#117 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "RELAXED HANDS = RELAXED BRAIN" - (Jason Newland) (12th April 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen, when you can safely Close your
eyes. hope you're well. And just to let you know that this podcast is available on our website, you can have basically continuous play all of the recordings without any adverts. So thank you, it's there. Also, I hope you're well ready. That's the main thing. And I'm trying to do more regular recordings for this podcast at the moment. As I feel that while relaxation is required. That's what I think. So that's one good technique to do today. So I'm not going to be waffling on. I'm also not going to be sitting here, talking softly for half an hour. Although we'll be doing both of those things, again, tomorrow, one of those things.
But today, I'm going to do a relaxation exercise. And it's something it doesn't take long. To do really, as long as you've got. Well, it takes both your hands to do it. But you could also do both your feet. So you could use your right hand and your left hand.
If you're unable to use a right hand or left hand for whatever physical reason, then maybe use your right foot and your left foot. You could also use your right thigh or your left fi for doesn't have to be a hand or foot. But ideally, is it just makes it a little bit easier. So I'm going to ask you to clench your fists in a minute. Of course, you can't do that have your thigh, but you can clench the muscles in your thigh. And with your feet, you can it's not really a fist is it that you can sort of curl your toes up maybe. But only do this if it's comfortable. And the reason I'm mentioning this is because I know there's a lot of people that have physical chronic pain or things like that. So I'm here to reduce chronic pain and to increase relaxation. And that's reducing chronic pain is a byproduct of listening to relaxation sessions, even though they're not labeled chronic pain relief, these are good for chronic pain relief. So they go and I'm going to focus on my hands. But as I said, you can adapt it however you choose. Or what we could do is perhaps we could use both so I could I could do my hands then do my feet. Just to give you an idea doing both squeaky chair.
See that necessarily excuse me if you
don't necessarily need to listen to me to do this. But it might be nice to do it with somebody. And I'm I do what I say I'm doing when I'm talking about it, usually. So if I'm doing a relaxation session, like yesterday's one, for example, talking about strengthening the immune system and I was doing that with you while I was talking. So you know, I don't just sit here watching television and just talking, reading off a piece of paper or something. This is doing it while I'm talking. So the idea behind this is based on biological fact, biology so your right hand is controlled The left part of your body of your brain, your left hand is controlled by the right side of your brain. That's just the biological, scientific fact. It's strange, but it's true. So that means you can stimulate and activate the left side of the brain by moving a part of your body on the right side, for example, your right fist, or to stimulate the right side of your brain, you could make a fist with your left hand
and not actually do anything while we were talking. Now with anxiety, stress, tension, very often one part of the brain is being dominant
in that moment, especially when it comes to fear, and emotions. So part of this technique is exercise or whatever you want to call it,
is about even out as my voice becomes croak Yeah, for some reason, it's about smoothing out and almost returning the scales back to the normal balance side of the right and the left hand side of your brain, or both
equally active, instead of one being more active than the other. So it balances so that the death fear at distress there was there before is now dissolved.
And you feel balanced. Because the energy is now spread out. And the weight that you were feeling before, is now being held. So just by one hand has been held, but two hands.
So instead of trying to lift that cupboard, or that table on your own, you've got another person helping you, which makes it easy. So what was originally a very difficult task becomes really, really simple, and easy and manageable. So your right hand, which stimulates the left side of your brain, he got your left hand stimulates the right side of your brain, the left side of your brain, controlling the right hand, the right side of your brain controlling your left hand, it doesn't feel that way. See, I'll make a fist of my right hand. For me. It's me controlling that. But it's it's the left part my brain that's doing the actual thing. But everything's moving so quickly that my intention is for it to happen. And my brain does Why ask it to do. So almost like my mind is telling my brain. So my consciousness is willing. My right hand to move, my left part of my brain listens to that sends those messages down my spinal cord through my nervous system. And my right hand moves instantly. The same with the right hand to the right hand side of the brain for the left hand. And you may think this is very boring. Jason, could you please get on with it? And my answer to that is no. Because this is relaxing. I can't come on in and just be really quick and then it's done.
We'd like to take my time. Like to just relax. When we do these things. As part of the process. It might be a little bit boring at times. It's also relaxing And there's something to be said, for having patience as well. With sometimes I myself have found that maybe I've caused anxiety in myself caused stress in myself due to lack of patience,
due to wanting things to be done, now, not wanting to wait,
what actually, if I'd have been a bit more patient with myself,
and not pushed myself so hard or not expected, everything else and everyone else to do exactly what I want when I want it? Which would be the ideal world, wouldn't it? Everybody did what we wanted when we wanted them to
do it. That'd be wonderful, wouldn't it for everyone? It wouldn't work. But, you know, for an individual be quite nice. I imagine.
It's never happened yet. So then why would you want other people to do stuff when you've got this body of yours. And just by imagining, and just by wanting your farm on the right hand move, it does. And instead of thinking was because I'm moving it was the big work? Well, actually, there's a huge work. You're consciously wanting your right thumb to move, your left hand side of your brain
has to send that signal, down your spinal cord, through your nervous system, into the nerves of your right thumb, for it to move. So anyone that has control issues, wants to be in control, you are in control. You're in control of yourself. You can show what your arms do. Most people control what their body does. I know there's people that can't bomb talking generally. I decided I want to move my right eyelid. Not move it but close it rather not gonna move it to my elbow, I can close it and open
it. I've got complete control over that. So maybe you can relax into the idea that we do all have a lot of control without needing to be controlling, even to ourselves. So you got your right hand and your left hand.
All it is really is making a fist and then relaxing it. I said you might think Why is it taking 14 minutes for me to explain something as simple as that?
I'd like to paint a picture. But I can't paint so I have to do it with
with recordings instead. So what I'm gonna ask you to do, if you haven't already done it, to close your eyes,
sit down in a chair. Let's sit down a chair first. Otherwise, you might fall on your bum. Sit down the chair first, then close your eyes. Make sure that the chair can support your body. So it has armrests. So if he was to fall asleep, he didn't fall over. You need to make sure that you're safe and comfortable all times. And with your hands or your arms may be rested on the armrest of the chair, or maybe your hands resting on your knees. I just want you to turn your hands over so the palms are facing up. And then clench your hands into a fist but only as comfortable as you're able to do it. I've got damaged dry hand so I have to be a little bit careful because it hurts a bit
if I do too much of fisty thing but yeah Do it as comfortable it feels. So there's some tension there. And just hold it for the count of 512345 and just let go. But when you let go, just literally allow your hands
to open on their own. So you're not just suddenly pushing all your fingers out flat is just allowing it to unravel almost much like the petals of a flower opening up in the sunlight. Just notice how your hands fill because they're resting on your knees.
Knowing that your right hand and your left hand are both connected to opposite sides of the brain. So when you relax your hands, you relax your brain. This connection, I can actually feel it in the top of my head. It's just a gentle it feels almost like there should be a little buzzing sound like there isn't. But it's that kind of feeling. Just a gentle gentle kind of vibration but not physical more just like a release my eyelids very relaxed right now. almost feel like I don't even have a face. With smile sound a bit weird consider I'm talking bass feels that way feels like all there is is my hands and my brain. So again, I'm going to ask you to make a fist of both of your hands only so it's comfortable counting to 512345 and let your hands on the level on the right. So basically just stopping gripping, but not open your hands manually letting them just
I mean you can actually feel the fingers gently open in my my fingers feel like Creek and a little bit
of a release of electricity and energy from my finger joints. And although I'm talking there is literally nothing going on in my mind. Which one surprise a lot of people who listen to me regularly maybe I feel very calm in my mind. And even though I know logically, there's two sides to my brain, the right side, the left side, both feeling
relaxed. It almost feels as if it just feels like it's one just peaceful. Just gentle calm Feels nice or like this. We should do this more often if I don't want to do it again, so I'm going to
make a fist of both my hands if you want to join me, again, if you're not able to use your fists, and you could use your feet, clenching your toes, or you could clench a part of your body on both sides, like maybe your shoulders or your chest, or your legs just suits both sides of your body of your brain being activated, being relaxed. Now, I'm going to make a fist of both my hands, my right hand doesn't hurt anymore, which is nice. counting from 12345 and just allow the hands even more gently to open and around.
Putting no effort into opening them. Just, it just feels nice. It's not just relaxing, it's actually pleasurable. I can feel that pleasure, not just in my hands, but in my brain, HD inside my head
feels pleasurable. Which is strange. But a nice a nice feeling. The whole body feels relaxed I've noticed is this sense of relaxation of go isn't making me feel tired. It probably will fall in line down. Then, you know, lying down I could I could listen to an air display of fighter jets going past and probably still fall asleep.
But I just feel very relaxed. My hands are just gone floppy. They won't even stay on my knees anymore.
They just almost rolled over my arms if seem to joined in with that sense of relaxation. Yeah, I'm not tired. I am relaxed. Really, really relaxed. feel safe, feel safe and be positive without without any intentional. Positivity added I didn't mention feeling positive or feeling safe or anything prior to doing this
okay in their feed and feed in optimism but without a focus. Not thinking about any particular thing. But just a general sense.
of brightness. uplifting feeling very light, very light. As in not heavy, very light. I can see the benefit of both listening To this recording and
also doing it on your own course it'd be a lot quicker when your own something that you could do maybe at work, you've got a spare couple of minutes, five minutes, you could do it in your car in the car park.
You know, once you're at work or to the on the sofa home, it doesn't take long. Of course you can listen to me and you can do with me
this the it might sound a little bit a little bit strange, I am a bit strange, that's fine.
But when you listen to this online there's going to be someone else listening to the same time very likely someone somewhere else in the world is listening to this. So you're sharing the experience sharing relaxation and calmness of your mind and your brain relaxing evening out so the both sides supporting you emotionally Of course she can do this exercise is many times. So you can clench your fists and have a 10 times if you want to you do it as many times as you feel is necessary. Knowing that every time you do your brain relax more both sides of your brain causing you to feel calm, stronger and more relaxed or able to do we should die emotionally relaxed, safe. Now that brings us to the end of this recording. Thank you for listening. And I will speak to you again tomorrow. And then me Meantime, remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy. That's it. Bye

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