
Well, number two.
So there's lots of different things you can do. And lots of different ways that things can change. And things are always changing anyway, don't forget, no feelings stays the same. And I I don't know, I kind of think that sometimes the anxiety that we experience the stress that perhaps we experience is caused by trying to hold on to a feeling. And every time you hear that background sound, you become more relaxed and calm and thankful that I'm the one making the recordings. The only person I've ever met that actually doesn't need a telephone is it's the old joke, where you talk to whisper in a helicopter, the old joke. Think so is lots of different ways you can get to the same place. And the only problem I suppose of listening to me apart from obviously wasting an hour of your time is things change. And it can be annoying. Because I know that the way I present myself sometimes in a weird talk, it doesn't sound professional. It doesn't sound like something that you'd you know, you like wait a minute, how can I can changes occur just by listening to this person? just rambling on? This? There's no where's the focus? Where's the where's the instructions? Where's the therapy? Where's the the routine? Where's the structure? Where's the script? Where's the hypnotic script or break it here you might be surprised, but I don't actually have a
script that I'm reading off. My, you know, coming a little bit of a surprise.
But you know what changes happened, nevertheless. And the changes happen much bigger than you realize. Because when it's done in real, with real chat with real feelings, with a real person not pretending to be something else, not pretending to put on a persona then I can actually contact you on a real human level. And that changes, those changes become stronger. Because it's almost like listening to a friend or someone that you care about. someone that you trust. And you make yourself I suppose more vulnerable to change. Because vulnerability isn't necessarily a bad thing is actually quite a wonderful thing. In some ways. It The only problem is some people take advantage of vulnerable people. And I'm quite fun person at times and have had people take advantage of me. I tried to stop it now. But you know it's not always easy. But for this the vulnerability means the the positive suggestion As the the positive ideas that your mind wraps around, can take effect, and they're allowed in more easily to actually make changes, that last changes that actually improves your life. So that's what this is about. That's what everything I do is about what I make recordings. So some of it might seem like nonsense. And some really is just nonsense. But there's a method to what I do, there's a reason for what I do. And ultimately, the result is how you feel. Not just now, not just during the recording. But tomorrow, the day after day after that is how you feel differently. How you realize that actually, that part of your brain that you just says to you, nobody bothered about this. Now, this is just ridiculous, this is no point worrying about is then you know that it affects you in a positive way. And to actually get in touch with your own sense of humor. We've all got different senses of humor and things that we find funny. And we do we connect human beings connect with humor. And sometimes we connect, you know, big white light, something's really funny, something's humorous. But ultimately, the funniest things are things that we think to ourselves, isn't that really, if people could actually know what we were thinking, and luckily, they don't. And it's funny, we were everybody is a comedian, in their own mind, as far as everybody thinks of funny stuff. And because you know, what you like, what makes you laugh, you think that stuff doesn't have to share with anybody, but it's yours. And it might be grim humor, it might be quite dark, but if it's funny, it changes how you feel. And it alleviates suffering and reduces anxiety increases relaxation, and gives you a feeling of well being. And that's it, I think, I think I'm going to end the recording as they are. So thank you for listening. This was a little bit different from what I've done before. Not not I mean, in this podcasts in the sense of I don't know just a little bit different. So I wish you all well. I'm not sure what the title of this is going to be now because I don't always know till the end of the recording what I'm going to call it but I think it's something in the next hour while I edit it and upload it and share it. So thank you very much for listening. Remember, to be kind to yourself, because you do deserve to be happy. Lots of love. Bye

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